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This is the Tao of Thomas - my beginner’s guide to @Twitter. The thoughts are mine. The words are from @nickwarren #tweetstorm cc @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower 6) So stand for something. Be human. Authentic. Be someone. A product is not enough, whatever you’re selling.
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower 7) Let your profile reflect who you are… the copy, imagery and links should tell a consistent story.
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower 8) Pin a tweet to the top of your stream. Twitter allows up to 45 seconds of video. Be yourself. Tell a story.
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower 9) Remember… some are drawn to confidence, others to vulnerability. Everyone feels imposter syndrome. Be yourself. Be honest. It’s not a numbers game. It’s a depth game.
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower 11) So be open to connection. Make yourself easy to contact (Thomas provides phone and email details in his profile for example @WhatsApp +447875695012 or email thomas.power@9Spokes.com
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval 14) Be consistent. Create a #tricklebrand. Thomas tweets 30 times per day. (That’s 1,000 tweets a month.) Stamina is key - as with everything of value in life.
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval 16) Be on the lookout for underused #Hashtags you can populate and leverage. E.g. #ToT (Tao of Thomas). Rather good that one @nickwarren and they are best identified using @TweetDeck by @iaindodsworth
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval @TweetDeck @iaindodsworth 17) Aim to mix unique tags you (sort of) ‘own’ (or lead) with higher traffic tags that may bring you more views. (e.g. #whatNicksReading AND #whatImReading). Use @TweetDeck to check relative flow rates (see 19).
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval @TweetDeck @iaindodsworth 19) Value mentions above profile visits, and look for content keywords that can explain the engagement, and be reused.
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval @TweetDeck @iaindodsworth 20) Be a good citizen. When we learn to follow, like, share our peers’ content... they will do the same for us.
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval @TweetDeck @iaindodsworth 22) As you develop your practice, consider upscaling your tools to contend with the firehose of opportunity. Use a laptop rather than a phone. Use @Tweetdeck rather than the standard Twitter clients. @tweetdeck works well on big mobile screens like #Mate20X 7.2 inch the one I use
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval @TweetDeck @iaindodsworth 24) Use @TweetDeck to monitor verticals of interest (users, lists, and hashtags). Get specific about content that matters to you and your audiences.
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval @TweetDeck @iaindodsworth 25) You have audiences (plural)... because you are more than one thing. More than a job or a product or a single issue. Be the whole you @twitter.
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval @TweetDeck @iaindodsworth 27) So think long-term. This is LIFE. It took @thomaspower 5 years to reach to reach 10,000
followers (2007 - 2012) and then just 6 more to reach 300,000. (2012 - 2018). Thomas was introduced to @twitter by @louisgray & @jbond 2007.
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval @TweetDeck @iaindodsworth @louisgray @jbond 28) Remember, you have permission to be interesting, engaging, funny or whatever. You DON’T have permission to sell. Personality comes first, then
community, and (only) then commerce once people have got used to you and this can take years.
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval @TweetDeck @iaindodsworth @louisgray @jbond 29) Sales pitches don’t work. This is not a marketplace, it's a lonely place where everyone is trying to position themselves correctly for the conversation. The goal is to magnetise people to you, not push your needs onto them. This is your finest @nickwarren
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval @TweetDeck @iaindodsworth @louisgray @jbond 31) Use hashtags and searches (@Twitter @YouTube @Facebook @Google) to locate people who are talking about the things that interest you. Read their profiles carefully. Learn the space. Their space. Join their conversations. Focus on them not you.
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval @TweetDeck @iaindodsworth @louisgray @jbond @YouTube @facebook @Google 32) So instead of selling, move towards the people you seek to know. Let them know you, through your replies and conversations. Play the conversation toward your
brand by playing with theirs. Use humour, insight, cunning, numbers and keywords, humility and self deprecation.
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval @TweetDeck @iaindodsworth @louisgray @jbond @YouTube @facebook @Google 34) The replies you wrap around other’s tweets are as important as anything you post directly. They connect you with others. Their interests. Their lives. You have get inside others lives for them to even consider yours.
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval @TweetDeck @iaindodsworth @louisgray @jbond @YouTube @facebook @Google 35) Be specific in your words. “I’m learning a lot” has little value in a retweet, but a specific insight is more likely to spread because #insights and #connections matter most and connections come in many forms.
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval @TweetDeck @iaindodsworth @louisgray @jbond @YouTube @facebook @Google 38) Because the conversation is happening out loud & in public, each tweet building your #tricklebrand & theirs. This is why replies to your tweets are more likely here than by email because they are happening in public. Therefore, stay consistent. Keep engaging. Prove your worth
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval @TweetDeck @iaindodsworth @louisgray @jbond @YouTube @facebook @Google 40) If a response is forthcoming, aim to keep the conversation alive… in every sense. Conversations may play out for days or weeks, adding value to all. This one has gone on for years by @naval June 21st 2017
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval @TweetDeck @iaindodsworth @louisgray @jbond @YouTube @facebook @Google 44) Create longer brand pieces through #TweetStorms… threaded ‘stories’ in which you constantly replies to yourself, thus creating a single unit (which can be
referenced with one link to the top tweet) like this one
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval @TweetDeck @iaindodsworth @louisgray @jbond @YouTube @facebook @Google @ChartMogul 48) Research influencers who can help you spread your tweetstorm. (E.g. for the shipwreck story that might be Twitter storytellers, journalists etc) Send them the
link and ask for advice or comment. Be professional. Be humble.
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval and as you update it there you can also update it here thus you have threaded threads or #TTs @nickwarren or connected ideas and we know "every little connection helps" #ELCH
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval @TweetDeck @iaindodsworth @louisgray @jbond @YouTube @facebook @Google @ChartMogul The other thing to consider @nickwarren @kimadele10 @ai_rajsharma @argent_phil in #TheTao is the Mastermind of Nudge #MON as we couldn't be here in this place with this #tweetstorm of nudges without the group & the collective learning & observations from the mutual story telling
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval @TweetDeck @iaindodsworth @louisgray @jbond @YouTube @facebook @Google @ChartMogul Thus we have group self learning, self teaching, self nudging, self supporting and as a collective we are capturing our story as a #tweetstorm is that in itself the breakthrough @ai_rajsharma describes as #TaaS "Tweetstorm as a Service"?
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval @TweetDeck @iaindodsworth @louisgray @jbond @YouTube @facebook @Google @ChartMogul and of course we are doing this in plain sight in a public thread not hidden to the private eyes @whatsapp of Masterminds only that in itself is also different and unusual as we are collectively learning together as a group in plain sight via this thread.
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower please add your suggestions to #TheTao here in this Google Doc docs.google.com/document/d/1So… @nickwarren will check, verify and add your suggestions accordingly over time as this learning thread evolves thank you @thomaspower #TaaS #Tweetstorm #Mastermind #Collective #Learning #Story
@Twitter @nickwarren @subsetharry @kimadele10 @argent_phil @iPerrySimpson @ai_rajsharma @DaveHillman2 @Samlindley9 @CaroleAnnRice @scottkeyser @NikiCassidy @pennypower @WhatsApp @naval @TweetDeck @iaindodsworth @louisgray @jbond @YouTube @facebook @Google @ChartMogul @googledocs 59) Take a story that's already good bring in another story perhaps more controversial & add in your friends to debate both stories creating new angles of debate for all parties that encourage a different kind of engagement both progressive & regressive
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