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1/4 I was recently accused of not engaging in a #counteroffensive, but correcting the letters in the word Kyiv.
Well, now it will be about the #counteroffensive and #ragedonate ‼️
This will be a cry from the heart of Yuri Chornomorets, theologian, philosopher, volunteer, Image
2/4 who sold everything he could sell in his house to help snipers. He addresses it Ukrainians in Ukrainian. But I am sure that #NAFOfellas #NAFO #NAFOCatsDivision and all who support Ukraine can help him.… ImageImage
3/4 Yuri Chornomorets is collecting much-needed sniper equipment and ammo for the front line that could save the lives of the Ukrainian military during the #counteroffensive
Please, help‼️ #ragedonate #SupportUkraine
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I've got a letter this evening from an Danish friend, promised to translate to English, he wanted me to lay this out, a long thread:

Russian sadism. Colonel Roman Svitan's testimony
Roman Hryhorovytj Svitan (date of birth: 4.1.1964) - a reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a leading military expert and an instructor pilot. One of the heroes of the movie "Heroes of Ukrainian Donbas".
According to him, he experienced the sadism of the Russians on his own example.
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February motorcade (No.8) with
25 emergency vehicles and 2 semi-trailers of lifesaving equipment delivered to #Ukraine🇺🇦

Support our further work💪…
Vipps: 746679

Friday, 11th of February. Steinkjer, Central Norway. The motorcade starts driving south where more vehicles will be joining us☺️

Support further work for Ukraine 💪…
Vipps: 746679

Not every day F&R from @Vadsobrann #Finnmark are filling diesel in #Alvdal Eastern Norway 😆 Who knows, maybe we’ll see more of this in the coming months 🤔

Help us fund Easter motorcade to Ukraine 🙏…
Vipps: 746679
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Christmas motorcade (No.7) with
emergency vehicles and 22,5 tons of lifesaving equipment delivered to #Ukraine🇺🇦

Support our further work💪…
Vipps: 746679

Christmas motorcade to #Ukraine consisted of:
2 ambulances
2 fire trucks
2 minibusses
3 cars with 4-wheel drive
22,5 tonn trailer filled with life saving equipment 💙💛…
Vipps: 746679

Nice variation in the kinds of vehicles delivered to #Ukraine this time 😊

Want to help us get more help to🇺🇦?
New delivery is under planning👇…
Vipps: 746679

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Welcome to Tuesday!

I am finally back home and ready to start documenting Day 293 of #Russia's illegal war on #Ukraine with another daily thread.

Because of travel/problems, a shorter thread yesterday, but not much news around: read it here:

Awaiting details from #Russia's border territories as there is some chatter of explosions.

These are in the #Kursk and #Bryansk regions.
This photo is from Klintsy in Bryansk.

#StopRussia #StandWithUkraine
There was a fire in #Kyiv earlier near one of the new "points of invincibility"

It happened in the central Perchersk district, but no clear details why the blaze happened yet.

