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We are at today’s Make More Noise event, Detransition: The Elephant in The Room! We will be live tweeting using the hashtag #ManchesterDetrans. Please follow along!
Charlie Evans, a detransitioned female and founder of the @DetransAdNet, introduces our speakers. She says ‘we are not motivated by hate. We are motivated by solidarity, sisterhood and a strong sense of justice’. #ManchesterDetrans
Our first story comes from Max, a female detransitioner who says that her transition was about ‘escaping lesbophobia and male harassment’. #ManchesterDetrans
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So following our recent Ofsted inspection under the new framework, several people have asked me to share my "deep dive" experiences as a HOD of English. Here are the slides I shared with English teachers across our trust this afternoon:
2: Genuinely, it wasn't that bad - I *may* have even enjoyed some parts. If someone wants to know about my department, then I want to be the one to tell them about it. However, it did involve over five hours with an Inspector. Be prepared for a loooong couple of days!
3: Inspector Q1: So. tell me about your curriculum. And I could, as my team and I had spent the summer term redesigning our KS3. Our starting point were the Qs below and we discussed it at length and planned collaboratively
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Glasgow Coma Scale to assess students in a classroom. A practical scoring system for the "serious" medical teacher ;)

#medtwitter #edutwitter
#MedicalEducation #spoof
If the classroom GCS is <8, that's COMA!
COMA = Class Outside My Awareness.

#Coma #Students #edchat #AcademicTwitter
Glasgow Coma Scale to evaluate "teacher engagement" of a classroom. A practical scoring system for students (and Deans).

Students, try this in your next class ;)

#medtwitter #edutwitter
#AcademicTwitter #MedicalEducation #spoof
@adamcifu @gaboriginal
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#edutwitter I'm constantly inspired and reassured on here by a plethora of wonderful ideas and amazing people. My current preoccupation is with how we break OUT of the Twitter bubble and get these messages to those who (for valid reasons) might not engage with Twitter 1/
The reality is that many, many teachers and schools have fallen victim to the defence/attack mode in the light of new Ofsted perceived expectations, and some of the good work on retention risks being eroded 2/
There are many schools which, far from moving towards a more humane model based on trust are in fact INCREASING performativity measures, and I'm already hearing of new teachers wanting to walk away 3/
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Few pointers on latest @ofstednews framework in thread below following our inspection last week. Hopefully no surprises within this….!

Was going write as blog but on second thoughts pick & choose from points in thread below #EduTwitter #SLTChat #OfstedFrameworkTip
@Ofstednews #OfstedFrameworkTip – Curriculum Intent Implementation & Impact – Ensure understanding embedded at every level so “all staff talk with same clarity as leaders”. Essential all know both their own & wider curriculum
@Ofstednews #OfstedFrameworkTip – LWs – Undertaken v early with SLT & Leads Curriculum intent probed during LWs in conversations & clear expectation was to see implementation & impact in lessons visited
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Right, I said I’d do a follow up thread for what happened after this incident yesterday, so this is today’s second thread on how #teachers can be more specific to help #autistic students understand what you’re asking them to do. #EduTwitter 1/
The second thing that caused a Fairy meltdown yesterday was the art teacher asking the students to choose ‘a famous painting’ from google image search. She said it could be any painting, it didn’t matter what they chose. 2/
Most people would think that giving a free choice like this would be easier than setting specific parameters by which to choose.

Not so if you’re autistic. The choice is too wide, and it’s overwhelming. 3/
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This is a thread about #autistic children and ONE of the reasons why school can be difficult/stressful.

It’s a thing that NTs find hard to understand, and I’ve struggled to explain it to Fairy’s teachers in the past, but it’s SO important.

#EduTwitter #SEN #teaching 1/
This thread is about... 🥁🥁

The need to explain things clearly.

Teachers: I absolutely acknowledge that you are trying your best to be clear with your students. Only, please don’t underestimate quite how *specific* you need to be with your autistic pupils. 2/
I have Fairy’s permission to talk you through an example of something that happened yesterday, in the hope that it will help some teachers to understand why she, and children like her, can find things difficult at school. 3/
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(Don’t do this very often but....) A #Thread:
We’re nearly at that time of year when #teachers are having #Inset and #training days. Every year I read through the horrors of such days on #edutwitter through the later days of August and the early days of September...
I read about awful training, cringe at quotes from course providers and feel my skin crawl at the thought of sitting through some of it. Dreadful stuff. Nail-digging-into-palm-stuff. I don’t like it at all.
When I’m working with teacher colleagues, I am absolutely giving my best. I don’t take anything for granted. Today there were 200 of us in a tent at a racecourse in #Leicester. This is a big day. It’s chuffing boiling and we all know it. I am delivering for five hours.....
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Interested in how I teach #SoMe to medical students? Here are my slides from yesterday’s #MS1 presentation.

