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I'm 22.
Honestly most of my flexes can't fit into one quote.
-I graduated at 21 with a degree in English last year from Babcock University.
-I was top five in my department.
-At 19, I co-founded @AsEqualsAfrica
as a way of providing a safe space for female creatives.
-At 19 too, I interned with @Wimbiz as a comms intern.
-That year too, I protested at the We Will Not Be Silent Lagos protests on gender based violence.
-Still that year, I was made the Vice President of my department in school.
-I also got invited that year to panels with TEAW
and WWNBS.
-At 19, lest I forget I got published with @akereview and @TGLMtweets.
Most of what I was writing revolved around sex and gender roles.
-At 20, I created the #SayHerNameNigeria hashtag to speak on the dehumanization of women by the Nigerian police.
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Let me start this thread with definitions, because context is really important these days when we address topical issues.

Women are vulnerable.

Women are constantly "exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed physically or emotionally" because we are women.
Last year, I was explaining to a male friend the reason why I don't take certain risks and why I simply refuse to put myself in certain positions he will put himself in without a thought.

He wasn't understanding.

In truth, he didn't get it at all
So I told him that just by virtue of being a woman, we are extremely vulnerable and constantly targeted.

He said "really?!!", I said "sure".

He said "how!?", I just decided to share some examples.

Because sometimes, it's important to put these things in perspective.
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Sundays are for #SundayRead! Sharing links to pieces about #feminism, women's rights and women's lives that resonated with me this week.
In our #feminist/#globaldev jargon, "women's empowerment" is a phrase that makes me go 🤔😤😡🤬. @FrancoiseGirard breaks down the need for political empowerment and how philanthropy can help make it a reality. Thorough & insightful.
@SSIReview @IntlWomen
A movement, not a moment: that's what it'll take for #SexForGrades to end. Amazing to see a group of African #feminists come together with a strong statement - including a useful list of resources. Thank you
@kikimordi @shailjapatel @OhTimehin & others.
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If there is one thing @MBuhari is right about, it is that we love foreign stuff more than our own.

That includes him. He could have got @innosonvehicles, not that Maybach. He could have patronised an Aba shoemaker rather than Gucci (or is it LV? I don't have a sense of fashion)
With that in mind, I recommend, very strongly, that you read this work by @FisayoSoyombo, it was syndicated across various Nigerian media outlets, so it will be hard for you to miss it.
@fisayosoyombo took great personal risk to do this, because from my own knowledge of @PoliceNG, he could very easily have gotten lost and never come out again.
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Hello Twitter fam'! Eyala's #SundayReads are back after a break. (I wish I could tell you I had a restful one, but I'd be lying. It was work-work-work-work and whatever else Rihanna sang). Scroll down for a selection of articles that resonated with me over the past few weeks 👇🏾
"I poured my human self into it—my Nigerian woman into it.": @BBCAfrica journalist @kikimordi spoke with @OkayAfrica about what it felt like to do the work tjat uncovered the #SexForGrades scandal. A must-read.

#SundayReads #sundayread
Hajar Raissouni, a journalist in #Morocco, is in prison for having premarital sex and an abortion. Weaponizing women's bodies for political goals.

@AidaAlami did a stellar job of reporting on this case on Twitter and for @nytimes
#SundayReads #FreeHajar
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I am convinced that we just enjoy drama & stress in Nigeria, because #sexforgrades is something a not-so-sharp 12-year-old will solve permanently in minutes.

- Candidate no., not names
- Double-blind marking
- External moderation
- Standard release dates
- Result appeal process
@ASUUNGR too is quite useless. Ask for these simple things that or deal with demonic lecturers for the next 30 years. Won't be surprised if people are still buying handouts too..
Speaker of @nassnigeria tweeting. Documentary viewings everywhere. Stories coming out and parents recalling experiences. Folks clamoring to 'catch' more people.

Somebody just fix the damn thing! @OfficialNUC exists for what? Christ..
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A thread. #SexForGrades

I won the much coveted MTN scholarship just after my first year in Uni. It was a proud moment for my family and I, and my widowed mother could not have been more grateful.
MTN was set to pay me 200k every year provided I remained on a first class/2.1.
The second year into my scholarship and I had done all that's required of me to verify my results but for one last thing- My HOD had to sign and the results had to be sent to MTN from my department.

