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NEW: #Ukraine forces retrograde from #Sieverodonetsk - "putting themselves in better position" to defend themselves, per a US senior defense official, saying US #HIMARS, artillery assistance will help

"The Russians are just eeking out inch by inch of territory" per the official
US training in place to make sure #Ukraine forces can use the #HIMARS & other "@NATO-standard systems", per a senior US defense official
Latest US aid to #Ukraine result of "extensive consultations" w/Ukrainian officials, per a senior US defense official

Says US officials consulting w/Ukrainian officials on aid & "moving heaven & earth" to get it to them
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Thread: 16 June 2022: Day 113 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Every bloody time. This one with the Harpoons is among the worst since the breaking of #Russia's naval blockade is an immediate problem for us all, not just #Ukraine. Really not sure we have the time for this roundabout method.
Let's hope this is right with the HIMARS. Should have been done a while ago, but ...
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Press briefing: US Def Sec #Austin and Gen. #Milley after the 3rd #Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting in Brussels.
Selected points: (note, this is *not* a NATO meeting. It's an ad hoc group, that has now grown to 50 countries.)
DefSec Austin:
Fact we have 50 countries pledging mil aid to #Ukraine testament to how RUS unprovoked invasion has horrified and galvanised the world, and testament to #heroism of Ukrainian people
DefSec Austin:
In May, US #Congress approved 40 bn USD in assistance to UA. On 1 June, POTUS auth. further 700 mill USD mil package incl #HIMARS rocket system and guided munitions, plus #Javelins, helicopters, counter-battery radars and ammunition.
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Some more thoughts on meaning of RU oil embargo: 1) economic calculations are not the main issue. It is political breakage of “business as usual” with #Russia. The most sensitive area starts being covered by sanctions. Strategic turn from energy dependence is being started. 1/
2) “Steel” schemes appeared to be flexible. #EU changes its politics, business in areas, which were untouchable before. 3) RU isn’t a reliable partner anymore. The sooner this dependence from RU ends, the safer for the EU. This approach slowly, but irreversibly shapes reality 2/
3) #Ukraine will raise its weight in energy (and not only) negotiations, cause southern part of #Druzhba pipeline goes through 🇺🇦 territory to all 3 countries, excluded from ban on oil embargo: #Hungary, #Slovakia and #CzechRepublic. 3/
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Thread: 31 May 2022: Day 97 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Interesting on the likely relative rise of #Russia's industrial espionage in #Japan, when compared to #China, because of the sanctions the Japanese have placed on Russia. In absolute terms, the Chinese espionage is still massive, of course.
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Thread: 23 May 2022: Day 89 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
#Britain's intel: #Russia has lost more men in three months in #Ukraine than the Soviets did in nine years in Afghanistan b/c of "poor low-level tactics, limited air cover ... and a command approach ... [that] reinforce[s] failure and repeat[s] mistakes"
#Russian soldier ranting about the war on #Ukraine being for the "future of the white nation ... We are all that's left". The West, he says, is lost to Arabs, blacks, Asians, and homosexuals (he uses different words).

[Video via @sternenko, English subs added by @ZeroZhvk]
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🧵We are a group of volunteers exploring existing and non-conventional options for moving #Ukrainian #grains, #wheat and #agricultural products into the #European #Railway Network for distribution to EU #Export terminals, primarily, but not exclusively on the #Danube Waterway.
Why, what's stopping this?

Similar to @Apple, @Microsoft or @Android Operating Systems, #Ukraine's and #Europe's #trains, #locomotives & #wagons operate on physically different track widths.

While having similar functionalities, they don't "play well with each other".
Specifically, a Ukrainian train cannot travel on a European railway (track) and European trains cannot travel on Ukrainian railways.

The width, called "Gauge", between rails is different. Ukrainian is 1520mm wide, while European is 1435mm.
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Recent Publications & Threads (A 🧵)
I. Articles & Commentaries Published
II. Interviews with me on (European) Politics & Security
III. Threads on #Ukraine #Germany #EU #UK #CEE and more.
Gathered in one place ...
I. Articles and Commentaries

8. Are #Czechia & #Slovakia the #EU's New Radical Centre
for @RUSI_org…
I. Articles and Commentaries

7. Ukraine Doesn't Need Half-Measures from the #EU
for @ForeignPolicy…
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I dont know if every single country has this shape of human, like Finland? #Denmark looks like a gnome who lost his shoe, and a bat. Image
#UK and #Ireland, like a little owl and mongoose working in burger place Image
#Finland as we have pictured the shape here Image
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We are attending @ComeniusUni's debate on EU-Russia relations in the wake of #WarinUkraine 👉 we'll enjoy interventions from TEPSA Chairperson Lucia Mokrá, @_PaulSchmidt (@oegfe), and Aliaksei Kazharski

We'll also be highlighting the best bits here on Twitter, as always

This event takes place in the framework of our upcoming book "Russia and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals", published by @SpringerNature and edited by @MichaelKaeding (@unidue), @JohannesPollak (@WebsterVienna), and @_PaulSchmidt (@oegfe)

