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Tommaso Volpe, managing director and team principal, Nissan Formula E Team, left frustrated after a difficult weekend in Sao Paulo:

"We’re frustrated with the result this weekend as we believed we could have had a strong race."

Volpe: "Our pace looked good in practice, unfortunately we missed out on the Duels in qualifying in a really tight session, before the incidents and subsequent retirements for both Norman and Sacha meant our day finished early."

#Nissan #FormulaE
Volpe: "Now we have to analyze the work we’ve done over the last six races to prepare for the double header in Berlin. There’s been a lot of positives this season, but this race showed some of our weaknesses, so it’s clear where we have to focus."

#Nissan #FormulaE
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The Booking Game

.... Elon Musk's solar business and straddled with "production hell" for the #Model X, things looked dicey. Till the book ings for the Model 3 kicked in. With nearly half a million bookings at $1,000 apiece, #Tesla's books saw an influx of $500 million (1/8)
and it has never had to look back since.

The opening of bookings is a crucial milestone in the launch of a new #car .... bookings have formed the cornerstone of the success of many #auto companies here, including the biggest of them all. It all started with #Maruti 800, (2/8)
which got over a lakh bookings when it was first launched, raising over half the investment needed to set up the plant to make the car. And then it got about one and a half lakh bookings when it underwent a generation change from the SS80 to the SB308.

That bookings (3/8)
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Hyvä @hsfi @LassilaAnni artikkeli #BEV🔋vaikutuksesta! #Sähköauto toimii autom. kulutusjoustona sähköverkolle, lataus yöaikaan edullisimpien sähköverkon tuntien aikana. Ja varsinkin käytettäessä #Elspot-hinnoiteltua sähkösopimusta #Nordpool. 🧵akuista 1/x…
Akkujen hinnat ovat olleet suuressa #distuptio'ssa viime 10v aikana ja erillisiäkin akkuja saa jo varsin edullisesti, kuten @EliasAarnio esitti am. Hyvää keskustelua akkuvarastoista ja autojen ominaisuuksista myös @akkuJukka @wallellaa @MattiKanerva 2/x
Vuonna 2008 vanhan Gen1 #Leaf 24kWh akku olisi maksanut nykyrahassa ja tämänpäivän kursseilla (1$=1€) 24000€. Julkaisuvuonna 2012 akun tuotantokustannus oli 'vain' 10800€. Ennustettu tuotantokustannus tuolle akulle vuonna 2027 on vain 1320€! Laskua -95% tai hinta 1/18! 3/x
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"Égypte", qui se dit "Mitsraïm" en hébreu, vient du mot "Metsar" ("Étroitesse").
Le mythe de la sortie d'Égypte symbolise la libération du monde de l'étroitesse d'esprit, des limites, de la Matrice : la sortie de sa prison mentale pour aller vers la Conscience Universelle.
Sortir d’Égypte, c’est briser la frontière artificielle entre matériel et spirituel. C’est prendre conscience qu’il n’y a pas seulement ce qui est perceptible par nos 5 sens. Il y a autre chose. Il n’y a pas que.

Pas que Man.

#PasQue #EnfanteHomme #パックマン #NissanCrossover
Pharaon représente note égo qui se prend pour le maître du monde. Son armée, c'est-à-dire les facettes sombres de notre personnalité non-raffinée, se mettent alors à la poursuite de celui / celle qui cherche à sortir d'Égypte.
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There's lot's of things that just don't add up in the #DerbyCounty story (not just the balance sheet)!


Fortunes squandered
Rules bent/broken
Financial Engineering

It's not the first time the poor DCFC fanbase have been exposed to these c*nts
I was reminded of this incredible story from the mid 2000's that had passed me by at the time... but could be instructive of things to come.

- MD Nissan
- Fraud/Financial Engineering
- Offshore
- Loans/Mortgages on the stadium
- Dodgy solicitors & administrators

The story about #MichaelHunt the biggest (uncovered) theft in the UK from #Nissan

Money Laundering through Swiss Trusts & banked in #Panama then loaned back to #QPR and #DCFC is the stuff of Spy movies!

