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21.05.23, Sunday:
For the first time ever in 76 years, since the 1947 Partition of India & Pakistan, #Jain monks enter #Pakistan to visit their #Jain Pilgrimages today!

#Thread ImageImageImageImage
Gachchadhipati Acharya Shri Dharmadhurandhar Suri takes the message of Peace & Ahimsa of Jinshashan to #Pakistan to visit the Samadhi mandir of Param pujya Acharya Shri Atmaramji Maharaj at Gujranwala. He belongs to Punjab Kesari Acharya Vijay Vallabh Surishwarji's Samuday
Acharya Shri Dharmadhurandhar suri, Muni's Trishabchandra Vijayji adi thhana with his 20-25 devotees started their vihaar & crossed the Attari-Wagah border at 10am today. This is the first time ever in 76 years since Partition Jain monks will visit Jain Tirths in #Pakistan
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#Pakistan 🇵🇰 #CivilWarInPakistan

Inside Info: 🇵🇰

🔸#Quetta #Peshawar & #Lahore core commonders refused to take orders from PakArmy Chief AsimMunir & they all left their houses

🔸Many officers in #PakArmy both low rank & seniors like Brig refused 2 take orders
🔸 The #PAF and #Navy 4 stars have asked President to dismiss AsimMunir and call election ASAP

🔸 Dirty Harry of #ISI conducted this unrest operation & was monitoring flying in chopper all over
🔸 The rangers who stromed in court to arrest #ImranKhan were actually ISI operative in Rangers uniform.

🔸 They want to fly Imran to #Balochistan and give poision injection but things turned very Ugly
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Fort , Aam Khas Bagh ,
Sirhind Fatehgarh Sahi
#Punjab #Heritage #Tourism #AamKhasBagh

Period- C 17th-18th Cent. A.D ImageImageImageImage
This Royal inn was initially built by Babur extended and planned by Mughal architect Hafiz Rakhna. It was rebuilt by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan along the Mughal military road between Delhi and Lahore, and ImageImageImageImage
The Royal couple used to stay here in the old building complex, while going to and coming back from #Lahore. ImageImageImageImage
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Our research team @ActionResear just completed the first phase of our water quality mapping project in Lahore. We collected and analyzed water samples from over 400 locations and discovered 6 major E.coli hotspots in the city. A 🧵. #waterquality #Lahore Image
Fecal contamination detected in water samples from Chungi Ammar Sidhu, Charar, Kirianwala, Kharas Mohalla, Mustafaabad, and Kot Khawaja Saeed. #WaterContamination #Pakistan ImageImageImageImage
Our team is moving on to the next phase of research to assess water quality in these areas by collecting a larger number of samples. We've already conducted an extensive study of Chungi Ammar Sidhu and found that 45% of the 72 samples we collected were contaminated with E.coli.
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Sadashiv Rao Malkapurkar (photo from a biopic on Chandrashekhar #Azad). He was the ONLY person Azad ever introduced to his parents. He took care of Azad's mother after his release like a son. She died with her head in his lap on March 21, 1953. He performed her last rites. Image
Master Rudranarayan who helped Azad go underground in #Jhansi after #Kakori robbery on August 9, 1925. He wanted to create a memorial for Azad & his mother in #Bhabra in March 1953, after Jagrani Devi died. Nehru threatened him with jail but he defied Nehru & did it anyway! Image
Bhagwas Das Mahour, one of the three muskateers (Vishwanath Vaisampayan, Sadashiv Rao Malkapurkar and himself). After conviction and sentence for his role in the #Bhusawal Bomb case, he married Master Rudranarayan's daughter and helped Malkapurkar take care of Azad's mother. Image
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A thread on Imran Khan's 10 Points Solution to Pakistan's Economic Crisis.
#ImranKhan #StatesmanSpeech #Lahore Image
1 - Revamped Governance System Image
2 - Facilities for Exporters Image
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Manzoor Masih, Rehmat Masih, and Salamat Masih were #arrested in May 1993. Maulvi Fazl-e-Haq had accused Salamat Masih, who was only thirteen, of writing #blasphemous slogans on the wall of the local #mosque.
But testimony emerged that Salamat Masih could not read or (1/16)
write. Still, he and his two older companions were charged under section #295_C of the Pakistan #Penal Code, which provided a mandatory #death penalty for anyone defiling the name of the Prophet Muhammad. Human rights campaigners took up the case and protested against (2/16)
the three Christians’ imprisonment. It was pointed out that they could not be fairly tried in #Gujranwala where the safety of the prisoners could not be guaranteed. SSP held frequent demonstrations in and outside the courtroom, demanding the execution of the three (3/16)
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The Lahore Resolution: A 🧵

#OTD in 1940, the All-India Muslim League adopted the Lahore Resolution—which later came to be known as the Pakistan Resolution—during its three-day general session, which was held in #Lahore from March 22–24.

