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#BreakingNews #IranProtests 2-16-2020
#IranProtesters of AmirKabir University students chant:
"Fear Fear We are all together"
"People R involved in poverty&they R thinking of voting"
"1500 people were killed in November"
@realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @USAdarFarsi
@realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @USAdarFarsi #BreakingNews #IranProtests 2-16-2020
AmirKabir University, #Tehran #Iran #MEK
The regime's agents attacking the students' peaceful gathering to mark the 40th day of the #IranPlaneCrash
@OANN @Reuters @ReutersUK @USAdarFarsi @FoxNews @NBCNews @washingtonpost
@realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @USAdarFarsi @OANN @Reuters @ReutersUK @FoxNews @NBCNews @washingtonpost #BreakingNews #IranProtests 2-16-2020
AmirKabir University, #Tehran #Iran #MEK
they chant:
"We do not want military rule"
"We will die but we will not accept the disgrace"
@realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @USAdarFarsi
@OANN @Reuters @ReutersUK @FoxNews @NBCNews @washingtonpost
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Interesting articles about the conditions under which an Iranian air defence system may target an civilian airliner… #IranPlaneCrash #IranPlaneShootdown #Iran
You should read it but in short, the Iranian defence unit that is said to have fired at #PS752 is a Russian system known as
9K330 Tor-M1 (Nato: SA-15 Gauntlet).
This radar should be able to recognise the profile of an airliner, in terms of speed and signals emanating from it. Moreover, it should tell the operators that the plane was leaving Iran's airspace rather than coming in.
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Jan 13 - Tehran, #Iran
Sharif University
Students are outraged over the regime shooting down the Ukrainian plane.
"They killed our elite & appointed mullahs in their place", they chant. Sharf students, alumni were among those killed.
Jan 13 - Tehran, #Iran
Alzahra University students are holding a gathering in memory of the Ukraine Int'l Airlines flight #PS752 passengers.
The plane was shot down by an IRGC surface-to-air missile.
Jan 13 - Babolsar, N #Iran
Babolsar University students are also holding a ceremony in memory of the passengers & crew killed when Ukraine Int'l Airlines flight #PS752 was shot down by an IRGC surface-to-air missile on January 8.
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Actuellement à Téhéran une grande manifestation a comméncé. "Honte, Honte , honte au Guide " scandent les Iraniens. # IranProtests2020 #IranProtests #IranPlaneCrash #Iran Les protestations se poursuivent en Iran
Une foule immense se dirige Place Azadi à Téhéran en scandant "Nous ne voulons pas de pouvoir de Pasdaran Sepahi" le #IranProtests 1500 mort de la répression n'a pas pu domminer le courage des Iraniens vidéo diffusé par l'OMPI #FreeIran2020 #Iran @Limportant_fr @AFP @afptehran
@Limportant_fr @AFP @afptehran Place Azadi les Manifestants scandent "Sepah (le Corps des Gardiens de la révolution) commet les crimes; le Guide les soutient" et " A bas le dictateur" le peuple iranien est décidé à renverser le régime #IranProtests2020 @brutofficiel
@Cdanslair vidéo de l'OMPI
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Protestations aujourd'hui devant l'Université Amirkabir à #Téhéran.

Des cris de colère se font entendre "À bas les menteurs"
Les griefs sous-jacents contre le régime n'ont manifestement pas disparu avec la liquidation américaine de Qasem #Soleimani.
Des manifestants à Téhéran
"Référendum !
Constitution !"

Les protestations ont éclaté après les déclarations iraniennes que [SES] militaires avaient abattu par erreur un avion ukrainien, tuant les 176 personnes à bord.
"Commandant en chef, démissionnez !"
Des manifestants à l'université Sharif de Téhéran
(Le guide suprême Ali Khamenei est le commandant en chef de l'Iran...)
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IRGC Aerospace Cmdr: I wish I was dead and such an incident hadn't happened. We in IRGC accept all the responsibility, and are ready to implement any decision made by the Establishment

IRGC Aerospace Cmdr: I was in the country's west following attacks on US base in Iraq when I heard the news. We sacrificed our lives for our people for a lifetime, and now we're trading our reputation with God (disgracing ourselves) and appear in front of the camera to explain.
IRGC Aerospace Cmdr says we had requested the establishment of a no-fly zone given the war situation. But it was not approved for certain considerations
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Thread: 3 points on what has taken place on #IranPlaneCrash.

1) Military inquiries are separate from civilian ones and are confidential. It is therefore not strange that the assumptions of a civil aviation authorities are different than military inquiry into what took place.
2) State officials were not at any point dishonest about their preliminary assessment. On the contrary, were keen on reading the black box contents (which could have taken months) and dismissed rumors as they saw it. Inquiry by Armed Forces took 2 days and held no reservations.
3) Whatever you might think of how this was handled, the final culprit of what went down is the United States, its crimes in Iraq and the martyrdom of Hajj Ghassem Soleimani. The innocent passengers of this flight were victims of a military response against American crimes.
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#Thread @adgpi Chief Gen MM Naravane outlines vision as Chief. Advocates ABC: Allegiance, Belief and Consolidation. “We swear our allegiance to the constitution of India... As in the preamble Justice, equality and fraternity. That is what we are fighting for.
Gen Naravane: Belief in ourself, our organisation. Our superiors and subordinates.. We will not fall prey to vile rumors and innuendos. Belief is what will keep us strong.

