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A simple and compelling point made on #Peston by @globalhlthtwit last night: the UK already has a potentially world class network for track and trace in its GP surgeries; but these are being sidelined as outsourcing giants Serco and Sitel have been hired to organise clinical...
and non clinical people to sit at the end of a phone to have conversations with symptom sufferers to get them tested, trace who they’ve been with and (presumably) monitor their progress. According to Costello, GPs are not even allowed to order a #Covid_19 test for patients...
(those patients have to do it for themselves). Now it may be that the risk was thought to be too high for GPs that all their other primary care responsibilities would fall by the wayside if they became the port of call for Coronavirus sufferers. Or maybe...
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The threat of #Covid19 to wreck our way of life was already clear to senior health experts on 22 January (this date is etched on my brain because I argued that day with colleagues that we had to discuss it on #Peston show). And on 11 February...
I emailed ITV colleagues that a senior government source had told me “we should know within a fortnight or so if we are looking at a pandemic in the UK...The risk is 60% of population getting it. With mortality rate of perhaps just over 1%, we are looking at...
not far off 500k deaths”. Ministers knew by 2nd week of February the gravity of what confronted us. So I am literally gobsmacked by the @thesundaytimes disclosure that the PM was not prioritising the looming Coronavirus catastrophe till March.…
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For those who delighted in saying my question on #Peston to the deputy CMO Jonathan Van Tam about possible use of antibody tests (blood tests) to detect live virus was pointless and stupid, this may be worth a read. To repeat, I was not arguing FOR the antibody tests to be...
used to assess who are ill with #Covid19, though this Nature paper says "seroconversion" (presence of antibody in blood) happens after 7 days in half of all patients and all patients after 14 days. It may of course be that NONE of the so-called rapid flow strip tests will...
ever be accurate enough to confirm live virus. I don't dispute that. But surely it is the job of a journalist to probe an expert like Van Tam, especially since the government has spent several million pounds buying kits from China's Wondfo that claim to be able to...
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Some 2.6m of you are not washing your hands more than usual, 3.1m still shaking hands and hugging, 5.8m shopping for the fun of it, 3.6m still socialising. Those behaving antisocially like this are mostly young men. FFS. Attached is @Jack_Blanchard_ take on exclusive...
JL Partners poll for last night’s #Peston - and full results here #Peston… #COVID19 @itvpeston
The majority of us are taking the threat to our healthy seriously and say we are committed to proper social distancing. The absolute numbers quoted by @Jack_Blanchard_ reflect quite small percentages (although he understates a few of these - as attached shows). However...
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Tons to discuss on #peston tonight with @UKRI_CEO - who knows more than most about viruses - boss of EasyJet Logan Lundgren, @Scaramucci on how Trump is managing or mismanaging the crisis, and @jessphillips @Tobias_Ellwood. All live at 10.45 ITV or here via @itvpeston. Tell me...
what you want to know, and I will try to put as many questions as I can to our experts
It's "Johan" Lundgren of Easyjet. Sorry. Weird autocorrect
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The UK HealthSec - paid £141k+expenses from taxpayers' £ - has chosen to put his #Coronavirus update behind a paywall.

For those of you who don't have a Telegraph subscription, here are the main points.

(Frankly, @MattHancock you should be ashamed of yourself.)

"The coronavirus outbreak is the biggest public health emergency in a generation.

It calls for dramatic action, at home and abroad, of the kind not normally seen in peacetime."

Then goes on to express sadness at 21 deaths. All victims had underlying health conditions.

Hancock claims we have a plan "based on the expertise of world-leading scientists" and that #HerdImmunity is not a part of it.

"The over-riding objective is to protect life."

[Note: Telegraph earlier reported #coronavirusuk could be a way to *cull* the elderly...🙄)

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At 8 via @itvpeston and at 10.45 on ITV I ask @grantshapps about what government is doing to protect us from Covid19, @Keir_Starmer whether winning votes of Labour members is any route to winning a general election and Weinstein whistleblower Zelda Perkins whether she is...
confident safeguards are now in place to prevent another abuser like Weinstein getting away with it for years. All on #peston tonight.
Also on show, holding all to account, @JustineGreening and @leicesterliz
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As was discussed in last night’s #Peston the case against Labour’s £58bn for the WASPI women, those born in the 1950s whose pensionable age was increased and equalised with men, is NOT that many have not suffered hardship. It is that 1) it provides substantial £30,000...
payouts to many well off women (like @theresa_may) so is not well targeted; 2) the policy sets a serious precedent, namely that any long-term welfare reform to put public finances on a more stable footing is vulnerable to being reversed (the big pension reform happened in...
1995) and that undermines confidence in the long term strength of the public sector’s balance sheet; 3) a much fairer use of much of the £58bn would have been to use it to reduce in-work poverty, especially for families with young families. As @TheIFS says,...
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@Peston the faithful Johnson Retainer part 3

