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After receiving global backlash for ridiculing African Herbal Remedies that founded Medicine profession, WHO Director DR. Tredos finally congratulated Madagascar’s efforts in the fight against #Covid19 during the conference call held yesterday
WHO will sign a non-disclosure agreement with #Madagascar on the herbal treatment formulation.
But why is it that they are more interested in how its made if they said there is no proof it works?
#Africa should protect its traditional medicine technology.
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#COVID19 cases in the Indian states as of 16th May 2020.

#IndiaFightsCoronavirus #DailyUpdates

Visit ORF's…
Confirmed #COVID19 cases in #Africa as of 16th May 2020 are 78,194.

Region wise #COVID19 cases in Africa are:

#NorthAfrica 25,637
#WestAfrica 22,944
#CentralAfrica 7,437
#EastAfrica 7,486
#SouthernAfrica 14,690

Visit ORF's #COVIDTracker:…
#COVID19 updates from #CoronaTracker

#IndiaFightsCoronavirus #DailyUpdates

For more interesting facts, figures and perspectives from ORF's…
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Here is the thing: as an African, i am drawn between the horns of a dilemma. Europeans want me to denounce my birthright and sell my country for 20 pieces of silver. My own African leaders want me to accept the corrupt status quo by cornering me into docility &

political oblivion, where any question i ask is interpreted to be an act rebellion meant to agitate the masses against them and cause alarm and despondency.

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Africa Is Not Waiting to Be Saved From the Coronavirus
If reporting doesn’t improve, the creativity and agency of swaths of humanity will be lost to history

We needed this article to be written for months. Thank you @Nanjala1-I share some of ur pearls 🧵…
"As #Covid19 races its way across #Africa, there are 2 stories happening at once. 1st t is of governments using their armies and militarized police to beat, threaten, and shoot their way to #publichealth."
"2nd is of communities knitting together their meager resources to fill..
"the gap of absent states...of tailors across informal settlements in Nairobi & Mombasa sewing face masks out of scrap fabric & handing them out for free after price gouging by commercial suppliers."
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Africa's 1st #nobel laureate Wole Soyinka explains how the church created the African version of the devil from the Orisha God Eshu. #distortion #destruction #violence of Xtianity.
Watch the SELL-OUT #ricebag or #cassavabag priest on the right with no AFRICAN pride
This is the majestic Eshu of the Orisha religion who became the devil in Africa. SOUND familiar? Ma Kaali has this unique designation as well.Tried and true methods
#missionkaali #SleepingHindus need to learn and combat #conversionmafia spread the word by RTing #Africa #African
Some #African s are fighting back by bringing back the majestic Eshu of the Orisha religion
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Out today: Our new @TheLancet analysis of #ethics & #politics of #access to #testing #PPE & #Covid19 treatment. We must act now so to ensure that geopolitically powerful countries apply ethical standards & coordinate their procurement to access for #LMICs…
Many #African health systems lack capacity to respond if #COVID19 outbreaks get out of control. So #testing & #tracing are particularly vital.

