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I was on the flight before my bday March 27.I wanted to land for my party in #Dubai with family & see #Expo2020 before closing in 2 days.
25mins in air! @aircanada Captain announced in low voice,bad news-No Dubai tonight,mechanical problem,but you'll have a nice view of ...
dumping fuel from the wings though,which I've never experienced in 20 years of traveling.I teared like a baby and so as the mother near me-cried a river.Passengers took videos of the fuel dumping.Good job @GretaThunberg. Lets dump over North Bay and breathe it with #COVID19
North Bay-hazardous waste out of #Ontario landfills and waterways,which I later learned.
Rude Old Hostess said "High Alert fasten seat belt.What does high alert mean? I say.She replies "we are going back, I DONT KNOW." then I replied "who does?Batman?God?You're Jesus?...
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The most popular type of casino #GamestopNFT , online slots are always in high demand and this May is not an exception. With the number of software providers growing exponentially, the global market of virtual machines has never been more #DIVERSE aiming to offer something for literally. Naturally, not all of the sophisticated one-armed bandits rock and often it’s pretty hard to figure out why such a fantastic at first glance release has failed to become a worldwide favorite. Although there’s no… accounting for taste and it’s impossible to find two players that would fully agree on a list of ten best titles, some games continue to soar high for years while others have been quickly forgotten.

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These are the DPMs for some peripheral EU nations over the first 6m of 2020, which roughly corresponds to the first full wave in the developed world.

As you can see, all of these countries out-performed their imperial neighbours in the core. And the Irish 😕

Any idea why?

The typical Little Irelander response is something along the lines of ‘but they’re not as connected as us / we’re sooo #global’ 🐏🐏🐏

These boneheads have no idea what's behind the numbers. They just spout the first self-flattering narrative that comes to mind.

The Little Irelanders have no idea what happened in any other countries in early 2020. They'll slag off Trump or Boris, and they'll have a couple of facts about NZ or Sweden (depending on their persuasion) but they won't know anything about eastern Europe.

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(Thread Post | थ्रेड पोस्ट)

We are exploring the distinction between #unity and #uniformity...
हम #एकता और एकरूपता के बीच के अंतर पर गौर कर रहे हैं...
The distinction between seems to be in each word's relationship with #tolerance and #acceptance.
जहां तक हमे दिखता है, दोनों शब्दों के बीच का अंतर सहिष्णुता और स्वीकृति के साथ उनके संबंध में पता चलता है।
#Uniformity is about being alike, with less room for our #differences. We can see that it has relevance in some places, such as setting up structures for organising things.
(हिंदी अनुवाद थ्रेड में अगले पोस्ट में है.)
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Thank you @IWS_Network for giving me the opportunity to share my #story 💜 ! This a part of Voices Without Frontiers program… #IWS #WomenInSTEM #VoicesIWS #ecology #conservation #biodiversity
I was born in #saopaulo, #Brazil’s largest city, very different from the #Amazon Rainforest & Rio! See me and a #samauma, the most famous Amazon tree 🌳
Also me & @IsabelaHissa in front of Sao Paulo’s #MASP (Modern Art Museum) & me and my mom in #Rio! #VoiceIWS @IWS_Network Image
I can say I lived in a great #rainforest because Sao Paulo & most of the coast of Brazil are in the Atlantic Forest 🌴🌺🐍. It is one of the 34 world’s #hotspots of #biodiversity, with more than 1500 plant species and 90% of original area loss. #VoiceIWS @IWS_Network Source: https://www.e-educa...
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‘The Trojan Horse Scandal and the Problem of Equalities in Britain Today’.

