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Shilling for Putler must be a lifetime employment opportunity.... #CrimeaIsUkraine Image
She's been doing it for a while... Image
I wonder if this loan ever got paid back? Image
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Heute gedenkt Ukraine dem Genozid an den Krym Tataren (Qirimli) 1944. Von Stalin der Nazi-Kollaboration beschuldigt, wurden über 200,000 Krym Tataren gewaltsam deportiert und ~46% starben an den unmenschlichen Bedingungen während und in den 3 Jahren nach der Vertreibung.
Unter anderem auch deswegen ist das Mythos der “historisch russischen Krym” eine Lüge. Nachdem man quasi die gesamte heimische Bevölkerung vertrieben hat, siedelte man dort russen an, um die strategisch wichtige Insel zu sichern.
(Quelle: @VitscheBerlin) Image
Bis 1989 gab es ein offizielles Verbot, das den Qirimli (Krym Tatar*innen) verbot, zurückzukehren. Aber erst nach dem Zusammenbruch der UdSSR wurde es für die Mehrheit realistisch wirklich heimzukehren.
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Today, we remember the victims of the 1944 deportation of Qirimli from Crimea. Around 200000 people were forcibly removed from their homes. Soviet propaganda created a huge disinfo campaign about "Crimean Tatars as traitors" to justify their genocide & Russification of Crimea: Image
1/ "Crimean Tatars deserted en masse at the beginning of WW2."
In reality, over 17,000 Qirimli were already serving in the Red Army & fought throughout the war, presenting the country with several Heroes of the Soviet Union and one twice Hero, Amet Khan Sultan. Amet Khan SultanTeyfuq AbdulAbdraim ReshidovUzeir Abduramanov
2/ "Crimean Tatars are a traitorous nation."
As with other peoples, there were a few collaborators among Qirimli during the WW2 occupation. Most were killed or arrested by the NKVD. Blaming an entire nation for the actions of some is a crime that has hallmarks of genocide. Image
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Welcome to Thursday. It's Day 449 of Europe's war.

All the news and analysis from #Ukraine and #Russia in one place. Click and scroll throughout the day, and if you want to check back on what you missed yesterday, here's the link:


Another night, another attack on #Kyiv.

It's the 9th multi-missile assault on #Ukraine's capital this month but local officials reort all objects were shot down.

#Darnytskyi, #Dnipro and #Desnyan districts saw falling debris (such as these photos) but no injuries reported: Image

#Ukraine's air defence says #Russia probably used cruise missiles of the X-101/555 type for this morning's attack on '#Kyiv.

Reconaissance drones were spotted over the capital just before the missiles were launched.

Here's a clip of a reporter in Darnytskyi district
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Sunday is Day 438 of #Russia's catastrophic full invasion of #Ukraine

Each day you've been able to find all the news of Europe's war in one place with these daily threads.

It's all free, but if you can support what I do with a coffee I'd be very grateful
I forgot this yesterday (thanks Dave for remembering!) so let's do this straightaway!

As I post so much, people couldn't find the start of the previous day's thread, which they found handy to review what they missed. So here's the start of Saturday's feed
#Ukraine was attacked last night. Here's a summary:

#Dnipropetrovsk region - again huge artillery fire on #Nikopol with one dead and 3 injured.
#Mykolaiv region - a ballistic missile hit "an industrial enterprise"
#Kyiv - a reconnaissance drone was shot down in the region.
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🇬🇧Welcome to Day 437 of #Russia's war on #Ukraine

If you are citizen of the Commonwealth, Happy Coronation Day, or if you're a Republican, just enjoy the weekend😅

This is the daily thread for Saturday with all the news in one thread, updated throughout the day.
Let's start in occupied #Crimea, where chat sites make pleasant reading this morning:

08:04 "A loud bang was heard in the #Krasnogvardeyskoye district"
08:05 "a good roar sounded. Dzhankoy-Krasnogvardeyskoye"
08:05 "strong 'cotton' in Krasnogvardeyskoye."

Here's what was seen
#Russia's Occupiers on #Crimea insist air defence worked in the north of Crimea "there were no casualties or destruction"

Oh but then the Kerch Bridge was unexpectedly closed. Guards told these people "threat of an attack" but later authorities say it's "for technical reasons"🤡
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Day 433 is upon us.
The 433rd day of #Russia's 3-4 plan to take #Kyiv and all of #Ukraine within 10 days.
#EATP Everything According To Plan!

Tuesday's news will appear in this thread, updated in real time; yesterday's news can be found here:

First incredibly sad news that two volunteers from #Canada have been killed at the front.

Kyle Porter, 27, of Calgary, + 21yo Cole Zelenco of Ontario were both serving with Ukraine's International Legion.

They gave their lives for freedom. RIP…
Here's the British daily intel update (I attached the document today!)

Seems London is playing catch-up with last week's news I brought you at the time.
#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia Image
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Hello & welcome to Day 432 of #Russia's illegal war in #Ukraine.

A new day, a new month; for many countries a public holiday so enjoy your day and check back here for the latest updates.

