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1/ Anlässlich der noch immer bestehenden und in der Art nicht mehr nachvollziehbaren Empfehlungen der #STIKO zur #Covid19-Impfung von Kindern & Jugendlichen ein Rückblick auf die Aussagen des #STIKO-Chefs Thomas Mertens im NDR-Podcast vom 01.06.21:…
2/ „Diese Zulassungsstudie, da sind also ungefähr 1100 Kinder geimpft worden. Und sie sind in den Daten, die zur Verfügung stehen, zwei Monate nachbeobachtet worden. Also eine sehr kurze Zeit und sehr kleine Zahl von Kindern. … Wenn man sich nur vorstellt, dass es zu einer …
3/ … wie immer gearteten Spätfolge kommen kann. Also ich nenne jetzt einfach nur als Beispiel die #Narkolepsie bei #Pandemrix. … Oder ich nenne auch nur jetzt das Beispiel von den #TTS-Fällen bei Vektor-Impfstoffen. … Dann gibt es sehr schnell die Situation - vom …
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[Live] Follow Live Reporting of SII & Ors vs Yohan Tengra & Ors, 100 Crore Defamation Suit

Bombay HC will resume the hearing of @adarpoonawalla 100 Cr defamation case on @ytengra and @AmbarKoiri shortly!

#Covishield #Genocide #MassMurderer #Defamation
Hearing before the bench of Justice Riyaz Chagla has begun with Adv Nilesh Ojha resuming his arguments.

#BombayHC #Covishield #SerumInstitute
Adv Ojha points out First false statement by Plaintiff that it is not proved that death of Dr. Snehal Lunawat was due to side effects of vaccines and therefore the allegations by defendants are false and the defendants are guilty of defaming plaintiff.
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@CB_News souhaite embrasser ttes les technologies pour toucher le plus de lecteurs, là où ils sont ..!
Désormais #CBNews propose "#LeFeedAudio"🎧 un nouveau format #podcast qui décline ses meilleurs articles au format #audio via la solution🗣️#Text2Speech d'@Audion_fr "PrintAudio"
avec de fait, un rendu final identique à celui d'@ETX_Studio, #Remixd... des solutions qui s'appuient toutes sur les services et la technologie Cloud Text-to-Speech de #MicrosoftAzure pour générer…
un format #audio autour des mêmes voix de synthèse du synthétiseur vocal développé par #Microsoft.
#audio #radio #podcasts ##TTS #Text2speech #text2Voice #IA #medias #presse
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En los últimos días han habido cambios en ciertos protocolos…🤨

…pero antes, recordar q:

👉🏻Cuarentena: es cuando esperas a ver si desarrollas síntomas tras exposición
👉🏻Aislamiento: cuando estás + y te guardas para frenar la cadena de contagios

Estas 2 prácticas las hemos usado para mitigar los casos desde inicio de la pandemia

-Cuarentena de 3-5 días luego de estar con alguien positivo: y entonces hacer prueba de COVID y ver si se desarrollan síntomas

-Aislarse 10-15 días al salir positivo para no contagiar a más
Sin embargo en los últimos días ciertos protocolos puntuales conocidos por todos se han modificado ante:

-Más información sobre el virus
-Mayor inmunidad natural y por vacuna q tiene la población
-La disrupción q ocasionan medidas: haciendo un análisis ⚖️ de costo/beneficio

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Vector-based SARS-CoV2 #vaccines have been associated with vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia #VITT/#TTS. It is known that similar to HIT, anti-PF4 antibodies are formed which activate platelets therefore eventually leading to serious thrombosis:…
This serious and sometimes fatal condition has been described for both vector-based SARS-CoV2 vaccines ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 (AstraZeneca) and in less frequency for Ad26.COV2.S (Johnson&Johnson). However, it is still unclear why there are large differences in the incidence of #VITT.
To tackle this question, we dropped everything else and compared both vaccines in our local, highly interdisciplinary multi-expertise group from @uni_greifswald, @UMGreifswald and @Loeffler_News: #GreifswalderForscher
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Norway’s expert committee „does not recommend the inclusion of vaccines based on adenoviral vectors in the national vaccination program“

Should not come as a surprise to those who have followed @GretchenVogel1 and my reporting

H/t @Sciencenorwayno…
@GretchenVogel1 @Sciencenorwayno I have made the point again and again that his is about context.
In this case on top of low infection rates (see page 9):
- mRNA vaccines are becoming available faster in Norway
- 2nd dose of mRNA now to be given after 12 weeks, so more people will get first dose faster.
@GretchenVogel1 @Sciencenorwayno If the context changes, decision may too:
Recommendation is "based on the level of knowledge we have at present… Changes in infection rates, new virus mutants, unforeseen problems with vaccine deliveries and new information about side effects could lead to other conclusions"
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So where are we on the rare clotting disorder linked to AZ and J&J shots? What do we know? How do risks and benefits compare? What does it mean long-term and around the world?
@GretchenVogel1 and I tried to answer some questions, thread to come in a bit.…
First off:
This is complex and I‘m tired of people pretending it‘s all obvious.

So a few general points about the decisions that have to be made here:
They are
- local, but with global implications
- based on imperfect data in an evolving pandemic
- about individual decisions as well as population-level effects (and these two things can point in opposite directions)
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Our next paper: Abnormal #thyroid function is common in #takotsubo syndrome and depends on two distinct mechanisms: results of a multicentre observational study…
In this study, we compared patients with #takotsubo syndrome (#TTS) with age- and sex-matched normal subjects from the #NHANES collective and with patients affected by acute coronary syndrome (#ACS) from the AQUA FONTIS study (@StudyAqua). Main outcome measure was serum #FT4. Image
With artificial intelligence / machine learning we identified two clusters of #thyroid function in #TTS and three clusters in the whole population. #AI #ML Image
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