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🇪🇺Your reminder : EU citizens domiciled in the UK, paying council tax/ income tax were forbidden to vote in Cameron’s Brexit Referendum. #Ridge that’s over 3 million votes not counted.
Gerrymandering didn’t start with Voter ID. And they had lied told about them by #BorisJohnson Image
🇪🇺EU citizens were in the UK because the UK was in the EU
It was called Freedom of Movement.

Thanks to #borisjohnson* we were seen an ‘illegal migrants’.
A LIE perpetuated by Farage etc.
#ridge #brexit
*about to be ‘let off’ a long suspension for lying to Parlt.
#BBCLauraK ImageImageImageImage
🇪🇺Even today, i am asked ‘why don’t you go back to your own country’ by the sort of people who are ignorant and gullible and read the Mail/Express
The Conservatives have reduced this country to something akin to 1930s Germany.
They are utterly despicable ImageImageImage
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When UKIP won 166 councillors (but no councils) in 2014 the BBC called this a "political earthquake".

@TheGreenParty just gained 200 councillors, taking the total to 737, took control of a council & became the biggest party in several others.

But 0 Green guests on #bbclaurak. ImageImage
That said, the BBC has many excellent journalists, locally & nationally - here's BBC News East reporting in depth on why the Green Party did so well in Suffolk. The political bias comes from much higher up within the organisation.…
And here's BBC Politics West reporting on big @TheGreenParty wins in the Forest of Dean & talking to @carla_denyer about Greens winning on Jacob Rees Mogg's doorstep in North East Somerset.

BBC reporting on the amazing #GreenWave has been much better locally than nationally.
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Same scapegoats. Same extremist ideology. Same dangerously inflammatory & misleading rhetoric.

Fearmongering & dividing people is all they have.

Millions of people lost their lives defending freedom, decency, & democracy from people *exactly* like this. 🇬🇧🇪🇺🌍☮️

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“I’m not familiar with that particular case”.

Suella Braverman says she didn’t know about 12 refugees being killed in Rwanda in 2018 after protesting about their conditions.

Moments earlier she insisted “Rwanda is safe for refugees”.

“Rwanda is a safe country” she repeats.
Braverman won’t say whether or not she will reverse the policy should something serious like this happen to refugees again in future. #BBCLauraK
A reminder of what we found when we visited Rwanda last year just as planes were originally due to deport asylum seekers from the U.K.

Media freedom is important as we won’t know what happens to asylum seekers when they arrive if there’s not a fully free media to report it.
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Pleased to be quoted in this @ScotNational article, discussing Govt pressure on the @BBC, #bbcqt, #BBCBias, Richard Sharp, & the 'tabloidisation' of the BBC.

'BBC 'pro-establishment bias' shown in first six months of Laura Kuenssberg show'.…
"Dr Russell Jackson, a senior media lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, penned an open letter to the @BBC in February raising concerns about bias on #bbcqt's panels & from hosts, BBC management's links to the Tories, & a tendency towards platforming dangerous rhetoric."
"Jackson told The Sunday National that the -astonishing response to that letter [which has now been read more than 210,000 times] suggests that a hell of a lot of people are very concerned about what is happening with the broadcaster."

#BBCBias #bbcqt…
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There it is …. 👇🏼
Truss says she's not blameless but points to,
- her party
- the Treasury
- the public
- even the US President
for not giving her ideas as fair crack of the whip...
- and don't forget her predecessors or the current PM
From front page (can't see full text yet), Truss is defiant about her principles and points finger at those who disagreed with her, altho she does admit to some mistakes
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This is Michael Gove’s face after Laura Kuenssberg told him on live tv that Zahawi had been sacked.
And sure, I was making fun of him, and he’s a slippery snake but on the “I was put on the telly to be humiliated by my friend’s sacking and kill two birds with one stone” scale, he got away with it, so chapeau, mr. Gove.
Oh, and peeps, if you’re going to use the screenshot I took to make the exact same joke, you could’ve just retweeted. Not that it’s important, just seems like a lot more pointless work to be doing on a Sunday.
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On the morning it’s revealed that our former prime minister used the chair of the BBC to secure an undeclared loan from a millionaire backer, the BBC’s flagship Sunday morning political programme has his sister on to talk about the week’s events #bbclaurak
“All the parties involved have given statements to the Sunday Times, which suggests they did everything aboveboard and everything was transparent,” Rachael Johnson tells the BBC about her brother’s secret arrangement with the BBC chairman and a millionaire backer. #bbclaurak
That clears that up then
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Laura Kuenssberg: Maybe social care would improve is care workers weren't struggling on £18,000 / year.

Rishi Sunak: What if we gave them a SENSE that they're being paid more?

#BBCLauraK: Would you work for £18,000?

Rishi Sunak: Look Laura! My job actually matters!!
If* they weren't struggling...
I honestly can't decide which clip goes better with Rishi Sunak.

The Joker or Ross Gellar.
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🚨 | Jeremy Hunt - ‘We are going to see everyone paying more tax, we're going to see spending cuts’

Covid bill was always going to have to be paid back.

Dishing out furlough etc was never free - we have to start paying it back.

Cost of lockdown did go on too long.

The move from Sunak and Hunt also supports why there is a need for a general election.

No-one voted for either of them - the Tory membership rejected Sunak and the Tory MPs rejected Hunt.

They have no mandate to be governing the country.
Also imagine the extra cost if Hunt had more power during the pandemic.

He was falling for policies that would have had harder lockdowns with more costs.

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Yesterday on #BBCLauraK I spoke about a Big Tent for #LGBTQ+ rights. For me that means a real conversation with people who share common values of supporting the happiness, freedom, equity and potential of all gay, lesbian, bi and trans people.
@stonewalluk has always worked in close partnership with leading organisations from the women’s sector, as part of our commitment to building a world where we can all live free from discrimination and abuse. As Chair I want to continue and deepen that work of collaboration.
There are many new and constructive conversations to be had, but my view is clear: Stonewall will not invest time arguing with groups who are working to remove trans people’s rights or deny them their dignity.'
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Leadership candidate Penny Mordaunt commits to Hunt as Chancellor, and next Monday as date of Debt Plan, says she did have concerns about mini budget, and Truss had been clear that the Cabinet had not been briefed on it…
Earlier former Bank of England Governor Mervyn King blamed the Covid pandemic QE/ printing of money, alongside US & UK governments not having control of public finances for inflation crisis to #BBCLaurak
Mordaunt says she has been in to the Treasury to be briefed by Chancellor Hunt…

Mordaunt says interestingly cant have people making unfunded spending commitments in contest, wont even commit absolutely to 3% defence, pensions triple lock, & benefits uprating
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Nobody should be remotely surprised that Kwasi Kwarteng is an accomplished liar - it's now an essential attribute for all UK Govt cabinet members.

And who is new Downing St Chief of Staff Mark Fullbrook anyway?

#bbclaurak #ToryCorruption #ToryLiars
Liz Truss’s chief of staff being paid through his lobbying company could reportedly allow him to pay less tax. According to the Sunday Times, Fullbrook is refusing to explain the agreement that lets him direct government strategy without being directly employed by the UK Govt.
Between April & June, Fullbrook’s company contacted the UK Govt on behalf of clients such as the Libyan House of Representatives, which is opposed by the West & the UN, an energy provider, & a PPE firm linked to a fundamentalist Christian sect, according to the Sunday Times.
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