To support what I do, a virtual coffee can be sent here:
Did you have a busy Sunday and miss something?
Here's a chance to catch up on what you missed, such as more attacks on #Ukraine, another sacking by #Putin and partisans in #Moscow plus more...

The Intel update from London today talks about defences and optics. For me the last sentence is very important.

Because it happens seldom in free countries, many "Russia experts" forget the lengths and expense Putin will go to just to fool the people.

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And so begins the daily thread for Day 423.
This is the only 🧵you need for all the news about #Ukraine and its defence against #Russia's illegal invasion.

Missed something yesterday? It's all here:

Quite a good 'haul' for #Ukraine in the lat 24 hours on the battlefield.

Four anti-aircraft systems and three "special equipment" items could be crucial ahead of the counter-attack.

In addition, #Russia lost another 680* soldiers.

*estimate by #Kyiv Image
London today gets around to countering some of the masses of disinfo #Russia creates, which trolls, bots and useful idiots gleefully spread.

#StopRussia #StandWithUkraine Image
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It's Day 421 of #Russia's full invasion and this is the war news thread for Thursday 20 April.

Yesterday saw a late night scare for residents in #Kyiv, while Russia attacked #Kherson, #Zapoprizhzhia, #Odesa and #Donetsk regions.
Review it all here⬇️

#Russia's daily losses continue to creep up.

670 more soldiers losing their lives needlessly and at some point today the 185,000th troop will be killed in #Ukraine fighting a non-existent cause for a regime in Moscow as sick as Hitler's Nazis.

Fuel tanks destroyed high again. Image
Overnight #Russia launched another drone attack, this time in the #Dnipropetrovsk region.

All six attack UAVs were shot down.

So far at least relatively few reports of attacks on population centres today.
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Here we go again. Day 414 of #Russia's mission to wipe #Ukraine from the map and continuing its imperialistic goals.
This is the daily thread with all the news you need.

If you like my work and have a few spare coins you can support me with a coffee here:
Reaction to the beheading videos dominated yesterday's news. If you missed anything or want a recap, here's the link for the start of yesterday's thread.
Click and scroll at your leisure!


Another 540 Russians were killed in #Ukraine yesterday, according to estimates by #Kyiv.

#Russia also still losing above average numbers of artillery systems on the frontline.

#RussiansGoHome Image
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Day 409 of the war and here's the daily thread for Saturday.

A quiet start to the weekend, but #Russia's aggression continues as they try to claim the small #Donetsk towns of #Bakhmut #Mariinka and #Avdiivka.

All the news here, throughout the day in one handy place⬇️
Quite a lot of news again yesterday from "leaked" NATO docs, #Russia land-mining, the weakening of the ruble, Russians sabotaging jets for #Ukraine, Occupiers eating endangered animals and loads of #RussiaOnFire incidents

Click and scroll here to catch up
I think I was one of the first western journalists to report this, the last entry on yesterday's thread, so worth a retweet again this morning.

The worry is #Russia often accuses others of what it does itself.

#ChemicalWeapons #WarCrimes

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Welcome to Monday's daily thread documenting #Ukraine's defence against #Russia's full invasion.

It's Day 404 of the war.
What a crazy day Sunday was with a high profile assassination, church shenanigans, and then #Wagner "taking" #Bakhmut.
Review it here
So what's the situation in #Bakhmut?
#Ukraine vehemently denies this claim made by Prigozhin late last night.

The President's Office says not to believe fakes.
From info I have, Prigozhin made the video at night because the centre is still contested:

Fighting in #Bakhmut has been ongoing in the centre of the town for a while, so it's likely #Russia made some more ground and #Ukraine was at least temporarily pushed back.

But there's still fighting; ZSU is heavily active in the west of the town and has control of one road.
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Day 403

Welcome along to Sunday's thread with all the news and analysis from #Russia's illegal war on #Ukraine.

Yesterday saw dogs, drones, drunks and dodgy priests. Read anything you missed by clicking and scrolling here:

Firstly someone "proved" Elon Musk decided to "hide" news of #Ukraine on Twitter. Now why would he do that?

Now Ukraine news is as 'dangerous' as disinfo and needs silencing🤬
The only action we can take is to retweet and repeat as much as possible.🇺🇦

#Russia's daily losses (estimated by #Ukraine) get lower and lower.

A total of just 21 pieces of any equipment whatsoever destroyed in the last 24 hours.
560 more soldiers won't be returning to their families.
Dead of alive - your choice - #RussiansGoHome
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Vatnik Elon Musk aka Elondimir Muskov 🧵

#ElondimirMuskov Image

“Khrushchev’s mistake”. #ElondimirMuskov

"It is a bit odd when a US-based tech bro uses a phrase exclusively used within Kremlin propaganda."
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Thursday 23 March. It's Day 393 of #Russia's war.
And it's my 393rd daily thread of all the news concerning #Ukraine's fight for its existence.

Missed something yesterday? Scroll through Wednesday's news here:

First news of what looks like another attack by #Ukraine partisans in #Melitopol.

The street has been sealed off after another explosion, thought to be an IED. Initial reports say a traitor policeman was injured.

