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British Social Attitudes #NHS + #SocialCare satisfaction data analysis by @TheKingsFund @NuffieldTrust @RuthRobbo @jappleby123 @HarryAEvans @NinaHemmings92 is out. Won’t rehearse content but thread gives view from @HealthwatchE perspective. @danwellings @jacoblant #HealthForCare
Here’s the link. And my subsequent comments on the #NHS figures are made against the background context that although there’s a statistically significant decline in overall satisfaction, which is concerning, it’s still quite high for individual aspects.…
Top 5 things causing #NHS dissatisfaction are all at the heart of what the #NHSLongTermPlan focuses on - so getting local/regional plans right is vital and the @HealthwatchE network’s current engagement work in partnership with @NHSEngland is so important.…
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Wide press coverage this morning about @NHSEngland plans for the 4-hour A&E target, with @NHSEnglandNMD quoted on how @HealthwatchE and others are informing this work. We’ve been saying for a long time that there needs to be a new approach to targets. This short thread says why.
When @HealthwatchE fed 85,000 people’s experiences into #NHSLongTermPlan development, this included 6,500 experiences of A&E. We gave our analysis to @CommonsHealth for its inquiry on LTP. The select committee has now published our evidence. Here’s a link.…
Here are 4 screenshots of the bits of the @HealthwatchE #NHSLongTermPlan evidence to @CommonsHealth that concern A&E experiences, including on waiting times. Text from document linked in previous tweet in thread.Text from document linked in previous tweet in thread.Text from document linked in previous tweet in thread.Text from document linked in previous tweet in thread.
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To end the week here's a round-up of a set of excellent blogs on #NHSLongTermPlan in relation to people and communities. (thread)
There's strong welcome for the person centred care (personalisation) commitments in the #NHSLongTermPlan which could be a real step forwards. Here's long-time advocate @acpatient in @bmj_latest
We agree with Angela and here are my reflections on what personalised care in the #NHSLongTermPlan might mean and how to enable it (paywalled)…
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I cant summon the will to live to write a blog on my thoughts on the #NHSLongTermPlan

hopefully this thread will suffice

Much to welcome content wise

but ….

And big but… insular,

seemingly focused on NHS can sort its own problems out, disconnected list of
issues, sense of engagement with communities seems missing.

Any sense of radical redesign missing.

there IS a need to keep the baby. the NHS is 1) spectacularly valuable and 2) does amazing things. but some change is needed..... if we always do what we always did etc....
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As we begin 2019, I want to give a shout-out to our great NHS - and all the inspiring staff that keep it running during the holidays and throughout the year. Last year the NHS turned 70. We must fight to secure its future for the next 70 years and beyond. (1/)

The Tories have wrecked and ravaged our vital health and social care services for 9 years. Their ‘10-year plan’ is a sham. All the numbers add up to is disaster - insufficient funds, inadequate staffing and lack of foresight.

The Tories just can’t be trusted with our NHS. (2/)
It has taken a government obsessed with slashing budgets and cutting corners, a government hell-bent on imposing deadly and devastating levels of austerity, a government slammed by the UN for its unfounded cruelty, for cracks to appear in our mighty NHS. (3/)
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I was in Clacton, in a living room with Sarah, brother Sam & daughter Linda, small children & a few pets. All three adults voted Leave & UKIP.

This #TuesdayThoughts, I want to share bits of their story with you.

How did that happen? I asked Sarah.

"There are so many English families living in one room, yet they're letting all these in and they're housing them, having houses built for them!", said Sarah.

Who is being housed, I ask? Have you been waiting for a long time?
Brother Sam cannot walk after an accident and is unable to work. Sarah has a lung disease and also has been out of work for a few years. It's only Linda who works in the household, who has two small children and no qualifications. She's working on a vocational qualification now.
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Lots of good stuff in the #NHSLongTermPlan, especially if you're a student of the history of personalised care
Personalised care is up front, in chapter one: "People will get more control over their own health and more personalised care when they need it" #NHSLongTermPlan
Personal health budgets continue to be the significant, transformational change led by people themselves: we will go from over 32,000 now to 200,000 by 23/24 (para 1.41) #NHSLongTermPlan
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Today, and all this week, you're going to hear a lot of talk about the Government's incredibly amazing 10-year Long Term Plan for the NHS...

... but not a peep about how Brexit will come along and rip its guts out on 29 March, like a lion taking down a gazelle.

If you're in any doubt as to Brexit's ripping power, take a look at this...
And a lot of the money is going to be snatched back very, very directly...
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Your doctors, nurses, midwives and GPs are all telling you Brexit is bad for your health.
Which do you love more? Brexit or the NHS?
If you love the NHS more, how do we best protect it?
We can protect it as an EU member. Brexit makes it vulnerable to people like Trump.
But they're saying more money is coming to the NHS. Do the numbers add up?
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