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1/ Man sollte Peter #Doshi einfach IMMER zuhören (in diesem Falle auch @drwasy und @woodymatters):

„The #FDA also failed to warn about the documented risk of sudden death, even though #myocarditis is now a well-recognized side effect, particularly among young men. … Image
2/ To support adding ‚sudden death‘ to product labeling, we pointed to multiple autopsy studies on lethal vaccination-associated #myocarditis. (Since our petition, another such study, with Korean public health officials as co-authors, was published last Friday and found eight …
3/ … cases of sudden cardiac death attributable to #Covid19 vaccination-related #myocarditis.) …

… we asked the #FDA to add seven adverse event types to product labeling: multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C), pulmonary embolism, sudden cardiac death, …
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Desinfo debunk draadje, want er gaan 2 dingen rond die door verkeerde uitleg de gemoederen flink verhitten. De mensen die steeds roepen dat Corona voorbij is lijken het zelf niet los te kunnen laten 😏. Dit keer: vaccins en myocarditis. #Debunk #Coronavaccin #myocarditis
Allereerst bericht over de werkzaamheid van de huidige Coronavaccins. Die is afgenomen tegen de nieuwe dominante varianten. Vindt men van alles van. De hele riedel komt weer voorbij. Van: “ze werkte nooit“ tot “altijd gif geweest” #Debunk #Coronavaccin #myocarditis
In werkelijkheid hebben de vaccins veel ellende voorkomen, beschermen ze perfect tegen ernstige ziekte en sterfte door de destijds dominante varianten en hebben ze ons aan een basis weerstand geholpen die voor de meeste van ons voldoende is. #Debunk #Coronavaccin #myocarditis
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Congrats to the team out of #southkorea for completing a huge #COVID19 💉 #myocarditis study on their entire population to better characterize immunization myocarditis for all of us. Let's talk about what the paper really showed, instead of what the pundits think it showed.
I know how much work it is to coordinate all the moving parts and all the healthcare professionals to put together something like this, so if you ever meet this team, they deserve a digital round of applause.
The primary objective was to look at the medium term and long term outcomes of COVID vaccine myocarditis, count the amount, stratify by age, and find out what the most severe outcomes were. There were several levels of results, some of which confirm other studies, others are new:
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Let'S Talk About Sex

Yes, let's talk about top issues a POTUS faces.

Let's talk about when the DoD, of which he is
commander in chief, helps create a bioweapon
which leads to a pandemic, and he fails to
investigate it internally.

Let's talk about his championing of corrupt >
health officials, like Fauci and giving over presidential powers to him, to force mandates and shutdowns on churches, schools and small businesses but not liquor stores and corporations.
Let's talk about creating public panic re the pathogen, which was lethal to a minute % of >
people #DiamondPrincess, to scare them into taking a #WarpedSpeed mRNA💉.
Let's talk about creating a 💉 with technology like LNPs and mRNA which was known to be toxic.
So toxic, LNPs are a last resort therapy to get cancer drugs across the blood brain barrier.
So toxic, that >
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1/ Sehr geehrte ehemalige Präsidentin der #DGfI @ChSFalk1 - es gibt da ein Problem.

Sie sagten in 2/22: „Mit einer vierten Dosis macht man erstmal nichts kaputt.“

Wie konnten Sie da so sicher sein, wenn Sie doch über die grundsätzliche Problematik informiert waren? ImageImage
2/ Heute lesen wir in einer Publikation folgendes:

„Emerging evidence suggests, that the reported increase in IgG4 levels detected after repeated vaccination with the #mRNA vaccines may not be a protective mechanism; rather, it constitutes an immune tolerance mechanism to …
3/ … the spike protein that could promote unopposed SARS-CoV2 infection and replication by suppressing natural antiviral responses.“

Und es kommt noch schlimmer:

„Increased IgG4 synthesis due to repeated #mRNA vaccination with high antigen concentrations may also cause …
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#Enterovirus #Myocarditis is getting a lot of attention in the media right now so, I'm here to share a general overview of what this is.
According to our professional organization, @ACCinTouch , the definition of myocarditis is any condition that causes inflammation of the heart. There are a big list of causes, and the most common ones in adults are different from the most common ones in kids.
Enterovirus is a specific category of virus, and it is one of the infections (overall most common cause in all ages) which is capable of causing heart inflammation.
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O, let me list the ways, that @VPrasadMDMPH tried to hoodwink you, and hope you didn't notice.
#FreeSpeech #MedTwitter #myocarditis #COVID19
The most basic way - he blocked almost all of #Medtwitter for disagreeing with him, and simultaneously claims that everyone needs to at least listen to people who disagree.
Whatever happened to actions speak louder than words @VPrasadMDMPH?
@VPrasadMDMPH criticized other physicians for attempting to debunk homeopathy, while forgetting that an unwavering belief in pseudoscience actually gets people killed……
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#JoeRogan @joerogan and @DrAseemMalhotra misled you again, willfully, on vaccine myocarditis and statins, on the Joe Rogan show. Here, I explain how. 🧵
#vaccineswork #myocarditis #HeartDisease
One part of his presentation focuses on statins, and the controversy surrounding his project with Abramson/ Malhotra et al about the risk/ benefit ratio of statins. As a quick recap, statins are intended to lower cholesterol, and Malhotra's position is that...
as many people as possible should stop their statins and focus on exercise. This narrative is as usual based upon distortions of the evidence, and normal cardiologists don't need to distort the evidence to make their point.
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This has to change Image
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#Pfizer lied to people all along. They documented 1290 distinct adverse events during clinical trials of the COVID vaccines.

