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1/ This thread (and the various comments/responses within) deserves more attention. There is both incredible promise and incredible risk in including “real world assets” (#RWA) in #DeFi. As usual, @lex_node is asking very relevant questions.
2/ As a long-time RWA securitization lawyer who lived through 2008-9, I speak from direct experience here. The Financial Crisis arose from a paroxysm of yield-chasing leverage financing purportedly “safe” and “high quality” financial assets.

How about let’s not do that again?
3/ @lex_node correctly points out below that, wrt RWA, “transparency“ is not just about which assets exist (which you can determine with tools like Etherscan). It is also about the character and collectibility of the underlying RWA themselves in “meat space”.
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1/ Altair $AIR - Bridges real-world assets (RWA's) into DeFi, providing liquidity for asset owners and stable yield for investors 🔥

This is a fantastic project with potential beyond belief.

I hope you find value 💪

@centrifuge $KSM $DOT $CFG #Polkadot #Kusama #RWA
2/ Thread Menu

✅ $CFG & $AIR
✅ What Is It
✅ Asset Originators
✅ Lenders / Investors
✅ Problems with Traditional Banking
✅ Value Prop
✅ $KSM parachain
✅ How Does to Altair Operate
✅ Tokenized Assets
✅ NFT's & P2P Protocol/Node
✅ Tinlake
✅ Revolving Pools

3/ (cont.) Thread Menu

✅ ChainSafe Bridge
✅ Token Utility
✅ Incentives
✅ Tokenomics
✅ Roadmap
✅ Team
✅ Partnerships
✅ Investors
✅ Verdict

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A partir das 08h, ao vivo na Globo, SporTV e BandSports!
#Tokyo2020 #JogosOlímpicos
20 MINUTOS! Bruno e Ketleyn já estão no preparo!

📸 Christian Dawes/COB
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1/n A little thread on the impact of #9baje9minute on the Indian #Electricity #grid @PosocoIndia @MinOfPower

From @PosocoIndia o data #India's #power #demand at 19:00 hours in the last three #Sundays:

29 March: 110632 Gigawatts (GW)
22 March: 125000 GW
15 March: 144258 GW
2/n #Power #demand at 19:00 hours on similar Sundays last year:
31 March 2019: 149361
07 April 2019: 150735

#lockdown has reduced demand by 35-40 GW primarily as a result of the partial closure of industries and commercial establishments
3/n In 2019, #residential #demand was about 25% of total demand but it likely to be 33% of the total demand today. So, a sudden change in #residential #demand is likely to have a bigger impact.
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Some thoughts on #RWA as it’s future is considered. YMMV, obvs:

1. RWA needs to decide if it is an advocacy group for authors. If so, it needs to reorient *for* authors. The complaint against Courtney, in addition to its other failings, was not. /1
2. RWA ethics should be mandatory for the industry, and aspirational for authors. It should be impossible for industry members to weaponize the code against authors. /2
3. Similarly, the Code should not be weaponized between authors. RWA’s focus (see 1) ought be Authors vs. Industry. Not Authors vs. Authors. /3
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Okay, about this #RWA #IStandWithCourtney mess, having compiled all this info over the last few days, I'm going to go out on a limb and take a guess at what went down.

This is largely me speculating, just to be clear. Strap yourselves in, this is gonna be long.
So... Courtney Milan is making waves in the RWA, pushing for diversity and inclusiveness, calling out the Nice White Ladies (NWLs) who have been the backbone of the org for years in spite of their bigoted tendencies.
Tisdale/Davis/Grimshaw come under fire, and they don't take it well. Because how could they be racist, right? They don't hate people of colour! They're not card-carrying members of the KKK or neo-Nazis!

Why is the mean Chinese lady attacking us?!
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Reading the horrors of #RWA, I’ve done my best to keep my mouth shut and just learn. Because I am a writer coming from a place of privilege, I didn’t think I had the right to add more fuel to the fire
But the fact is, even though I am white & able-bodied, I am bi, neurodiverse and write characters like me in #LGBTQ historical romance, and this problem of hatred toward “other” isn’t just at the national level
I joined #RWA 2 years ago so I could enter contests and help kickstart my career. In the 14 months I contest-ed, I entered 18 and won or finaled 14 times. In 1 contest, I was the over-all winner & “won” a mentorship (more later)
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Now, if you'd like to see what and who in our community is up to no good, please refer to the following tweets with vital information so we can STOP attacking the victims involved in this situation.
First up! Introducing Author Lissa Gromley (@AuthorLissa) who was part of the Sassy Literary Ladies, a group consisting of several authors across genres that eventually turned on her and caused the chaos taking over the #writingcommunity today, see here:
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