A. K. Fazlul Huq, the Prime Minister of #Bengal, presented the resolution, which was authored and compiled by Muhammad Zafarullah Khan and served as a formal statement of the party's vision for the future of Muslim #India.

The document famously stated that "...the areas in which the Muslims are numerically in a majority as in the North Western and Eastern Zones of India should be grouped to constitute ‘independent states’ in which the constituent units should be autonomous and sovereign."

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On Today’s Day in #Sikh #History
on 9th of March 1846

#Treaty was Signed Between
The #BritishGovernment and
The State of Lahore(#SikhEmpire) 1846
The ending of the first #AngloSikhWar resulted in the Treaty of #Lahore
(9th March 1846), #Sikhs were made to surrender the valuable region (the Jullundur Doab) between the Beas River and Sutlej River.
The #LahoreDurbar was also required to pay an indemnity of 15 million rupees. Because it could not readily raise this sum, it ceded Kashmir,Hazarah & all the forts,territories,rights & interests in the hill countries situated btwn the Rivers Beas &Indus to the
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A thread on how anti- Sikh fringe elements like #AmritpalSingh facilitate weapons & drugs smuggling from #Pakistan. Info in this thread is based on investigated facts which exposes the #ISI run anti-#India operations.
(10 mins read)
𝐖𝐡𝐨 𝐒𝐮𝐩𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐬 𝐊𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐧?
The idea of #Khalistan was created by politician Jagjit Singh Chohan after he lost an #election in 1969 and went to #UK where he was tapped by #ISI just like Hizbul Mujahideen chief #Syed Salhuddin, who too lost an election.
He then went to #Pakistan to meet Yahya Khan in 1971 who funded him to start #Khalistan movement.

Chohan lost election because he & his ideology was REJECTED by #Punjab. Today, this junk ideology is supported by:
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ON MARCH 27, 2016, several Pakistani Christian families gathered at a park in #Lahore to celebrate Easter Sunday when a suicide bomber detonated ten kilograms of explosives and metal ball bearings between two children’s rides. The attack, claimed by Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, an (1/5)
offshoot of the Pakistani Taliban, killed seventy-three people, including twenty-nine children. Of these children, the youngest was merely two years old and the oldest was sixteen.
A Jamaat-ul-Ahrar spokesperson, Ehsanullah Ehsan, announced that his Islamist militant (2/5)
group had targeted Christians as a message to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that they had entered Lahore—the prime minister’s hometown.
The terrorists wanted the government to halt military operations against their safe havens in Pakistan’s remote tribal areas bordering (3/5)
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7 years ago, on January 18, 2016, I wrote:
“Bitterly cold day as I cross No Man's Land. Off to pay my respects at the Martyrs' Well in Ajnala where the bodies of native sepoys (who rebelled at the Mianmir Cantt in Lahore in 1857 & who were summarily executed at Ajnala) were 1/n
disposed on a rainy day all those years ago.”
It was to be a memorable trip as some elderly Sikh gentlemen present at the site received very warmly a person who suddenly stepped out of the fog - and across the fog - spoke to them in Punjabi and respectfully asked to be guided 2/n
on the place & its history. Initially they were a bit taken aback. Yes I too revere them as you do I told them. Their valor & common cause unites us far above & beyond what divides us today.
The images of the place still haunt me. As was expected I barely managed to catch my 3/n
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The population of #SikhEmpire during the time of Ranjit Singh’s rule was estimated to be around 12 million people.
There were
8.4 million Muslims,
2.88 million Hindus and 722,000 Sikhs.
#Islam (70%)
#Hinduism (24%)
#Sikhism (6%)
Total Area in 1839 was
520,000 km2 (200,000 sq mi) Sikh Kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji
Capital was
#Gujranwala (1799–1802)
#Lahore LahoreFort(1802–1849)

Court language
Spoken #languages in #SikhKingdom #SikhEmpire

Punjabi (dynastic)Punjabi dialects (Saraiki, Hindko, Pahari-Pothwari),Kangri,Dogri,
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The #Charing Cross landmark in #Lahore has remained the centre point of the city since the #British era and continues to be the better-known venue for political mobilization. In 1904, a grand statue of #Queen Victoria was placed under a canopy and the #monument stood (1/7)
at the crossing until 1951.