#VaccineSideEffects were real and they were massive.

A thread for your awareness👇 Image
Look at the following document for the complete list of adverse events…
There are total 9 pages of distinct type of adverse events recorded.

Page-1 Image
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Is the Department of Health and Aged care, The TGA and ATAGI telling #Australian's the true picture of rise in Myocarditis (and it's seriousness) cases in #Australia post Covid-19 mRNA vaccines?

A 🧵 - 👇🏽

Like many (including myself), before mid-2021 (and certainly not in 2020) heard of Myocarditis (A rare heart disease). However, Mid 2021 this "rare" heart disease was not rare anymore.

In the #COVID19 Vaccine safety report published on 27th May 2021, TGA #Australia for the first time mentioned that they were investigating small number of Australian cases for Myocarditis and Pericarditis following #Pfizer vaccine.…

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Really pleased to share the results of the #LongCovid study I was part of with the Perspectum team out of Oxford University. Using a specialist new technology this focused on assessing multiple organ damage in 'first wave' patients, infected with #COVID in early 2020 or even 2019
We were given in-depth haemotological tests, respiratory assessments and most importantly whole organ scans using the new 'MRI' type enhanced scanning equipment. My first test showed #myocarditis, three liver #lesions, reduced #kidney function and multiple organ inflammation
Also in the first year I experienced #TIA, #atrialfibrillation, #septic bursitis, pre-diabetic symptoms, complete loss of taste & smell; hair loss; #polyarthritis joints, abdominal and bone pain plus multiple #infections and skin eruptions Some neuralgia, headaches and brain fog
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On December 13, 2020, @ONThealth distributed a "script for health care providers" for "obtaining informed consent" from patients receiving a dose of the @pfizer @BioNTech_Group #COVID19 #mrna #vaccine. 💉🧬

#informedconsent #COVIDON @OntarioHealthOH… Image
@ONThealth @pfizer @BioNTech_Group @OntarioHealthOH What was @ONThealth instructing doctors/nurses/pharmacists/@CineplexMovies parking lot volunteers to tell patients at the time, in order to receive #informedconsent? 🧐 Image
"The vaccine we are offering today is called Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. This vaccine has been shown to help the body protect itself from becoming sick against the new coronavirus, COVID-19."

Of course, you'll need two doses for it to work. Just two! Image
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Après avoir accusé en complotisme toute critique, on peut constater une inflexion dans le discours de certains influenceurs au sujet de la myocardite vaccinale.
Espérons que cela annonce un changement de paradigme et rappelons quelques éléments :
La myocardite vaccinale à d'abord été considérée comme un phénomène très rare, bénin et isolé. Sans commune mesure avec une myocardite issue de l'infection. Ces considérations étaient pourtant invalides à plusieurs égards :
1⃣ Premièrement, elles ne prenaient pas en compte le risque en rapport avec l'âge, le sexe, les comorbidités, mettant toute la population dans le même panier et occultant le fait que tout le monde ne présente pas le même profil de risque.
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“Premeditated Manslaughter Coordinated at the Highest Levels” – Part 2 -Psychopathic democide might be eligible for forgiveness in rare circumstances, but blanket amnesty is not in the cards for crimes against humanity - by @TraderStef #Nuremberg2 #Amnesty… Image
#Nuremberg2 #Amnesty? - “Plandemic 3” Trailer – Seeing Through The Propaganda…
#Nuremberg2 #Amnesty? #democide - Jr. covering for daddy, sooo late and behind the curve by a couple+ years, is pathetic - not humble
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🧵The misinformation hellscape is exploding under @elonmusk. It's not just that #myocarditis is trending, it's that all the tweets that come up are crazy conspiracy theory and none debunking it.
For most people, "myocarditis" is a reason to get the vaccine, not to avoid it.
🧵The vaccine causes it in tiny amounts.
The covid causes it in huge amounts.
Everyone will contract the covid at some point.
The vaccine lessons the severity of the disease when you catch it by huge amounts.
QED: if you (most people) don't want the myocarditis, get the vaccine
🧵I don't know about kids and athletes. I suspect this is still true, even though they are dramatically less likely to get a symptomatic infections, and dramatically more likely to experience this side effect from the vaccine.
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#vaccineswork #COVID19 #myocarditis for those who are strongly committed to the COVID doesn't cause myocarditis camp, who love toting this Israeli study, remember that it specifically looked at myocarditis in a post COVID cohort specifically those after day 10 of positive PCR,
and compared it to historical cohorts who had myocarditis from other reasons. Their core conclusion was that the amount of myocarditis was not statistically significant different in the two groups. If you look for myocarditis after COVID only 10 days after, you will ...
find less myocarditis than if you look at all COVID cases added together. We have lots of historical evidence for human coronaviruses of all flavors causing myocarditis. Calling me names will not change that, despite what you prefer to think.
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THREAD: #Virology: Unmasking a 100+ Year Old Lie

Everything You Think You Know About Disease Is Likely Wrong.

