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Dear @RichaChadha ji,

I cannot explain in words the hurt I felt seeing your tweet. It’s not everyday that you come across such loathsome words from a fellow citizen. It’s not about me being a Fauji. It’s not even about you not being one. It’s the sheer audacity and shamelessness
with which you’ve trivialised the sacrifices of those who lost their lives and limbs at #GalwanValley.

In your movies, and this goes out to other members of Bollywood too - you all are very keen to play roles of Armed force personnel. Then your characters become pinnacle
of honesty, bravery and values. Some of them die also in the movie, creating an aura of gloom and despair, nudging the viewers to search their souls and grasp the gist of that scene and movie, which is supposed perfect portrayal of a soldier dying in action and a brilliant
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@ajaishukla @narendramodi Thread:
Col. Ajai Shukla (retd) had floated a conspiracy theory about the #Pulwama attacks, claiming that ‘Pakistan Army & ISI carried out the attack to get Modi re-elected’ as Modi in power. Shukla claimed that, Pulwama being an ‘inside job’ by PM Narendra Modi.(1/10)
@ajaishukla @narendramodi Col. Ajai Shukla (retd) had made bizarre statements that the Indian Air Force “diluted” the specifications for trainer aircraft perhaps to favour a particular vendor, #Pilatus. (2/10)
@ajaishukla @narendramodi Col. Ajai Shukla (retd), had been complicit in spreading fake news that Gen. (retd) V. K. Singh touched Amit Shah’s feet.(3/10)
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Gen Bipin Rawat was right.

The man who coined term "Two & Half Front War"
0.5 front[Enemies inside]

Recently, CJI Ramana said in event
Foreign companies worked against Indian vaccine & many in India [like WIRE] sought to ensure that Covaxin doesn't get recognition Image


Conducted primarily through non-kinetic military action

such as Social Engineering
Cyber attacks along with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence & fully autonomous systems.

A war of "Information & perception" Image
Lets understand with an example.

Remember Greta Thunberg's TOOLKIT?

Deleted after it revealed global designs against India, campaign underway since at least Nov-20

Document clarifies that it's NOT an organic wave of support but well-planned PROPAGANDA
against Indian gov🇮🇳 Image
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#IndianArmy soldier is going to get HIGH QUALITY image intensifier to assist in NIGHT fights!
30,000 of them, Rs 1400 crore deal!👍 #DAC

Many hd bn saying: iron sights aren’t enough for SIG SAUER 716i.
And a few hd said:”Its MAN behind the MACHINE that matters”. 😊
Btw the above pic was clicked at #GalwanValley! Beware LIL SUGAR CUBES! :)
Few days ago we had posted a video on how purchases are done for the Defence forces.👇
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How can we even consider this decision as a matter of debate?

The Indian army wants to take the Brahmos missile to the China border.
But the govt cannot expand roads because the matter is stuck in court!!
Can happen only in India!

Taking BrahMos to the China border: Ecology vs security

The roads that we have planned to construct are pretty much resistant to land slides, this argument (entire case) by the NGO is unnecessarily or INTENTIONALLY stretching the matter.

We can't repeat same mistakes!

we already suffered a loss in 1962 due to same mistakes.

Supreme Court is unnecessarily escalating this issue in a clear sense of practicality, GoI🇮🇳 is right.

Central should bring ordinance preventing unnecessary interruptions by such NGOs in matters of national security.
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China has illegally occupied #AksaiChin portion as well as Saksgam valley gifted to china by Pakistan.
Has we ever told to China about historical facts in clear terms like #TreatyofChushul
1.General Zorawar Singh captured Ladakh, Kargil, Suru Valley, Baltistan, Gilgit, Hunza and Yagistan principalities and included them in kingdom of Maharaja Gulab Singh in 1846.
2. In 1841, Zorawar Singh invaded western Tibet, possibly to gain control over the lucrative pashmina wool trade, though some scholars believe he wanted to build a land bridge between Ladakh and Nepal for a Sikh-Gorkha alliance against the British.
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We held comprehensive discussion on range of key issues: Inking of BECA with US significant move: Defence Min @rajnathsingh after 2+2 talks

@rajnathsingh India and the US ink landmark defence pact, BECA: MEA Spokesperson

@rajnathsingh #US stands with #India to deal with any threat: US Secretary of State @SecPompeo mentions killing of Indian army personnel in #GalwanValley

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India bans #PUBG, WeChat Work, and 116 other Chinese mobile applications - by @pabsgill…

#chineseappbanned Image
@pabsgill This is the third time that the Indian government has issued a list that targets mobile apps made by Chinese companies.

