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Beda Stadler (professor emeritus and former director of the Institute of Immunology at the University of Bern) asks why it was ever claimed that there is no pre-existing #coronavirus immunity in the population? See description @FatEmperor @MLevitt_NP2013
[Ferguson's model used to justify the closure of economies, schools etc. ignored prior immunity and therefore that up to 80% of the population was not susceptible]
--- Not even a single test was carried out in support of the claim.
--- Yet claim was made worldwide.
* The world then aimed to do a “high specificity test”.
--- This means it only recognizes SARS-CoV2, not any other coronaviruses.
--- But wouldn’t detect antibodies (ABs) that belonged to basic immunity (also known as cross-reactivity or cross-immunity) which protect us.
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I'm often asked, "how long will #COVID last?" Until now I didn't have a clue, but I think it's getting obvious. Pandemics like 1918 flu typically last 2-3 years. That's likely w/ #Covid_19. After that, we'll learn to live with it. #SARSCoV2 won't go away. So, what can expect? 1/3
I expect some semblance of normalcy from #COVID by summer 2022, & gradually learn to live w/ #SARSCoV2. It will still circulate, infect, hospitalize, kill. But we'll live w/ the virus through a combination of natural immunity (some immune memory), better Rx, & vaccine protection.
That scenario seems most likely from considerable historical precedent. But we must be humble in reflecting on this #coronavirus. Mother nature has unleashed a major force that we don't fully understand.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 7/12/2020-2…

How Futurists Cope With Uncertainty | by Amy Webb | The Startup | Medium…

Covid-19 and climate change: Why we need to remember what we’ve lost - Vox…

#COVID19 #ClimateChange #TippingPoint
Can HVAC guidance help prevent transmission of COVID-19? | McKinsey…

#transmission #COVID19 #coronavirus #hvac
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A tweet thread.
Subject: Critical appraisal of Itolizumab in #Coronavirus infection.
Events: 1. @sardesairajdeep ran a programme on 11 July showcasing what was claimed to be a breakthrough in the hunt for a drug that worked against #Covid19. Featured #Biocon's @kiranshaw
Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw has blocked me so she won't see this thread. You can watch @sardesairajdeep programme here:….
Essentially it explained the #cytokinestorm that happens is some patients with #Covid19 and can be fatal. #Itolizumab counters this.
What is Itolizumab? Here is it's Wikipedia entry: It is a relatively newly developed drug in a class of drugs known as monoclonal antibodies (all of them end in '-mab'). They have been around as a class of pharmacologic agent since 1986. Image
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COVID-19 latest updates 👉

🇿🇦 South Africa reports 13,497 new cases
🇮🇱 Thousands demonstrate Israel's virus policy
🇹🇭 Thailand plans human vaccine trial in November
🇲🇽 Mexico reports 539 new deaths and 6,094 cases Image
India reports record surge of 28,637 COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours
Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai Bachchan tests positive for COVID-19 Image
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Pathologin fand bei Autopsien bei #Covid19-Patienten #Blutgerinnsel in „fast jedem Organ“
Autopsien an Menschen, die an dem #Coronavirus gestorben sind, helfen Ärzten zu verstehen, wie sich die Krankheit auf den Körper auswirkt - und einer der bemerkenswertesten Befunde betraf die #Blutgerinnung.
Es ist bekannt, dass einige Covid-19-Patienten Blutgerinnungsprobleme entwickeln, aber der Grad und das Ausmaß, in dem dies auftritt, wurde von Dr. Amy #Rapkiewicz, Vorsitzende der Abteilung für Pathologie am NYU Langone Medical Center als "dramatisch" beschrieben.
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1) In a shocking development in the #pandemic in Quebec, Montreal public health authorities announced Saturday they’ve launched #COVID19 investigations into at least five bars since July 1 where eight people were contagious. In this thread, I'll explain the full import of this.
2) What is truly disturbing is the speed with which the #COVID cases sprung up so soon after Quebec allowed bars to reopen on June 25 — despite a mountain of evidence that drinking establishments are breeding grounds for the highly contagious #coronavirus.
3) What’s also worrisome is Quebec health minister Christian Dubé (@cdube_sante) let bars stay open even though he cited a New York Times article about the huge risks they pose in the #pandemic — and even after the #COVID19 outbreak at the Mile Public House pub in Brossard.
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We had our first case of #COVID19 on the same day as Korea and Korea is also getting back to normal like this --
For more info on the mysterious secret of defeating #Coronavirus (spoiler: there is none) -- I reported + wrote on what competent + humane leadership looks like. Also the head of the Korean CDC is a woman + she sleeps in her office she's working so hard…
"ooooh, we can't have contact tracing, it would violate people's privacy." No--Korean contact tracing EXPOSES but does not identify Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 7/11/2020-2…

Mounting clues suggest the coronavirus might trigger diabetes…

#coronavirus #diabetes
How the Coronavirus Short-Circuits the Immune System - The New York Times…

