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Public comments @ #WESELPA Program Advisory Committee (#PAC), the #SELPA spedheads from Advocate Peter Atwood:
“Some arithmetic: It captures the prevailing attitude that the #WESELPA reimburses 100% to litigate against kids, while only reimbursing 30% to actually do something
for a kid. Ricky [#SELPA Administrator], and the rest of you, so long as the #SELPA makes its priorities that clear with its checkbook, any talk about wanting to work with parents or to do anything for kids is idle chatter. I have two outstanding cases with you all.?
Mary Kate Perez [of @CentralSD] is litigating a #Section504 due process case, and will shortly be getting an #IDEA filing at #OAH too, because she doesn't want to spend a few thousand dollars to help a kid who has crippling problems with reading due to his visual processing
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Floating the big yellow bird today. (#swanganz #SCG #PAC). Always remember to “lift it, flick it, flush it” and watch the results on the monitor before you set it a sail to make sure you’re on the right channel and you’re scale is correct. #zentensivist @doc_BLocke
Irony is I get flask for not doing bronchs where I rarely find anything and I get flak for doing Swans where, as in this case, I often find useful things
To elaborate on “lift it flick it flush it” just in case it’s not obvious: b/f you float the swan, check it’s response on the monitor: lift it (the tip) 10 cm & see if baseline rises accordingly on the monitor; flick the tip to see if you get deflections; then flush it to see if
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II. 1/ Aujourd’hui nous votons un texte important pour la réussite de la bifurcation écologique: la Stratégie forestière de l’Union européenne🌲.

Les forêts sont notre alliée contre le changement climatique, pour protéger la biodiversité et sont un bien commun irremplaçable ! ⤵️
2/ Les forêts constituent un bien commun que la @FranceInsoumise a particulièrement défendu dans le programme l’Avenir en Commun en 2017. Ce trésor naturel est une filière d’avenir clef pour la réussite de la bifurcation écologique et sociale.…
3/ Le texte final qui sera voté aujourd’hui en commission Agriculture et développement rural a été amélioré lors des négociations par plusieurs de nos amendements mais n’est toujours pas à la hauteur des enjeux. Heureusement il me reste encore des amendements en réserve !
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Non c'è alcun principio generale per cui trasparenza prevale su riservatezza. Ciò detto, per i 5 parlamentari che hanno percepito #600euro, dato il ruolo e l'interesse pubblico maturato(?), trasparenza prevale su riservatezza (ma non ex d.lgs. 33/2013) -1/n
Ovviamente più monta il caso politico e si incattiviscono gli animi, più altre ragioni (es. Tutela incolumità fisica degli interessati) potrebbero controbilanciare l'interesse alla trasparenza, che soccomberebbe 2/n
Dato che oggi siamo tutti legali esperti di trasparenza e data protection, segnalo che tutti gli altri percettori di aiuti di stato (tipo prestiti garantiti Stato), incluse persone fisiche, vengono pubblicati online ex art. 18 d.lgs. 83/2012 3/n
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Years after the 1987 #HashimpuraMassacre and #MalianaMassacre
Not much has changed for the survivors and the relatives of the people killed. The wounds are still fresh, the quest for justice is still an ongoing ordeal and they no more trust men in #khakis
Hajra Bi said Our children had come back after Friday prayers when PAC climbed our terrace and asked about gunshots(imprints are still there on the walls).One of them was dancing,He mocked me asked if it was Amitabh Bachchan who had fired.They took away my son who never came back
Haneef said, "PAC desperately tried to enter house and then told me to come outside. I was the first one to be arrested. Later other men from the locality also assembled and formed a line. We were told to keep our hands up and were taken to civil lines police
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Avec des député.e.s de 6 groupes, nous appelons à reconnaître clairement l'un des plus gros problèmes de notre système alimentaire : la production industrielle et la surconsommation de viande/produits laitiers. Et à en tirer les conséquences.…
1. Nous adressons cette lettre à @TimmermansEU, vice-Président de la Commission européenne pour le #EUGreenDeal, @SKyriakidesEU, Commissaire à la Santé, @jwojc, Commissaire à l'Agriculture et @VSinkevicius, Commissaire pour l'Environnement, les Océans et la Pêche.
2. Nous vous écrivons au sujet de la publication imminente de la stratégie de la Ferme à la Fourchette (#EUFarm2Fork) portée par la Commission. Compte-tenu de la crise du #COVIDー19 en cours, nous pensons qu’une telle stratégie est plus nécessaire que jamais.
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#Ghetto or Mixed Neighbourhoods. A Thread.

