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Thread of progressive candidates including #NotMeUs and some combo #NotMeUs + #YangGang! These are candidates in competitive races & I’ll be adding to thread
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2. @donnaimamTX is running for #TX31 against @JudgeJohnCarter Nov 3! She’s endorsed by @BernieSanders @AndrewYang @ewarren and is in a very flippable district!

📌Website: ImageImage
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Back in 2016, @thomasfrank_'s "Listen, Liberal!" forcefully explained that "liberals" are not leftists, and that while we on the left might sometimes ally with liberals, we are not on the same side.…

This is something that most of the world outside of the USA knows, but the USA has largely forgotten. I'll never forget my first day of university in the US, when a classmate told me I had "liberal" views; having grown up in Canada's NDP, I knew the difference!

In the US, this manifests as excessive credit for Donald Trump - AKA excessive blame for Donald Trump - as though he was bright enough and had enough executive function to be a cause, rather than an effect.

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I was interviewed for a story on NPR about how Thailand’s universal healthcare program has supported the country’s fight against #COVID. #UHC… 1/18
I am a professor who wrote a book about the politics of universal healthcare in Thailand, Brazil and South Africa. Coupon code 09FLYER for 30% off at Cornell Press.… 2/18
I’ve also written other work on the politics of expanding access to healthcare to the poor… 3/18
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When #ToniMorrison said, "...the very serious function of racism is distraction," I believe she wasn't just referring to how white supremacy forces us to constantly prove ourselves, but also how it forces us to defend the world as it is. #COVID19…
That nurses are forced to defend the public from white nationalist militias, when they should be not merely saving lives, but demanding safer working conditions, proper funding of their hospitals, universal healthcare, and well beyond, is itself a distraction. #COVID19
To truly combat #COVID19 we need more than just the right to stay at home--though we certainly do need that. We also need a #MassRelaseNow for incarcerated people, we need #Medicare4All, and we need to meet every demand of striking #MayDay workers at #Amazon and beyond.
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@NealRoth @RoKhanna @rpdandy @rustyhicks @CA_Dem @DNC @JoeBiden @AmarShergillCA Bernie & his supporters are for #Medicare4All, as it turns out, are majority of the nation. But Biden gets funded by the ins co's & wants to keep the waste of mega salaries & shareholder payouts in our health care (which leaves 10 mil w/o care). Bernie needs delegates to fight.
@NealRoth @RoKhanna @rpdandy @rustyhicks @CA_Dem @DNC @JoeBiden @AmarShergillCA Bernie & his delegates also want to #EndBigMoney to political parties which skews the loyalties of parties to wealthy individs & corporations, overriding both the will & the needs of working class Americans (the majority of us) & undermining adequate #ClimateChange response.
@NealRoth @RoKhanna @rpdandy @rustyhicks @CA_Dem @DNC @JoeBiden @AmarShergillCA Bernie & his delegates believe workers deserve a living wage and access to college w/o being slaves to student debt for up to the rest of their lives. The party will not take this up w/o being pushed hard to the left.
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A Reagan praising, Obama criticizing TV pundit is challenging @AOC in a primary on the issue of “jobs” - As a businessperson & entrepreneur who works in our economy & creates jobs, I can testify that @AOC is a million times better than her opponent for jobs and good wages. (1/8)
Look at @AOC’s agenda. The pandemic has made clear that our for-profit healthcare system is a mess & leaves millions behind. I also know firsthand that many businesses struggle with figuring out how to provide healthcare to employees. Under #MedicareForAll, we *all* win. (2/8)
In fact, @AOC’s primary opponent is a former Republican who wants to end Medicare, and called it a Ponzi scheme. In what world would ending Medicare be a strategy for jump-starting the economy? We need #Medicare4All not Medicare for None. (3/8)
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1/ America's $6.2 trillion response to
#COVID19 has exposed one of the worst lies in U.S. politics: the claim that we "can't afford" progressive reforms like #MedicareForAll or free college. As a businessperson, this is false & manipulative. Here's what it's really about...
2/ Throughout the 2020 primary, every debate seemed to include a somber moderator (usually a Beltway pundit) scolding candidates about cost anytime they backed bold reforms to help young or less well-off Americans. Like clockwork. Here's 21 examples!…
3/ Of course you never see these questions about war or corp tax breaks. Why? It's about choices & priorities. The U.S. can afford big things - we have the world’s reserve currency & we print it. So the question is: What do we want to spend on? And WHO do we want to spend on?
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Sanders talks with med workers and unionists on the frontlines of #COVID19, outlining CARES provisions, while internet detractors scowl & howl into their collective paper bag ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ One goal is make workers whole
#Democrats #Medicare4All #Socialismo…
Zenei Cortez of National Nurses United stating RNs were threatened with firing if they bring their own N95 masks. CDC states that bandanas are good enough to use, when that is actually *not the case* RNs are scared/anxious. Would we send firefighters to a fire with a squirt gun?
Doctor from Maryland talks about plans to have to "stretch" ventilators, share them among patients as there are nowhere near enough to deal with the pending surge. "We will run out of equipment" unless the number of patients is reduced.
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From the 2008 financial collapse to natural disasters fueled by climate chaos, capitalism is causing devastating human crises.