#vaccinegenocide #vaccines #vaccinedeath #PfizerLiedPeopleDied #thread…
We Need To Base Our Understanding of Reality Upon Reality, Not Manipulation.

Everything You Think You Know About Disease Is Likely Wrong....
In order to understand the world around us as the truth about it is emerging from a 100+ year slumber, it’s going to be important to challenge ideas that have absolutely zero basis in reality.

I will start off by saying that we have been duped - ALL OF US.
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1. The Release of the information for how I treat #myocarditis and #pericarditis with such success! In this thread, I will include each page and an explanation, but you can download the entire document at:
@TracyBethHoeg @DrBMcDH @akheriaty @RWMaloneMD
2. A description of who I am and my accreditations. And for any natural health haters/trolls, everything I do is covered by all private health insurance companies in Canada! Thus, only comment if you think you know more than they do. 😘
Before the Exclamation of specific treatment, let me first explain the science! And this is the science for which I have practiced for the last 30 years, which is based on the principles of biphasic dose-response!
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In #nz the #covidvaccine Advisory Group CV-TAG strongly advised our Govt NOT to mandate 2 doses to children aged 18 and below due to unfavourable risk/benefit profile

#mrna #informedconsent #myocarditis
They said: 11/11/21 younger age groups are more at risk than older age groups of myocard after dose the second dose of Pfizer vaccine, while a robust antibody response and early limited clinical effectiveness data indicate some protection from Vax after 1 dose of Pfizer
"consideration should be given to permitting younger people who have had one dose to be permitted to work or undertake other activities covered by the mandate"
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[Live] Follow Live Reporting of SII & Ors vs Yohan Tengra & Ors, 100 Crore Defamation Suit

Bombay HC will resume the hearing of @adarpoonawalla 100 Cr defamation case on @ytengra and @AmbarKoiri shortly!

#Covishield #Genocide #MassMurderer #Defamation
Hearing before the bench of Justice Riyaz Chagla has begun with Adv Nilesh Ojha resuming his arguments.

#BombayHC #Covishield #SerumInstitute
Adv Ojha points out First false statement by Plaintiff that it is not proved that death of Dr. Snehal Lunawat was due to side effects of vaccines and therefore the allegations by defendants are false and the defendants are guilty of defaming plaintiff.
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In NZ the #covidvaccine technical advisory group is called CV-TAG. It is their job to "independently" assess international safety and efficacy data and inform our Govt on safety implications #covidvaccine. They were tasked with this re the roll out of the vax for 12 to 15 years.
In Aug 21 with awareness of the clear safety signal of myocarditis especially in young males, they recommended only health compromised high risk receive it. 3 days before cabinet meeting CV TAG overrode their own advice, moving to full roll out to age 12 - 15.
Coneyed by 1 2 line memo Its lack of detail suggests that this was the result of a hasty political decision that was being rubber-stamped by the advisory group.
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1/ Gibt es eigentlich schon ein Statement von #PEI und Klaus #Cichutek bezüglich der Studie aus Massachusetts, wonach bei Jugendlichen mit #Myocarditis nach mRNA-Impfung FREIE Spike-Proteine im Blut nachgewiesen werden konnten?

Müsste ihm diese Studie nicht besonders große …
2/ … Sorge bereiten, angesichts #Cichutek /s eigener Publikation aus 03/21 zur Rolle des Spike-Proteins bei Gewebeschäden durch Zellfusion?

„Schon geringste Mengen des Spike-Proteins reichen in Zellkultur aus, infizierte und nichtinfizierte Zellen ……
3/ … verschmelzen und absterben zu lassen. Viruspartikel mit Spikeprotein auf ihrer Oberfläche können sogar nur durch Kontakt Zellen veranlassen, mit ihren Nachbarn zu fusionieren. …

Für die betroffenen Zellen kann die Fusion das Absterben bedeuten. …
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1/ In Folge 337 des Corona-Podcasts von @AlexanderKekule wird ausführlich die Anfang Januar 2023 publizierte Studie besprochen, wonach Jugendliche mit #Myocarditis nach mRNA-Impfung FREI ZIRKULIERENDES #Spike-Protein im Blut aufweisen:
2/ Es geht um folgende Veröffentlichung:…
3/ Die Studie liefert offenbar mehrere Erkenntnisse, die der Virologe und Epidemiologe @AlexanderKekule ab ca. Minute 31:30 ausführlich thematisiert:…
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