The Man refused.
A date had been fixed for our results to get to @MTNFoundation . I went to meet him and pleaded with him and he arrogantly walked me out of his office saying I was supposed to bring a percentage of what @MTNNG paid me to him and a percentage to the department.

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I was at the premier of #SexForGrades documentary and must express my disappointment in the attempt to politicize a genuine presentation by desperate politicos. (Thread)

Sex-for-grades: I Was Also A Victim Of Sexual Harassment, Says Ekiti First Lady | SR…
You just can imagine the kinds of knives you will find the moment a Cow’s lifeless body hits the ground. If not for desperation, why show concern here when innocent and unarmed students were murdered on your behalf & all you did was incriminate the ones the bullets missed?
I surgically pick the events I attend surgically. I have great respect for Kiki Mordi and Charlie Northcott thus my honoring the invite. I had a long day already but it was worth it all save for the hypocritical interlude by the desperado seeking global recognition at all cost.
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Refusing to get excited about the #SexForGrades furore because I know you people too well.

Your rebellions are always brief and shallow, and the parasite generation feeding on you knows this very well.

They have your mumu buttons.
Once you figure out that the real problem isn't lecturers, but the entire societal structure that deifies "obedience" and "respect for elders," and that your religious slavery is at the heart of everything that is wrong with Nigeria, the crowd will disperse.

No be today.
99% of you couldn't rebel against your own ignorant, abusive, problematic parents from that generation. You look at those of us who did like we're extra terrestrials.

After one week of twitter, everyone will go back to sleep.
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Sex for Grades - university lecturers harassing female students, pressuring them for sex in return for grades or admission - is a scandal that's gone on for decades.

You asked #BBCAfricaEye to investigate.

This is what we found.

Full doc:
We began by listening to women at two of West Africa’s most prestigious institutions: University of Lagos #UNILAGNigeria & University of Ghana #Legon.

Their stories - stories of fear, stories of intimidation, stories about the naked abuse of power - were deeply disturbing.
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It’s never about what she is wearing or what she is doing there, there really is no excuse for the condemnable acts of these said lecturers that exploit innocent victims and dine with injustice believing they would always get away with it.
Sexual harassment has been in existence for decades and it’s really saddening that it’s on the high side in tertiary institutions. By keeping mute we indirectly encourage sexual harassment and enable them to keep up their atrocities. It is high time we eradicated such atrocities.
Are you a female student currently experiencing sexual harassment or being asked to exchange sex for grades in tertiary institutions, kindly reach out to us via our social media platforms or send a DM.

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As a father, I'm appalled by the actions of lecturers captured in the #SexForGrades exposé. We cannot allow this sort of deplorable behaviour to fester.
In 2016, my colleagues and I in the 8th Senate passed the "Sexual Harassment in Tertiary Education Institution Prohibition Bill" to prescribe a 5 year jail term for any lecturer, educationist or person in a position of authority in any tertiary institution in Nigeria found...
... guilty of such conduct.

I appeal to the 9th Senate & President @MBuhari to revisit this Bill so that we can implement the institutional reforms necessary to safeguard our children in educational institutions in the country.
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Glad to see #SexForGrades trending in Nigeria and Ghana. If you did not hear of rape/coercion/sex for grades while you were in Nigerian university, it is because you did not want to hear. These are not exceptions. One can safely say it is standard practice in most places.
There are things some of us can say, people we can name, but it is not my story and only those victims can decide if they want to speak up and when they feel ready to do so. I know people who were raped several times and still failed. I know lecturers who used to brag about this.
There was a lecturer who taught a non law elective course. We all thought he was a funny guy. He would say, sometimes: don't think because I slept with you, you will just come and get A or B.
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For those searching for the BBC
#SEXFORGRADES 🎥 Documentary here is a #THREAD for the Video as it unrolls ; this is a call to awareness & sensitization. Speak out now the world needs to hear your story, all this needs to stop.


Here comes the part 2] * Turn on my Notifications & Retweet for more of the Videos ...

#BBCAfricaEye #SexForGrades
Watch the Shameless Rants from this Ghanaian lecturer in this part 3] #BBCAfricaEye #SexForGrades
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