It's always poor, working-class, & already marginalized people who suffer the most—while banks, energy companies & real estate get bailed out. #COVID19
Now with #COVID19 outbreak & looming recession, it's hospital workers, poor & unhoused people, elderly, incarcerated, immunocompromised, immigrants, & other marginalized groups who will likely bear most impact, vulnerable to illness while unable to afford treatment or testing.
Many who miss work because of #COVID19 outbreak will lose pay, lose health insurance, be unable to pay utility bills, or face eviction.

All this is worsened by the fact that our government has been slashing budgets for safety nets while handing bailouts to fossil fuel companies.
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CDC Rule (2017) expressly addressed this, w HHS/CDC the "payer of final resort" (despite comments that this would be unethical).

Under §70.13 @CDCDirector can authorize payment for care & treatment, although it's secondary to any state, local, or private insurance obligations.
@CDCDirector The law provides for this, and it's unethical for the US government to require individuals subjected to mandatory care & treatment to pay for it.

This also risks undermining the #Covid19 public health response: without #UHC #Medicare4All people will understandably avoid care.
The @CDCDirector’s discretion is subject to availability of appropriations. This underscores the considerations for federal emergency funding: Congress cld specifically provide add’l funds for such costs & at the same time: the #covid19 health care costs of all Americans. #M4A
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THREAD so... here's my story and why I have finally decided on a primary candidate to support. Thursday, I had horrific abdominal pain. I'm talking "I had natural unmedicated childbirth and this was worse" pain. 1
I had just gotten divorced and switched to a high deductible plan. Very high deductible. So I figured I'd wait it out rather than go to the ER. Then the vomiting started. 2
I spent the night in agony, but I'd already taken Friday off (self-employed) and moved all my clients to Saturday, so I felt I had to go in. In between clients I sat with a hot water bottle on my stomach. I knew this was serious, certainly a recurrence of gastritis or ulcer 3
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If you have a GoFundMe for medical expenses, you can send me the link, and I will signal boost it here.

If you have the means, please help Debbie and her family.

Debbie had inflammatory breast cancer, and she and her spouse have a severely disabled daughter to care for as well.

If you do not have the means to help those in need financially with medical expenses, please help them by signal boosting their links and tweets yourself. Every person, every dollar, every share counts.

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#Thread: It's almost debate time! We're teaming up with our friends at @PolitiFact to fact check tonight's #DemDebate. KHN will be listening for health care claims to fact check. #HealthCheck
@PolitiFact Do Americans really like their health plans? We fact-checked a claim by @JoeBiden that "160 million people like their private insurance." via @shefalil KHN/@PolitiFact #HealthCheck
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#QueersAgainstPete interrupted a Pete fundraiser in San Francisco today. We are fighting to make sure *no one* in our community is left behind. Ignoring @blmsouthbend, opposing #Medicare4all & free public college is NOT solidarity. We deserve better. 🌈…
@BLMSouthBend Queer folks across the country are taking action, pushing Buttigieg on his policies & the billionaires & corporations funding his campaign. We were proud to support our comrades in SF today. #WallStreetPete #QueersAgainstPete
@BLMSouthBend “I’m definitely proud of the fact that a gay candidate has made it thus far, but it’s hard to enjoy or appreciate when his stances are so middle of the road and speak to a predominantly white, upper class audience.” - Celi Tamayo-Lee #QueersAgainstPete…
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(1/9) We just poured everything we got into making sure @BernieSanders won the New Hampshire primary. Here's what we accomplished...