The statue was moved to the Lahore #Museum thereafter. In the 1980s, during the ‘Islamist’ regime of #General Zia, a wooden model of the Holy Quran was placed where the statue once stood. Earlier, under the civilian Prime Minister Zulfikar (2/7)
Ali #Bhutto, another modernist tower was erected to mark the 1974-summit conference of the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC). The summit monument – as a cultural space – commemorates the ideal of Unity of all Muslims and that of the Ummah – the Muslim Brotherhood (3/7)
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One of the many gifts I received on my watershed visit to my ancestral home of #Lahore is the signature of my great great grandfather. I spent most of my life thinking all was lost of the legacy of Sir Ganga Ram, and here it’s been preserved for a century by the people of Lahore.
Most people whose ancestors suffered under Partition do not receive such an intact story and legacy. Yet this trip, @NCAPakistan searched thousands of #Lahore archives by hand to find the records of his great public works to share with me. I feel truly fortunate beyond words.
As we put the puzzle pieces of his life together, one thing is clear. Sir Ganga Ram believed any modern advance had to include everyone and make the people more self reliant, or it was not progress. This has deep implications for social, environmental, and economic policy.
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Since a few days have passed and thing have "relatively" calmed down, I want to comment on the optics of bringing out APCs in #Lahore Cantt. You all have seen the images go viral on this platform, and some were rightly outraged. 1/n
However, this isn't the first time #PakistanArmy brought out APCs against protesting public. Many years ago, there was a dispute between farmers and the Army over some land in #Okara. That's when this image was shot. For me, personally, it became of the most defining images 2/n
of how the Army behaves in the country. My shock stemmed from the fact that my father commanded 40 AK, which is equipped with TOW mounted APCs for hunting enemy tanks. How could the Army bring out APCs - which are essentially troop carriers - mounted with machine 3/n
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1. @guardian 15 Oct 22, p 21 @tweeter_anita @EmpirePodUK, a cold-eyed, #critical #historian would've provided the #lowdown, and six of her best, to those boorish, blingy, visiting #Punjabis about the #Sikhempire or #ZulfikarBhutto.
2. #Kashmiris and #Ladakhis, unlike mawkish #Punjabis, don't quite share that lachrymose view of #Punjabi #history or #DuleepSingh. #Lamaist #Buddhists and #Muslims chafed under #Sikhrulers. Expelled former; forbade latter #fasting/#Fridayprayers.
3. #India was in a tailspin under #Sikhs, #Marathas, #Mughals etc. and #Britishrule consolidated the peninsula unseen since the #Mauryas. #Newsflash right-on Radcliffe ranters either side: #EmpressVictoria sired #MotherIndia and #Iqbal's sarey jahān bulbuls.
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PAKISTAN’S PREOCCUPATION WITH SECURITY may have its roots in the fact that the #military was the only fully functional institution inherited by the country at the time of the country’s founding. The handicaps that #Pakistan started out with are well known and widely (1/10) Image
documented. Khalid Bin Sayeed points out: ‘ #Muslims lagged behind #Hindus in administrative services, in commerce and finance, and in political leadership.’

The All-India Muslim League was woefully unprepared for running a country and some of its choices around the (2/10)
time of Partition had added to Pakistan’s difficulties. Many of the new country’s politicians and civil servants had to start from scratch, dealing with issues such as finding residential and office space in #Karachi or #Lahore. But the army was already a going concern (3/10)
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Know About 👇
Family Genealogy of
#Padhania #Sandhu #Family

Where #Maharani #JindKaur's Sister was Married with Sardaar #JawalaSinghPadhania.
@callme_sardar @_mwaseem_ @PunjabiRooh @ShirazHassan @SSsandhu1 @Nasirdhillon06 @ANJUMGILLPK @Baaghi_Blood Image
(2) Know About 👇
Family Genealogy of
#Padhania #Sandhu #Family

Where #Maharani #JindKaur's Sister was Married with Sardaar #JawalaSinghPadhania. Image
(3) Know About 👇
Family Genealogy of
#Padhania #Sandhu #Family

Where #Maharani #JindKaur's Sister was Married with Sardaar #JawalaSinghPadhania. Image
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"We sat in the shade with Begam Shah Nawaz, and she told me about the status of Muslim women at Lahore. When she told me that the Muslems of Lahore have adopted the customlaw (old Hindu) in place of the Muslem Law in regard to women’s economic status and (1/5)
inheritance, I confess I was greatly surprised. For the Indian Muslems, on the whole, call themselves fundamentahsts, and are supposed to be keepers of the Religious Law; and Islamic Law in regard to these things is progressive and equitable, while the Hindu (2/5)
Law does not accept woman’s right to inherit at all.

She told me that one hundred and seventy Muslem women had become Christians in order to be able to inherit ; for each religious
community has its particular Family Law, and die individual who passes from (3/5)
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Sikh people eating food at a relief camp at Khalsa college in Amritsar following unrest in the wake of the Partition of India and Pakistan.