I was born in a Muslim area. However, as soon as my father could afford, he built a house in 'Hindu' area, which was better & more developed. To begin wth, it had sewer line. So now we could have attached bathroom wth flush toilets 1/10
Ours was d only Muslim house here. Old neighbours & well-wishers dissuaded my father, but he aspired for a better quality of life for himself & his family. 1 of my youngest uncles moved in with us. Two of my middle uncles stayed back in d #ghetto. D diff in r lifestyles grew 2/10
In #Nov 1990, after kar sewa in Ayodhya, d mob spilled over in cities of #UP indulging in rioting & arson. My family, divided in a ghetto & an upmarket colony was in a fix. My father urged his brothers to move in with us with their families, assuming our home would be safe 3/10
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On the anniversary of #27FebSupriseDay when #PAF conducted a daring counter attack on #India with #OpSwiftRetort bombing them, shooting 2 #IAF jets & capturing #Abhinandan.

Let’s look at a hidden weapon of #PAF:
Saab 2000 Erieye AEW&C Aircraft

#Indians were extremely scared of this weapon being in the use of a highly professional #PAF & desperately protested with Sweden not to sell.

But #Sweden still sold 6 of SAAB-2000 Airborne Early Warning Control Aircrafts to #Pakistan, 5 with AEW&C systems & 1 as transport.

#Pakistan became 1st customer in the world, with option to purchase 6 S-2000 aircraft with ERIEYE AEW&C, but due to #Kashmir earthquake we reduced order to 4.

When #PAF inducted 4 S-2000s ERIEYE AEW&Cs in 2009, #India sponsored #TTP terrorists to attack #Kamra Base in 2012.

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#budgetUE #Thread

L'échec des négociations relatives au budget européen n'a absolument rien d'étonnant.

Il illustre l'état de décomposition avancé dans lequel se trouve le projet européen, état que nous avons déjà largement analysé dans nos écris communs avec Coralie Delaume.
Le budget européen est au cœur de tout.

- Il détermine les moyens consacrés au #Greendeal européen et à la transition écologique.

- Il détermine la #PAC à un moment où l'industrialisation des pratiques agricoles s'accélère, sur fond d'une concurrence exacerbée.
(Les agriculteurs français souffrent davantage de la concurrence des autres pays européens que de celle des pays hors UE.)

- Enfin, il détermine le montant des fonds structurels qui visent à aider les régions défavorisées dont beaucoup se situent en Europe centrale et orientale.
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TUBE DELIVERY: Has its own set of skills. To be successful you need to know 1. The anatomic structures that might impede your progress 2. Have an understanding of the spatial relationships of the tube as it travels your line of sight, approaches the glottis & enters the trachea.
Safety tip: NEVER FORCE A TUBE, FINESSE it with the skills highlighted here or you will cause injury to these delicate structures. #protectedairway #protectyourpatient
MOUTH ENTRY: 1. enter from the right angle of the mouth 2. straight to cuff tube shape 3. rotate up from under your line of sight. This will keep you from blocking your view of the target.
GIF of Kevin High MD @VUMC_EM
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@charliekirk11 You are mistaking #PlannedParenthoodVotes, part of a legal #PAC (#PoliticalActionCommittee) with #PlannedParenthood which uses its federal funding within highly restrictive Federal rules such as the #HydeAmendment which bans federal funding for abortions.…
@charliekirk11 #PlannedParenthood's super #PAC, #PlannedParenthoodVotes, kicked off a $45 million electoral program targeted toward battleground states for the 2020 election. That's eight times what it spent during the 2018 midterms.…
@charliekirk11 #Trump flew to #Afghanistan for his #Thanksgiving dinner.
He probably took the turkey he didn't pardon so they wouldn't have to spend extra money to feed him.
Speaking of govt. funding causing the death of children, read what the U.S. military has done throughout its history.
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Dans le semaines qui viennent, nous suivrons ici les évolutions des débats sur le budget #PLF2020.

✅ Quel parlementaire agit pour une transition climatique juste ?
❌ Qui bloque ?

