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This is a thread on the list of #technologies #Nigeria should start taking seriously if she has the ambition of becoming number 1 in #Africa and maybe among the top 30 countries in the world as we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution.
#Industry40 #stem #tech 1/7
1. Mobile Internet fifth-generation (5G)
2. Artificial Intelligence (#ai), machine learning (#ml), deep learning (#dl)
3. Virtual and Augmented reality (#vr,#ar)
4. Cloud technology (#cloud)
5. Internet of Things (#iot)
6. Advanced robotics (#robots)
7. Biometric technology

8. 3D printing
9. Smart Spaces: Smart Cities (#SmartCities), Smart Homes (#smarthomes)
10. Blockchain (#blockchain)
11. Quantum computing
12. Autonomous things: fully autonomous vehicles
13. Nanotechnology (#nanotechnology )

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Urbanization in West Africa:
By 2030, the Urban population of West Africa will range from 46.2%(Guinea) to 63.1%(Ivory Coast)...What are the implications of these numbers to economy and development in the region…
.@UNHABITAT predicts that before 2050, the total urban population in Africa will grow from the current estimate of 400 million to in excess of 1.26 billion. @OhTimehin
.@SomikCities an urban specialist with the world bank, described the continent's urbanisation problems in a lecture as trifecta

#WestAfricaInsight @OhTimehin @HassanIdayat @Connected_dev @UNHABITAT @oaaigbe @OSIWA1 @JDevermont @jchitchen
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#Ethiopia: @PMEthiopia indicates there has been a plane crash involving @flyethiopian "Boeing 737 on regular scheduled flight to Nairobi, Kenya this morning." The office extended it’s condolences to the families who lost their lives. But, there is no corresponding info as of yet.
Update: FanaBC confirms the news. "Ethiopian airline Boeing 337 flight from Addis Abeba to Nairobi crashed," the headline says. The news provides no further detail other than the quote from the PM office

**NOTE: AS is informed the accident did happen…
Update: It's confirmed. The aircraft B-737-800MAX with registration number ET- AVJ took off at 08:38 am local time from AA, Bole Intl Airport & lost contact at 08:44am. It crashed around Bishoftu. It has 149 passengers & 8 crew members.… (Pic: Profile).
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[THREAD] Well, it had to happen eventually. @DineshDSouza finally staggered into my minefield: #Holocaust History. In his quixotic crusade against history, he claims that Hitler "learned" genocidal strategy from...the Democrats. Let's talk about that.
D'Souza conflates about a dozen different elements of Nazism, #Nazi policy, and the Final Solution, exaggerating influences in one area while simply making erroneous claims on the other. Moreover, Hitler's very real borrowing from the US is not a surprise to scholars.
And because DD loves to hang on credentials...let me present mine. I earned my PhD from one of the top German History programs at @UNChistory working with the preeminent Holocaust scholar, Christopher Browning. I've published two books on the Holocaust.
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.@USAfricaCommand Gen Thomas Waldhauser & @Southcom Adm Craig Faller about to testify before the #SASC

