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When @DonnellyStephen, @CMOIreland, @HSELive, @laoneill111 state that I should be vaccinated, they should have the ability to convince me its safe and that I can trust them. They've certainly not done that; let me explain 👇
When they tell me to not wear a mask, and then suddenly change to wear a mask, they aroused my suspicion

When the #HSE told kids (with cfr of 500000/1+) that it's safe based on a) avoiding mild illness b) going back to school c) rejoin society without risk analysis figures, but declare a 16000/1 chance of a severe adverse reaction, they arouse my suspicion
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Tweeting about Covid has been worthwhile.

Exposing the "science" and fighting back against mass human rights abuses has been the right thing to do.

For anyone who stumbles across this in 100 years, here's a summary of my work, and a conclusion:

August 2020:

I revealed that Neil Ferguson was a recipient of funds from the pharma industry and from the Gates Foundation, and that his calculation of Covid's fatality rate was utter junk.

His models and assumptions were nonsense from the beginning:

September 2020:

I figured out that the first five months of 2020 were less dangerous in Ireland than 2015, 2016 & 2018. Overall mortality appeared to be normal. And without any need for masks or vaccines!

This made the Covid death toll very suspicious:

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The irish government are systematically destroying 🇮🇪.
1. Treatments; you have provided no access or encouraged any treatments regarding #COVID19ireland. In fact you've ignored International regarding studies on several options.
2. Carehomes and Hospitals; You failed to protect the old and vulnerable. Most carehomes were abandoned. The majority of people whom died of #COVID19 caught it in a carehome or hospital! Think about that.
3. SME's and hospitality; government has targeted these business and used them consistently as scapegoats time and time again. The data showed these businesses were not either cause or high risk, but #msm portrayed them as such. The owners and families abandoned!
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#NPHET and the Irish Gov are considering mandating face coverings for primary school children.

The Irish media are not asking the pertinent questions.

As an engineer with >10 years in the med device and Pharma industry here are some of the questions they should be asking 👇👇👇
1/ What studies have been completed showing the effectiveness of face coverings on young children against the spread of SARS-CoV-2?

2/ What studies have been completed showing the long-term mental and physical health impacts on young children after prolonged face covering usage?
3/ What medical assessments will be completed of each child to rule out any undiagnosed medical, heart or respiratory conditions prior to a face covering mandate?
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1/19 Want to provide counternarrative to piece @TodaywithClaire @MacCoillte with @NiamhOBeirne from @HSELive re #covid19 & #Antigen testing-see "Track & Trace" segment from 4'50" onward @LeoVaradkar @CarrollJennifer @MurphyEoghan @MichealMartinTD @DonnellyStephen @michaelmina_lab
2/19… NO'B stated #Antigen tests are 50~60% sensitive at most in asymptomatics & only recommended by HSE in symptomatic patients such as in outbreaks or hospital settings. Its v disappointing that a health official with such a huge audience would say this.
3/19 Saying #Antigen has "low sensitivity" is nuanced & deserves context.We know when compared to pos #PCR cases,antigen has "low" sensitivity.We also know up to 75% of time a #Covid19 patient is tested with PCR and pos they're NOT INFECTIOUS… @profbuchan
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Lots of interest in #Covid19 #ventilation (finally!) so he’s a round up of threads to stop the virus spread
(many threads are webpages here:… ) 1/
#Covid19 is inhaled, avoid it by breathing clean air 2/
#Covid19 spread can be easily reduced by manipulating indoor air conditions 3/
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At this evening's #NPHET briefing in the Department, Chair of the IEMAG @President_MU gave an update on the modelling work.

1/17 #COVID19

Cases, numbers in hospital and intensive care
2/17 #COVID19

The numbers of tests remains high, the positivity rate is now decreasing.
Daily and weekly count and 5-day rolling average – case counts have been decreasing since 21 October; the 5-day average peaked at 1186, reached a low of 350 on 11 November, and is now 403.

3/17 #COVID19
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[Thread] Covid19 & weather

Research from China points to Ireland being very high-risk for virus spread in winter months. This study linked Spring hot-spot outbreaks (yellow zone) at 5-11°C & low humidity 1/ #Covid19… Image
another study: ‘meteorological factors play independent role in #COVID19 transmission.. Local weather (low temp, mild diurnal temp range & low humidity) likely favor transmission.. each 1°C increase in [temp] related to decline of daily confirmed cases’ 2/…
‘Air temperature & humidity indicated to significantly influence transmission of COVID-19’.. the weather two weeks ago was correlated with confirmed new case counts.. epidemiological data were correlated with weather data 14 days ago’ 3/…
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1/13 Really interesting read Rory. Thx for sharing. I agree, its v difficult to remain clear headed when theres so much data & it can all be interpreted in different ways. Prof. @AndrewEwing11 is unhappy with #Sweden's strategy and has been openly critical - he's entitled to that
2/13 I think that data is being represented in a way that suits the narrative.I added extra columns:"since Aug 7" & "since Sept 7".I used Oct 14 as end point (date of publication).I also highlighted Netherlands in red as it was best performing in the table and good for comparison
3/13 In Sweden from Aug to Oct there was a 3% increase in cumulative deaths per 100k and from Sept to Oct there was a 1% increase. Meanwhile, Netherlands (best of the worst) had 8% & 6% increases in cumulative deaths per 100k respectively.
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Why is Ireland locking down again? Look no further than our Covid-19 spreadsheet modellers.

They are unshakeable in the belief that Covid-19 remains a deadly threat to the population. But as I'm about to reveal, they are standing on shaky ground.

Thread. 👇👇👇

#level5 #NPHET
Meet Professor Philip Nolan, Chair of the Epidemiological Modelling Group on Ireland's NPHET. This man is the key provider of Covid-19 statistical analysis and forecasts to the Irish government.

Think of him as the Irish equivalent of Neil Ferguson.

In the thread above, he claims that about 1/3 of all infections were detected by PCR during the epidemic peak in April.

If that's true, and testing continued to find a high % of cases, then total infections so far might only be c. 100k-150k (vs. the official case count of 50k).
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"The Curious Case of the 1% Positive Rate Baseline in #Ireland"

A #COVID19 thread.

The HPSC and HSE provides us with this chart for "Positive Rate (%) Previous 7 Days" on their dashboard. Link:…

Positive Rate (%) is going up. Let's examine closer.

Dr Cillian de Gascun, the chairman of the National Public Health Expert Team (#NPHET) stated in a detailed thread last week that "false positive" test results occur at a rate in the region of 1-3%.

Tweet Link:

Let's mark the False Positive Range (1-3%) on the chart, along with highlighting 1% as a baseline for future reference.

Notice anything interesting?

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