Research on seawater surface tension becomes international guideline…

#tension #oceans
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As #coronavirus ravages the globe, its wholly disproportionate impact on poor people and marginalized communities is inescapable.
Hundreds of millions of people are being pushed into poverty and unemployment, with woeful support in most places, alongside a huge expansion in hunger, homelessness, and dangerous work.
Over the past decade, world leaders, philanthropists and pundits have embraced a deceptively optimistic narrative about the world’s progress against poverty.😔….
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Treatment for Mod to Severe cases
May need oxygen as they tend to be happy hypoxics with low O2 saturation,florid pneumonia,high fever,breathlessness,possible cytokine storm(raised inflammatory markers like LDH,Sr Ferritin,Ddimer,CRP)
Drugs used
Immunosuppressant (40-60000/dose),mainly used in Rheumatoid arthritis
Humanized monoclonal antibodies against Interleukin 6
Used in high risk cases with good success in municipal hospitals in Mumbai,patients with breathlessness,pneumonia,Cytokine storm
Tocilizumab company Roche with @Cipla_Global

Humanized IgG1 monoclonal antibodies against CD6 receptors
Commonly used for psoriasis, arthritis
Used In high risk cases
Results to be available end june,early july
Company - Biocon
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1) After being eclipsed by Montreal's soaring rates of #COVID19 infections and deaths for most of the pandemic, Quebec's regions are now reporting a disturbing number of cases. Please click on my column below.…
2) On Friday, Quebec reported a rise of nine #COVID hospitalizations. It also posted cases in the 100-range for two days in a row. I’m indebted to PhD student @JPSoucy and his colleagues for the chart below showing Quebec’s up-ticking trend line, compared with other provinces.
3) In addition to rising cases in the Montérégie and the Laurentians, the Outaouais region has also been hit with growing community transmission of the #coronavirus since July 1. None of this portends well for Quebec so soon after it reopened bars and beaches.
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@danc00ks0n @bengoldacre @alexjohnwalker @DarthCTR @Roxytonin @dr_c_morton @helencebm @Ladyroho @sebbacon @drchrisbates @_EvansD @inglesp @AnnaTheresia @TPP_SystmOne @jonnycockburn @SamPDHarper @DrJohnParry @richiecroker @wjchulme @jessRmorley @StatsFizz @LiamSmeeth1 In a series of bizarre and unscientific coincidences not recognised by experts who said ACE-inhibiting, ACE2-promoting fluoride was safe, Chile's second most populous region of Biobío has the lowest rate of #Covid_19 - and is the only one to reject fluoridating its biome.
@danc00ks0n @bengoldacre @alexjohnwalker @DarthCTR @Roxytonin @dr_c_morton @helencebm @Ladyroho @sebbacon @drchrisbates @_EvansD @inglesp @AnnaTheresia @TPP_SystmOne @jonnycockburn @SamPDHarper @DrJohnParry @richiecroker @wjchulme @jessRmorley @StatsFizz @LiamSmeeth1 In another extraordinarily irrational chain of events, Washington County, Oregon - the only county with an Intel microchip development facility with a permit to release up to 6.4t/y of fluoride - #Covid_19 developed more aggressively than in other areas of the state. #fluorothink
@danc00ks0n @bengoldacre @alexjohnwalker @DarthCTR @Roxytonin @dr_c_morton @helencebm @Ladyroho @sebbacon @drchrisbates @_EvansD @inglesp @AnnaTheresia @TPP_SystmOne @jonnycockburn @SamPDHarper @DrJohnParry @richiecroker @wjchulme @jessRmorley @StatsFizz @LiamSmeeth1 Conspiracy theorists with no knowledge of scientific method have spotted that in Tennessee a high prevalence of the #coronavirus disease has arisen in the area of the Nashville Dome, a geological formation rich in fluoride-bearing dino poo. Nashville people are fluoridated too.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 7/10/2020-2…

Structural analysis of COVID-19 spike protein provides insight into its evolution…

#vaccine #protein #spike
Mounting evidence suggests coronavirus is airborne — but health advice has not caught up…

#evidence #COVID19 #aerosol #coronavirus
The Damage We’re Not Attending To - Issue 87: Risk - Nautilus…

#damage #coronavirus
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#THREAD: #Chinese virologist accuses #Beijing of #coronavirus cover-up, flees #HongKong:

'I know how they treat whistleblowers'

She says her supervisors also ignored research she was doing that she believes could have saved lives.…
Hours before she boarded an April 28 Cathay Pacific flight to the US, the respected doctor who specialized in virology and immunology at the Hong Kong School of Public Health had plotted her escape, packing her bag and sneaking past the censors and video cameras on campus.
She had her passport and her purse and was about to leave all of her loved ones behind. If she was caught, she knew she could be thrown in jail -- or, worse, rendered one of the "disappeared."
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#NationOnline Government has issued new restrictions to contain the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic following continued rise of cases in he country.