Unfortunately, testing supplies are increasingly scarce, as #NorthAmerican & #European countries snap up everything on the market.
This mirrors failures in the #AIDS response—when testing & treatment came to #Africa years after it arrived in #US & #Europe, and long after the #pandemic had taken hold. This resulted in tens of millions of unnecessary deaths. @chidodc @DrWilfredoM @RenzoGuinto @paimadhu
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#COVID19 IS not a "#China not China" thing.
#BillGates & #FAUCI #BIRX #CDC #NIH FUNDED #Wuhan's #WHO accredited BSL4 Lab to do this work, AND planted staff 1 of who is now #Fakebook #Science Director banning ppl for mentioning Wuhan made or even Vitamin C.
China complicit
At the same time the above CORRUPT cabal was doing this virus work, #BillGates ALSO held the event 201 just before military games in #Wuhan outlining pandemic. #CDC hired Pandemic officers all over the country beginning Nov 15th in advance preparation for the grandstanding.
#China at same time was stealing Virus tech from #Canada, #Harvard, #France & other locations, FOR YEARS including Crisper tech. They ALSO Bought off #CharlesLieber to teach them & Set up the Lab with Crisper, MicroChip tech, Virus Engineering, etc. Vials stolen fr #Harvard
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“Non mi trovo in Italia ma vengo a sapere da un amico che ieri sera nella trasmissione di #Fazio il Prof. #Burioni (che da quel che mi dicono gli viene dato molto ascolto in questa vicenda epidemica) asserisce alcune cose *che devo necessariamente correggere.*
1. Burioni: Parla di SPERIMENTAZIONE COL PLASMA x evidenze scientifiche che attestino l'efficacia su contrasto a #coronavirus
1. Rango: Il CONCETTO DI SPERIMENTAZIONE E' FUORVIANTE. *La tecnica della Plasmaferesi è in uso da molte decine di anni.* I due responsabili della plasmaferesi a Mantova e a Pavia l'hanno appresa quasi 30 anni fa a Padova, in quella che allora si chiamava Clinica Pneumologica.
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It's amazing that when Bill Clinton was president, #Americans seemed to know that "all politicians are corrupt". Clinton was followed by Bush jr, who lied us into wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that we're still involved in and oversaw (at the time) the greatest transfer of ... 1/5
wealth to the top in history. Bush was followed by a president who oversaw an even greater wealth transfer to the top, and pushed climate change to the precipice with the expansion of fracking and who began FIVE for-profit wars, including the destruction of #Libya, which ... 2/5
went from the greatest standard of living in #Africa to open-air slave markets. But somehow tens of millions of Americans now believe that "their team" is somehow not corrupt and any proof to the contrary is fake news, partisan propaganda or (laughably) #Russian propaganda. 3/5
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I was writing a rebuttal to Dr Grum’s article “The Case for GMOs” @Ethiobserver . But I have to break my silence as some people, out of their utter ignorance, are relentlessly making ad hominem attacks on #GMO opponents. #Ethiopia
You can search “@kebyes GMO” so that you will learn how enthusiastic I am about the issue. Unlike others who are bashing every opinion/evidence, I like to ask questions first. That is how you learn. So please ask before resorting to attacks, PEOPLE. #Ethiopia
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Pleased to announce⚡️EthiopianHealthData’s #EthHD⚡️ soft-launch. This is a work that started on March 19th and reached its maturation at the end of April. Here is what you can find on the site📣📣📣
1⃣ Situation report on COVID19 Stat in Ethiopia – thumbnail view: Provides COVID-19 tests, cases, regions affected, demographic information, travel history, and source of exposure. Content here is updated every morning from MOH daily notification note.
2⃣COVID19 Stat dashboard information is also available in 4 local languages
Amharic ▶️
Afaan Oromoo ▶️
Af Somali ▶️
and Tigrigna ▶️
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If the western leaders and their big corporate partners believe that Africa is still that primitive, archaic continent of our forefathers they used to step on... they have another thing coming.

#Madagascar #day37oflockdown #MadagascarMedicine
There is a new generation of "wokeness" that is not going to tolerate arrogant, snobbish, hypocritical, pea-minded and self-serving pretenders who enter the world with superior airs of "holier-than-thou", "we and them" attitude
calling themselves Donors, Philanthropist or any title to distance themselves to other ordinary folks whom they look down on. Africa is woke! Africa is taking the front seat!✊

#Africa #EFFBookClub
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The #1 influencer for World Economic Forum/United Nations is resurrected in order to promote "#digitalization for all" as the #FourthIndustrialRevolution brings civil society into it's fold. "Access to #digital #education" prioritized over nutrition, water, & sanitation. #WEF
"Amply, an online attendance-taking system [] to track “impact,” is being piloted through #SmartStart a S. #Africa pre-school franchise.

... financed in part through #UNICEF’s innovation venture capital fund... registered over 3,100 [] as of spring 2018"…
"The tone they use when talking about this lack of “#trust” in the development aid space is steeped in a racist, colonial mindset. The “trust” issue provides cover for their real agenda. Pen & paper methods don’t capture enough #data, & digitized data is what they most desire."
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#thread Communist-led Vietnamese victory over the third(usa) imperialist occupation in as many decades happened today 45yrs ago, the socialist north and the Vietnamese ppl finally liberated and reunified the entire country.
#HoChiMinh, Vietnamese Communist leader passes away several years before reunification, he passes away in Sept 1969. His life story is an amazing one.
#HoChiMinh is a leading figure in the founding of the Chinese, French and Vietnamese communist parties founding.
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Our article on the origin and health status of first-generation Africans from the Viceroyalty of New Spain is out now in @CurrentBiology! Here’s the #thread in case you can’t make the complete read:
These African individuals were first noted by @MezaAbigail and colleagues to be not Native Americans and found in a hospital which was dedicated to care exclusively for the indigenous population of the Viceroyalty of the #NewSpain
Here’s a look at the excavation site: (from:…)
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OPINION BY SIMON KOLAWOLE: Is it time to lift the lockdown? | TheCable

Perhaps the biggest COVID-19 debate in Nigeria today is: should the lockdown be lifted? Residents of Lagos state and the federal capital territory (FCT) have been under a lockdown since March 30. The aim is to slow the spread of the virus by limiting public interactions. #COVID19
The night the lockdown started, @NCDCgov reported a total of 131 confirmed cases and two deaths. There were 81 cases in Lagos, 25 in FCT and three in Ogun. As of Friday, almost four weeks later, total confirmed cases had gone up to 1,095, with 32 deaths and 208 discharged.
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Developing #ChineseVirus vaccine

Developing #TablighiJamatVirus
Contrast in Media Coverage #AntoniaMaino

Learn. Share. Act. ImageImage
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Last year, my colleagues and I stood before
our peers, faculty, and DFW investors, lecturing on the dangers an expansionist CCP posed to the world.
These threats have already begun to manifest themselves.

