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Anyone who did not see this coming does not understand #tech…(which includes people who design #AI).

“Important nuances were lost in translation when a rule commonly used to measure disparate impacts on protected groups in hiring was codified for easy-to-use tools…AI fairness”
Every time I see “our #AI will solve bias! Give us your #DEI budget!” win an #innovation award, accelerator, #hackathon I feel exhausted…

institutions would rather purchase ineffective & worsening-the-problem #tech than hard work of holding ppl accountable or change culture
And this is how #DEI - how currently approached - is ineffective & wastes money because a small amount of money is thrown at it with zero/minimal real hard work & unwillingness to be uncomfortable. Hence these bills:…
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Okay Makers, we're in the last few hours of hacking - which means its nearly time to get your submissions in! Please do this by 16:00 PM UTC!

Here's what you need to know to submit your project for the chance of winning $2,600 in bitcoin prizes!
After you've submitted your project, join us live in YouTube from 17:00 - 19:00 UTC for a live project presentations ceremony. We'll be streaming your project demos for the judges, and also give you the chance to answer any of their questions & feedback (more below) 👇

Submissions will be done using BOLT🔩FUN's brand new Stories feature! You guys will be the first to use this new feature!! Here's how to do it...
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It’s that time of the week!

Sit back, stay calm and spend a minute for our handpicked #Polkastars news 💆‍♂️

This is the #Building time. Let’s do this 🧵👇

Plant, Spout, Reveal your Mojo at on June 23rd 🔥

🌱Get ready to play @WeArePlanetMojo games in Q3

💡Reminder: holding your Mojo = airdrop of your 4 Champion #NFTsImage
@WeArePlanetMojo #2 The @CryptoverseVIP Marketplace is here 🆕

Learn how you can trade your #Cryptoverse LAND and assets.

Get all the details now ⤵️ Image
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The pain of a #DEX trader = frontrunning BOTs that steal you of great value trades, slippage and swap fees.

The value for money and ease of trade trading on #Binance or #Coinbase is missed on a DEX.

Until @KromatikaFi .. shutterstock,com person sho...
Limit trades have been missing from #DEX protocols. They are a staple in traditional finance, also appearing on #CEX like #Binance or #coinbase.
Range orders on #uniswap are not the same as limit trades.

Limit orders on #1inch are slow to get filled.

Until @KromatikaFi .. Motley Fool image explainin...
This is what prompted the devs of @KromatikaFi to create a product that tackles every one of these problems with ease.

Now you get BOT protection, no slippage, no swap fees and the orders are filled quickly via @chainlink keepers and utilizing @Uniswap liquidity. ten-steps-to-developing-you...
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MEGA Thread #OasisProtocol : The privacy-enabled blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy.

Here's everything you need to know about $ROSE, tackling the challenges of the contemporary economy that poses economic and privacy concerns.

A thread 🧵👇
1. My recommendation to read first:

I've written about the fundamentals of $ROSE previously in a simple to understand thread below.

2. In this thread, I want to focus on the upcoming events, ecosystem and potential value $ROSE offers to us as investors.

Firstly, with an ecosystem fund this accelerates growth by creating an economic flywheel incentive designed by @a16z that I will explain below.
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Este fin de semana voy a liberar otra base de datos que es pública pero que el Estado no permite descargar.

Es la Base de Datos Nacional de Subvenciones (BDNS).

✅ 10,5 millones de subveciones a empresas y particulares
✅ 350.000 convocatorias

Y contaré aquí cómo lo he hecho. Image
💡 ¿Lo subo a un repo de GitHub y hacemos un #hackathon?

Algo divertido, creativo… Y colectivo, juntando muchos cerebros. En comunidad.

🤓 Programadores
📈 Analistas de datos
✍️ Periodistas
💅 Diseñadores
👥 …

Para demostrar el valor de los datos abiertos.

¿Lo hacemos?
Son 5 GB de datos que he obtenido haciendo «scraping» del portal oficial, que es una castaña.

Si nos organizamos bien™️ podríamos hacer un portal alternativo, con analítica de concesiones nominativas, clustering, visualizaciones…

Todo open source.

