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Dear Teachers,

It is almost Rosh Chodesh Iyar, and that means it is that time of year when we pause our normal curriculum for Christian American Heritage Month (#CAHM).

Our school's Diversity Committee has a whole month of activities planned to celebrate the contributions of Christian-Americans and to urge our community to learn more about Christian-Americans and about their unique contributions to our country.

As a reminder, the Christian homeland of Vatican became an independent state during Iyar of 5689, when the Lateran Treaty took effect, and Iyar is recognized as Christian American Heritage Month.

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Dear Teachers,

It's nearly time for Spring Break, so of course you will be looking for ideas for your class' Spring Fling party. Here are some tips for making the party fun & inclusive for the whole class, plus some school-wide events we’ll be having at our #PublicSchool.

There are so many beautiful & useful crafts for this festive season.

Decorate pillowcases, matzah covers, or afikoman bags with seasonal symbols like kiddush cups, matzah, shank bones, eggs, bitter herbs, & decorative plates, for kids to take home for their Holiday meal.

Avoid renditions of the Malach HaMavet, which may be considered religious in nature and not appropriate for #PublicSchool.

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Dear Teachers,

During the busy holiday season it is important we not overlook our Christian minority in their celebration of Yom Saint Patrick Ha’Kadosh.

One of your students may be celebrating this obscure holiday this week alongside Purim!

Yom Saint Patrick Ha’Kadosh is the yahrzeit of Saint Patrick Ha’Kadosh, a Christian tzaddik who died on 20 Adar II, 4221.

His yahrzeit is celebrated according to the Gregorian calendar on 17 March, which this year falls on 14 Adar II until chatzot of 15 Adar II.

Saint Patrick Ha’Kadosh is an especially meaningful tzaddik to the Christian inhabitants of Ireland, which has a substantial Christian minority.

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Dear Teachers,

EVERYONE’S favorite season is here— it’s PURIM TIME!!!

The kids are naturally all so excited to celebrate this festive holiday season.

Here are some easy and fun ideas for your class Purim party at our #PublicSchool, plus some additional tips to make this party welcoming for students of all cultures and dietary needs.

Purim is, of course, a day off.

The Purim party is held the day before.

Erev Purim is a normal school day but aftercare is canceled to allow everyone time to get home and into their costume for the evening megillah reading.

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Dear Teachers,

Some of your Christian students may be observing Yom St. Valentine Ha’Kadosh next week.

It is one of their important religious ‘Feast Days’ that even the least frum observe.

Even though EVERYONE already celebrates Tu B’Av in the summer, Christians have a tradition of celebrating this secondary day of love in the bitter cold of winter.

This holiday used to be called ‘Lupercalia.’

Men would sacrifice a goat, tear the goat’s hide into strips, dip the strips into the sacrificial blood, and slap women with the bloody goat-hide strips, believing it would make them more fertile.

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🤶Dear Santa: Please, we need some Public Private Partnerships in ##Westchester for Christmas and the Covid Surge! Can you transfer some #privatesector elves to help @westchestergov provide free, accessible (by mass-transit and by drive through) rapid #PCR #testing Also, 1/6
🎅for stocking stuffers, how about enough seven-piece packages of rapid #antigen #testing for home use, available by mail or at local #health departments or local houses of worship or even by #reindeer for every #Westchester resident, free, upon request? Also, 2/6
🎅maybe Mrs. Claus can come on down to speed up our county health department to get #TestToStay rolling in our 40 #publicschool districts? It's been too much talk and no action. Finally, just want you to know, 3/6
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Dear Teachers,

As some of you may know, if you have any students who identify as Christian in your class, they may be absent while observing the Christian holiday of Christmas.

Officially, the holiday commemorates the birth of their prophet. In modern times, the holiday incorporates many pagan winter solstice rituals as well.

Some children may believe that a man named Santa Claws (aka St. Nicholas Ha’Kadosh) will visit their house on a sled pulled by flying deer while they are asleep.