Full analysis in thread.
#China #CCPChina #CCPLiedPeopleDied #SLOC #OSINT
China’s state-owned and state-backed ventures, including State-Owned Enterprises (SOE), regional banks, and the People’s Bank of China (#PBOC) have created an ecosystem of interdependence within the Chinese economy that has skyrocketed China’s GDP over the last several decades...
#China has been the fastest growing economy in the world, w/annual growth rate of ~10%.

However, >quarter of GDP is direct SOEs, & 2/3 is funded by State-Owned Banks (SOB), which are funded by the PBOC.
With avg debt-to-asset ratio in Q119 @ 65.7%, There is a #disaster brewing.
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For International #WorldHeritageDay, a thread about the threat of climate change to these incredible places. Starting off at the Heart of Neolithic #Orkney World Heritage site in #Scotland at one of the world's oldest stone circles, #StonesOfStenness.
Skara Brae at the edge of Skaill Bay on Mainland, Orkney is, one of the best preserved Stone Age villages in Europe but is increasingly under threat from coastal erosion and worsening storms, & the Ring of Brodgar is vulnerable to extreme rainfall.
You can read the Climate Vulnerability Index (CVI) assessment recently carried out for the #Orkney sites by @UCSUSA, @jcu, @UHIArchaeology, @HistEnvScot, @ICOMOS & @OrkneyCouncil, & @ICOMOS here:… #CVIheritage
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#Islam #Muslims Let me tell you an interesting story today! SubhanAllah! Allah SWT works in different ways! In US there are many organizations who r working towards making people aware what real Islam is & for better understanding between communities of different faith like, 1/n
Christians, Jews, and many more. This was very Important step since after 9/11 tragedy many were wondering what #Islam is and why would #Muslims hate Americans (That’s no true) so many interfaith groups were started, and #DiscoverIslam was started to 2/N
This helped a lot in building bridges in between communities and opened up the opportunity for world to understand what real #Islam is because like in #India there are hate groups against #Muslims everywhere, there is a toll free number, people can call & ask questions about 3/N
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March 17 2020: "#Gates has proved there is a far easier path to political power, one that allows unelected billionaires to shape public policy in ways that almost always generate favorable headlines: #charity."
"Describing his approach by turns as "creative capitalism" and “catalytic philanthropy," Gates oversaw a shift at his foundation to leverage "all the tools of #capitalism" to "connect the promise of #philanthropy with the power of private enterprise."

#Microsoft #Pharma
The #Gates Foundation has made over the last two decades, ...close to $2 billion in tax-deductible charitable donations to private companies—including some of the largest businesses in the world, such as #GlaxoSmithKline, #Unilever, #IBM, & #NBC Universal #Media."
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If you are #blackAF then you need to see what blacks are going through in China.
They are trying to deflect by blaming the black traders in the south of the country as being responsible for a growing second wave of coronavirus cases.
Even the local MacDonald's put up a sign saying No Blacks allowed. MacDees has since apologised...but they were only obeying the government
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"Overview of the situation across Africa as of morning today:

- 18,333 #COVID19 cases in 52 of 55 African countries
- 4,352 recoveries
- 961 deaths" - @laktarr001, Deputy Director @AfricaCDC

"Knowledge of what needs to be done or needed is a great resource. Tangible non-financial resources is of great importance"- Dr. @laktarr001

@AfDB_Group @AfricaCDC #AfricaCSOResponds
"A big challenge we are facing is testing because the test kits that are required and specific for this virus are not being made by many companies because it is a novel virus and they are not produced in #Africa"

#AfricaCSOResponds @AfDB_Group @AfricaCDC
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Using #SolarDryers to dehydrate #cassava and increase its shelf-life to enable producers hold their harvest and sell only during peak demand to maximize earnings. With this, we have mitigation investments of clean energy, tied to power adaptation through value added agro-systems
For example, raw #cassava converted to dry cassava using #solardryers, and this dried cassava milled to cassava flour – a finished product - using decentralized solar has been proven to increase incomes by 150% relative to cassava that is sold raw after harvesting.
This addresses the key sources of vulnerability – which is the low levels of socioeconomic growth. #Cleanenergy and #agriculture are prioritized in over 70% of Nationally Determined Contributions #NDCs in #Africa. #EBAFOSA #InnovativeVolunteerism @ebafosaa
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