#PUBG #chineseappbanned
@pabsgill The first list came out on June 29 after the #GalwanValley skirmish, which left 20 Indian soldiers dead and an undisclosed number of casualties on the Chinese side. This included the the popular short video streaming app #TikTok, UC Browser, Xiaomi's Mi Community and 56 others.
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India says the army 'thwarted' Chinese 'proactive military movement' to change status quo along #Ladakh border - by @pabsgill… Image
Amid talks of disengagement and disarmament, the Chinese took to the offensive, according to India’s Ministry of Defence.
On the night between August 29 and 30, the Indian Army claims that the People’s Liberation Army tried to change the status quo, yet again, along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Eastern #Ladakh. An attempt that was ‘thwarted’ by the armed forces (@adgpi).
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Fresh clashes between Indian Army & PLA at Pangong Tso. Indian Army reacted strongly & prevented PLA's attempts to alter the status quo. Below is the statement issued by the Indian Army. Image
Everytime there has been a Diplomatic engagement & commander level talks, Chinese #PLA has tried to alter the status quo. PlC tried to carry out provocative action which was thwarted by Indian Army. Brigade Commandeer level talks going on at Chusul.
Indian Army has handed out a bigger hammering to the #PLA this time. According to available information, IA has inflicted a heavy loss to the PLA, bigger than the last clash at #GalwanValley Chinese have been shown their place by IA. #JaiHind
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"Now our farmers can sell their produce anywhere.Times demand that we upgrade our farming sector. We must take our farmers to the World Market. Our Jal Jeevan Mission completes 1 year today. We are delivering water to 2 crore families". PM @narendramodi #IndependanceDay
"The campaign, 'Vocal for Local', 'Re-Skill and Up-Skill' will help in building a self-reliant economy": PM @narendramodi #AatmaNirbharBharat #IndependenceDay
"By choosing more than 110 such aspirational districts, special efforts are being made there so that people of the country get better education, better health facilities, better employment opportunities": PM @narendramodi #AatmaNirbharBharat @mygovindia
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So govt supported think tank, gave platform to @China_Amb_India to lambast us. Tell us on r face that our slogan of non violence is pretense. That our brave soldiers died in #GalwanValley not only because they were aggressors but also they couldn't match the PLA. Not only
Retd Indian diplomats & journalists sat there listening to heaps upon heaps of allegations, none mustered courage to ask d Chini envoy which #LAC he was referring to. Mutually agreed 1993 or unilateral 1959? If its 1993, then is @MEAIndia lying abt no violations?
And the brave ambassador also told us with statistics on his fingertips, why any kind of economic war will hurt India more. All the while insisting that Chinese want to build trust and they are never aggressors #IndiaChinaFaceOff
D problem with Indian intellectuals is d same as
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#China's CCTV4 news network releases a special program titled "How did #China defend the sovereignty and stabilize the situation in the #GalwanValley incident?" .. shows on ground images with alleged visuals of #India's attempts to create an alleged helipad #IndiaChinaStandOff
After looking at the images, these look like mid to late may
very similar to this image seen earlier of 22 May 2020 (left)

CCTV image (right) authenticity unknown, but this position later was taken over by China post the June 15 Clash as reported by various media outlets
Found it after scouring weibo !
Link to the video :-…
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What will be the title of the first Bollywood movie on the #GalwanValley clash?
Crouching Devgn, Hidden Dragon.
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India has a military edge due to many reasons including geography as I showed your boss @HuXijin_GT via my tweet thread a few days ago. Our leaders know it, so do yours which is why they are calling for disengagement

Recent mobilisation facts : You moved 4 Mech Division...

against us last week. This is in addition to 6 Mech Division that you started the fracas with. How did you start ? You expanded the scope of your summer exercises in Tibet and used 3/4 times the forces that you usually exercise with. Then under cover of exercise your 6 Mech

broke off and made a mad dash to Ladakh. Its constituent brigades (all arm brigades) went to 3 different areas including Samzungling opposite #GalwanValley Galwan. You thought you would catch us by surprise and roll down the valley. But you were stopped #galwanvalleyclash

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Is it possible to "dramatize" even a #War against any #Country to stop their businessmen from having any access to #Indian #5G #Market?!

Is this entire #Drama of #War against #China & #AtamNirbharBharat is to keep #Huawei #5G out of India till #MukeshAmbani captures the Market?
Is , in the guise of #AtamNirbharBharat, the King of #CronyCapitalism in #India, conspiring to centralize whole Indian Money & Market in the Hands of his favourite State Players?