A high number of #Russia's remaining tanks, a very high number of their artillery systems and 660 more soldiers were destroyed in the last 24 hours.

That's according to #Ukraine's official statistics.
The most intense fighting is now around #Avdiivka rather than #Bakhmut.
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Hello there!
i'm back! my account was blocked yesterday evening until this morning (for the one who cares :)
have a good day you all!
take care friends!
2/ it was a blood bath yesterday.
Ru are being hit quite strongly right now.
let's just enjoy those numbers.
(i need to do a special mini thread one of these days about Ru arty destruction rate because for couple weeks now, this is clear something diff is going on, & it works!)
3/ #Ukrainian combat aviation can probably already use JDAM-ER bombs against Russian invaders

The US military told the American publication about this. @thewarzonewire is reporting it as being implemented in #Ukraine
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You've found the start of Tuesday's 🧵covering all he developments and everything you need to know about #Russia's illegal war in #Ukraine

It's day 377. We are in danger of suffering public fatigue. Please don't let this happen.
Ukraine's soldiers cannot quit, morally or legally
If you missed anything yesterday, fear not!
Here's the link to Monday's thread, click and scroll at your leisure.

This is how I ended yesterday's thread.

There is a lot of speculation as to who the man is, it seems he may originally be from #Donetsk.
However his sister has identified him and asks not to name him yet - the least we can do is respect that.

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Day 374 of #Russia's war of choice.
I hope your weekend will be happy and peaceful, especially if you're in #Ukraine.

Every single day you can catch up on all the news around the war in one place with these daily threads, updated in real time.

Share, return, scroll!💙💛
Here's the link to Friday's thread for you to catch up with anything you missed:


For most, it's all eyes on #Bakhmut' in Donetsk region.

Previously an insignifcant town probably fewer than 1% outside #Ukraine had heard of before #Russia's illegal invasion.

Here's the British assessment:
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The first act of Russia's hybrid aggression against Ukraine happened 9 years ago. On February 27, 2014, Russian special forces without insignia seized the Verkhovna Rada and the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea 🧵
Russia lied that its military didn't seize government buildings in Simferopol. Russia is always trying to avoid its responsibility for the aggression, either hiding behind fake “self-defence” and “militias” or blaming Ukraine and its partners.
The Russians coined the term “polite people” to refer to their anonymous soldiers, but the occupation of Crimea was neither peaceful nor bloodless. Hundreds of Ukrainian servicemen and civilians were wounded and injured, a large number were kidnapped and tortured.
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Day 365 of #Russia's illegal war. A momentous day.
#Putin chose to invade #Ukraine after promising the world he would do no such thing.

As we reach the end of a year of fighting, don't forget this event I'll be on at 18:30 GMT this evening:…
It's not quite the anniversary of #Russia's full invasion of #Ukraine - that is tomorrow, at 04:00 local time.

If you like my work you can buy me a coffee (see my bio)

To catch up on yesterday's news, here's the link, click & scroll:

A bumper crop for #Ukraine's army in the last 24 hours, according to #Kyiv's figures.

Almost 800 more dead Russian troops, plus 16 tanks destroyed. All the first four categories today are above average.

#RussiansGoHome (dead or alive, your choice)
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Day 362 of #Russia's illegal war in #Ukraine, so almost a year.

But many of the problems the free world face now is because of inaction almost a decade ago.
A bigger anniversary is today it's exactly 9 years since #Russia invaded #Crimea. Putin even gave medals showing the date Image
And, before we go any further, here's the link to Sunday's thread, in case you need to catch up:


More and more support for #Ukraine.
Today a delegation from #Israel's parliament has arrived in #Kyiv:

#StopRussia #SaveUkraine
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Here is my daily thread number 351 on the #Russia-#Ukraine war. One for each day of the war.
News and analysis of all events covering #Putin's illegal war.

Yesterday's thread was limited by Twitter.
I (and most others) were unable to post after 9.30pm UK time.
In case you were wondering about that tweet which couldn't be loaded, I found it quite amusing as Chancellor Scholz went straight past his flag and to the #Ukraine lectern before being corrected by Zelenskyy!
President @ZelenskyyUa is now arriving in #Brussels to meet EU officials as he continues his mission to get fighter aircraft for #Ukraine.

We've had almost a year now and it really angers me that no-one foresaw this. We never truly protected Ukraine as Russia controls the skies.
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Sunday 15 January. It's Day 326 of #Russia's heinous war in #Ukraine.

It's also the first day of 3 official days of mourning for the victims of the terrorist attack in #Dnipro.

Yesterday was tough. 90 tweets in the thread. If you want to support me:
If you want to see all the news from yesterday, the photos and videos and see how #Dnipro and other stories unfolded chronologically, this is the start of Saturday's thread:

There was a lot of criticism for @MissUniverse for allowing the competitor from #Russia to be at the beauty pageant in New Orleans overnight.

However, neither Miss Terrorussia nor Miss #Ukraine made the last 16. But the US audience gave a much warmer reception to the Ukrainian!
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