Lawmakers already asking about growing influence of #Russia #China in their regions, as well as need to keep the pressure up on terrorism
"Overall US strategic interests in #Africa are very clear" per @USAfricaCommand's Gen Waldhauser "Prevent the undermining of our alliances or destabilization of African nations,counter violent extremist organizations,decrease the potential for Africa to become a failed continent"
"Persistent pressure on #alShabaab #ISIS & #alQaida associated groups remains necessary to prevent this destabilization" per @USAfricaCommand's Gen Waldhauser
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Attracted by infamous #ViolentUpside of past #Uranium Bull Markets? 🚀🌜 #Investment choices are limited in this tiny niche sector with only ~60 companies left standing of over 500 #U3O8 related #stocks a decade ago. In this thread I will try to lay out some #investor options..🗂️
For lowest risk #investment in #uranium best option is a traded Fund that holds Physical #U3O8. ⚛️ In North America that's Uranium Participation (#TSX: $U OTC: $URPTF) & in #UK that's Yellow Cake PLC (#AIM: $YCA). A 3rd choice, Uranium Trading Corp $UTC, is set to IPO in US. ✍🏼
If you prefer to #invest in baskets of #uranium #stocks through ETF's for 1-trade in & out #U3O8 sector exposure, only 2 real choices. In North America, Global X Uranium ETF $URA on #NYSE, Indexed by Market Cap📊 In UK, Geiger Counter Ltd Fund on LSE: $GCL cherry-picked by PM's🍒
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Il viaggio di tre giorni nella Penisola araba per partecipare all'incontro interreligioso sulla Fratellanza umana. Le organizzazioni umanitarie avvertono: rischio di strumentalizzazione per coprire violazioni e la sanguinosa guerra in coalizione con l'Arabia saudita.
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Reviewing Changes and Currents Involved in #Libya
We will review four main currents:
1. Current which follows the Army(Marshal Haftar,#LNA)
2. Current which follows Government of National Accord,GNA
3. Tuareg & other tribes
4. ISIS & other terrorist groups…
The secret hand of western intelligence services in scheming chaos and reinforcing terrorism in North #Africa; and also Libyans themselves stirring up ethnic and political disputes cause the #Libya crisis still remain unsolved even in post-Gaddafi conditions.
Tribes like #Tuareg, #Tabu, #Amazighs, and … which have a significant role in the North #Africa’s developments; are weak at maintaining stability with other tribes or governments and become suppressed by the armies of other countries of this region.
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Brought this article by @hillaryrosner in @NatGeoMag w/ me to Surat Thani, Thailand as I pondered this quote: “Palm oil is unavoidable. Can it be sustainable?” Agree? Read. Ponder & Follow this thread for more…

The link:

#SDGs #Sustainability #PalmOil
In case you ever wondered where #palmoil comes from. Have a look at the #palm oil fruit here. From my visit to Surat Thani, Thailand to learn more about #sustainability in this industry. Read more here via @hillaryrosner
DYK: The oil palm tree—Elaeis guineensis—is not native to Asia but comes from West & central Africa. At the heart of the “sustainable #palmoil” debate though are #Indonesia & #Malaysia, which account for 85% of all production. 📷: young #palm in Thailand
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1/6 - I was sent this link by a person who claims to be a #Labour supporter but not #antisemitic (can't verify if political affiliation is true) with "proof" about a conspiracy involving the #Rothschild family, the #Freemasons, all Jews in North London (lol)...
2/6 - ... corrupt MPs, corrupt Lords, corrupt #royalty, pillaging of #Africa's resources, #war mongering, tax evasion, weapons smuggling, drugs smuggling and a global #Ponzi scheme - all in one "investigation". I was intrigued and decided to read the entire article...
3/6 - ... and found an antisemite's wet dream in semi-coherent passages. The basic plot of this work of badly-written fiction is that the Rothschild family have funded ALL wars for centuries, stealing money from the public by using virtual office addresses (with other Jews)...
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Graeber/W pitching Fukuyama all embrac. style ag Fukuyama: what's the point?

Both wanna descr THE World Hist as 1 devel 🤪; G/W go on as if we're to forget #sociology & its #capitalism insights incl. Capit means A+SOME! qual diff ways of org society #Marx #Durkheim #Foucault
G/W explain inequality is dealth with regularly throughout hist: "Rather than idling in some primordial innocence, until the genie of inequality was somehow uncorked, our prehistoric ancestors seem to have successfully opened and shut the bottle on a regular basis..." Ok, fine
G/W conclude on the above : "If so, then the real question is not “what are the origins of social inequality?” but, having lived so much of our history moving back and forth between different political systems, “how did we get so stuck?”