The event examined the scandal from a broad range of perspectives, engaging with debates on #equalities, #liberalism, and #Britishness.…
It also provided an opportunity to discuss and generate a dialogue about the significance of the 'Trojan Horse’ scandal and the duty placed on schools after the scandal to promote Fundamental British Values (FBV) in the promotion of #democracy.
Speakers analysed how both are reproducing narratives of racial discrimination & inequalities in a context that is informed by minoritising communities, #problematising specific religious #values, & essentialising the signification of social, religious, & cultural identities.
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Losing the best leader I’ve had today, so sharing a few lessons she taught me (not an exhaustive list). 9 lessons for 9 months:
1 - Always. Choose. People.
When you act to stand up for your values and for other people, everything else falls into place. It’s really as simple as caring about people.
2 - Understand people.
Get to know your team as humans and co-workers – what are their hobbies, how was their weekend, what are they good at, what do they enjoy doing, what do they hate, how do they need/like to be supported. The best leaders adapt to their teams.
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1/ 5. #China, #Aantal regionale #COVID #Lockdown dagen,
#Gemiddeld over héél China (1.400 miljoen).

Per stad / regio worden de lockdown dagen #Geteld.
#Maal 't aantal miljoen #Inwoners in die #Regio &
#Gedeeld door 't aantal miljoen inwoners van #China.
+ bronvermeldingen👇👇
2/5. #China: #Wuhan stad & #Hubei provincie.

1. Wuhan city, 23-01-2020 - 08-04-2020 = 75 dagen
- 75 x 11 miljoen / 1.400 milj. = 0,6 dagen

2. Rest of Hubei Prov. 23-01-2020 - 25-03-2020 = 61
- 61 x 46 mio / 1.400 mio = 2 dagen


draadje 👇👇
3/5. China Overige regio's.

3. Wenzhou, 02-02-2020 - 20-02-2020 = 19
- 19 x 9,2 mio / 1.400 mio = 0,1 dagen

4. Ürümqi, 18-07-2020 - 26-08-2020 = 39
- 39 x 3,5 mio / 1.400 mio = 0,1 dagen

5. Shijazhuang, 07-01-2020 - 31-01-2020 = 25
- 25 x 11 mio / 1.400 mio = 0,2 dagen
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#Primer on #Ethiopian Politics

#Unitarist Vs #Federlaist

- Has little to do with level of #decentralisation of power ordinarily associated with these notions

A critical mass of Ethiopians support #federalism-incl most, if not all, forces within ruling party - incl Abiy - 1
For #ethnonationalists, I believe, any politics based on individual #equality (citizenship or republican politics) is #Unitarist - so #Nigeria, #Kenya (which ban ethnic parties), #Germany and #UnitedStates are Unitary, regardless of their robust federal/devolved structures - 2
What ethnonatioanlists consider #federalist is actually politics based on #ethnicity - (which goes beyond ethnic federalism) - much like Arend Lijphart's prototypical #consociational system - so soemthing like #Belgium and #BosniaHerzegovina, but for 80+ ethnic groups – 3
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Excited about new report w/Natalie Geismar: We believe a thriving #rural America is possible & central to America’s future. So we took a close look @ effectiveness of federal rural policy. Lots of takeaways on ways to #DoRightByRural. Thread👇1/…
Mindset shift needed by policymakers: #rural America more #diverse demographically & economically than most think. More than 1/5 Black & brown; significant entrepreneurialism; major service economy; less than 6% employed in ag. cc @urbaninstitute 2/…
A #rural agenda is integral to a #racialequity agenda – see @gbenga_ajilore @KatrinaEBadger.

And #rural will be central to successful #ClimateChange strategies w/large investments in clean energy infrastructure & shifts in food production. 3/…
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Thinking back to my #MBA class on #Leadership, discussing how #cultural #context shapes #decisions.

The #professor presented a scenario:

‘A 50-year old man and his son are driving down the Mass. Pike when they meet with an accident.

They are rushed to the hospital. The chief surgeon, who was the only one on duty at the time, looked at the bodies and exclaimed – “I can’t operate; he is my son.” A hospital convention prevented doctors to operate on immediate relatives.’

“What do you think is going on here?” The professor asked this #culturally #diverse class.

There were various answers in the room.

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I’m hanging on the couch with a coffee and I want to tell you about some recently merged work that @MalvikaSharan and I have been considering for many months: how to best acknowledge contributors to @turingway.… #AcknowledgeAllTheWork
You’ll know that we’re super into #Diverse and #Inclusive communities at @turingway. We really want everyone to leave feeling empowered and like they contributed in whatever way they were able. We’re here to support learning in all directions. #AcknowledgeAllTheWork
But there are also risks to the project if we do NOT build that inclusive atmosphere. If someone writes a chapter and then others are uncertain about whether they can / should edit it, we can’t benefit from the readers seeing how the work can be improved #AcknowledgeAllTheWork
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Attending @FboroFriday, we're inspired by #aerospace industry leaders and know one thing for certain: the future of aerospace is all about collaboration 🤝

Thanks for having us #FIAConnect!

