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#KevinHart's crucifixion reminds of #OscarsSoWhite in 2015/16.
Both were skirmishes in a massive clash between a bitter, selfish, and rootless #LGBTQ movement, and the noble and genuine black #CivilRights movement.
In this thread, I take a side:
#OscarsSoWhite #OscarsSoHomophobic
2016's all-white cohort of #Oscar nominees had some black actors and civil rights activists crying “racism!"
They were right.
Well, half-right.
Hollywood elites don’t literally say blacks are subhuman. But while “racism” once referred only to a doctrine that some races are genetically inferior, the word has evolved. “Racism” can refer to ideologies that ask a race to check its *ethnicity* (i.e. culture) at the door.
By the going definition of the word, Hollywood most certainly is racist. Racist against a vast swathe of American blacks, most of whom aren’t even allowed close enough to Hollywood to have a dog in the race for the golden statuette. I speak, of course, of Christian blacks...
...which is to say most of black America. (After all, if whites can be called “racist” for rejecting the culture of MidEast Islamists, it seems fair to apply the term equally to white secularist liberals who reject the family-centric, churchgoing culture of Christian blacks)
One representative of black American culture is former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran, who was fired from his post under Obama for writing a book that made the mistake of articulating the Christian concept of heterosexual marriage. 6/?
Cochran, and in a residual way, Kevin Hart too, prove two points that no powerful secular Leftist wants us to notice:
1. Christian morality is a fireable offense in elite circles.
2. But there couldn’t be anything more native to black American culture than Christian morality.
Indeed, I once heard Cochran deliver a sermon at Calvary Chapel of Delaware County, and couldn’t help but notice that his bold defense of traditional marriage and of the unborn was seamlessly intertwined with a uniquely black-Southern ethos. For example... 8/?
Cochran referred to the giant, florid hats the women of his childhood Baptist church wore to Sunday services, a distinctively black-American take on a head-covering tradition with roots as old as Christianity itself. 9/?
He declaimed whole psalms from memory in perfect Shakespearean English—the words of the King James Bible—just as black leaders have done throughout American history from Frederick Douglass to the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.
In moments of reminiscence, he even lapsed into old, black Louisiana dialect, enunciating the title of his book “Who Told You That You Were Naked?” as “Who Told You That You Were Neck-it?” and using richly unique American phrases like “used-to-would." 11/?
Cochran's culture prevails among more blacks than Hollywood would like to admit. Despite the secularization driven by (mostly white) elites, blacks are more likely than whites to say that “religion is very important in their lives," according to Pew:…) 12/?
Among blacks who are weekly churchgoers, *only 18 percent identify as “liberal,"* according to Pew polling.…
This black culture is even echoed by secular blacks who decry “whiteness” in the Academy. Before hosting in 2005 Chris Rock quipped that Hollywood alienates “regular” blacks: “What straight black man sits there and watches the Oscars? ...Show me one.” 14/?…
You read that right: As recently as 2005, a mainstream black comedian could openly cite homosexuality in Hollywood as a reason why “regular,” “straight” blacks tune out at #Oscars time.
Imagine Rock at the 2016 Oscars ceremony, when the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag went viral! 15/?
A nomination went to Eddie Redmayne for “The Danish Girl,” a film about a “heroic” transgender man who dies under a castrating scalpel in 1920’s Europe. Another went to Bryan Cranston, who in “Trumbo” plays an atheist Communist who flouts American values in 1950's Hollywood. 16/?
To Christian blacks, these choices weren’t just foreign, but little short of confrontational. And to astute black onlookers, it can hardly seem coincidental that Hollywood’s aggressive secularism comes in a “white” package, so to speak. 17/?
The Progressivism of elites in the early 20th-Century Europe of “The Danish Girl” was outspokenly racist. In Germany it morphed into the "cleansing" policies of National Socialism. In America it took the form of the “eugenic” sterilization of blacks and other minorities. 18/?
As for Trumbo's Communism, setting aside its brutal anti-Christianity, blacks might mourn the downfall of Paul Robeson, Communism’s most prominent black American recruit, who was more degraded than edified by the ideology. 19/?
As Tim Tzouliadis documents in his heartbreakingly honest book “The Forsaken”, Robeson once justified Stalin’s murderous regime to his horrified son: “sometimes great injustices may be inflicted on the minority when the majority is in the pursuit of a great and just cause.” 20/?
In 2016, conservative producer Gerald Molen dismissed those who claimed Hollywood was racist as “spoiled brats.” “In a liberal town like Hollywood,” he argued, accusing the Academy of racism “makes about as much sense as saying all members of the Academy vote Republican.” 21/?
Apologies to Molen. His argument rests on a false assumption: That ethnic bigotry only ever appears among conservatives and can't possibly among elite white liberals.
Leftist, predominantly white Hollywood's treatment of men like #KevinHart thoroughly undermines that notion. 22/?
Perhaps what's significant about EVERY year's Oscar nominees is not that they are nearly all white, but that they are nearly all the intellectual and cultural descendants of failed 20th Century ideologies, all of which rejected either the race or the culture of black America.
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