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A thread 🧵on the #Petyas of #IndianNavy.

There were 10 sister ships in the Petya class. INS Kamorta was the first ship to be commissioned on 21 Nov 1968 and then came Kadmatt, Katchal, Kavaratti and Kiltan in K group & Andaman, Androth, Arnala, Amini and Anjadwip in A group. INS KAMORTA, P 177, INDIAN ...
Petyas were fitted with 4 anti submarine rocket launchers, each with 16 rocket barrels, 2 turret one on the fore castle and one on the aft. There were 3 torpedo launchers and provisions of depth charger in the aft.
A Sonar dome was fitted at the bottom of the ship for detection +
of underwater activities.
Petyas were powered by one main engine of 6000 hp & two additional gas turbine of 15000 hp each 2 poveroth of 200 hp each motor driven were fitted in steering room to steer the ship for berthing or coming along side in less than 6 nautical mile speed,
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🔴Is #IndianNavy being targeted silently❓
The 8 Indian Naval veterans arrested in Qatar wr apparently connected to a SUBMARINE project.
7 yrs ago #Kulbhushan Yadav, a Naval Veteran again, ws kidnapped & taken to Pakistan 🇵🇰

In the thread Few incidents (mostly connected…… Image
2/n 1️⃣ 2020- Op Dolphin’s Nose, #ISI honey trapped 6 Naval personnel, 14 ppl arrested in total. One of the BIGGEST honeytrapping cases of recent times.👇