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia
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So in a couple hours I have to go rent a trailer to make a trip to the dump and pick up a couple of roll-around shelving units. We are moving the dinning area into the second living room just off the kitchen and adding more storage to the storage room. Later today its going to
be time for a Travellers game. Such things are routine for the middle class in a first world country. I live better than any Roman emperor by almost any metric. While much of thew world does not have, and likely will never have the level of comfort enjoyed by the American middle
class, overall human access to food, medicine, information, entertainment and security has been going up for the last 200 years and even faster since the end of WWII. The planet by all objective measures is in a "golden age". Yet there is still so much farther to go. Most of the
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"despite historic shifts in #European #defense policy —which've seen once reluctant countries like #France & #Germany ship arms to #Ukraine#military aid to 🇺🇦 may be waning just as #Kyiv launches a crucial counteroffensive"… #ArmUkraineNow #SupportUkraine
"The fresh data,covering the 🇬🇧,🇫🇷,🇩🇪,🇪🇸,🇮🇹&🇵🇱 illustrates[..][that]major #European powers are not keeping up with the #military aid coming from the🇺🇸,&that having led the charge,big-hitting🇬🇧&🇵🇱may be running out of steam" #ArmUkraineNow #SupportUkraine #StandWithUkraine #Europe
"#European #military aid commitm.4 #Ukraine have been on a downward trend since the end of April[.]Euro.countries should b consid.the🇺🇦#war as +akin to the euroz.crisis or the[..]pandemic,2events that promoted the Continent to funnel hundreds of billions into emerg.funding meas."
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Everyone has to start somewhere 🙂 I will not tell others to #SupportUkraine without taking the time to be doing so myself.
So, history, language, donations, awareness, psychology, sim cards and separate phones, VPN's, among others.
I will not just preach empty words here. 🫶🏻
Action. I demand, and I do it.
Every day, every moment, to be better at bringing you information and dispelling disinformation.
I am very grateful to everyone who has been here, who informs, educates and gives constructive criticism.
I may start small, but I have big ambitions.
And the Kremlin can suck my rainbows.
Do what you preach, with whatever you can do.
I do, do you?
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Während die Deutschen sich dem Angriff zu erwehren versuchen, fordern deutsche Diplomat:innen und Politiker:innen immer eindringlicher nach Waffen und militärischer Unterstützung. /🧵
#SupportUkraine #whatif #whataboutism #Krieg #satire #StopPutinNOW
49 italienische Intellektuelle, Schauspieler, Schriftsteller und Publizisten fordern: „Die Deutschen sollten verhandeln und für ein Ende des Blutvergießens sorgen.“ Weiter heißt es im Brief, den eine große feministische Zeitschrift Noi donne abgedruckt hat:…
„Wichtig wäre jetzt, die Logik des Krieges zu überwinden.“ Sie warnen: „Es kommt der Moment, an dem der Blutzoll, den die deutsche Gegenwehr kostet, zu viel wird und das unmittelbare Recht zur Selbstverteidigung außer Kraft setzt.“
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A thread on what you can do to #SupportUkraine #StandWithUkraine. First things first: go out to the streets, protest, show your support. Pressure your government to provide Ukraine with more military aid and impose more sanctions on Russia: total disconnection from SWIFT, oil ban
If you want to donate, please focus on Ukrainian organizations. Come Back Alive is the most trusted Ukrainian charity assisting soldiers on the frontline. This is the fastest way to get your donation to those who need it, without too much bureaucracy
Leleka Foundation buys first-aid kits and sends them to Ukrainian soldiers via a network of volunteers in Ukraine. A small donation can literally save someone's life:
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1/🧵Russia's invasion of Ukraine has prompted a massive humanitarian crisis. For many the feeling of helplessness is overwhelming 💔.

Here are some great ways to help (some not even requiring any money).

Please retweet & share 🇺🇦🌻💙💛#Ukraine #StandWithUkraine #HelpUkraine Image
2/🧵Ways to help include donating to Ukraine via a registered charitable organization, donating money /goods / points / miles, fundraising, volunteering, attending rallies, contacting MPs, fighting disinformation online, etc. 🇺🇦💪#Ukraine #HelpUkraine
3/🧵Money is still the most effective gift.