1) a few weeks ago I ranted on the cozy, soft lighting, barely present "interview" #peston gave Johnson, and the contrast with his heckling of other politicians, even laughing off Johnson's self serving nature

@Peston 2) then a week or so later #peston attempted to paint a potential climb down by Johnson back to the original EU suggestion as some wizard wheeze which might drag the Irish into "constructive negotiations"

@Peston 3) but today, today #Peston took it to the final tyranny supporting level

MPs...aided by the judiciary

Judges, making a political intervention on behalf of Remainers

Exactly the brexiter line

Something that #Peston knows *didn't happen*

A dangerous, irresponsible statement
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On #peston tonight, I'll be speaking with the last avowed Remainer in the Cabinet, @NickyMorgan01, the arch Brexiter too Brexity even for @BorisJohnson, Mark Francois, the SNP's @joannaccherry - who won a case in Scotland that ruled Johnson lied to the Queen, @RachelRileyRR...
on how to beat the trolls, Labour's @GloriaDePiero on why she is quitting parliament and @SamGyimah on why he went so fast from being a Tory leadership candidate to joining the LibDems. We'll be talking about that Supreme Court case, that Brexit deal, and that Sun...
front page about @benstokes38. All at 10.45 on ITV or here live on Twitter via @itvpeston at 8.30ish. Please join us
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@Peston @BorisJohnson 1) @peston the Johnson faithful retainer
Woken up this morning with a cold fury at #Peston's craven behaviour last night
One of the main reasons #Brexit hasn't been put out of its misery is the utter failure of some TV media to hold brexiters to account

@Peston @BorisJohnson 2) the BBC has been attacked in particular but even the BBC is finding it impossible to not report on the destruction that Johnson and Brexiters are causing

But Johnson it appears can always get a safe harbour when he needs it on the #Peston show
@Peston @BorisJohnson 3) to recap the last few days - Johnson has clearly been manoeuvring for a GE and to force thru no deal #Brexit and has failed. He's kicked out 21 decent long standing Tory MPs for his own purposes. He's lied about non existent negotiations & being close to a deal.
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Much Twitter disappointment with @Peston fawning on #NotMyPM #Johnson. We must write him off until fall of J. They have Siamese tendencies: Balliol, Brussels, @spectator, @Telegraph. He’ll get 1st dibs on a few propaganda titbits, but u can forget objective reporting. @itvnews 1/
Remarkable how little known r these connections between #Peston & #Johnson. But it explains why Peston goes weak at the knees & offers his tummy when #Johnson winks at him. I’m sure @Peston wakes up determined 2b objective, but that resolve doesn’t make it 2 his first espresso.2/
@threadreaderapp unroll please
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If you ignore my lamentable performance (not easy, I know), #peston at 10.45 on ITV is gripping tonight: @Jeremy_Hunt on whether he would defy parliament to take UK out of EU without deal, @DawnButlerBrent on whether @jeremycorbyn is right to prevaricate over whether Labour...
should support remain and on whether @DerbyChrisW has been properly punished, and @DavidGauke on whether he could serve as a minister under @BorisJohnson. Oh and @willyoung on why schools are right to teach about the importance of all forms of diversity. Mark Francois reveals...
all about @BorisJohnson’s Brexit and @BenPBradshaw spills the beans on why the gulf between Corbyn and his MPs is widening again.
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Rory Stewart: "I do think Boris Johnson can be stopped by asking questions." He then highlights the fact that BJ has promised totally different (and utterly incompatible) things to different groups of MPs.

I'm not optimistic the media will, though. But he's right. #peston
RS: "I'm trying to save, in my small way, the party, and in my small way the country."

Then goes on to emphasise again that we really, really don't know what Boris Johnson's Brexit views are.

Rory Stewart: out, but not down!
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The 1922 executive committee thinks it has finally laid a surefire trap for the PM, @theresa_may - by securing a promise from her to hold the second reading of the core Brexit legislation, the Withdrawal Agreement and Implementation Bill, before EU elections in two weeks...
The point is that either the bill passes, and she resigns as soon it becomes law (as she has promised to do), or it flops, which is what most Tories expect, and it becomes unambiguously clear that she can never deliver Brexit - in which case they will force her out in...
June/July. Tory MPs assume she knows this. But they will drive the point home when the executive committee meets her next week (at her suggestion). It would be tempting to say that her fate is in the hands of @jeremycorbyn, her putative nemesis - in that if Labour agrees...
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1/. Another bloody MP channelling Madame Arcarti channelling what we all want on #Peston
@andreajenkyns saying that SHE is speaking for the nation.

2/. Who is the Gavin Nixon that called the LE19 almost right?

Anyone knows
3/. Caroline Flint trying to make out that it is moderate to make virtually all of us all worse off by voting for May’s deal.

Nothing about the measures, the conflict

4/. @CarolineLucas speaking so well again.
She’s got the bit between her teeth.
Power from those wins in LE19
5/. #Peston shows that Conservative Party members prefer No Deal overwhelmingly. The supposition is therefore they will choose a hard Brexiter.