In the past 24 hours, the country has registered 83 new COVID-19 cases, six new recoveries,
and two new deaths.
This brings the total number of confirmed infection in the country to 2069, with 31 deaths.
The Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 said in a statement signed by co-chairperson John Phuka that among others, govt has with immediate effect suspended entertainment gatherings, weddings and other social gatherings and imposed restrictions on religious and funeral gatherings.
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Gov @GregAbbott_TX doing round of noon TV interviews... first up he's live in East Texas where he's asked what keeps him up at night. Says it's that COVID-19 spreading more rapidly..main thing I need is to make sure people wear masks. "COVID is real, it hasn't gone away"
On law enf saying they won't enforce order- Abbott calls that "disappointing" as a Longview native... He understands it's "not top priority" compared to murders, rapists, criminals... But last thing any govt wants is for area to shut down...
#txlege #coronavirus #COVID19
"The pretend game has to end," Abbott says. #COVID19 cases & hospitalizations doubled in Smith County alone, he says.
#txlege #coronavirus
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"Fumar mata a 8 millones de personas al año, pero los fumadores necesitan motivación para dejarlo y la pandemia es el mejor incentivo.
Las pruebas muestran que los fumadores son más vulnerables que los que no fuman para desarrollar casos graves de #COVID19"
@DrTedros Image
"Hoy el mundo ha alcanzado 12 millones de casos de #coronavirus. En las últimas 6 semanas, los casos se han doblado".
@DrTedros #COVID19 Image
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Great piece explaining why even cloth masks do *help* slow and prevent #COVID19.
2/ BTW, the science behind this — why even a cloth mask helps stop the spread of #coronavirus — is related to how NASA’s Viking spacecraft landed on Mars in 1975. Exactly the same fluid dynamics principle stopped the cratering of soil under the Mars landers as stops coronavirus.
3/ These were stationary landers with a robotic arm to get soil samples. They had no wheels, so wherever they landed, that was where the science would happen. They could not drive away from the rocket exhaust blast effects of landing to a more pristine location. (Mockup photo)
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Ich habe für ausgewählte Länder #CoronaVirus-Testzahlen der letzten 8 Wochen analysiert: Deutschland, USA, Italien, Schweden und Russland.
x-Achse: tägliche Anzahl der Tests pro 1 Mio Einwohner
y-Achse: Anteil der positiven Tests.
Ist ein interessantes Chart geworden :-) (1/7)
Für jedes Land ist der aktuelle Wert mit einem lila Punkt markiert, die Punkte auf der Landes-Linie zeigen die Werte des Landes jeweils von 7 Tagen zuvor.
Das Chart wiederholt sich wegen der Übersichtlichkeit in jedem Tweet... (2/7)
Deutschland & Italien haben über die 8 Wochen sehr ähnliche Werte. In beiden Ländern gibt es nur wenige positive Tests, aktuell <1%. Interessant ist der unterschiedliche Trend: Italien testet immer weniger ("Linie nach links"), Deutschland immer mehr ("Linie nach rechts"). (3/7)
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Study looks at effects of Blacks' use of public transportation on high #COVID in the Black community.

I wonder why. 🤔

#PrePrint #NotPeerReviewed #COVID__19 #coronavirus
Taking these #NotPeerReviewed conclusions further, I'd ask why the use of public transportation to "essential" jobs is so necessary in the Black community. 🤔
Could it be years of liberal policies that have trapped Blacks in essential jobs like retail and food prep because of worse schools and education opportunities? 🤔
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thank you ambassador Byrne Nason&colleagues @irishmissionun 4 tremendous work2get #Ireland elected onto #UNSC .Good to hear Ambassador's commitment that #Ireland will speak out when int humanitarian law eroded& will try2ensure #unsc does not stand idly by
Question from DrCaraConnolly ,member @syria_irl to Ambassador4webinar @iiea "Please canyou use your influence to apply urgent pressure to the Assad regime for the immediate release of all detainees held in prisons&unofficial detention centers amid global rapid spread #coronavirus
Noura Ghazi @nouraghazilaw a leading Syrian human rights lawyer has asked us to highlight this urgent issue of #detainees with you. Alongside the ratification of the UN security council resolution 2504 to maintain cross border aid.
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1. On Wednesday, a federal judge in the Eastern District of Michigan denied the Socialist Equality Party’s challenge to the state’s 12,000 physical signature ballot access requirement during the coronavirus pandemic.…
2. Cox issued his ruling as the deadly #coronavirus pandemic is spiraling out of control. More than 61,000 people tested positive yesterday in the US, a new record, and the daily death toll is approaching 1,000.
3. Hospitals in Texas, Florida and Arizona are overwhelmed, and nurses are again facing critical shortages of personal protective equipment and ventilators. Cases are increasing in most states, including in Michigan, where they are at levels not seen since the end of May.
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📺 Watch live: First Minister @NicolaSturgeon's daily press conference on #coronavirus (#COVIDー19).

Joining the First Minister today is Economy Secretary @FionaHyslop and National Clinical Director @jasonleitch.
.@NicolaSturgeon: "I want to start by providing my usual update on the most recent Covid-19 statistics for Scotland.

An additional 18 positive cases were confirmed yesterday - that takes the total now in Scotland to 18,333."
NS: "A total of 668 patients are currently in hospital with the virus - either confirmed or suspected. Which is 22 more than yesterday, but that includes a reduction of 5 in the number of confirmed cases."
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