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Serratus is now published in @Nature :)…

We searched 5.7M seq libraries (10.2 petabases) for all 15,000 known RNA viruses. In 11 days, we uncovered 130,000+ new RNA viruses (incl 9 new CoV, with a twist). That’s near an order of magnitude bump.
[1/N] 🧵👇
[2] For the Scientific Conclusions, @rayanchikhi has a great thread from the preprint:
👉 👈
[3] As the pandemic hit, like many scientists we wanted to help. The idea was simple: analyze all public sequencing data to ensure every possible Coronavirus sequence ever sampled is identified and freely available. And do it fast.

(aka Eye of SRAn)
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1/ @harmonyprotocol approves 21 more proposals for its $300M Ecosystem Fund 💙

💱DeFi: @epnsproject @AnChainAI @perpprotocol @freyalacrypto

💳Payments: @Allbridge_io @MIM_Spell @klever_io @Trustee_Wallet

🎭NFT: @TheDeFimons @KangaFinance @StoreyTheApp @NiftyRow

And more ⬇️
2/ @finance_unite is the first algorithmic #stablecoin on the @harmonyprotocol ecosystem. Users can #stake their UNITE tokens and earn daily rewards💰


#DeFi #HarmonyONE #Blockchain
3/ The Ethereum Push Notification Service (@epnsproject) is a decentralized communication & notification protocol for Web3. With it, any smart contract, dApp or backend can send on-chain or off-chain #notifications tied to wallet addresses 🤩

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What does it take to become a “Blue-Chip NFT” on Terra?

HINT: @galactic_punks are hitting with surprising ideas.

Here's some of the most remarkable ones:👇
You probably heard me say Terra market is mature enough to stop buying profile pic NFTs.


I bet you saw by yourself dozens of NFT projects failing miserably one after another.

People just won't bite...

That's unless something unique came to the scene.

Here's how:
Galactic punks are making smart moves these days.

Since they released their collection, they´ve been pretty hard to ignore.

Here's GP "Hall of Fame":

- The First collection of Terra NFTs.
- Sold out in less than 8 minutes
- 35k LUNA volume trade in the 1st hour

The best part?
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Nesse final de semana eu e 4 amigos (Com @joaoasds e @vitordmeireles) participamos do #hackathon de física da @mcgillu no Canadá. Nosso projeto foi premiado com 1º lugar :)
Nesse fio eu vou explicar o projeto e mostrar os resultados mais legais…
Primeiro só para explicar brevemente para quem não sabe o que é, um hackathon é uma competição de desafios entre equipes que dura 24h. As equipes entram com uma proposta de desafio que querem fazer nas 24h do evento
e são julgadas baseadas no desafio que elas propuseram, em o quanto conseguem fazer dele e a forma como os resultados são apresentados (essa é a parte mais importante, eu acho).
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1/n Why I just spent another 6.9ETH to buy #cryptophunk at 3AM despite being the largest holder of Phunks, a thread:
2/n I posted about phunks just an hour ago after finishing a long day of work at @impossiblefi, finishing up our launch of @Ariadne_finance. The community took me by surprise and retweeted the hell out of my tweet within minutes.
3/n The #cryptophunk community is a group of incredibly tight knit, buidler focused folks who bonded into this community when Opensea decided to remove the asset from its marketplace.

The assets feature the iconic cryptopunks image, simply mirrored over the Y axis to face left.
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📡LIVE Now📡

Launch of MANTHAN-2021 by Sh. Neeraj Sinha, IPS, ADG, @BPRDIndia and Prof. Anil D. Sahasrabudhe, Chairman, @AICTE_INDIA

Watch LIVE in PIB's 📺

@airnews_mumbai @airnews_pune @airnews_nagpur
As part of Azadi Ka #AmritMahotsav celebrations,

@AICTE_INDIA, @BPRDIndia and @mhrd_innovation are together launching a hackathon 'MANTHAN-2021' with an aim of strengthening India's indigenous solutions to empower the country's law enforcement agencies
We are here with an offering for the young & bright minds of India in the form of a #hackathon 'MANTHAN'

The primary objective is to pose 20 interesting questions for prospective participants, each of which reflects professional policing and security concerns

: ADG, @BPRDIndia
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📡थेट पहा📡

मंथन-2021 चा शुभारंभ

हस्ते- नीरज सिन्हा, आयपीएस, एडीजी
@BPRDIndia आणि प्रा. अनिल डी. सहस्त्रबुद्धे, अध्यक्ष, @AICTE_INDIA