Of course they probably will. But that means they are so dim they will be signing their own death warrant.

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.⁦@JGForsyth⁩ says UK now constitutionally bankrupt as it was in a fiscal/financial sense in 1976. ⁦He sees @theresa_may⁩ going to Brussels for political bailout just as Healey went cap in hand to IMF. What is striking is how her colleagues agree - as attached...
shows. And what is striking is this senior Tory blames @theresa_may for the crisis - and says she has to vote against her deal because to do so “would be to give in to an anti-democrat PM”. By setting herself up as “for” the people and against all MPs, the PM has alienated...
the very people she needs to woo if she is to have any chance of securing her Brexit deal. That was utterly clear on #peston show last night from savage critique of how @theresa_may frames herself as parliament’s enemy by @lisanandy and @DrPhillipLeeMP. See @itvpeston for clips.
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#ToryIslamophobia update – there have been a number of major developments today but for those not following closely, I have collated them to demonstrate the scale of the issue.
We had front pages in the Guardian and Independent referring to the scale of the issue after Baroness Warsi said the Conservative Party had an institutional problem with Islamophobia, before the Today programme and Politics Live covering the issue.
One of the cases highlighted earlier this week, which was covered on @Channel4News yesterday was that of former Tory council leader Mr Bowles who RTed a message hailing Tommy Robinson. It was confirmed that he was suspended today.…
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One reason why the Brexit debate is now so aggressive is because MPs like Andrea Leadsom keep saying that letting the people vote on a deal which POLITICIANS are responsible for, and which even Brexit voters hate, somehow means Remainers are calling Brexit voters stupid. #Peston
Let's say:
1⃣I hate our current relationship with the rest of the EU
2⃣I vote to end that relationship
3⃣The government negotiates a new relationship
4⃣I think it's worse than the old one
5⃣I vote to stick with the old one.
Does that make me 'stupid' or just not psychic?
These politicians, like Andrea Leadsom, know Brexit hasn't worked out as they promised and instead of admitting that, they want the people to get angry with each other rather than blame the politicians who brought us here.
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1) 3 options, that's all on #Brexit
MPs are behind on this but the commentators are realising, its:
- May's deal
- No deal
- Remain
That's it, no other options for #Brexit. This gets us to a couple of points that would be a big help in moving us along
2) for programs like #politicslive, #Peston, #newsnight it would be really very helpful for the UK if you cut across any "we'd get a better deal" bullshit and simply asked "there's 3 options, no time or inclination for more negotiations, please pick one your party would support"
3) for those same programs, if you really must get Mogg, Patterson, IDS on then you could save a lot of time by saying "no deal may be as you say, but you blew your chance so if you can't get it through parliament what's the point in talking about it endlessly?"
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Watch #peston highlight for important initiative by @hilarybennmp to make sure parliament - rather than @theresa_may - can determine what kind of Brexit or no-Brexit we have, if as expected she loses vote on her deal. PS I understand that...
@sarahwollaston will not table her amendment calling for a #PeoplesVote because she has been persuaded - to her disappointment - that she would lose the vote by substantial margin and that would damage credibility of referendum push. She and others campaigning for referendum...
... will delay big drive for referendum till the anticipated chaos of @theresa_may losing her deal. Striking that @JoJohnsonUK also on #Peston last night said he had residual hope @theresa_may would opt to go for referendum, even though Downing St officials have been clear she...
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The annual cost to the NHS of securing all necessary visas and other documentation for its overseas staff post-Brexit (i.e. under the new immigration regime) is estimated at £490 million. 2/40…
Panasonic is moving its European HQ from the UK to Amsterdam (the legal aspects of the move were completed in October 2018, as the £200 million capitalised UK company was absorbed by Panasonic's Dutch entity). 3/40…
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Steris PLC, a company with $2.6 billion in annual revenue, is planning to redomicile from the UK to Ireland due to Brexit. What that means is that, as an Irish company, the Irish tax authorities will collect its taxes going forward and not HMRC. 2/50
8 health providers have warned of medicine shortages in the event of a no-deal Brexit: "we do not believe that the current medicine supply plans will suffice, and we will have widespread shortages if we do not respond urgently." 3/50
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"You can't handle the truth!" - Jack Nicholson.

Prove Jack wrong by facing the truth about Brexit. (Each tweet below is the start of an individual, detailed thread on a specific aspect of Brexit.)

#bbcqt #itvtonight #bbctw #bbcpapers #skypapers #peston #Newsnight
The truth about Brexit, the "no deal" scenario, the EU "punishment" narrative, and the reality of trading on WTO terms.
Brexit changes everything. You can forget ending austerity, funding the NHS, reversing cuts to the police force, achieving anything, if you don't first solve Brexit. There is only ONE challenge over the next few months: Brexit! (An "open letter" to MPs)
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