Most charities prefer donations of cash due to issues with donated goods (logistical hurdles, custom regulations, transport costs, lacking capacity of nonprofit teams to sort the goods, carbon footprint, etc.). 💲🇺🇦#GiveMoney #Ukraine Image
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Und dann gegen 4 Uhr kam der Bus direkt von der Pol/Ukr - Grenze an. Ca 20 Frauen mit ebenso vielen Kindern, und einigen Haustieren.
Nach Corona Abstrich wofür wir zuständig waren durften sie dann in die Sportheimzimmer. Alle ruhig, freundlich, dankbar. #SupportUkraine 1/3 ImageImageImageImage
Aus organisatorischer Sicht:
- aus dem Bus waren 38 gemeldet, es waren dann 2 mehr, die sich nicht mitgezählt hatten, also immer Reserve Betten vorbereiten
- Auf Haustiere vorbereitet sein
- genügend MA für Abstriche (kurze WZ) und Bescheinigung vorbereiten für Weiterreise 2/3
Aus persönlicher Sicht:
- ich bin bereit für den NATO Einsatz, kaum etwas macht einen so fertig und wütend auf Putin wie sich in das Schicksal dieser Vertriebenen hinein zu versetzen.
- helft wo ihr könnt, es ist notwendig: die schiere Menge an Flüchtenden ist unfassbar! 3/3
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In Berlin main station 15000 dear Ukrainian people arrive very day, about 1000 are housed DAILY by Berlin council, the other families ans friends move on to other cities in Germany and beyond.
I love Germany 🇩🇪. It’s where my family originated from.
But 1/
2/ so so much more needs to be done.
Housing and giving a home abroad when people are fleeing is one thing.
And the country where I am also a citizen of,the UK 🇬🇧,is currently NOT doing enough to help those who are in that desperate situation. My other people (Germans) 2/
3/ caused the biggest World War and suffering across the globe (along with colonization which Germans, British, Spanish, Portuguese etc caused , so I am mindful of what I am saying and not saying here:
But my PARENTS also fled the Russians in 1945 from the East to the West … 3/
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Oekraïne ontwaakt. Een nieuw draadje met berichten van #Maria uit #Kyiv. Zij wil graag dat de wereld leest wat er gebeurt, maar kan het zelf niet delen. Dat doe ik voor haar, omdat het voor haar te onveilig is. Jullie reacties en retweets geven hen echt steun.
Er is op dit moment geen contact met #Maria. Zij waarschuwde al eerder dat ze bang was dat de verbinding uit zou kunnen vallen. Met berichten van de omsingeling van #Kyiv, lijkt nu ook mobiel dataverkeer niet te werken. Mijn berichten aan haar komen niet meer aan.
Oekraïne zal zich moedig verzetten tegen de Russische aanval op #Kyiv. Helaas nog geen contact met #Maria. Ik kan jullie dus niet vertellen hoe het daar gaat. Het is afwachten en hopen dat de mensen daar volhouden. 🇺🇦
#SupportMaria #StandWithUkraine #RussiaUkraineWar #ukraine
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Geef je dit bericht een retweet ajb? Ik post berichten namens #Maria. Ze is Oekraïens en woont in #Kyiv. Vanwege haar veiligheid kan zij zelf niets posten. Ook vandaag weer een draadje. Steun Maria en familie, zorg dat veel mensen haar berichten meelezen. #Ukraine🇺🇦 #SupportMaria
08:59: "Goedemorgen! Nou, wat goed, ik zit al in de schuilkelder. De nacht verliep gelukkig wel rustig. In diverse steden zijn weer beschietingen en aanvallen geweest afgelopen nacht. "
#SupportMaria #StandWithUkraine️ #UkraineWar #Ukraine #Russian #PutinIsaWarCriminal
09:35: "Dit zijn beelden van gevechten in het #Brovarsky district. Het zijn beelden van bovenaf."
#SupportMaria #StandWithUkraine️ #UkraineUnderAttack #UkraineWar #PutinWarCrimes #SupportUkraine
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Here is a call to action from friends & colleagues. Ukrainian civil society leaders make public six requests of/calls to action for the world
#KyivDeclaration #CallToActionUkraine #StandWithUkraine #SupportUkraine #UnitedWithUkraine
Demand 1 Establish Safe Zones In Ukraine