Is #AtamNirbharBharat ONLY against one country, or against all other Foreign Investors as well?
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French Defence Minister Florence Parly yesterday wrote to her Indian counterpart, @rajnathsingh condoling the death of 20 Indian soldiers in #GalwanValley. 1/3
‘’This was a hard blow against the soldiers, their families, and the nation. In these difficult circumstances, I wish to express my steadfast and friendly support, along with that of the *French armed forces* “ 2/3
I request you to kindly convey my heartfelt condolences to the entire Indian armed forces as well as to the grieving families. Recalling that India is France's strategic partner in the region, she reiterated her country's deep solidarity. (3/3)
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India's envoy to China @VikramMisri has done an interview with PTI. Some quick takeaways & new points:
* "India hopes China will realise its responsibility in de-escalation and disengaging by moving back to its side of LAC"
* Only way to resolve military standoff along LAC is for China to stop erecting new structures.
* China has to stop the practice of transgressing and trying to erect structures on the Indian side of the LAC
* China should stop creating obstructions & hindrances in normal patrolling by Indian troops.
* China's claim of sovereignty over #GalwanValley completely "untenable", such exaggerated claims are not going to help.
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#JUSTIN| The 15th meeting of the Working Mechanism for Consultation & Coordination on India-China Border Affairs (WMCC) was held through video-conference on 24 June 2020: Ministry of External Affairs
The Indian delegation was led by Joint Secretary (East Asia), while Director General of the Department of Boundary & Oceanic Affairs of the Chinese MFA led the Chinese delegation: Ministery of External Affairs
#IndiaChinaBorder| The two sides discussed in detail the developments in the India-China border areas in particular the situation in Eastern Ladakh: Ministry of External Affairs
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Maxar WorldView-3 satellite image shows area near the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and Patrolling Point 14 in the eastern #Ladakh sector June 22, 2020. Maxar Technologies via REUTERS #GalwanValley Image
Maxar WorldView-3 satellite image shows close up view of road construction near the Line of Actual Control (LAC) border in the eastern #Ladakh sector of #GalwanValley June 22, 2020. Maxar Technologies via REUTERS Image
Maxar WorldView-3 satellite image shows the #PLA (China's People's Liberation Army) Base in #GalwanValley May 22, 2020. Maxar Technologies via REUTERS Image
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TREAD : Who will emerge as a winner in this INDO-CHINA fight-Comparison with 1962 war

The current ongoing border crisis with China is getting worsen day by day. India has already started tightening its seat belt to tackle the dragon in best way. The first Indo Chinese war 1/9 Image
took place in 1962 between 20th October and 21st November. India lost this war to china. You might have a question in mind today that what will happen if India china border tension escalates. We are comparing the planetary conditions of 1962 war and current time which show 2/9
stark differences.

The ascendant lord Venus was in the sign of Scorpio initially but it retrograded back to libra in 6th house. This shows the inherent weaknesses in our countries approach at that time to tackle China. Sun who is the karaka for governments and leadership is 3/9
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Former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh Issues Statement on #GalwanValley says PM should be mindful of the implications of his words & declarations on our Nation’s security Image
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#indiachinastandoff THREAD:
Our & Chinese army have been in standoff for almost 2 months now. There are 3 locations where two armies are face to face right on LAC (and in some cases even beyond that).
1. Galwan Valley (Patrol Point 14)
2. Hot Springs
3. Pangong Tso
1. #GalwanValley
Galwan valley is of very high strategic importance to both India & China. It is the gateway to Aksai Chin which is claimed entirely by India but occupied by China. Galwan valley was one of the major battles of 1962 war.
Interestingly, post-1962, there have been no military face-offs vis-a-vis the region. That is, until now. Around 15th June, this region blew to headlines after deadly brawl between Indian and Chinese troops. There is no official breakdown of events, so let's look at the issue.
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The man behind the soldier:

5 of 20

Hav (Gnr) K Palani

State: Tamil Nadu (Madurai)

Age: 40

Survived by Parents, brother, sister, wife, a son and a daughter

Oh where do I begin about this man!


#Martyrs Image
I felt sad reading about the others but I wept reading about his life.

You see Palani belonged to a very poor family. As a teenager, he aspired to join the army and did so once he finished his twelfth standard exams.


#Martyrs Image
He was the eldest son of the family and had responsibilities that had to be taken care of.

And he did it too.

He first got a BA for himself through distance learning mode. Next he foot the bill for his younger brother's education, who btw has joined the Armed forces too. 3/n Image
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