.@_PaulSchmidt introduces the book, describing it as a "journey through the political diversity of Europe [...] you will find out that geography, history, politics, economics, all have a role in defining a country's relations to #Russia"

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Good God, this is a real scandal to reckon with.
- especially because the attitudes still much of #Germany's political & public discussions on #Ukraine
Security & Self-determination for me (🇩🇪)
- but not for thee (🇱🇻🇱🇹🇪🇪 or🇺🇦)
short 🧵…
See these sections for example on seeing #Estonia, #Latvia & #Lithuania's independence as 'the wrong path' while 'rapidly moving ahead with #Germany's reunification'
Or on deflecting #Czechia, #Slovakia (then Czechoslovakia), #Poland & #Hungary's #NATO
ambitions, while ensuring the DDR was included in the alliance ...
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Thread: 3 May 2022: Day 69 of #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Pentagon says #China is avoiding direct military assistance to #Russia's attempt to erase #Ukraine ... for now
Truly bizarre for #Russia to have picked this fight with #Israel; so needless. Jerusalem had kept quiet for two months about Moscow's use of the "Nazi" pretext for the attack on #Ukraine and walked a fine line in general over the war, now forced to change
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1/ Dear all, many among you have asked me about my opinion on #oil, #logistics, #pipelines, price movements and a reality check on the #german #embargo plans. So I decided to make another explanatory thread. Grab a beer, this may take a while to read.
2/ It has often been said that oil is a global #commodity that travels on the seas. That view is not wrong, but incomplete. In fact, much oil is shipped by pipelines, on all continents. For an imcomplete but illustrative overview, see…
3/ Most pipelines either distribute incoming seaborne supplies to inland consumers (e.g., refineries), or they route domestically produced oil to seaports where it is loaded on #tankers.
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A quick follow up on dangers of German exceptionalism & 🇩🇪's insular political culture arising
from yesterday's thread on #Germany's approach to #Ukraine (& some great responses to it) in the context of #Emma #offenerbrief (open letter to Olaf Scholz)
1. Many ppl claim '#Germans have been told for 70 years that nothing but diplomacy & non-military solutions are acceptable' They're wrong but prove the 🇩🇪insularity point.
This was the message INSIDE #Germany for (some) understandable reasons. But OUTSIDE it was very different:
#Germany has been warned by allies (in #CEE, #US, #UK) for years about #Russia
& about Cheap-riding in #NATO.

But, as (e.g.) this piece shows,🇩🇪ignored those warnings & went its own way on defence, on🇷🇺& ended up trampling #CEE & #Ukraine's agency…
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Hot off the press: Our Spring Forecast Report for 23 countries in CESEE with the implications of the war in #Ukraine. Whereas 🇺🇦 (38-45%) & 🇷🇺 (9-15%) will shrink dramatically, EU-CEE countries will see slower growth or stagnation (depending on the scenario). 1/7 #Thread
The 11 EU members of the CESEE region will grow by an average of 3% this year in the baseline scenario; however, in the adverse scenario, which assumes an escalation of the war and a full EU energy embargo against Russia, they would stagnate (0.1%) in 2022. 2/7
If there should be an EU energy embargo against Russia, inflation rates will be in double digits in almost all countries of CESEE. In #Russia inflation could reach 28% this year, in #Ukraine 25%. In #Turkey, inflation will be around 55% – even in the baseline scenario. 3/7
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#Germany's leaders, especially Chancellor #Scholz seem reluctant to really help #Ukraine-especially by providing #heavyweapons.

(Too) many reasons are given for this, even avoiding #nuclear war, but there's a problem with these excuses for🇺🇦- AND for🇩🇪& its #NATO allies
Here's the latest interview with #Scholz in @derspiegel He steers a question about supplying proper weapons to
1) #Germany becoming a party to the war in #Ukraine
2) The danger of a direct confrontation between NATO & Russia
3) WW3 & Nuclear war…
As you can see from the quotes below
- and despite the best efforts of the journalists -
there's a lot of diversion, deflection & flim-flam going on here ...
The key point seems to be to keep stoking and manipulating fear among #Germany's population
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Two months ago today the missiles started flying into all parts of #Ukraine, eight years after the original invasion in Crimea and east Ukraine.

It's Easter Day for Orthodox believers:
Shchaslyvoho Velykodnya🇺🇦

Day 60 of #PutinsWar on its peaceful neighbour, this is the daily🧵
Shamelessly, Putin went to church on Easter night, just hours after learning his troops had murdered 8 civilians in #Odesa as missiles struck residential buildings

Among the victims this 3 month old baby Kira, her mother Valeriia and grandmother Liudmila.
How many more must die?
One story I am keeping tabs on is the reported kidnapping in #Ukraine of a #Bulgaria diplomat.