Thread 🔽🔽
Taxe carbone plus juste #PLF2020 :

@M_Orphelin et @BertrandPancher proposent un amendement pour instaurer un Crédit d’impôt “Revenu climat” qui va être rediscuté en 2ème partie du PLF.…
@M_Orphelin @BertrandPancher ✅L’amendement déposé par @jmzulesi @M_Orphelin @BertrandPancher @delphinebatho est adopté.
Il propose un rapport s/ l’élargissement de la prime de transition énergétique aux propriétaires bailleurs pour lutter contre la location des passoires énergétiques…
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Local politics are getting strange...…

... the comments are even crazier.

#witchcraft #citycouncil #texaspolitics #antifa #antiLGBTQ #christianity #witches #FridayThe13th

👆 yes, all these hashtags actually go with this madness.
Some interesting people are showing up in the comment threads as well - Former #Austin City Council-member Don Zimmerman (and current founder of the Travis Co. Taxpayer’s Union PAC)

#AustinCityCouncil #PAC #CedarPark
Splash in a little violence directed at #antifa ...
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Hopewell the Bitterman!

1. Ever since the advent of the new Disp in 2017, @daddyhope has been the loudest and biggest cheerleader. In fact, he wanted his articles tonne the sole reference point in talking about #ORL. He wanted to be seen as having been part of it all. @matigary
2. In the past few months, Hopewell's tone changed and everyone who cared to listen or follow him began to see a shift I his tone. Its good for a journalist to change their views on something, yes. But not only did @daddyhope shift, he started attacking the other side. Furiously!
3. Many were shocked what happened. He has been at the forefront spreading lies and anything negative about the GVT he shlo publicised to having been instrumental in seeing it's transition into office. May started asking questions. What happened? What had happened?
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1/8 The biggest heist Zimbabwe has suffered under Mnangagwa is printing of over USD9 billion in TBs at 1:1; now part of Zim's domestic debt. This CORRUPTION has decimated the economy, triggered run away hyper-inflation & destroyed livelihoods to genocidal proportions!
2/8 The #TBgate heist was accomplished by CORRUPTLY masterminding an obscure enterprise called Command Agriculture under which not less than USD 5 billion was spent in 2017/2018 to create zero grain reserves; as Zim now need to import 800,000 tonnes of grain for USD 255 million!
3/8 The #TBgate CORRUPTION is now being covered up by Mnangagwa who has gotten ZanuPF youth to muddy the waters; with the support of @MthuliNcube & @MinisterSBMoyo, minister responsible for international trade, whose wife at #Zacc has replaced Goodson Nguni as the hatchet hand!
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To you @MthuliNcube, th Finance Minister, & @BitiTendai, th Parliamentary #PublicAccountsCommittee (#PAC) Chairperson.

I address this thread 2 you following a court application by th JusticeMin admitting that th GoZ was a creditor of a non-public entity.
#PAC is a committee of parliament, constituted 4 th purpose of auditing th revenue & th expenditure of th GoZ, statutory bodies & state-owned enterprises. It does so by examining th audit reports of th #AuditorGeneral & holding of public hearings.
#AG is a creature of th Constitution, s309. The audit by the #AG is comprehensive. It involves among others,
(a) accountancy audit,
(b) regularity audit,
(c) appropriation audit,
(d) discretionary audit, &
(e) efficiency-cum-performance audit.
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Google donates to Eye of the Tiger PAC, and then Eye of the Tiger PAC donates to Chris Collins, who is under Federal indictment, as well as white supremacist Steve King. These toxic Congressmen get their money, while Google gets to pretend it never helped them. Kill it with fire.
Here's Twitter #PAC on August 24 giving $2,700 to Roger Wicker, the only U.S. Senator to vote against an amendment declaring that climate change is real. Wicker also voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh. Twitter employees should demand answers. This is bullshit.
Here's Google giving $5000 to far-right Congressman Steve Scalise on July 20 (this is all from today's new FEC filings; don't confuse it with the awful stuff I've tweeted before). Scalise is the guy who runs that EYE OF THE TIGER PAC that gives to Steve King and Chris Collins
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Today is Alana’s 1st #birthday. Unfortunately, with #ElectionDay just a week away, we had to spend several hours today #fundraising to get our second TV ad on the air. Dialing for dollars to beg for money absolutely sucks.
But for #women candidates it's a necessary evil to compete with candidates who are millionaires or funded by special interests. I need your help! I’m the only woman running against 7 guys for #Governor and big outside #PAC money is flooding into the state.
Every $1 you give helps us reach 113 additional #Maryland voters who are looking for change. Please #donate as much as you possibly can and share this message so that #WethePeople can win back the reins of power!!
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