#FITN #NHPolitics #BernieWonNewHampshire
(2/9) In the lead up to the primary our volunteer powered team:
🙋Filled <2000 volunteers shifts
📋Collected < 12,000 pledge to vote cards
📱Sent >18,000 texts
🏡Knocked >20,000 doors
📞Made >33,000 phone calls
(3/9) On average, democratic voter turnout in the four major college towns we organized in (Durham, Keene, Plymouth and Hanover) increased by over 10% since 2016 and over 30% since 2008.
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So...unless I'm wrong, here's my vision of the timeline of the whole Sanders-Warren kerfluffle.

This is going to take a bit of a while, folks, so follow me here.
1) Lizzary and Bernie have their private meeting in December 2018, where the question of whether a woman can beat Trumpster is raised.

2) At the end of that month, Lizzary officially puts her name in the hat for the Democratic nomination for POTUS.
3) Around late January or early Feburary of the following year, Lizzary has an "off the record" convo with a room filled with journalists, where she first gives her (mis)interpretation of that meeting with Sanders, saying that he said a woman couldn't win.
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Had a medication quoted to me this week as being $680 with insurance.

With a coupon it was $270.

So my doctor prescribed a 90 day supply instead of a 30 day and the price DROPPED to $45.

Drug prices in the US are totally arbitrary. They're made up. It's all fiction.
Also, without insurance it's billed at like 2 grand. Like holy fuck. I get you have to get back R&D costs but thats why it should be nationalized healthcare and not run for profit.
Checked again, they wanted over 6.3k cash.

Fml, this ia bullshit.
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Many folks have asked me why I think @CPDAction members chose to endorse @BernieSanders - including my own mom who trolled me on Facebook 😂 read along 👇🏾👇🏾 and let me tell you👇🏾👇🏾shout out to fellow Bernie supporter @iamcardib
@BernieSanders @ewarren & @SecretaryCastro ALL went above & beyond to engage with @CPDAction members, Black, brown and anti-racist white folks, young folks and our elders, no income, low income, and those of us who are struggling but getting by, immigrants & folks born here.
We would be lucky to have any one of these candidates as President & I would hope they would each be open to serving in each other’s administrations. But for our members 75% felt that @BernieSanders was the strong movement candidate we need to beat Trumpism.
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Do we have an obligation to provide health care for everyone? A #Medicare4All thread of Jewish sources.


Rabbi Meir said, "when a person suffers, what language does God use? My head is too heavy! My head is too heavy! (Mishnah Sanhedrin 6:5)
"If God is so grieved over the blood of the wicked that is shed, how much more so over the blood of the righteous!" (Mishnah Sanhedrin 6:5)
For this reason, the first human being was created alone to teach that all who destroy a single life are as though they destroyed an entire universe, and those who save a single life are as if they had saved an entire universe. (Jerusalem Talmud Sanhedrin 4:22)
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Today I met a whole family I'm fighting for. I was canvassing for Bernie in small town Iowa. As I walked up to the house I realized there was a large dog on a leash sitting in front of the steps. Oh no I said to myself. The dog whined. I better be safe and not approach.
I wanted to double check that I had the right house so I walked to the adjacent house to check the number. Yep. I walked back and saw a light in the door. Two women came out and brought the dog in and motioned me up. They invited me in out of the cold. We sat in the living room.
The younger woman was on my list so I asked about her thoughts on Bernie and she said she hadn't really had time to think about it. I talked about #Medicare4All all and raising the minimum wage and got the sense that these were good-sounding to her. She said she works two jobs,
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The one argument that I don't see enough about #Medicare4All is that it's not just an issue of economics. It's an issue of freedom. I don't mean "freedom from debt." Listen:
If you have health insurance through your job, you are tied to that job. Sure, you might change jobs if you're lucky enough/talented enough/in demand enough. Still, you're only going to do so if you're guaranteed health insurance.
Because if you have insurance, especially if your family is covered by it, you are just not going to do anything that could rock that boat. You are, in essence, a captive to a job because of health insurance.
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I have been fighting for #MedicareForAll for a long time. This year, I was proud to introduce the most progressive #MedicareForAll legislation that includes a two-year transition & covers long-term care for seniors & folks with disabilities.
We've built an incredible movement that's never been stronger, w/the first-ever House hearings, over half the @HouseDemocrats as co-sponsors, a broad coalition of 30+ labor unions, 250+ economists & hundreds of grassroots orgs across the nation who all support #MedicareForAll!
@HouseDemocrats We have two presidential candidates who are staunchly committed to #MedicareForAll & have made it a defining issue in this election. I've been honored to work w/@BernieSanders in this fight & am grateful for his visionary leadership & ironclad commitment to #MedicareForAll.
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