The news is just being picked up on in the country after the mayor of #Melitopol announced that Russian soldiers had abducted Honorary Consul, Sergei Zhelev…
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1/2Slovakia has requested @NATO to bring solution for air patrolling to replace MiG-29 until new F-16 are delivered. This could potentially led to delivery Slovak MiGs to Ukraine although this according to @JaroNad is not on table. Story from @dennikN
2/2Slovak sky could be patrolled from #Czechia #Poland and/or #Hungary.
Slovakia have 11 MiGs, from which at least 3 are in working condition.
Source story from @dennikN…
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Details are thin, but I've seen from multiple sources that Ukrainians are flying more planes now than they did on day 1 of the war. That means #Bulgaria, #Poland and #Slovakia have transferred all some, if not all, of their MiG29s.
two things from this, aside from the obvious this is good for Ukraine. First, this is a one off reinforcement. It takes time to train fighter pilots, and so NATO states can only transfer jets the Ukrainians already know how to use.
2nd, the countries transferring jets are joining the F35 program. That's one of those platforms that enjoys a 5:1 advantage against what the Russians fly.
Russia DOES have a fifth generation platform, but they don't have the manufacturing capacity to churn them out.
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#OmicronUpdates #NewLineagesAlert

BA.1.22 -Prevalent in #Peru
BA.2.17 - #Vietnam and others
BA.2.18 - #UK/#Ireland
BA.2.19 -#Germany
XU - BA.1*/BA.2 recombinant - #Japan/#Canada/#India

(BA -alias of B.1.1.529)

#PANGO issues: #520, #522, #528, #529, #535
These are new PANGO designations

Key mutations:

BA.2.17 - ORF3a:D173Y
BA.2.18 - S:K417T
BA.2.19 - ORF1a:T333M

more to follow ..... will update key mutational differences and transmission advantage (if any)

Other designations are in 🧵:
#OmicronUpdates #NewLineagesAlert

BA.2.22 prevalent in #UnitedKingdom
BA.2.21 prevalent in #USA/#Canada
BA.2.20 prevalent in #Canada

(BA alias of B.1.1.529)

PANGO issues: #547 #562 #544
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Just realised something really important. Eastern European countries like #Poland, #Slovakia and so on under the pressure from the #US provide weapons for #Ukraine. US in return provided promise of restocking them with something from their arsenal ( but without due date ). +
Therefore US made Eastern European countries give away their weapons and become absolutely defenceless and dependent on the US help in case of conflict escalation. That help may never arrive because US at the same time sends their weapons to #Ukraine which on top of the +
current increase in cost of living and inflation in US itself would delay any “repayments” into “maybe never” future. This way Western Europe gained the buffer zone which works in their favour in case of conflict with #russia but at the cost of every EE country. On the other side
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NEW: US, @DeptofDefense "moving aggressively" to source the latest $800 million security assistance package for #Ukraine & get shipments started, per @PentagonPresSec

Also, @SecDef spoke Thursday w/counterparts from #Slovakia & #Croatia abut meeting Ukraine's need
NEW: US "cannot confirm Ukrainian reports that [#Russia's #Moskva warship] was hit by a missile...we are also no tin position to refute this" per @PentagonPresSec

Kirby says fire still raging as of Thursday AM, unclear if Moskva still able to operate under its own power
"This is a cruiser - they only have 3 in that class" per @PentagonPresSec on impact the loss of the #Moskva will have on #Russia

"Whether she can or will be repaired or returned to service, we just don't know"
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What to do with a problem like #Steinmeier getting refused an invitation to #Kyiv by #Zelenskiy?

A 🧵 on why it's better for #Germany to get proactive instead of getting offended over #Ukraine. Image
Steinmeier being unwelcome in #Kyiv is bad.
I'm not criticising #Zelenskiy's decision (which is justified) but that it came to this is everyone's detriment.
As such, it's an important moment to reflect & consider, why it happened & what to do better. Image
#Steinmeier was not welcomed because of his past closeness to Putin's #Russia. He has publicly regretted this but its clear that for Kyiv apology ≠ atonement. Let's be honest the ill-judged harmony concert & FWS' spox criticism of @MelnykAndrij didn't help, BUT
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Some of observations on Heavy #Weapons transfers to #Ukraine

1. Transferring any and all heavy weapons is good. Especially of types that 🇺🇦 has asked for.

Therefore it’s good that Hweapons are increasingly delivered by many countries
(eg 🇨🇿🇸🇰🇬🇧) & discussed in 🇩🇪.

2. The endless debates on how long it takes to train crews to use eg Tanks & IFVs are starting to sound like excuses not reasons. Clearly it’s not poss to just climb in & drive off, but 🇩🇪seems to over complicate this, to say the least.
3. Rather than continuing to talk down to #Ukraine, #Germany’s politicians should consider that the 🇩🇪way is not the only way, & may not even be the best way.
Relative recent performance of 🇺🇦&🇩🇪 militaries needs to be considered- as does accelerated learning in wartime.
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