The format was different this year. Previously, I’ve taught 3 hr workshops to groups of 12.

All 186 students were together for this 40 min lecture then split into groups.
This is always a fun question to ask an audience! Every hand 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ except for one student.

185/186 were on some form of social media.

#tweetorial #meded #medtwitter #SoMe #SoMeDocs
What about last year? The numbers were even better! Every student who participated in a poll was on some form of social media.

Why is FB so popular? The school sets up a student only group prior to the academic year. Many rejoin the platform for access.

#Tweetorial #SoMe #MedEd
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Just finished reading the big UK mindset training study. It's extremely well designed:
✅Randomized control study
✅Sample size >4000
✅High treatment fidelity
✅High statistical power
✅Controlled for cluster sampling…
And here are the results... Mindset training had ZERO impact on any of the dependent variables:
❌Reading achievement
❌Writing mechanics
❌Math achievement
❌Test anxiety
That 0 of 7 DV's that mindset changed.
You would think that if mindset training were useful, then it would improve SOMETHING. Nope. Mindset theory had 7 chances and struck out each time. #education #edutwitter #psychology
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Excited for Gloria Ladson-Billing's lecture #CriticalRaceTheory #CulturallyResponsivePedagogy #MHAnnualLecture19
"We need to brag about our children - we forget that they live in a highly complex world that it's incredible that they achieve anything"
Culturally relevant pedagogy is just teaching. Gloria explores how we can use popular culture to educate young people. She argues that we have to teach young people not just to get a job, but to liberate and empower them.
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Ok. There are a ton of great articles on WHY scholars should join Twitter, but most don’t offer an in-depth HOW-to.

This leads to hesitation and timidness.

So, I present a thread “You’ve joined Twitter. Now what?” #AcademicTwitter #scicomm #SoMe
First, choose a handle you’ll be happy with 5 years from now. I’d regret creating @SarahNEU2013 now that I’ve long since graduated.

#academictwitter #scitwitter #medtwitter
Next, pick a good bio photo. A professional headshot you’ve used in other places (e.g., university directory) is smart.

Because Twitter has paused verification, I see consistent photos across multiple channels as an unofficial way to confirm you are who you say you are.
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“For a lot of white people, the mere suggestion that being white has meaning will cause great umbrage. And I think of it as a kind of weaponized defensiveness.”…
“Weaponized tears. Weaponized hurt feelings. And in that way, I think white fragility actually functions as a kind of white racial bullying.”
That part ☝🏾 reminds me of a quote from Mia McKenzie on the socialization of white people. She says that white men are socialized to think everyone cares what they have to say & white women are socialized to think everyone cares how they FEEL.
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Looking for #edutwitter help here - Doing part of a CPD session in school tomorrow on 'Challenge' - to me challenge is intrinsically linked to the curriculum rather than a task-based approach which seems an artificial way of increasing challenge.
Essentially if the curriculum in a subject isn't rich and complex, I don't believe doing specific types of 'tasks' (e.g. prioritise these things into an order of importance, or summarise it into 10 words) will make it much more challenging? That approach seems short-termist.
To me challenge is all about giving students access to the full story (e.g. of the Crusades as an example I'm looking at sharing) and building up their hinterland to be able to access it (e.g. What is Islam, why is Jerusalem important, where did the Byzantine Empire come from)
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New @theRSAorg publication out today. Ideas for a 21st Century Enlightenment. It is accompanied by a survey that shows deep pessimism about the future and a strong desire to reach beyond #Brexit…
75% see #brexit as distracting from other pressing issues - both remain and leave supporters agree. People do trust experts. But they want a greater voice and say themselves. Only 21% think Britain will be better in 2030 than today. And yet, we don't despair.
We propose a new way forward on education - @JulianAstle and @LauraJPartridge explore what education for enlightenment looks like - mission-led by teachers, parents, and communities.… #edutwitter #education
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