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1/ Russia is a perfect example of a kleptofascist state - a hideous combination of criminal capitalism and fascist hate, lies, rabid ethno-nationalist delusions, tyranny, imperialist militarism and genocidal intent.

#StandWithUkraine to defeat #NaziRussia
2/ Russia is a perfected kleptofascist state, but kleptofascist forces are active in many Western countries. A sociopathic segment of the super-rich and their political and media minions have understood that they can only gain power through using fascist political themes.
3/ The goal of the kleptofascist right was laid out by William Rees-Mogg in "The Sovereign Individual" which forecast a world in which the super-rich would first break free from national control before ultimately seizing control of nation states.
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1/ The emissary from #NaziRussia

"The rabble of Gondor and its deluded allies shall withdraw at once beyond the Anduin, first taking oaths never again to to assail Sauron the Great in arms, open or secret. All lands east of Anduin shall be Sauron's for ever, solely."
2/ West of the Anduin as far as the Misty Mountains and the Gap of Rohan shall be tributary to Mordor, and men there shall bear no weapons, but shall have leave to govern their own affairs..."
3/ One might say that it is absurd to compare Putin with a fictional character, but had governments and analysts in the West modelled his character on that of Sauron or Morgoth his actions in power would have been very unsurprising.
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Upgraded Ukrainian ZSU "Shilka"
Georgian Legion praying before the battle.
Battle video will follow.
Yesterday's video of the battles of the Georgian Legion.
Video Released by Avto K.
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Another village liberated by the 72nd ZSU brigade.
Russian POWs on the ground.
1368/ Image
Three destroyed russian T-72B3, Staromaiors'ke village, Donetsk oblast.
1369/ ImageImageImage
Balls of steel.
Ukrainian pilot takes off during the shelling of the airfield.
It saves the fighter jet (IMO is MiG-29).
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Units of the Russian Army that committed atrocities in the Kiev oblast (Bucha, Gostomel, Irpen)

- 64 brigade of 35 Army, Eastern Military District;
- 5th team of 36 Army, Eas. Military District;
#Russia404 #NaziRussia #PutinHitler #RussianWarCrimesInUkraine
- 137 Airborne Regiment of 106 Airborne Division
- 104th and 234th Air Assault Regiments of 76 Air Assault Division
- 14th and 45th Special Purpose Brihgades
- 63th Police Special Purpose Unit of Rosgvardia;
- 155th Naval Infantery Birgade of Pacific Fleet
- 331 Airborne Regiment of 98 Airborne Division
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Russian Army continue to resupplying the Ukrainian Army.
Two Russian trucks with ammunition.
Thanks Putin.
287/ ImageImage
Russian Mi-24/35.
I watch this again and again.
The pilots of a Russian jet in Chernihiv, one killed during landing other is injured.
289/ ImageImage
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Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv".
Map if the Russian attacks!!!
#russia404 Image
Announced about landing operation in Azov sea. Purpose to open the corridor to Odessa and Pridnestria.
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As I said yesterday, the russian army assault started this night.
MLRS salwo.
Missile strike to the city of Mariupol.
Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv".
Map if the Russian attacks!!!
#russia404 Image
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