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🪅Too weird to not be believed😵‍💫

@Roblox the Massive Online Gaming Platform Rife W/ Scams & Abuse, & uses children as free labor 🎮😵… #roblox #RTC #gaming @SophNar0747 @Grummz @YellowFlashGuy @TheQuartering @RealClownfishTV @neontaster @InsideRoblox
Thanks go to People Make Games who first did the legwork on this story & it was their report that inspired me to cover this story

Great channel that is very informative & interesting

@chrisbratt @anni_sayers @Quinns108

#gaming #gamers #peoplemakegames
Roblox is Yuge,

Arguably most popular video game on earth,
40 million players login in daily to play 50 million different games (experiences)

The size of 7 Ubisoft's,
Next closet competitor is Nintendo
#gaming #gamer #gamedev #roblox #YouTube #twitch #streamer #robux #kids
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I asked a child in #kindergarten if he was allowed to talk during lunch.
A: no
Q: What do you do while you eat lunch?
A: Watch a show
Q: Can you remove your #mask other than to eat?
A: no
Q? During recess/play?
A: no
Q; Have you ever seen your #teacher's face?
A: no

👇 Image
The tearful mother, who had no idea, told me that this explains why her 5-yr-old does not eat most of his lunch. He sometimes can not open the containers, boxes, etc. - & is not to ask for help. As well, he has reiterated that he has to eat quickly & has no time to eat his food. ImageImageImageImage
With approx. 78,000 students (over 55k elementary age), @TVDSB is "one of the largest #publicschool boards in #Ontario, serving an area that stretches more than 200 km & across more than 7,000 sq. km." Let's take a look at the #Covid cases justifying the oppressive measures: Image
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Let’s have some real talk about #ReopeningSchools. My view is from being a proud #publicschool mom + class volunteer for art, library, pumpkin fest, school spirit merch sales + field trips over the last 6 years. Cannnot imagine ANY of these activities being coronavirus safe. 1/?
What happens in a k-5 #publicschool classroom? Well you have the day begin with all the kids together on a rug - each criss-cross applesauce on their own designated square. Are YOU going to put 25 kids on a rug together anytime soon? 2/?
Wait you might cram the kids on the rug? OK then - let’s say a couple of them have hair lice. 🐛

The teacher will send them home. To come back, the kids need lice testing, treatment, and a clearance note. The whole class + teacher need testing (+ treatments if infected) 3/?
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Not a reader of @NicholasSparks but have watched several of his books as movies.

Tearjerkers for sure.

I'm a gay man that lived a life of fear, isolation, and quiet desperation from my early years on.
I probably would have benefited from a club that existed to say, "Whatever I might think about your sexual orientation, you deserve to be safe and free from fear in life."

And, honestly, I think that is what, in particular, Gay Straight Alliance Clubs are about.
Today, in schools that receive federal funds and that have a club forum or offer an opportunity for political, religious, or philosophical groups, formed by students, to meet, a rule prohibiting such #LGBTQIA clubs would violate the #EAA, the Equal Access Act.
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Just came off the streets after march and rally with hotel workers of @unitehere and #publicschool teachers @uesf who just earned a pay raise thru SF’s #YesOnG ballot campaign waged with @SFDemocrats @sflabor and @TeamPelosi. People are angry and scared about #Janus.... 1/thread Christine and SF teachers union leaders marching
We marched with hundreds of hotel workers of @unitehere who are in contract negotiations with massively lucrative #SF hotel chains that will not give their workers a contract with fair wages. Message: “One Job Should be Enough” It’s NOT - and #Janus makes their lives harder. 2/ Susie Christine Rafael marching
Both the hotel workers and the teachers said the same thing: Donald Trump’s #SCOTUS sided with corporate bosses over workers, first denying protections against #sexualharassment and today denying voices in the job in #Janus. By design, TRUMP’S COURT IS HURTING WORKING PEOPLE. 3/ Local 2 Hotel Workers Union and Teachers Union leaders speak at SF rally
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