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Check out “freedom of press” in India’s neighbourhood. Locals in #GILGIT #BALTISTAN have reported it was a #PakistanArmy officer who was involved in the killing of 3 children but the media refuses to expose it. Pak Army offcr in the video confirms the accident ws caused by a…… ImageImage
He wont be punished is a given!!! Imagine what wld hv happened if an Indian Army officer was caught in a hit-and-run case where 6 kids wr hit (3 killed, 3 injured)? Om Shanti! 🙏
More videos are emerging! Locals protest as a senior officer come to the rescue of the Major.
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There was a time a freshly graduated urban student from #Karachi 🏙️ (#Pakistan 🇵🇰) upper urban middle class, with an expensive British education, had a real talent for writing fictions and for advertising an expertise...1/20
Photo: Casey Horner
...she did not have thru her re-formulation of trendy topics. Surfing the wave, she considered herself as a #Writer and as a #Consultant.
Unfortunately, nobody in “patriarchal #Pakistan 🇵🇰”, as she says, was ready to hire a young... 2/20
Photo: #BernardGrua @BernardGrua Ramla Akhtar, Postgrowth, @BarfeootRara at Baltit fort, Kari
a young professional #female with no experience for the jobs she was pretending to. Her career disillusions and her unsuccessful personal life caused her severe depressions with more and more frequent mental disorders. 3/20
Photo: #BernardGrua @BernardGrua Ramla Akhtar, Postgrowth, @BarfeootRara at Karakoram mountai
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The two accessions are completely different and it would be a distorsion of history if one claims that the two cases are the same.
Here are the reasons:
1. The accession to India by Hari Singh was conditional (to a plebiscite). Hunza was unconditional and permanent.
2. The masses in Kashmir (minus Sh. Abdullah) were against it. Ref: read the letter of K.H Khurshid from Srinagar on 12.10.1947 to M.A Jinnah.
In Hunza (& also Nagar), historian do not record any such objection.

@iAliTajGB @AbdulKhalidPTI @jamilnagri can attest to this
3. Hari Singh, as per international law was in no position to sign the accession. Because
- he didnt have control over his state (AJK already made a parallel govt).
- he wasn't in anyway a true representative of the people of majority of J&K. Mirs of Hunza, Nagar were!!
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How did the Tricolour become our National Flag?
The oldest continuous Civilization was not a “new nation in the making” when She got free from the Colonial clutches!
From prehistoric times, the Hindu #Bhagwa fluttered all over the land undivided by the sea- the Jambudwip.
Bhagawa carries the memories of the #GloriousIndianHistory
From the 1- 6th century, the victorious Bhagwa Dhwaj adorned #Sindh #Baluchistan #Afghanistan Herat #Gilgit Ghazni .. with intermittent invasions.
1st failed muzlem invasion occured in 635CE
Chach #Brahmin king of Sindh &his successor Dahir vanquished raiding Arabs who made 15 failed attempts to invade Bharatvarsh
711 came Bin Qasim,50000 strong
Arab platoons in Dahir's pay refused to fight muzlem’s jihad against kafirs!
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22 August 2020 :
WMCC (Working Mechanism for Consultation & Coordination) 18th Meeting held on 20 August between #India & #China at Diplomatic Level
12 Points ;
1. No Substantial Outcome, other than some good & usual diplomatic Verses ie Frank, Indepth, Evaluated & Reviewed.
2. But, it's NOT Business as Usual, till Complete Disengagement & Restoration of Status Quo, as on 5th May 2020 in East #Ladakh : #Indian Perspective & Stand
3. #Chinese 'Back & Forth Diplomacy', 'Delaying Tactics' & 'Negotiation Tricks', unlikely to Succeed, this Time
4. 15th June 2020 & #Galwan has Emptied the Trust in #PLA & #China...
5. Alertness, Preparedness and Readiness of #India & #IndianArmedForces has been sharpened for Challenges & Winter ahead...
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2015 was a magical year. The magical month that year was May when we headed on our family #roadtrip from #Pindi to #Hunza

Retracing the journey we took on our #college #tour

#Gilgit #Baltistan #Tourism #Travel #Pakistan

@MaroofAliSyed @afiasalam… ImageImageImageImage
If you haven't done so as yet, once in your life you must take your children by road to Gilgit and Hunza one year. Skardu, Shigar and Khaplu the next year and Chitral in the third year.
Not this year, though. This year, stay put and stay safe.
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📌Northern Light Infantry Regiment (NLI)📌

Gilgit Levies

In 1889 a force with the name of Gilgit Levies was raised under the command of Colonel Algernon Durand. The force, in 1891, fought the battle of Nilt against Hunza.

#01 Image
In 1913 Maj JC Bridges reorganized the force on company basis and the force was thus named as Gilgit scouts.

Gilgit Scouts
When Gilgit scts were raised, its strength was 582. The recruitment in the Gilgit scouts was based on the recommendation of Mirs and Rajas of the area.Close relatives of Mirs and Rajas were used to be given direct viceroy commission in corps of Gilgit scouts.
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Maharaja Ranbir Singh, the 2nd Maharaja of #DograDynasty of #JammuAndKashmir was a consolidator & a patron of Sanskrit & builder of Temples. He is famous for Ranbir Penal Code & pioneering work in the field of postal services. He achieved unparalleled prosperity for his subjects.
Maharaja Ranbir Singh consolidated the vast state whose foundation was laid by his father Maharaja Gulab Singh. He re conquered #Gilgit, and subjugated Hunza, Nagar, Ponial & Yasin. He organized regular campaigns, to which almost every Dogra family contributed a soldier in 1860.
Maharaja Ranbir Singh introduced the postal & telecommunication services in the State in 1877, a telegraph service extended from Sialkot to Jammu to Kashmir. In 1882 services were extended to Gilgit & Skardu.
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#AJK #GilgitBaltistan #Kashmir

Story of 90 Years imprisonment
Name: Iftikhar Husain Karbalai
For the people who wave their flag:

You don't want to look that does not mean we are in heaven.
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The last Governor of #Gilgit was Brigadier Ghansara Singh Jamwal, r/o Raipur Bantalab, #Jammu
The brave Brigadier had stoically accepted the role of Governor on 1st August 1947 despite the known dangers of this position. #DograHistory #JK
When Pakistani raiders attacked J&K in Oct 1947, Major Brown and #Gilgit Scouts which he commanded, rose in revolt. More than a 1000 men surrounded the Governor’s house and Brigadier Ghansara Singh along with his men, including the driver and attendant put up a brave fight.
Raja Sultan Abdul Hamid DSP of Gilgit Baltistan joined Major Brown in his treachery and lead the Gilgit Police to the Governor’s house. Brig Ghansara Singh surrendered only after Maj Brown gave an ultimatum that all non Muslims in Gilgit Agency would be killed.
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