2️⃣ 2018–INS ARIHANT, Submarine’s hatch left open— costed Indian Navy 10 months of repair…
3/n 3️⃣ 2018: Design leak‼️ 2018 was also the year when details emerged in an Australian media that designs of India's Scorpene submarine fleet have been leaked. Image
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Lets list in my opinion the worst decisions taken or nearly taken by largest navies around the world. #εpsilon Image
The #USNavy #Zumwaltclass destroyers were supposed to have #AGS capable of firing ultra long range 155mm shells, have no shells as they were canceled. Now, to re-add the X-factor the #USN is replacing AGS guns with VLS for upto 12 hypersonic missiles. Costing a lot of $$$$$$$$$s Image
Once the greatest #Navy on Earth, decided it was too great and powerful to have a ship mounted AShM. The #Brits decided #RoyalNavy could retire its #Harpoons without procuring a replacement anytime soon. Luckily , it didnt happen. This is why I feel #UK will cause #AUKUS to fail? Image
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This is a opposite #whatwerethedesignersthinking thread. The #Russians built a 5,000 tonne frigate that has more missiles than several larger contemporaries. It has 16 AShMs VLS (2 3S14 8 cell UKSK modules) and 32 Redut SAM VLS for 9M96E 40 km and 9M96E2 120 km missiles. #εpsilon Image
My very scientific metric 115 tonne per missile (I know it is not scientific, just a fun metric). For eg. #Indian #Kolkataclass is 154 tonne per missile, #British #Daringclass is 168 tonne per missile. But, those are destroyers and have larger stores for longer deployments Image
It is funny that these frigates have the same peer armament as #IndianNavy MF-STAR destroyers with equally potent AD & AShMs at 2/3rds the displacement which limits endurance for this #Russian ship. The Gorkys are based on elongated Krivak/#Talwarclass/Admiral Grigorovich hulls.. Image
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My Indian followers,#Russians have benefitted a lot from you guys designing and purchasing #Russian origin gear for them to swoop in and buy some you guys paid to develop or revive. Exhibit A: Su-30MKI becomes Su-30SM. #εpsilon ImageImage
There are two distinct #Su30 lines, #Indian #Su30MKI at Irkut plant and its derivatives and #Chinese #Su30MKK at KNAAPO plant and its derivatives. The Su-30SM, bought in nos is from MKI lineage. To be fair #Russianairforce also bought 18 Su-30M2s to keep KNAAPO busy before #Su35S ImageImage
Exhibit B: MiG-29K operated by the #IndianNavy made sure that the #Russians can buy a few for themselves after the #Indian production run was done. Else, they might have stuck to upgrading their Su-33s in the long run. ImageImage
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New Iteration of #Whatwerethedesignersthinking! This time it is the Zulfiqar class frigate from #Pakistan. #IndianNavy presently maintains a massive advantage in fleet size over the #PakistanNavy. The advantage was even more so in the 2000s. These frigates have just 8 SAMs.. Image
For comparison, the 3 #IndianNavy #Delhi class destroyers that were in service before the #Pakistani Zulfiqar class have more Kh-35s than the 4 Zulfiqars have SAMs. The AD is made worse by the considering that these are 15 km range missiles vs 120 km - 300 km ranged Kh-35s. Image
The Zulfiqars are based on the #Chinese Type 053H3 base design which shares the same SAM but are late 1990s vintage compared. These vessels are finally getting much needed backup in the form of the 4 Type 054APs which are infact better than their Indian contemporaries in SAMs Image
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#Whatwerethedesignersthinking when they designed the INS Kamorta as part of #Kamortaclass of ASW corvettes for the #IndianNavy . These vessels displace within 500 tonnes of #IndianNavy's own #Talwarclass #frigates and #Russian Admiral Grigorovich class #εpsilon Image
I have not seen a lot of coverage of these essentially frigate sized OPVs of the #IndianNavy and hence wanted to do a comparion. These vessels have no cruise missile VLS cells or any Air Defense VLS cells. She just has 2 RBU-6000s and a torpedo launcher for sub hunting. Image
So the #IndianNavy took an average of 8 years to build each one of them and 9 years after the lead ship was commissioned, she doesnt have a VDS (Variable Depth Sonar)/ TAS (Towed Array Sonar), essentially for what is officially an ASW corvette. Image
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Had to use this hilarious picture!! The #AUKUS program doesnt instill much confidence in me personally. The program was supposed to bring together the #USNavy , #RoyalNavy and the #AustralianNavy to build a #Nuclear sub fleet. What about #IndianNavy? #εpsilon Image
The #UK in post #Brexit is notorious for armed forces cut that make little sense. There were rumors that they might cut the fleet size of #Astutesubmarine and give 2-3 to #Australia in #AUKUS. The current plan hinges a lot on #UK being not #UK . Image
The US is letting go of its 3 #Virginiaclass production slots to sell the boats to #Australia in 2030s. This will be followed by #SSNAUKUS to be built from mid 2030s to 2040s. This program is highly dependent on UK not being UK and funding the new SSN development. Image
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Okay, being neutral means covering both sides so here is a #PakistanNavy thread. They have bridged a big capability vs #IndianNavy in 2022. They inducted the first of the 4 #Type054AP frigates in Jan 2022 and 2nd in June 2022. Image
These sport 32 cells of HQ-16, Chinese derivatives of the naval Shtil-VL seen on Russian Admiral Grigorovich class frigates. They also sport 4 AShMs although the OG Type 054 can carry 8 AShMs. Image
Why are these a concern for India? These are a great 1 to 1 comparison to #IndianNavy 's #Talwarclass as they displace within 100-200 tonnes of each other
1. They have 32 SAM, medium range which is 8 more than the obsolete single arm launchers on 6 Talwar class in service carry. Image
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Major forest fires at multiple locations at Goa, including fire at Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, Morlem and Cortalim, were reported by civil authorities. On a request from the District Administration, the #IndianNavy deployed its assets to contain the fire. A #Dornier was flown on
07 March 2023 to survey the area and localise the fire. #Firefighting equipment were then flown in from Naval Units based at Kochi and Mumbai and multiple sorties for fighting fire were undertaken by Seaking aircraft of the Navy. The helicopters flew multiple missions on 08 March
2023 and sprayed appx. 17 tons of water at Mhadei, Cortalim and Morlem, in 26 runs made over affected areas. The complex operation required picking up water from a nearby water body and releasing it over affected area in difficult terrain. The Special gear
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Looks like my #IndianNavy missile test thread blew up so, a follow on thread on its sister force #IndianAirForce . The collective west, coming out of the Cold War expected the #IAF to be a more Soviet aligned force. #Su30MKI #F35B #TROPEX #εpsilon #MiG21 #MiG21Bison #Mirage2000 Image
The #IAF however has the unique perspective of operating the top western and the top #Russian of alternate &/or every generation egs Hawker Hunter (credits on pic), #MiG21, #MiG29, #Su30MKI, #Mirage2000 #Harrier ImageImage
Each fighter brings in with it, performance numbers but also tactics and maintenance regimen and India can tap into #Russian or #British ideas and pick and choose what works the best. Image
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Indian Navy's Largest War Game: Tropex 2023 Concluded

▪︎70 Indian Navy warships
▪︎06 submarines
▪︎75 aircraft
▪︎Appx 4300 nm from North to South upto 35 deg South Latitude
▪︎ Appx 5000 nm from Persian Gulf in the West to North Australia coast in the East,
▪︎ Covering an area of over 21 million square nautical miles.

TROPEX 23 is considered as the largest ever war game excercise conducted across the expanse of IOR over a duration of four months from Nov 22 - Mar 23 covering operating in a 21 million square nautical miles
area of the Indian Ocean Region (#IOR).