@david_conn Nissan don't come out of this well - Anyway, moving on...💸⚽️
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Nissan GTR yg menewaskan Wakil Jaksa Agung dalam laka lantas di Jagorawi ini tergolong sportscar bermesin V6, 3.8 L twin-turbo. Generasi pertamanya memiliki tenaga 480 hp dan generasi terbaru (2020) bertenaga 565 hp yg membuatnya mampu berakselerasi 0-100 kpj di bawah 3 detik.
Genrerasi Nissan GTR yg banyak di jalan sekarang merupakan produk NISMO yg dimulai Carlos Gohsn thn 2013. Sebagai grabd tourer yg prestisius, mobil ini sanggup dipacu hingga top speed 313 kpj.
Melihat video yg beredar, saya perkirakan mobil melaju di atas 210 kpj saat kecelakaan.
Untuk jenis mobil sport seperti ini, kecepatan di atas 200 kpj itu nyaris gak kerasa. Makanya kontrolnya harus si pengemudi sendiri. Gue pernah nyetir Range Rover 250 kpj di Jagorawi dan masih biss sambil ngobrol saking nyamannya. 😀
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Às vezes nos apressamos em julgar o que não conhecemos. Por causa do surto de #coronavírus em #Wuhan, na #China, circulam vídeos de comidas com animais incomuns para nossos hábitos alimentares (morcegos etc.), como se a cidade fosse um poço de atraso
#Wuhan tem cerca de 9 milhões de habitantes; é a 7a. maior cidade da #China e a 42a. maior população do mundo. Tem um porto importante e voos diretos para Europa, Oriente Médio e EUA
O aeroporto de #Wuhan transportou 20 milhões de pessoas em 2016. É um dos polos de produção de veículos elétricos na #China. Marcas como a #Nissan têm mais de uma fábrica na região (
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Debéis haber recibido el correo electrónico con la contraseña para acceder al artículo

¿Es el #coronavirus una nueva pandemia global desencadenante de bruscos cambios económicos y sociales?…
¡Muchas gracias!

Sí, muy extraño el suceso del destacado epidemiólogo australiano Dr. Peter Salama...

Podría ser el desencadenante y la excusa, no son incompatibles entre sí
Pero estoy de acuerdo en lo demás

Ya están apareciendo noticias al respecto

"Cómo el #coronavirus está comenzando a afectar la economía de China"

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The #Sony surprise is just the beginning. I expect many more surprise winners in #electricvehicle space. @Sony #CES2020 1/n
@Sony The traditional #auto behemoths with their fully depreciated plants & highly profitable operations don’t seem to have the ability or the appetite to look beyond their guzzling #ICE cars. #electricvehicles 2/n
@Sony Similar statements have emerged from #toyota and other biggies too. They don't seem to see the tsunami coming their way. #ElectricVehicles 3/n
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Carlos #Ghosn fugiu do Japão para o Líbano, enquanto em prisão domiciliar.

Reportei a história dele em vários vídeos entre nov/2018 e fev/2019.

Em resumo, ele é responsável direto pelo Nissan #Leaf, e indiretamente pelo Renault #Zoe. Ambos elétricos, sucesso de vendas.
Ele alega ter sido acusado injustamente de fraude financeira pela Nissan quando tentava juntar a #Nissan e #Renault.

Leis rígidas do Japão tratam acusados como culpados, e provar inocência nesse tipo de crime é muito difícil.
#Ghosn tem cidadania brasileira, francesa e libanesa.

Esperamos ouvir a sua versão dos fatos a partir da semana que vem, já que até comunicação com família e jornalistas era difícil no Japão.

Segue o canal dele do YouTube, pra quem se interessar:…
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Chapter 1:
In #Persia, in days long ago
The king tossed 'em back like a pro.
But he wasn't amused
when Queen #Vashti refused,
so he opted to change status quo.

Chapter 2:
#Achashveirosh's anger was shed
and he thought, "It's about time I be wed."
Then just as was planned,
he took #Esther's hand --
though her or'gins she kept in her head.

Chapter 3 (part 1):
The royal advisers just stared
when #Mordechai wasn't prepared
to bow to a man
whose Amalekite clan
had too often in mem'ry been spared.
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Chair @NickyMorgan01 has asked @GregClarkMP to explain the Government assurances provided to #Nissan. Full story on our website shortly. ImageImage
Earlier today, Chair @NickyMorgan01 asked the Government to publish its October 2016 letter to #Nissan. The Government has just published the letter here:
And here's the story on our website:
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Nissan confirms new X-Trail to be made in Japan instead of Sunderland. That's hundreds of UK jobs gone. Japan and the EU have just signed the world's biggest trade deal - global Britain.....…
Expect the Brexiters to spin this in #Nissan
And please don't blame the Leave voters of Sunderland for this. They were had. And it should make everyone who wants this country to thrive very fucking angry indeed
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