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As I told @isacnn on CNN yesterday: 5 US presidents - GOP and Democrat - propped up the regime of dictator Hosni #Mubarak during his 30yrs of stealing from, torturing and holding #Egypt captive. And today: Trump calls Sisi “my favourite dictator.” US foreign policy is fucked
My reflections on the death of longtime dictator of #Egypt #Hosni Mubarak. 5 US presidents knew exactly what his regime was doing to Egypt and propped him up
Support for “friendly” dictators is BIPARTISAN in the US.

If you’re a dictator who does the bidding of the US, you’re an ally, not a dictator, a friend, no matter the crimes you commit against your people.
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Bernie is RIGHT -there is a dictatorship in #China & #Cuba AND also to remind that the US has helped overthrow governments in #Chile and #Guatemala.

Biden is WRONG: Obama and four previous US presidents supported the authoritarian regime of #Mubarak in #Egypt

Give it to him, Bernie!

There is NOTHING radical about wanting healthcare for everyone!

Want to talk who supports dictators & authoritarians?

Trump calls Sisi “my favourite dictator” & was in #India today encouraging fascism.

5 US presidents -GOP & Democrat- propped up Mubarak’s 30yr tyranny.
US has “good” & “bad” dictators #demdebates2020
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"The best way to remember Hosni #Mubarak is to know that he died at the age of 91, a free and rich man who spent 30 years of his life imprisoning, torturing, and stealing from #Egypt." I spoke to @isaCNN today
I was a Reuters correspondent in #Cairo 1993-1998 and reported on #Mubarak extensively. 1st time I chanted “Down with Hosni Mubarak” was at a protest in 2005, a year of activism that was one of many catalysts for #Jan25. There are now 60k political prisoners in Sisi jails.
"Sisi is the inheritor of #Mubarak and we will have another revolution....Trump who calls Sisi 'My favorite dictator' must know this. Trump is in #India now encouraging fascism there. And Americans must know, that Trump is encouraging fascism in #Egypt."
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Here’s what I told CNN about #Mubarak’s legacy
Here’s continuation of what I told CNN about #Mubarak
And last bit on #Mubarak
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Let's talk #Mubarak! [THREAD]
I'll discuss policy in a sec, but let me explain Mubarak with a single photo: him in a pinstriped suit- where the stripes were a gold thread of HIS NAME.
(The fabric is from Savile Row, starting @ GBP 15,000. More for the gold thread). >
..In many ways, that tells you much about the man. Very concerned about his image. Prone to vanity-driven decision-making, even if the drawbacks are obvious. And clearly not ashamed to flaunt stolen wealth, at times.
Now. A few points on his legacy.
1) his death at home, after a decade in a beach house at taxpayer expense, is deeply unfair.
He should have been in a jail cell. Or in the Hague. Instead, he benefited from the broken justice system he left us.
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I was 14 when Mubarak became president - he was vice president to the assassinated Anwar Sadat - and 44 when Mubarak was forced to step down after #Jan25 revolution. I was a Reuters correspondent in Cairo from 1993-1998 and covered Mubarak extensively. Some memories to follow
News outlets will give you the official obituaries: These are recollections of an Egyptian woman who left #Egypt in 1975, returned in 1988 and asked her uncles and aunts almost every day “Where is the revolution?” because of what #Mubarak and military rule had done to Egypt.
And when I became a journalist, I reported on the censorship - and was subjected to it - of the #Mubarak regime, its use of systematic torture via the drunk-on-power myriad security apparatuses he created, as well as - esp 2005 onwards - sexual violence vs protesters.
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