Consolidation leads to continuity... Somewhere along the way there will be midcourse correction. #ArmyDay
Gen Naravane on #Siachen: Siachen is very important to us. That is one area which faces the Western and Northern front.

We should not lose sight that its one place where collusivity can happen. So we should keep control
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General Staff of #Iran's Armed Forces has issues a statement saying that the #Ukrainian plane was "unintentionally" hit by a military site & based on "human error". The statement has offered "apology" to the families of victims & foreign nationals.
#Iran's Armed Forces statement: While the plane was turning around, it went toward a sensitive military center of #IRGC and it was at an altitude & in the shape of a hostile aircraft, in which the aircraft was inadvertently hit base on human error.
#Iran's Armed Forces says "human error" happened while the sensitivity in Iranian air defense system had increased due to the threats of US prez & officials & increased number of American aircraft around the country &receiving some reports on targets approaching strategic centers
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Quoting @GorseFires

"The wreckage of flight #PS752 is cleaned up with a bulldozer. As a result, important traces are lost, says a Ukrainian researcher on the ground: 'Is Iran interested in good research?'"

@GorseFires #UPDATE
-Berlin warns of negative repercussions in relations with Iran if no full investigation is opened into the circumstances of the Ukrainian plane crash
-Sweden announces temporary suspension of flights to Iran
@GorseFires Quoting @christogrozev

Iranian amb. @baeidinejad to UK raises voice to @SkyNews reporter who asks him about bulldozing evidence: "[Who] told you so? How dare you accuse us based on some media reports?"

Reporter says "We saw the footage"

Amb: "Journalists are irresponsible"
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New video of the Ukrainian Int'l Airlines flight #PS752 burning in flight before crashing.
Interesting that #Iran has state TV prepared for "the moment" when Ukranian Boeing black box is opened.

More propaganda for a major cover-up.
Quoting @elizapalmer
"CBS crew just visited the #Ukrainian airlines crash site west of Tehran. 9 am local time. Virtually all pieces of the plane were removed yesterday - say locals. Scavengers now picking site clean. No security. Not cordoned off. No sign of any investigators."
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Moments before takeoff on #FlightPS752: Sahar Haghjoo and her daughter Elsa Jadidi in their seats ready to fly home to Toronto. @globalnewsto #UkrainianPlaneCrash
As it turns out Sahar Haghjoo’s name and face were familiar to me because I interviewed her on @globalnewsto in 2018. She was warm, kind and spoke eloquently. I remember her well. #UkrainianPlaneCrash #FlightPS752
To say that I’m heartbroken for her family would be an understatement. This is Sahar and her daughter Elsa last week on a train in Iran. May they Rest In Peace. #IranPlaneCrash #UkrainianPlaneCrash #FlightPS752 @globalnewsto
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Head of Iran’s aviation organisation: There is complete coordination between all military and civilian sectors in Iran, at the time of the plane crash there were dozens of Iranian and foreign planes flying over Iran's airspace
Head of Iran’s aviation organisation: Rumors of Iran's refusing to hand the aircraft's black box to the US isn’t accurate
Head of Iran’s aviation: it’s scientifically impossible and illogical that the Ukrainian plane was subject to a missile attack. There were several domestic and foreign flights flying at the same altitude of 8,000 feet which can’t be reached at all
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The missile volley Iran sent to the base in Iraq was nowhere near Tehran & the missiles were launched in the OPPOSITE direction of Tehran. Hours before the crash. You need to understand how preposterous this claim is. #IranPlaneCrash
See, the missiles were launched from near the border between Iran & Iraq & were targeted around where that arrow points. They were never anywhere near Tehran (circled) or even traveling in that direction. #IranPlaneCrash
Tehran is around 250 miles away from where the missiles were launched, in the other direction. Tehran is at least 500 miles away from the base that was the target of the missiles. #IranPlaneCrash
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Victim clothing evidence being examined from the Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737 that caught fire in flight on 8 January shortly after takeoff from the Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport.
Conclusive proof of nanothermite impregnation —thus explaining a fire so intense its crew tried to turn around and bring it back to land, but failed when it exploded in mid-air?…
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One of my wonderful PhD students, Ghanimat Azdahri, was on the plane that crashed in Tehran this morning. Ghanimat was on her way back to @uofg after visiting her family and traditional Indigenous territories in Iran over the December break. The students and I are in so much pain
@uofg Ghanimat was a beloved member of our research group. Her PhD research was devoted to advancing the rights of Indigenous Peoples in conservation and protection of biocultural knowledge. Our @ICCAConsortium colleagues have released a beautiful statement:…
@uofg @ICCAConsortium 14 other students at Sharif Industrial University (Tehran) perished on flight and there may be other Iranian students studying in Canada who were killed. My heart is breaking at the loss of so many precious young Iranian lives and their potential to make the world a better place.
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