Focus Q: "how did we get so stuck?"
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The announcement of Félix Antoine Tshisekedi, son of the much missed Étienne Tshisekedi as provisional winner of the recent elections and next President of the DRC shows that #DynasticPolitics in #Africa is alive not just in ruling parties but also in opposition movements
There's many other examples of #DynasticPolitics all over #Africa:

The Kabilas have ruled the DRC since 1997 - outgoing President @Plaid_Kabila, succeeded his Dad, Laurent-Désiré Kabila

Botswana's last President, Iain Khama is the son of the founding President, Seretse Khama
Gabon has endured nearly 52 yrs of rule by 1st Omar Bongo (for 42 yrs from 1967-2009) & since then by his son →Ali Bongo

Edward Akuffo-Addo, father of Ghana's current President, Nana Akuffo-Addo, was Ghana's Chief Justice (1966-70) & 2nd President (1970-72)
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10 Reasons why Ali Bongo Must Go. #Thead on #Gabon
1. Ali Gabon seized power in 2009 following the death of his father who ruled Gabon for 42 years making him at the time, the longest serving president in the history of #Africa

2. Ali Bongo’s rise to power was characterized by massive military repression and killings
3. The Bongo family rules #Gabon as a private clan. An oil rich country, Gabon has the second highest crude oil export per capita in #Africa yet the regime is unable to lift about 55% of less than 2 million people of #Gabon out of poverty.
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Ok i am going to expose the biggest NGO #IsraAID Keep looking at updates!
#IsraAID Has Social media accounts on #Facebook, #Twitter Their Headquarters is located at Tel Aviv in #Israel

#IsraAID Is being pertnered and donated by many Jewish foundations located in #Israel.
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Thread natalizio di pancia su #manovra #Leggebilancio #Governo. Io, in fondo, credo nelle potenzialità di questo Paese,ma occorre saperle sprigionare. #BuonNatale #vigiliadinatale #Econ24 #manovraeconomica #tria #conte #dimaio #salvini #Mattarella #maxiemendamento #fiducia #2019
1/15 Abbiamo perso mesi di tempo per inscenare un assurdo braccio di ferro con la #Commissione europea, convinti di poter appiccare un incendio capace di divampare nell'intero continente. Non è andata così.
2/15 Se #Lega e #M5S hanno dimostrato di sapersi muovere abilmente come forze di consenso, non hanno saputo fare altrettanto come forze di #Governo.
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Questo l'originale RT da JB @2_teikumi (che ringrazio)…
Questa la traduzione…
#Soros #ONU #UN #UE #Africa #migranti #guerre
Tornando al tema delle migrazioni e dei migranti, va ricordato che il 12 luglio 2018 il segretario generale delle Nazioni Unite Antonio Guterres ha dichiarato accidentalmente che i migranti erano destinati a diventare "la forza trainante del PIL nel mondo".
Nel settembre 2016, un giornalista bulgaro Georgy Gotev ha scoperto che dopo la candidatura di Kristalina Georgyev, sostenuta dalla Bulgaria, per la carica di segretario generale delle Nazioni Unite, "di fatto, si trova la galassia Soros ".
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New @realDonaldTrump administration’s #Africa strategy being unveiled here by @AmbJohnBolton.
The new #Africa strategy was approved by @POTUS yesterday and the administration "will begin executing (it) immediately," says @AmbJohnBolton.
"We will no longer support unproductive, unsuccessful and unaccountable UN peacekeeping missions," announces @AmbJohnBolton.
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@BoleMataz is a brand set to revolutionise how bole is sold in Nigeria. Bolemataz is an environment-conscious brand.

As popular as bole is in Nigeria, it’s sold and served differently, in different parts of Nigeria. In the Eastern part of Nigeria, it’s mostly served with beans.
In the West, #bole is served or eaten alongside groundnut. In South-South, it’s served with some oil or peppery sauce alongside some “badass” (for lack of a better word to describe the taste of the) roasted fish. #VUNBlog #VictorUgooNjokuBlog #lifestyle #Nigeria #Trends #Thread
Roadside sellers of bole sell in takeaway packs or wrapped in some old newspaper. Not @BoleMataz Bolemataz has decided to give some prestige to the way they sell and package bole. #trendsofnigeria #lunch #food #Nigeriafood #Africa #ecofriendly #eatclean
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#JollofMusic101 Dear Upcoming Artiste: Basic Music Industry Terms you Should Know

3) Indie Labels:
These are self-funded labels that is NOT affiliated to any Big Three Record Label. Affiliation in this regard could be seen in the case of Mr Eazi’s Banku Music label liaising...
Universal Music Group Nigeria & South Africa. After his affiliation with Wizkid’s StarBoy Records in 2016.