“To provide sanctuary for civilians from both air and ground attacks and to help prevent a tide of refugees fleeing to Europe.” #KyivDeclaration
Demand 2 Provide Immediate Defensive Military Aid Including Lethal And Non-Lethal Assistance
“We urgently need air defence systems and anti-tank weaponry to defend our homes and cities from Russia’s use of advanced military technology, including cruise missiles” #KyivDeclaration
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Geef je mijn bericht een retweet ajb? Al dagen post ik berichten namens #Maria. Ze is Oekraïens en woont in #Kyiv. Vanwege haar veiligheid kan zij zelf niets posten. Ook vandaag weer een draadje. Steun Maria en familie, zorg dat veel mensen haar berichten meelezen. #Ukraine🇺🇦 Image
08:25: "Goedemorgen. De nacht verliep zoals jullie voor mij wensten. Rustig en kalm. Ik sliep gelukkig thuis. Nu maak ik ontbijt en begin aan een nieuwe dag."
#UkraineRussianWar #StandWithUkraine #RussianUkrainianWar #Kyiv #SupportUkraine #Maria Image
08:41: "9 maart. #Oekraïne viert de verjaardag van de grote #Kobzar, de ware zoon van Oekraïne, nationale profeet, geniale dichter, getalenteerde kunstenaar, onoverwonnen strijder voor de vrijheid van het Oekraïense volk; Taras Shevchenko."
#tarasshevchenko #StandWithUkraine Image
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This beautiful and helpful article was just shared with me by my Ukrainian friend Andrew (Andriy Андрій).

You might remember his email to me explaining the historic & religious motivations for the current Russian invasion.

Alas. That 🧵is now gone! 😕…
I can republish that email but he (Andriy) has also sent me an amazing review he wrote of the Russian novel Taras Bulba and has asked me to clean up the English. As soon as I finish that job I will post it. Andrew's insight into the reasons Russia insists on invading #Ukraine... based on history and is quite fascinating. I feel that it's important we amplify Ukrainian voices.

Now, the article in the @FinancialTimes is free so please take the time to read through. It speaks to the terror of the current war, the unity...
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Russian Army continue to resupplying the Ukrainian Army.
Two Russian trucks with ammunition.
Thanks Putin.
287/ ImageImage
Russian Mi-24/35.
I watch this again and again.
The pilots of a Russian jet in Chernihiv, one killed during landing other is injured.
289/ ImageImage
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This thread contains a set of #resources to #donate/support #Ukraine. Please add or retweet it 🧵

Tw 1: #Charities to donate
Tw 2: #Crypto/NFT options
Tw 3: # for support/#solidarity
Tw 4: Key distinctions/terms
Tw 5: # for #refugees

#StandingWithUkraine #SupportUKraine

1. @razomforukraine: comprehensive support
2. @savelifeua: military support
3. @UnitedHelpUA: food/medical supplies
4. @RedCrossUkraine: infrastructure repairs
5. Army SOS: military support
6. Revived Soldiers Ukraine: medical rehab
7. @caritasukraine: clothing help
#Crypto/NFT donation options (urge caution):

1. @Ukraine accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT:

BTC - 357a3So9CbsNfBBgFYACGvxxS6tMaDoa1P
ETH and USDT (ERC-20) - 0x165CD37b4C644C2921454429E7F9358d18A45e14

2. Come Back Alive Foundation - Bitcoin

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Human suffering is not enough. Russia adds an environmental disaster on top.

They bombed an oil depot in the town of Vasylkiv not far from Kyiv

Explosion in Kharkiv. Gas pipeline damaged.
Ah wait, I already have two tweets about Russia’s war crimes damaging the environment.

On top of occupation of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant of course.

So this now becomes a thread.

Stay tuned and #SupportUkraine #StopRussianAggression to make sure the thread stops here.
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Are you located in Poland + willing to help a friend of mine stuck in Ukraine? She is alone with her baby and very scared and trying to leave. She has asked if anyone in Poland would allow her to stay with them as a safe refuge. If you are willing to help I will pay for any costs
They are heading to Lviv to catch a train to Przemyśl.
Wow THANK YOU. The people of Poland are just phenomenally kind. We have so many offers of help. Anyone who needs help please look at this thread as there are so many offering support. ❤️ #SupportUkraine
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Viele wollen der #Ukraine helfen. Hier gibt es 3 Möglichkeiten, wie ihr das ganz bequem v. zu Hause aus machen könnt. 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦👇👇👇
Unterstützt freien Journalismus in der #Ukraine. Der @KyivIndependent bringt ständig News aus 1. Hand.…
Unterstützt die Armee der #UkraineUnderAttack hier:
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