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Good morning! I’m heading to BC Supreme Court to cover latest hearing in #Huawei Meng Wanzhou extradition case for @starvancouver. We expect lawyers to argue she was unlawfully detained at #yvr airport last December at the direction of US authorities.…
And just for fun it is pouring rain! Photographers outside, wearing black, have been here for an hour already. #Huawei @starvancouver @TorontoStar
Lots in suit jackets outside this courtroom. About 3 dozen+ in line, plus 9 very official-looking (legal team?) huddled in a circle at the back of the line. #Huawei
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Judge William Ehrcke formally directs Meng to return to court on March 6, rather than Feb 6. Feb 6 hearing is cancelled. #MengWanzhou
Judge in meantime has been asked to consider whether or not to grant application to approve Robert Cheng and his wife, who originally intended to put up $1.8 million home for #MengWanzhou's bail. Someone with a last name "Jing" stepped up with cash.
Judge has left the room, presumably will be back soon with his decision.
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Justice William Ehrcke indicates that the decision of the Ministry of Justice is due on Feb. 28, and suggests that everyone comes back to court on March 1. #MengWanzhou
Crown lawyer John Gibb-Carsley says deadline for Minister of Justice is actually March 1. "The Minister, by calculation of the time, has a deadline of March 1"
It seems to be now agreed that she will be back in court on March 6, 10 a.m., by which time Canada's Minister of Justice should have made his decision to proceed with extradition or not. #MengWanzhou
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#MengWanzhou is now speaking with her lawyer David Martin. Judge has yet to show up. She’s smiling, dressed in all black today, hair brushed back and held with a clip.
Meng’s lawyer and lawyer with federal government now having a chat before proceedings start
Judge scheduled for #MengWanzhou’s appearance is the same judge who presided over her bail hearing, William Ehrcke. He should be here in a few minutes. Hearing today seems to have to do with swapping one of the people who are acting as her surety.
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THREAD: On how I got the exclusive interview yesterday with Canadian ambassador to China #JohnMcCallum at a dim sum restaurant. He resigned today at the request of the prime minister.…
A friend had told me about this charity dim sum lunch in downtown Vancouver’s Victoria restaurant. The organizer initially was open to me coming but then disinvited me because McCallum’s comments on #MengWanzhou were so controversial. He was a guest of honour. I went anyways.
I started by taking a photo of McCallum sitting next to Christy Clark. I didn’t understand why other journalists who also got wind of the event were just standing to the side. There were no staff blocking media from entering. Maybe I’m rude from years as a foreign correspondent?
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Judge in #MengWanzhou case says it's "speculative and without any reliable foundation" that Ms Meng is trying to avoid USA to escape criminal allegations. #Huawei
He is saying this in reference to how she has avoided travel there since March 2017.
US authorities allege in April 2017, #Huawei became aware of US investigation into its subsidiary companies, and that's why she avoided.
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#MengWanzhou's lawyer now entertaining the idea that Mr Liu might not act as surety. Says that collectively, the other four parties could perform supervisory duties as well. Example: the realtor talks to the family often, the neighbour is in very close proximity. #Huawei
But his first point is that Mr Liu should be acceptable as surety, and that these four other parties are "supplemental".
#MengWanzhou's lawyer again reiterating that he opposes 24-7 house arrest being proposed by federal government. Points again to his plan to permit Meng to travel within allowed areas. #Huawei
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Now federal government lawyer's turn to speak. He goes back to the point that Canada is opposed to release. Now talks about common conditions attached to releasing someone on bail. #Huawei #MengWanzhou
Now the Crown lawyer is defining what a surety is: "A surety in essence has a supervisory role over the person seeking bail. And the supervisory role is separate but connected to the bail. That’s the enforcement of the supervisory role."
Now suggests that husband cannot be in a supervisory role, again going back to the argument that #MengWanzhou's husband would flee with her, if she fled. Suggests if he loses his house, she can compensate him.
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#MengWanzhou's lawyer now dealing with her husband's residency status. Suggests that there are legal avenues for him to extend his visa, regardless of whether he is a visitor, worker or student. Says in the past, he was here for 3 years studying as a student. #Huawei
Says theoretically, Mr Liu can extend his stay in Canada until 2024, when his passport expires. Suggests that he can continually renew his temporary residency status.
What Mr Liu will have to prove, either upon entry or upon applying to extend his stay, is that he has a bona fide reason to remain in Canada.
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#MengWanzhou now suggesting that Meng's realtor will be providing surety in the case. He helped them with both their home purchases in Vancouver. Robert Cheng (phonetic) is his name.
He will be putting up his home -- worth $1.8 million.
"I do not believe she would jeopardize my property by breaching her conditions." - Cheng's affidavit
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THREAD: @StarVancouver is reporting live from Wanzhou Meng’s bail hearing in B.C. Supreme Court. The #Huawei CFO was arrested in Vancouver Saturday. This story will be updated all day.… Follow: @Mui24hours @jwints @Nuttallreports #MengWanzhou #Huaweiarrest
Dozens of journalists including many international media are waiting to enter Court 20 for #MengWanzhou bail hearing #Huaweiarrest #Huawei at B.C. Supreme Court.
Lawyer Richard Kurland tells us: It’ll be up to Meng and her legal team to prove she is not likely to flee Canada if she gets bail. Meng is being sought by the U.S. Attorney’s Eastern District of New York office (Brooklyn) to face unspecified charges.…
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CFO of Chinese tech giant Huawei arrested in Vancouver, sought by U.S. for extradition…
#MengWanzhou is the deputy chairwoman and CFO for the #Chinese tech giant #Huawei. According to reports she is #wanted by the United States for allegedly contravening U.S. #TradeSanctionsAgainstIran (
Canadian officials have arrested #WanzhouMeng, the chief financial officer and deputy chairwoman of the board for the #ChineseTechGiant #Huawei

#Meng was #arrested in Vancouver on Saturday and is being sought for #extradition by the #UnitedStates
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