Indie Labels often operate solo and an example of one would be #RicHassani’s label called Riverland Records.

#JollofMusic101 #DearUpcomingArtiste #AfroBeat #AfroBeats
#JollofMusic101 Dear Upcoming Artiste: Basic Music Industry Terms you Should Know .

4) Manager:
A manager is an integral determinant in the making or marring of an artiste’s career. The manager guides and oversees the daily dealings of an artist.
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#Mexico #USA #Canada are great countries very big and have awesome chance to earn #free #crypto with #Electroneum #ETN #Guadalajara #Puebla #Ecatepec #CiudadDeMéxico #reclutamiento #criptas i belive in #massadoption in #spanish world and #football #fans maybe can adopt us too
In #europe we have great #fanbase in #UK #germany #turkey #russia & #romania but what about other big countries like #france #spain #poland #italy or #Ukraine we have more potential - join early with #ETN $ETN #Electroneum #cryptocurrency and you will be rewarded. Its up to YOU!
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In a week where the North East got yet another military commander, we got a better look at overburdened infrastructure.

Elsewhere, as MTN gears up to enter the banks’ turf, concern over Nigeria's food import practices conjures a picture of a recently painted but creaking house.
The @MTNGroup's announcement is a positive for #Nigeria's economy as it substantiates previous comments by MTN that it has no plans to exit Nigeria despite its spat with @cenbank over alleged illegal fund repatriation.
The announcement ties into @MTNGroup’s strategy to become the biggest provider of mobile financial services in #Africa.

The telecoms-led drive to provide mobile money services will introduce a new interesting chapter in #Nigeria’s financial services sector.
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(THREAD) When my son was in Gr 10 he brough home, To Kill a Mockingbird. I was angry -my child, was reading a text of a past romanticized by some, even tho it was riddled with #racism. I wondered how many texts he would read that looked like him. But he had to read that- why?
I had asked many times for a reading list of books theyd have in their English class. I asked if the texts looked like them, reflected their experiences bc #IdentityMatters. I never could get an answer. Replies included, it was a #Classic but y'all know #Classics aint #Neutral
Of course, the response when we have these convos - "Y'all want to Censor...". Funny how "#freeSpeech" and "#censorship" always come up when issues of #equity are being discussed. That our children shouldn't be exposed to #racism and #trauma they live EVERY. SINGLE. DAY
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Hello #WordPress ecosystem.
I have been invited to share my #knowledge at an upcoming #WordCamp in #Africa.
Unfortunately I can’t afford the travel expenses, so I’m sending out this “message in a bottle” to see if any company out there is willing to #sponsor me.
I need to expand on this, I guess.
Yes, wonderful @yoast has established a #diversityfund and has graciously sponsored 2 of the 9 #WordCamp I have spoken at this year.
Me has sponsored all the rest, investing close to 3000€ to date.
I am self employed and a sole provider. This means that I can only rely on myself to sustain my mortgage and my living costs.
It also means that when I travel to speak at Camps I can’t work, so I am spending and not earning.
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How Europe Raped Africa

The Berlin conference of 1884 is where European colonising nations basically carved up Africa. Historians refer to it as “the scramble for Africa”.

#Africa #Europe #WhiteSupremacy
The countries represented at the time included Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, #France, #Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, #Russia, #Spain, Sweden-Norway (unified from 1814-1905), #Turkey, and the United States of #America.
The Conference of 1884–85, also known as the Congo Conference, regulated European colonization and trade in #Africa during the New Imperialism period and coincided with Germany's sudden emergence as an imperial power.
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