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Yet they still rely on literary blackface to make a name for themselves and begging for representation @ that. Not only is this take stupid, it’s ahistorical and completely disregards how white supremacy pushed black people into ghettos AND planted drugs in said ghettos.
You’re bragging about pushing drugs into the black community under the guise of self-betterment, when the only time your community can get off their ass to support each other is when you kill an unarmed black man and/or get a western blockbuster with multiple East Asian leads.
White people called y’all the model minority and you’ve been patting yourselves on the back ever since. It’s so embedded in your psyche even drug dealers believe they’re infallible when compared to other PoC drug dealers.
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#AprilsOscarsWeekend begins NOW! First up: I'm on @BuzzFeedNews@AM2DM NOW to talk about all things Oscars, including #OscarsSoWhite. Watch live right here:
Aaaannnndd, my son was just a guest on the @MikeOMearaShow since he’s my +1 for #AprilsOscarsWeekend. He blew it out of the park, but there was never any doubt. ☺️
My hair AND my purse had to be checked by TSA (there was nothing in either) AND my flight is boarding early, but the Universe put one of those chauffeured people movers right at the bottoms of the steps for me. Because the way my thighs are set up....
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This is one of the most racist bigoted sequence of paragraphs I have ever read about film. This is from the piece where dude called Spike’s nomination an “affirmative action Oscar.”
First of all, this person thinks calling films “Black themed” and “gay themed” as “political taints” is reasonable film categorization. Like...don’t write about film if this makes sense to you. Do something else.
Second, by his own logic A Star Is Born escapes being called “White themed” but he also thinks that film is apolitical. A film where there’s substance abuse, suicide, capitalization & hypervisibility of artistic production, abuse, ‘apolitical’ as long as White.
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#KevinHart's crucifixion reminds of #OscarsSoWhite in 2015/16.
Both were skirmishes in a massive clash between a bitter, selfish, and rootless #LGBTQ movement, and the noble and genuine black #CivilRights movement.
In this thread, I take a side:
#OscarsSoWhite #OscarsSoHomophobic
2016's all-white cohort of #Oscar nominees had some black actors and civil rights activists crying “racism!"
They were right.
Well, half-right.
Hollywood elites don’t literally say blacks are subhuman. But while “racism” once referred only to a doctrine that some races are genetically inferior, the word has evolved. “Racism” can refer to ideologies that ask a race to check its *ethnicity* (i.e. culture) at the door.
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Check out the grief this black guy is getting from other black people for asking this question. Then check his profile to see more of the grief.
There is a term for people who take culture usually from oppressed people without permission, cultural appropriation, but we need a term for when members of oppressed group are eager to give their culture away to other groups to exploit.
Tons of blue checks including a Britney Packyetti, Deray’s TFA buddy from the Ferguson protests, and Reign of April, from Oscars so White fame
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.@TheRoot is at the #CBCALC18 listening in on the “Black Women and Workforce Diversity: Finding a Seat at the Table” panel. Really good to see black women talk about their experiences with harnesses their power. @CBCFInc
Michelle Rice, General Manager at TV One, Urban One, Inc., says she started off as a tv reporter but quickly realized she was better behind the camera. Says BET got her a break into her current career path. #CBCFALC2018
.@ReignOfApril says she worked as a lawyer for 20 years before starting #oscarssowhite that lead her to a career switch that has her pursuing her passion in entertainment. #CBCFALC2018 @TheRoot @CBCFInc
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BlackListAnon is the name given by the other Anons.

It’s a interesting story I’m going to share with you from this Anon’s Drops.

Is this a larp?

Jury is still out on this.

If it is it’s a damn good one.

Same bad actors as in QDrops so it might all be connected.
What does it mean to be on the Black List?

Who is S.



SS helped usher in a Renaissance.

SS Son? Imitation

Son Black Listed?

By whom?



What does it mean to be on the Black List?

What is Hollywood?

Who is H. Weinstein?

Who in N. Oppenheim?


Rape button?

“Lace” Black Listed?

Who is R. Farrow?

Story spiked?


Family favors?

Younger Cousin?

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I invite you to read all of @rebel19’s thread below because she nails it, as always. I also agree with @jes_chastain’s point that the onus is on Hollywood to make more films with WOC leads. HOWEVER. #OscarsSoWhite
I believe that @jes_chastain, the other women in this photo, and lead actors & actresses generally underestimate their power. Both in film and ESPECIALLY w/ media outlets like the @latimes. #OscarsSoWhite
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