#Amritsar #Punjab
A destroyed building in the Katra Jaimal Singh area of Amritsar during unrest following the Making of India and Pakistan by doing Partition of Punjab

#Amritsar #Punjab
#IndependenceDayIndia #IndependenceDayPakistan
Indian soldiers walking through the debris of a building in the Chowk Bijli Wala area of Amristar, during Unrest at the time of Partition of Punjab to Make India and Pakistan.
#Amritsar #PunjabPartition1947
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لاھور (پاکستان) اور گرو ارجن دیو کا تعلق (1606)
بادشاہی مسجد (لاھور) سےتھوڑا آگےخوبصورت سکھ گوردوارہ جسےدیکھ کر لوگ تعریف تو کرتےہیں مگرشاید وہ اس کے پس منظر سےکم ہی واقف ھوں گے۔
لاھورقلعہ وہی جگہ ھےجہاں پنج شاہی (یعنی پانچویں گرو) ارجن دیو
کوشہنشاہ جہانگیرکے حکم پر تشدد سےشہید کیاگیاتھا۔ انہی کی یاد میں یہ "گوردوارہ ڈیرہ صاحب" تعمیر کیاگیا۔
پنج شاہی ارجن دیو صاحب سکھ مت کے پہلےشہید کہلاتے ہیں۔
سکھوں کی پنج شاہی ارجن دیو اور لاھور (پنجاب) کا آپس میں تعلق درحقیقت ایک تاریخی سانحہ ھے جو مغلوں کے جبر کا بھی عکاس ھے اور
زوال کا بھی۔
سکھوں کے کامیاب ترین گرو ارجن دیو، مقدس "آدی گرنتھ" کے پہلے منظم ایڈیشن کے بانی، پر مغل بادشاہ جہانگیرکے باغی شہزادےخسرو کی سپورٹ کا الزام تھا ۔
جہانگیر نے نہ صرف گرو ارجن دیو کو تبدیلی مذہب پر مجبور کیا بلکہ اپنے ہی بیٹے کو اندھا کروادیا اور قید بھی کر لیا۔ جتنے بھی
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نونہال سنگھ حویلی (بھاٹی گیٹ، لاھور)
گزرے وقت کی جاہ وحشمت والی حویلی، پھرعہد برطانیہ کاوکٹوریہ سکول اور آج کا گرلز ہائر سکینڈری سکول
مہاراجہ رنجیت کے پوتےکنور نونہال سنگھ (1821-1840) کی یادگار
بلاشبہ اپنے باپ کھڑک سنگھ کیطرح نونہال
نالائق نہ تھا۔
نونہال سنگھ نے بھاٹی گیٹ (لاھور) کے اندر یہ حویلی 1830 میں عہد رنجیت میں ہی تعمیر کروائی۔
یہ بات کسی سے ڈھکی چھپی نہیں کہ نونہال سنگھ رنجیت سنگھ کی وفات کے بعد 1839سے 1840 تک ایک Defecto حکمران رہا۔
نونہال سنگھ زیادہ تر ایسا حکمران تھا جسکےدوسرے شاہی درباروں سےاچھے
تعلقات رہے۔
اس کی یہ حویلی سکھ عہد کے طرزِ تعمیر کا بہترین شاہکار ھے۔
یہ حویلی برطانوی راج میں ایک طویل عرصہ "Victoria Girls School" کیلئے مختص رہی۔ داخلی دروازے کے دونوں طرف بڑے سائز کے محافظوں کی پینٹنگز جن پر آج پینٹ کر دیا گیا ھے۔
بیسیوں کشادہ کمرے،سجاوٹی کام، جھروکے، کھڑکیاں
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اپنے قطعہ اراضی واقع حد موضع اٹاری سروبہ تحصیل ماڈل ٹاؤن کی فرد برائے بیع کے حصول کے لیے بروز ہفتہ دفتری اوقات کار میں پٹوار خانے جانا ہوا۔ گیٹ پر ایک صاحب نے بتایا کہ متعلقہ افراد جا چکے ہیں آپ سوموار کو آئیں۔ آج بروز سوموار کال کر کے پوچھا تو بتاتے ہیں کہ ابھی آفس پہنچ
رہے ہیں آپ آ جائیں۔ 4 بجے تک جانے کا پروگرام ہے اللہ کرے کہ کام ہو جائے۔
لینڈ ریکارڈ کمپیوٹرائزڈ کرنے میں اتنی تاخیر نہیں ہونی چاہیے تاکہ قیمتی وقت کا ضیاع نہ ہو۔
پیر کو دفتر گیا تو بتایا گیا کہ فرد مشترکہ کھاتے میں ہے۔ وقت لگے گا اور کہا گیا کہ نمبر دے جائیں ہم فون کر کے کل بلا لیں گے۔
اب بروز منگل کل آ گئی ہے، کوئی فون نہیں آیا، 1 بجے کے بعد سے دو بار فون پر بات ہو چکی کہتے ہیں ابھی دیکھ کر بتاتا ہوں کہ فرد بنی یا نہیں مگر کچھ جواب نہیں
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