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One reason why the Brexit debate is now so aggressive is because MPs like Andrea Leadsom keep saying that letting the people vote on a deal which POLITICIANS are responsible for, and which even Brexit voters hate, somehow means Remainers are calling Brexit voters stupid. #Peston
Let's say:
1⃣I hate our current relationship with the rest of the EU
2⃣I vote to end that relationship
3⃣The government negotiates a new relationship
4⃣I think it's worse than the old one
5⃣I vote to stick with the old one.
Does that make me 'stupid' or just not psychic?
These politicians, like Andrea Leadsom, know Brexit hasn't worked out as they promised and instead of admitting that, they want the people to get angry with each other rather than blame the politicians who brought us here.
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1) 3 options, that's all on #Brexit
MPs are behind on this but the commentators are realising, its:
- May's deal
- No deal
- Remain
That's it, no other options for #Brexit. This gets us to a couple of points that would be a big help in moving us along
2) for programs like #politicslive, #Peston, #newsnight it would be really very helpful for the UK if you cut across any "we'd get a better deal" bullshit and simply asked "there's 3 options, no time or inclination for more negotiations, please pick one your party would support"
3) for those same programs, if you really must get Mogg, Patterson, IDS on then you could save a lot of time by saying "no deal may be as you say, but you blew your chance so if you can't get it through parliament what's the point in talking about it endlessly?"
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Watch #peston highlight for important initiative by @hilarybennmp to make sure parliament - rather than @theresa_may - can determine what kind of Brexit or no-Brexit we have, if as expected she loses vote on her deal. PS I understand that...
@sarahwollaston will not table her amendment calling for a #PeoplesVote because she has been persuaded - to her disappointment - that she would lose the vote by substantial margin and that would damage credibility of referendum push. She and others campaigning for referendum...
... will delay big drive for referendum till the anticipated chaos of @theresa_may losing her deal. Striking that @JoJohnsonUK also on #Peston last night said he had residual hope @theresa_may would opt to go for referendum, even though Downing St officials have been clear she...
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The annual cost to the NHS of securing all necessary visas and other documentation for its overseas staff post-Brexit (i.e. under the new immigration regime) is estimated at £490 million. 2/40…
Panasonic is moving its European HQ from the UK to Amsterdam (the legal aspects of the move were completed in October 2018, as the £200 million capitalised UK company was absorbed by Panasonic's Dutch entity). 3/40…
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Steris PLC, a company with $2.6 billion in annual revenue, is planning to redomicile from the UK to Ireland due to Brexit. What that means is that, as an Irish company, the Irish tax authorities will collect its taxes going forward and not HMRC. 2/50
8 health providers have warned of medicine shortages in the event of a no-deal Brexit: "we do not believe that the current medicine supply plans will suffice, and we will have widespread shortages if we do not respond urgently." 3/50
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"You can't handle the truth!" - Jack Nicholson.

Prove Jack wrong by facing the truth about Brexit. (Each tweet below is the start of an individual, detailed thread on a specific aspect of Brexit.)

#bbcqt #itvtonight #bbctw #bbcpapers #skypapers #peston #Newsnight
The truth about Brexit, the "no deal" scenario, the EU "punishment" narrative, and the reality of trading on WTO terms.
Brexit changes everything. You can forget ending austerity, funding the NHS, reversing cuts to the police force, achieving anything, if you don't first solve Brexit. There is only ONE challenge over the next few months: Brexit! (An "open letter" to MPs)
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Brexit: An "open letter" to MPs (PDF version at end of thread)
Brexit impacts EVERYTHING. If you care about austerity but not about Brexit, you don't truly care about austerity. 1/30
#bbcnews #BBCPolitics #C4News #itvnews #skynews #5news #bbcpapers #skypapers #peston #Newsnight
If you care about Universal Credit, but not about Brexit, you don't truly care about Universal Credit. If you care about mental health, but not about Brexit, you don't truly care about mental health. 2/30
Brexit will spread like a virus into every aspect of life, making us poorer, less competitive, more isolated in the world. Your heart can be so full of compassion it threatens to burst, but if you don't care about Brexit, you don't truly care about your country. 3/30
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1/ What is our BLUEPRINT FOR BREXIT? #Brexit #efta #marr #Peston #bbcaq bbcsp #bbcqt #UKpolitics
2/ Its all laid out here, but it is a pretty long document in fairness:…
3/ Here is a simplified version. Part one:
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The truth about Brexit, the "EU is punishing us" narrative & what "no deal" actually means... (1/19)
#bbcr4today #gmb #r4today #bbcbreakfast #victorialive #politicslive #LBC #bbcnews #C4News #itvnews #skynews #5news #bbcpapers #skypapers #peston #bbcqt #itvtonight #bbctw #bbcaq
The EU isn't punishing the UK for Brexit. We are punishing ourselves. Losing all the benefits of EU membership IS punishment. Just like no longer being able to use the fitness equipment or the weights is punishment for quitting the local gym. 2/19
You might well put on weight because you cancelled your gym membership. But you wouldn't turn around and say "Hey, the gym's punishing me for leaving by making me fat!" That's the consequence of losing your gym membership, not the fault of the gym. 3/19
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By some distance, the most catastrophically anti-democratic thing that British political media has done over *decades* is to frame political activism of tens of thousands of people as insignificant & non-newsworthy, while obsessing over the remarks of individual politicians.
James Ball there is just regurgitating received wisdom of the political establishment, they've convinced each other that marches, demos & rallies are insignificant & not newsworthy. It's one of the major reasons why they misread the Corbyn's 17 election campaign so profoundly
The Guardian's readers editor admitted a few years ago that it is the paper's policy not to cover demonstrations unless they turn violent. And that's the Guardian.
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#Marr #Peston - in a week when a far-right extremist was convicted of murdering a Muslim, injuring several others, and announced in court his intention was to kill Corbyn & that if he could kill Sadiq Khan too, it would be "winning the lottery", you run with "members abuse"?
It has really got well beyond @ggreenwald 's stage 7 and is entering into the arena of total panic melt-down. Any old crap at all will do to ensure there is no anti-austerity government in No. 10.…
Clare Kober makes unsubstantiated allegations, says it's been going on for 2 years, & didn't report it to the NEC which is controlled by the Left, yet the NEC has only been under Left-wing control for 10 days, and gets a free pass to smear anyone she chooses.
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