#Tropex2023 #IndianNavy ImageImageImageImage
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Read this thread and feel proud to be an Indian

200 Achievements of PM Modi which is driving India towards “Being a Superpower”

Data and facts given are true to best of my knowledge and ready to argue on any of the point given, Criticism welcome too

#ModiHaiToMumkinHai Image
First read PM Modi Mantra & Initiatives for India and World which are inclusive, ambitious, action-oriented and decisive

One Nation One Tax-2016
One sun One world one Grid-2018
One Nation One Ration card-2019
Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas Sabka Prayas Sabka Viswas-2019

#OneIndia Image
One Nation One address-2020

One Nation One Market-2020

One Nation One Exam-2020

One Nation One Poll-2020

Vocal for Local-2020

Aatmanirbhar Bharat-2020

One Nation One Legislative Platform-2021

One Nation One Police Uniform-2022

One Nation One Digital Platform-2022
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#UntoldStoryNavy by #MananBhatt of a fuelling operation gone wrong.
It was in the months of May-June 2005, #IndianNavy Ships Delhi, Trishul, Ganga and Fleet Tanker Aditya of the Western Fleet were on an Overseas Deployment (OSD) to the South Indian Ocean+
They had visited Moroni (Comoros) Durban, Cape Town (South Africa), Port Victoria (Seychelles), Port Louis (Mauritius), Reunion (France).The fleet had their last exercise with the South African Navy off Cape Town. While on the way back to our Home Port, Mumbai, INS Trishul+ Image
, #IndianNavy ’s guided missile frigate was scheduled to take fuel from Aditya.That was a tough day for the fleet as the sea was very rough, having a Sea State of about 4-6. INS Aditya had suffered steering gear failure and ship’s MEs were steering the 24000 ton gigantic tanker+
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#IndianNavy 🇮🇳⚓️
Programme #MRCBF

➡️ Le Dassault Aviation « Rafale M » serait devenu le favori de l'appel d'offres lancé dans le cadre du programme Multi-Role Carrier Borne Fighter (#MRCBF), face au Boeing F-18 E/F « Super Hornet ». Il est évoqué une cible de 26 à 27 machines.
📚 Snehesh Alex Philip, « France’s Rafale jets are frontrunner in race for Indian Navy contract », The Print, 7 décembre 2022,….
➡️ L'Indian Navy aurait conclu la phase d'expérimentation. Deux documents :

▪️ « rapport d'essai » : analysée détaillée des performances constatées des deux appareils a, dans un premier temps, était soumis au Naval Staff.
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భారత దేశములో నౌకాదళ దినోత్సవం(అంగ్లం: Navy Day) ప్రతి సంవత్సరం డిసెంబర్ 4 వ తేదీన జరుపుతారు.దేశానికి నౌకా దళాల విజయాలు మరియు దేశ రక్షణలో వారి పాత్రను గుర్తుచేసుకొవటానికి జరుపుకుంటారు. భారతదేశ నావికా దళం భారత సైనిక దళాల యొక్క సముద్ర విభాగం మరియు భారతదేశ రాష్ట్రపతి
నౌకాదళానికి సర్వ సైన్యాధ్యక్షుడు.
17 వ శతాబ్దపు మరాఠా చక్రవర్తి , ఛత్రపతి శివాజీ భోంస్లే
"భారత నావికా పితామహుడి" గా భావిస్తారు.

భారత నావికాదళం దేశం యొక్క సముద్ర సరిహద్దులను భద్రపరచుటలో మరియు ఓడరేవు సందర్శనల ద్వారా, భారతదేశం యొక్క అంతర్జాతీయ సంబంధాలను విస్తరించుటలో
ముఖ్యమైన పాత్ర పోషిస్తుంది, ఉమ్మడి వ్యాయామాలు, మానవతావాద మిషన్లు, విపత్తు ఉపశమనం మొదలైనవి వారి కర్తవ్యాలు.ఆధునిక భారతీయ నౌకాదళం హిందూ మహాసముద్ర ప్రాంతంలో తన స్థానాన్ని మెరుగుపరిచేందుకు వేగవంతమైన పునర్నిర్మాణంలో భాగంగా ఉంది.ఈ నివేదిక ప్రకారం 58,000 మంది సిబ్బంది,
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It's #NavyDay today!! 🧵
Happy Navy day to those who served and those who are serving.
Navy is traditionally a mixture of extremes. It is the navy which won territories for the nations. Spain, England, Holland, Portugal, France and India were all successful colonial powers only+
because of their respective navies.
On the other hand, sailors - as against the navy - bring to mind fun and frolic. More than any group of people in the world, it is the sailors who are associated with deeds that usually gets shunted by the general conscience: +
Getting drunk at the slightest pretext in any bar or shack, engaging in brawls for no reason at all while there, rushing to the places where girls await with outstretched hands.

