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REPORT: @SenTedCruz DID NOT Support #Texas Seceding. But Here's What He DID Say, "I think Texas has a responsibility to the country, and I'm not ready to give up on America. I love this country[...] Texas... #TEXIT (1/4)…
CONTD: @SenTedCruz "...we're brash. We're not shy. We're sometimes larger than life. But Texas is right now is an amazing force keeping America from going off the cliff. Keeping America grounded on the values that built this country..." #TEXIT (2/4)
CONTD: @SenTedCruz "...On the values of freedom. I think we have a responsibility. If the Democrats end the filibuster, if they fundamentally destroy the country, if they pack the supreme court, if they make DC a state..." #TEXIT (3/4)
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As it turns out, this is not @TheTexianDM's first encounter with an astroturf botnet. Here's a thread on an old botnet from which @TheTexianDM got a couple hundred retweets each on a set of #Texit tweets and about 3000 fake followers back in 2018.

cc: @ZellaQuixote ImageImage
This network consists of 36374 now-dormant accounts created in early 2018. Almost all of the accounts in the network either retweet or follow accounts; very few do both. All have either 0 tweets/0 likes or fewer likes than tweets. ImageImageImage
None of the accounts in this network has been active since 2018. Back then they tweeted (allegedly) via a mix of the Twitter Web Client and Twitter for Android (iPhone is entirely absent). Image
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How did this tweet from #Texit supporter and lieutenant governor candidate @TheTexianDM get more retweets than likes, mostly from accounts with GAN-generated profile pics?

(GAN = "generative adversial network", the AI technique used by

cc: @ZellaQuixote Image
Answer: @TheTexianDM's tweet was retweeted by an botnet consisting of (at least) 1081 accounts created in September, October, or November 2021. All 1081 accounts tweet exclusively via the Twitter Web app, and almost all of their tweets are retweets. #astroturf ImageImageImageImage
The accounts in this network mostly retweet cryptocurrency/blockchain/NFT content, but there are exceptions - gaming accounts, musicians, and political accounts turn up as well. Image
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Packed room to see @WatchChad and @DonHuffines at Project Fort Worth.
Citizen David Lambertson honored for his volunteer work.
@WatchChad and @DonHuffines take the stage at Project Fort Worth.
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@CodyTheSmiley @KRIS6News that's not actually true, the business of splitting into 5 states went away in the negotiations for statehood. We can however legally secede. The Constitution does not prohibit it, therefore under the 10th Amendment the decision falls to the individual states. The Texas Constitut
@CodyTheSmiley @KRIS6News Constitution says we are allegiant to the US as long as a republican form of government is maintained. With rigged elections and a succession of presidents ruling by executive order rather than the actual legislative process, we do not see a republican government anymore.
@CodyTheSmiley @KRIS6News In fact, President Biden just said, "No Amendment is absolute" and if the chief executive has declared the constitution null and void, then we no longer, in fact have a republic. The Texas constitution, Article 1 Section 2 says...
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Atlamayalım! Bugün Türkiyemiz de karlar altında, Teksas da. Ama Teksas’ta elektrik yok! Bir ülke olsaydı dünyanın 10. büyük ekonomisi olurdu denilen, 30 milyon nüfusa sahip Teksas’ta 2,5 milyon kişi saatlerdir elektriksiz. Elektrik üretimi durmuş durumda! #EnergyTwitter #ongt
Enerjiyi üretmek, yönetmek ve denetlemek, her biri farklı uzmanlık ve deneyim gerektiren alanlar. Her birinin önemi ve anlamı ancak sorun yaşandığında anlaşılabiliyor.
🇹🇷#TurKEYforEnergy 🧿
ABD’nin elektrik iletim altyapısı hakkında fikir vermesi açısından güzel bir örnek. Yer New Orleans. Tarih, bugün.

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All this #Texit talk has got me thinking about what makes Texans different. Tell me if I got it right. What do Texans believe? #1 - Texans believe in personal responsibility. It’s your job to take care of yourself instead of relying on handouts from others.
What do Texans believe? #2 - Texans are kind and help their neighbors because it’s the right thing to do, not because some government pinhead forces us to. Everybody needs some help sometimes, just don’t think people owe it to you. #Texit
#3 - Texans believe everyone has the right to speak their mind. You should do it kindly, but if you want to run your mouth and show everyone you’re a jackass, you still have the right to. Just don’t complain when you don’t get invited over for supper. #Texit
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Starting a new thread... following all the ways Trump and the GOP are going to obstruct the transition.

I have a bad feeling this will turn into a LONG thread. Image
First, let's dial back to some of the efforts made to steal this election by the GOP. I have a big long thread on the attacks on the USPS and other voter suppression:
Trump also frequently made it clear that he expected the Supreme Court to secure him the election as quid pro quo for packing it with conservatives.

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The scope of the Russian Disinformation campaign is bigger than you think (THREAD).

It is insanely CLEVER and diabolical.

In 2016 the Russia influenced the election in 3 ways:
1) Attempted to hack the online voting systems
2) Cyber-attack on DNC
3) Systematic social media disinformation campaign targeted at US citizens to exert political influence and exacerbate social divisions in US culture.

For number 1 they may have succeeded and in 2/3 they certainly succeeded. For the purpose of this thread i will be detailing with the 3rd point.

Systematic social media disinformation campaign

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Meet @Garexit, the official Twitter account of the Gary, Indiana secession campaign. If you live in Gary (or anywhere else) and have never heard of this movement, that's not surprising, as we made it up in early April.
We decided to use @Garexit to test a couple of the social media automation services we've seen used by other bots, and simultaneously gauge the online activity around various secession movements.
We started with This service is a search-based news aggregator. We configured it to gather articles based on the search terms "Indiana secession movements" and "Texas secession", and to link the articles on Twitter.
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Everything is Bottier in Texas
We've looked into social media activity related to secession movements before, primarily #Calexit (btw, #CalexitIsStillAKremlinConJob). Let's divert our attention to the Lone Star state and check out automated Twitter traffic around #Texit for a change of pace.
Repeated tweets are one distinct sign of automation, and a Twitter search for #Texit doesn't disappoint. Refining the search to "Good morning GregAbbott_TX. We're ready for a vote on #Texit." reveals a pair of accounts (@JohnDuBose6 and @RCC_JDGIV) that tweet this text every day.
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Flights to Russia and embassies in Moscow. Petition drives and fake social media accounts galore.

My dive into three years of support out of Russia for American separatists - and the blowback that came with:…
As a quick run-through: U.S. secessionists' ties in Russia date to at least early 2015, when @texasnatmov sent one of its officers to St. Petersburg to hang with the far-right Rodina crowd, and to stump for Texas secession.…
(A bot network immediately picked up on @texasnatmov's visit to Russia, and pushed out "Free Texas!" messages by the dozen. Even Pravda got in on the game.)
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