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[Aparté #TDF2022]

C'était beau. Magnifique si tu ne regardes qu'avec les yeux. Mais les chiffres ne mentent pas : un cyclisme à deux vitesses, avec des performances #NotNormal comme dit @festinaboy
Bravo à @DavidGaudu de @GroupamaFDJ qui fait un beau vainqueur moral (espérons)
J'ai beau adoré le vélo et ne pouvoir me passer du #TDF2022, voilà, il y a des choses auxquelles je ne peux pas croire. Comme Bjarne Riss dans Hautacam en 1996, ou Armstrong, ou Froome dans le Ventoux ou La Pierre-Saint-Martin (et bien d'autres).

S'il y a des amateurs de données et de références historiques, lisez donc @festinaboy : "en tenant compte de leurs profils de puissance respectifs, Vingegaard est plus fort que Rasmussen 2007, Pogastrong est plus fort que Contador 2007"
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Just great.

I am certain that the jeering anti-everything COVID deniers will show up at the next school board meeting demanding that masking end "no later than February 15" with this toolkit in hand as evidence to support their demands.

This is so exhausting.
I am certain there will be no nuanced discussion of the reality of outbreaks or healthcare capacity. Or of our ethical duties to those most vulnerable among us.

There will be no real world data on whether “focused protection” is feasible or effective.

I am certain that the title of these doctors will be used to justify and normalize leaving our most vulnerable behind. Unnecessarily.

I want to get back to normal too. I agree it is urgent and I’m working hard to get us “there.” But we aren’t there yet. Things are #NotNormal
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Hahahaha. The 15 minute traffic backup on two highways today caused by Trump fans is why store owners in LA, NYC, Philly, DC etc are protecting their stores this week...


@TheJuanWilliams @brikeilarcnn any clue how many times bridges/highways in NY were shut due to BLM?
Funny how @vermontgmg thinks that GOP/Trump’s issue this week is demographics.


It’s propagandists.

Two 15 minute shutdowns of two NY highways get more national outrage coverage than anything BLM has done all summer long; including long closures of key roads.
Many major Prime Time TV programs totally ignored the GDP comeback report of late last week; the same shows who months earlier could not get enough of the then-crashing GDP report.

And @vermontgmg thinks Trump’s issue os demographics...
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Amy Coney Barrett is about to be confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice. There was nothing about this process that was normal. We can’t act like it was. THREAD

#WeDissent #RuthsRevolution #CourtsMatter #NotNormal
It is not normal to announce support for a Supreme Court justice nominee before anyone has been named.
It is not normal to move forward with a nominee before the previous justice was buried.
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back. 👋

going through some stuff...first thing noticed,DXY seems to have broken 6M resistance,now 98handle.

Not really a surprise given Europe’s woes which contributes ~60%,but it’s a general US$ strength across the board,poison for EM,which loopholes to DM... deja-vu ?
some major stock indices also look vulnerable for a correction however small or large that might be.

And obviously IV is comfortable suppressed, lulling everyone this one-way street and velocity since Christmas (e.g. NDX +33% ) will continue and the sky is the limit. #NotNormal
CAC is impressively up +23% in 4mths in a 52 ° monster move.
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Speaking at the Lima Army Tank Plant in Ohio, Trump brandishes the ISIS map he showed reporters earlier in the day.

"The Caliphate is gone as of tonight," he says, dubiously. "We took over a mess."
Trump smears Elizabeth Warren as "Pocahontas," prompting laughter from the crowd. #BeBest
Trump pleads with someone, anyone to reopen the closed GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio, before admitting "I guess I like [the city] because I won so big there."
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Why we should all be concerned about the peaceful transfer of power if Trump were to lose a close election in 2020. This isn't a tinfoil hat theory, the words and actions are backing it up.
"the president implied that that the 2018 midterm elections were rigged in favor of Democrats, who won control of the House of Representatives overwhelmingly, and that the 2020 election results could also be illegitimate should Republicans fail to prevail"…
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The president casually admits he thinks Republicans maintaining power is more important than criminals being brought to justice, while throwing his handpicked attorney general under the bus. #MAGA
The president from the purported “law and order” party is mad at the Justice Department for not covering up crimes committed by Republicans, because it might cost him a couple seats in Congress.

Not only that, but he voluntarily shares this information on Twitter! #NotNormal
It’s like a brain damaged version of Watergate where instead of being recorded saying incriminating stuff that came to light later, Nixon just confessed to wrongdoing in letters to the editor he sent to the Washington Post contemporaneously
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Trump’s suggestion here that he’s not under investigation is a blatant attempt at gaslighting. We know for a fact he’s currently being investigated for obstruction of justice. His campaign has been under investigation for more than 2 years. This is a desperate attempt to confuse.
The Holt “tape” Trump is referring to here is interview in which he essentially copped to obstruction of justice by admitting he fired Comey b/c of the Russia investigation.

He said it without being prompted by Holt. This is another desperate attempt to snow people. #NotNormal
This is straight out of the authoritarian playbook — using disinformation to confuse the masses into submission. #gaslighting
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@gkhelash Fair point. Would be good to come up with some shared terminology. I was talking about core Trump team members who are anti-EU, anti-Merkel, anti-immigrant, anti-Soros, pro-authoritarian, and pro-Putin.
@gkhelash Those folks were largely left out of Robert Kagan’s otherwise terrific overview of Trump foreign policy paradigm #NotNormal…
@gkhelash As with most things about the Trump era the White House is seemingly undisturbed about the fact they are also getting played like a fiddle. Gotta wonder why ...
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