थेट पहा पीआयबीच्या 📺



@airnews_mumbai @airnews_pune @airnews_nagpur
आझादी का #AmritMahotsav कार्यक्रमाचा भाग म्हणून,

@AICTE_INDIA, @BPRDIndia आणि @mhrd_innovation यांच्या संयुक्त विद्यमाने हॅकेथॉन 'मंथन-2021' चे उदघाटन

हॅकेथॉन - 'MANTHAN-2021'

उद्दिष्ट - देशातील कायद्याची अंमलबजावणी करणाऱ्या यंत्रणा अधिक सक्षम करण्यासाठी भारतातील देशी उपाययोजना अधिक बळकट करणे.

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1/ -- Hello $ONE fam and my fellow #harmonauts! We had an All Hands for the @harmonyprotocol this morning and I wanted to put out a few notes (August 2nd, 2021)
2/ -- @givp has been leading the developer programs these last few weeks to prepare for the upcoming $1M #hackathon - They are building out boilerplate code, documentation, tutorials and how-to videos to make on-boarding new devs as easy as possible.
3/ @RongjianLan reported on a recent experiment regarding RPC/CPU usage. Large RPC query requests will cause CPU usage to spike. A fix is in the works and will be deployed soon. The solutions for block latency from last week are in the review/testing stage.
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1) The first round of @samoyedcoin #airdrops has been finished!!! We had amazing response and in just two days time we gave away around 1.6m $SAMO! 8.4m left to go!!! The @samoyedcoin community is absolutely amazing and we were so happy to see so many new join!
2) Many new people from the @solana community are now part of the #SAMOArmy! The last epoch's performance is below. This is the performance across all validators on the network. To everyone who staked tokens, thank you for staking with #GenesysGo!!!! Image
3) A couple of housekeeping items: Epoch 187 just wrapped up. Everyone who staked with us during Epoch 187 received 100 SAMO for every 1 $SOL they staked. *PLEASE NOTE: IF YOUR STAKE SAYS ACTIVATING THEN THAT MEANS YOU STAKED IN THE NEW CYCLE AND YOUR DROP IS COMING IN 3 DAYS*
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#Startups, #ESanté, #HealthTech et #Hackathon : À la genèse des projets de Hacking Health Camp 2021

Comment les projets lauréats ont-ils émergés dans de bonnes conditions ? Plongée dans L’art du hackathon avec les retours d’expériences des équipes durant leur aventure.
#HHCAMP Un professionnel de santé qui regarde un document
Un article écrit en finesse par Anne-Laure Mathieu (@AnlorWeasel), édité par @EricFossoul avec @sebmade et @AnnaFERRERE

Avec les témoignages des équipes :
Youssef Ahmamouti, porteur de projet patient et entrepreneur, Cécile Pacoret, expert ingénierie pour le biomédical, Chaib Abrikous, CTO, Johan Gilet, chercheur en neurosciences, Laurent Duris, et Béatrice Duris, kiné-osthéopathe, Gauthier, designer.
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How can we Supply more O2 & Save Lives?
Problem Statement: Liquid Medical Oxygen carrying tankers can travel by road at Max speed of 50kmph only.
How to increase speed of these tankers without compromising on safety? #Hackathon #CodeNinja #solutionforlife #innovation #iit
Train carrying Liquid Medical Oxygen tankers (tankers mounted on Wagons) can travel at a Max speed of 20kmph.
How2 increase speed of these trains without compromising on safety? @abhayjere @anandmahindra @anandesh @debjani_ghosh_ @rekha_m_menon @amitabhk87 @udaykotak @hackerrank
Liquid oxygen has a density of 1.141 g/cm3 (1.141 kg/L or 1141 kg/m3), slightly denser than liquid water, and is cryogenic with a freezing point of 54.36 K (−218.79 °C; −361.82 °F) and a boiling point of 90.19 K (−182.96 °C; −297.33 °F) at 101.325 kPa (760 mmHg).
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My last #hackathon & #socialenterprise pitch was to improve minority participation in #clinicaltrials. This trial is has 74% black participants compared to usual 2.5%. Why?

Yes, we do need to expand access. Colon cancer kills.

