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I want to take a moment to remind people,

the history of all these types of "movements",

back to the #FrenchRevolution & beyond,

Is one of controlled opposition--#SunTzu, #Machiavelli, #GameTheory--and beyond.

If you don't think they stage all this with outcomes in mind...
Please keep reading.

You'd be better served to look up #Cointelpro, especially in relation to past movements in the Black Community i.e. #MLK #MalcolmX and even #TupacShakur [LINK: ]
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@GovMikeDeWine I’ve watched your daily #coronavirus pressers with great interest. I applaud the measures you took in March & appreciate the political position you’re in abt starting business in Ohio. I however DON’T HAVE any confidence in the majority of the citizens
to continue to follow (if they ever did) the practice of #PhysicalDistancing & protecting others or them respecting the wishes of us who do follow these concepts. At a visit to my area Kroger store in Mt. Orab OH today, the # of ppl NOT wearing 😷, crowding myself & others
who were masked outnumbered ppl like myself at least 10-1. I don’t credit all this as the fault of your administration, but you’re now falling short of the leadership our state needs & are acting more like #PresTrump. Ppl who don’t want to hear #medicalfacts abt the threat
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1. Do the @KochIndustries funded and @FoxNews, @POTUS @RealDonaldTrump amplified #Astroturf demonstrations fit the definition of domestic terrorism? I think they do.

Domestic Terrorism is defined by federal law.
2. 18 USC 2331(5) defines it as follows:
A. involve acts dangerous to human life that are in violation of criminal laws of the United States or any State.
B. appear to be intended -
(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population
3. Cont.
(ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation; or
(iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and
C. occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.
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1. Why @POTUS @RealDonaldTrump's reaction to declining polls may accelerate the fall of the @GOP in key @SenateGOP races.

First, @parscale IMO has been tasked to use #GRU model sock-puppets to attack @JoeBiden and to create buzz in Trump's Nazi base by a criminal occupation of
2. Michigan state house. Trump gets a rush between his Adderall hits & Parscale goes back to counting the money he's looted from Trump's campaign. But, as the images of these dangerous domestic terrorists playing the role of #AmericanISIS covers the news, more and more
3. moderate Democrats and Independents will be repulsed by the Koch owned @GOP that is the source of funding these criminal acts. So rather than re-charging Trump's diminishing base, the actions that Koch and Parscale are engaged in will accelerate Trump's crashing polls.
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1. PRC's state media evidences it will engage @POTUS @RealDonaldTrump and the Koch funded anti lock-down #astroturf activities in war of words. The piece I saw will be effective to hurt Trump. But the CCP ignores that it suppressed Wuhan's Dr. Li #Wenliang's (李文亮) reporting.
2. China has every right to criticize Trump's reaction. So do we. But China kept the lid on this. Choosing propaganda over transparency the CCP was foolish. And involvement in our election is unacceptable even when it helps my party.
3. We're not defenseless against propaganda from either Trump or the CCP. #Truth is always the best way to counter it.

We need ticktock from the @WHO communications with both PRC and USA. What did CDC know and then do about testing? @RepAdamSchiff @MarkWarner @JoeBiden @maddow
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Avui @elsmatins ha sortit una vella coneguda, l’eterna estudianta a @UABBarcelona, la @JuliaMorenoR, pres @ShaAcabatNo, activista @Ciudadanos @JovesSCC amb la mateixa jugada de sempre: “Som totalment independents de qualsevol partit polític” ha dit, tota seriosa ella
@elsmatins @UABBarcelona @JuliaMorenoR @ciudadanos @JovesSCC La mateixa @JuliaMorenoR que va sortir a @EspejoPublico de la @susannagriso fa 2 anys fent-se la víctima apolítica amb 2 activistes més. La seva amiga diu que li criden "espanyola!" o "mira, la fatxa!" al campus. Imagineu: "Espanyola!!!" Sí, sí, el que tu diguis.
En el mateix muntatge d'@antena3com, @JuliaMorenoR diu que la @UABBarcelona permet que "difamen informació sobre elles" [sic]. L'altra amiga fent-se passar per una apolítica, marginada pels seus origens, és la @laura_casado96 de @cssabadell, @jovenesCs i @JovesSCC.
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Elizabeth Warren has the best supporters! #Warren2020
Very cool! #Warren2020
This one changed her handle, but luckily her new @ comes up when you do a search on the old one! #Warren2020
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Who's ready to kick some #ConCon Butt like we did last year!?

In 2018 only 1 #AstroTurf grps passed rslns calling for #ConventionOfStates

#COSProject: 0
#WolfPAC: 0
#BBATaskForce: 0
#USTermLimits: 2

In fact we trounced these grps so hard in 2018 they've come out swinging 2019

They're RABIDLY pushing #ConventionOfStates

#COSProject has already passed 2 (AR UT)

AND 2 being RAMMED thru MS & KS 🚨

2nd pg #NoConConTracker - see 1st pg for more info 👇…
#USTermLimits emboldened by their Victories in 2018 are pushing HARD to get more #ConventionOfStates rslns passed this year

🚨 2 are slated for FINAL VOTE - They're at FINISH LINE in #AZ & #GA


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Newsfeed --- July 16th, 2018 -- Monday

Last year the United States had the largest decline in CO2 emissions *in the entire world* for the 9th time this century.

I wonder why Liberals never talk about
Climate Change or Paris Accords anymore?
Newsfeed --- July 16th, 2018 -- Monday

Last year the United States had the largest decline in CO2 emissions *in the entire world* for the 9th time this century.

I wonder why Liberals never talk about
Climate Change or Paris Accords anymore?
California is the Dream of the America,

People Are Cancelling Conventions to SF

You Literally have Poop Maps for San Francisco.
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So for the first time in quite a while a newcomer hashtag had top spot on the #Hamilton68 Dashboard -- #walkaway. We remembered seeing this hashtag in the past few weeks but didnt really know what it was or follow up on it. #infosec #opsec
The background story on this hashtag #walkaway is a little strange & the number of bots, trolls, & fake testimonial promoting this hashtag is even stranger. Here's an example of a completely fake tweet highlighted by @daveweigel #opsec #infosec
We decided to look retrospectively at our own reverse engineered #Hamilton68 data. This is a wordcloud of 22893 tweets from our main Hamilton68 troll subset going from June 24th until now & #walkaway takes the #1 spot. #infosec #opsec
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