Indian Navy is different.

We dutifully send money home as soon as we get the salaries +
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The first destroyer of India INS RAJPUT D141, an R class destroyer which was acquired in 1949 from Royal Navy (It also served in world war II as HMS Rotherham H09) During 1971 Indo Pak war Rajput was deployed in eastern coast to pretend as INS Vikrant to misguide +
Pakistani Submarine PNS Ghazi to keep her away from INS Vikrant. This ploy eventually led to downing of Pakistan’s pride PNS Ghazi.
That time India had three destroyers in same R class Rajput, Rana and Ranjit. Old INS Rajput was decommissioned in 1976 #IndianNavy. #NavyDay2022
In the early seventies INS Rana, Ranjit and Rajput used to be berthed near boat jetty/ pontoon. R-Class destroyers as the name suggests used to present a very scary look as pre-1971 conflict all naval ships were painted in dark grey while their chimney used to be black.
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INS Sindhurakshak in her prime.

Unfortunately, she went down on 14 August 2013 with 18 of her crew. Image
29/01/2013 Severodvinsk, Russia. INS Sindhurakshak Image
The men posted onboard INS SINDHURAKSHAK were awarded with the Kargil Star War medal as the submarine was deployed in enemy waters, continuously for 45 days.
The men and the Machine both served with honor. 🇮🇳 ImageImage
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-Pravin Sawhney wrote a book Last War
-I don't know how much he understands #ArtificialIntelligence but I agree AI is most profound #technology humanity ever developed
-Future wars will depend upon AI
-For me nothing is above nation so I attempt honest review where #India stands
-#India’s overall ranking 17
-Small countries like #Singapore & #Ireland are ahead
-#Infrastructure & Govt Strategy are 2 areas where we lack
-Notice we are No 2 in talent

-It all starts from #University and Institute
-Number of citations
-Number of PhDs
-#Indian universities do not figure in top unvivsities who are doing research

@ARanganathan72 @sushantsareen #ArtificialIntelligence
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#IndianNavy 🇮🇳⚓️

Un petit 🧶 relatif au programme P75(i) car il semblerait qu'il soit engagé sur les mêmes rationalités que le défunt programme SEA 1000 (classe Attack) : la Marine indienne va-t-elle le saborder... pour des #SNA / #SSN ?
➡️ Le programme P75i était approuvé en 2007. Une 1ière RFI était émise en 2008. Le conseil d'acquisition de la défense approuvait le programme en 2010. Une nouvelle RFI était alors émise sans qu'elle ne déboucha sur le RFP prévu 2012. En mai 2017, décision prise que le
programme P75i relèverait du chapitre 7 du Defence Procurement Procedure 2016 : construction en Inde sous transfert de technologie. Mars 2018 : Magazon Dock Limited qui construit les Scorpène assemblera les bateaux. Une 3ième RFI lancée en juillet 2017. Approbation ministérielle
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‘These Small Agile and Creepy Boats of Marathas Deceive us in Miraculous Way, (they) should be deployed in our Navy’.

- Battle of Khanderi (1679)
Source:- English Factory Records on Ch. Shivaji Maharaj.

@IndiannavyMedia @indiannavy

#IndianNavy ImageImage
@IndiannavyMedia @indiannavy @ChhatrapatiMind (2/3)
Statement by Renowned British Sailors Capt. Adderton, Richard Keigwin, Francis Thorpe, Henry Welch, John Bradbury .
Coming from the Same British Who later claimed that "Britannia rules the Waves ,Britannia Shall Never Be the Slaves ", this statement proves the superiority of Ch. Shivaji Maharaj’s Naval forces.

Tribute to the Father of Indian Navy⚓🇮🇳
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj🙏
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Congratulations to the Indian Navy on the new ensign!

A quick thread on the verse in the Octagon seal, “Sham no Varunah”

The verse comes from the Seekshavalli section in the Taittiriya Upanishad of the Krishna Yajur Veda. #Thread
The verse is part of a longer Sloka in the Seekshavalli.

It starts with an invocation to Mitra, one of the Adityas, to whom Samba built the Sun Temple at Mulasthana (Multan)

As with several other places in the Vedas, especially Rig Veda, Mitra and Varuna are mentioned together in the verse,

“Sham no Mitrah, Sham Varunah”,

praying that the Adityas (sons of Aditi and Kashyapa), Mitra, and Varuna, bless us.
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