After an insightful week at @FIAFarnborough, we wanted to share a few of our highlights:
We really enjoyed the #sustainability in #aerospace session: Dr Cristina Garcia-Duffy, Head of Technology – Strategy and Integration at @UKAeroInstitute, shared the ATI market outlook and the aircraft that will be coming into the market between 2020 and 2040+ ✈️🌱
Adefunke Adeyemi @IATA#25by2025 ensures better female representation in senior roles. We wanted an intentional approach from the industry and for the c-suite to walk the talk. At a 2019 EU #aviation event, 30 CEOs of 30 #airlines committed to the initiative" #WomenInAerospace
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1st speaker at @tasfreelancers conference starting now. is @marcus_bowles, looking at an issue of concern to every freelancer: The Future of Work. HIs argument is that "freelance is the new normal". More on that here:…
We are also going to need more soft skills, and more people who are comfortable and experienced in working from home @marcus_bowles tells @tasfree, citing…; and…
If you are pivoting into the freelance market, then in the coming months / year, @marcus_bowles has this list of actions for @tasfreelancers, that you need to take. More from that source here:
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On April 23, 2020, @Harvard_Press tweeted the below racist and evocative picture about #Hinduism and #Hindus to promote a talk by @ajanthasub with @tmkrishna @BIC_Blr.
Picture shows a #Hindu religious figure grinding a mill stone, conjuring up a devilish figure and crushing black figurines or throwing them into fire (one figure is even seen holding the religious figure's foot).
@Harvard_Press failed to to review the contents of the link. Interestingly, the picture is not even from the book and was used specifically to promote the book and the lecture.
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5am thoughts: One of the challenges for men in #leadership positions in #tech who want to increase #inclusion and #diversity in our orgs, is that first we need to first recognize our own #privilege before knowing what conscious actions to take in our orgs & company-wide... 1/14
First, credit to my colleague @bjohnso5y. Her post on how to be a better #ally for #womenintech emphasized the mechanism of #recognition (e.g. crediting women for their ideas in public spaces). The goal of better #allyship inspired this thread... 2/14…
In the sphere of political debate, you’ll often hear white people (especially men) arguing they don’t have privilege and don’t get special treatment. "Everything’s a meritocracy!" "Nobody 'gave' me anything!" - Nothing to see here, move along… 3/14
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The Fourth Estate is like the rest of society: #diverse and complex, yet immensely important. Several #Media outlets continue to operate with integrity, passion for truth, and professional excellence…yet…
Sadly, many well-known #news brands have fallen prey to the same desire for eyeballs and subscriptions that infects so many @YouTube vloggers and @Instagram “celebrities”.
Posting disingenuous and misleading #clickbait headlines to drive traffic or whipping up non-stories into narratives designed to inspire outrage and division is something we have come to expect from the current political Administration.
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Thread: Building an ethical foundation for the AI-driven future @PeriscopeData
First question: What value do you bring to your org. as a data professional? #techskills #businessoutcomes -- likely responses. Then Facebook & #unintendedoutcomes #ODSCWest
Industry starting to confront #ethics in terms of daily applications of #AI algorithms. #Bias based on data - in the case of courts, potentially hundreds of years of biased decisions as part of the training set.
"I'm just an engineer" not an appropriate response. People using #AI products might not understand what or how decisions and predictions are being made, but will be making real world decisions based on them. YOU and your team might be the only ones who do.
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Because historians should be addressing the issue of race and ethnicity in the ancient Roman world, let me put in my two cents. #Rome 1/10
The Roman world was #diverse. Full stop. Let’s start there. Anybody could become a Roman citizen. 2/10
Let me be explicit here in case it is questioned: Romans included peoples from Africa and Asia as well as Europe. 3/10
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