#MedTwitter #BlackTwitter #NurseTwitter thoughts?
In trials for new therapies however, you see this:

“Even though heart conditions disproportionately affect Black individuals, they accounted for only 2.5% of clinical trial participants in a global trials report by the Food and Drug Administration.”…
So black participants are the majority in WHICH studies?

Having been in executive suite, speaking on #access broadly, I saw non-clinicians use “access” to shame clinicians on self care or pointing out workplace issues. Yet same administrators would cut number of staff for budget
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Agree and...

Many of us also saw an ugly side of ivory tower

multiple out of touch clinicians & non-clinical faculty overpolicing minority, LGBTQ, women clinicians, trainees, students

Revealing what drives distrust of institutions/faculty

Must fix this for effective #SciComm
#SciComm currently lacks Black or marginalized group (including BIPOC, disabled, etc) leadership within it which explains why so called leaders within it cannot recognize effective public health messaging that works in communities of color, marginalized groups.

Need more:
This video shared by @KateWalshCEO of @The_BMC represents a divide in #SciComm & #MedTwitter & #professionalism
Some find clinicians dancing offensive
The thing with diversity is not everyone at an institution is on the same page, evidenced by #Medbikini…
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This is definitely a problem. There are many divides. Digital divide. Then not everyone had a credit card. Not everyone has a bank account.
22% of Americans are unbanked or underbanked.

“The events of recent months relating to COVID-19 ..have brought increased attention to the digital economy that runs on the assumption that individuals have full access to traditional banking”…
“the unbanked and underbanked ..less education or to be in a racial or ethnic minority group, according to the Fed data. Put all of these characteristics together.. those who are unbanked and underbanked... who may have historically felt shut out of traditional banking”
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Chatting with my dad about his first job out of his masters program from @USC @USCViterbi - he would interview, get really positive feedback,no offer. Years later his boss admitted he had called potential competing offering companies to say "I need him, don't make an offer."
Fast forward he saw the same being done to other people and he wanted out from under that boss who was controlling. So he put in for an internal transfer. He had to take his case to his boss's boss who did side with my dad on making sure an internal asset (my dad) could be shared
So, if too good at what you do but work within systems of "old boy" networks: then lack autonomy or ability to generate own options to bargain the best situation for yourself.

Then you have to find a more powerful patriarch to address unfairness.

Have external mentors.
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If you are NOT a clinician with DIRECT patient contact or other frontline service worker (janitor, delivery person, receptionist checking in patients F2F) and offered a vaccine, do the RIGHT thing and step back in line. #HealthcareHeroes needs to be more than a hashtag.
This is NOT okay.

#HealthcareHeroes my foot.

Actions > words

Trainees doing intubation daily should not have to protest to be heard that their LIVES are at risk as compared to administrators or non F2F care doctors.
I posted on #LinkedIn because, frankly, no administrator really follows #MedTwitter apart from “gotcha” policing to discipline or fire a whistleblower clinician.

This is unacceptable.

Admin before F2F care trainee?

Momma grizzly mode activated.…
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As a physician, can say this about doctor culture in the U.S.: we are a socially stunted puerile bunch easily manipulated by sales & marketing ppl or by metrics of competition, obsessed with status, prestige, ego..

...not my doctor friends...but we hang out at the margins.
The high school level drama that plays out in hospitals, then the replica, amplified, on #MedTwitter is 😱 No wonder our profession kills so many patients when we are so busy policing on pettiness & ignoring standards of quality, safety, population health…
There are many reasons why I am hanging up the stethoscope, one of which is that I cannot in good faith go into any clinical setting and feel confident about “first do no harm” - The system is too misaligned, not driving quality, safe results

Then, the human dynamics are
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OMG. How amazing! Turn jumbled thoughts on #AI & #FutureofWork into vision, articulate, recruit superstar team, pitch to @MITvsCOVID19 & get included, hundreds sign up + #blackexcellence on systems thinking @MIT @MITSloan #Hack4theFuture #COVID19…
Mea culpa: Rulebreaker/boundary-defier of the cookie-cutter #marketing best practices (yet am a top 1% influencer status for #healthcare so 🤷‍♀️) yes, I admit we have a range of logos within a color family. If you are bothered, I invite you accept a diversity of colors ;-)
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