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Whoops lol #savejames #soundthedrumsofwar
Madeleine @LifeSite and Jeff Morgan #savejames #soundthedrumsofwar
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do you think youve experienced #RapidOnsetGenderDysphoria? do you have a child or friend that you think may have #ROGD? i lived w #rogd for 3 years believing i wasnt a girl bc the #transcult told me i didn’t have to be. i wanna answer any questions u have abt #ROGD or #beingtrans
also if you’re too nervous to message or reply to me you can ask at my curiouscat! i don’t bite, i promise. :-)
the basics: id been “part of the LGBT community” (aka, i ID’d as bi and was active on tumblr) thru of high school. i’d been a tomboy when i was young, had a sexuality crisis in middle school, and went thru HS as a “regular girl”- i wasnt feminine, but wasn’t gender nonconforming.
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Thread half personal/half #transcult all heavy shit: In 1976 the television movie Sybil, starring Sally Field, was released. It detailed the “Real Life” of a girl with Multiple Personality Disorder.
Following the release of Sybil the number of cases of MPD (now Dissassociative Identity Disorder, or DID) spiked. Psycologists everywhere hopped on the bandwagon and began finding people with MPD, almost exclusively women. My mother was one such person.
I don’t remember the details of how it came to be but around 87 she started seeing a shrink, likely for depression/anxiety. Shortly after she was diagnosed with MPD by her psychiatrist. (In my opinion, an over eager one).
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1 / A fact for the next time someone tells you trans people are at an astronomically high risk of violence:

In 2017, the rest of Americans, looked at as one average, were just over 1.66x more likely to be murdered than a trans American.

Open the thread to see the numbers ↓
2 /… The Daily Beast reported in July of 2018 that 28 trans Americans were murdered in 2017. As of July 2018, there has been 14 trans Americans killed, so basically on par for the same.
3 / In June of 2016, Time reported on a UCLA study which found that 1.4 million Americans identified as trans. That number, if anything, grew in 2017. But let's assume a little padding. That gives us 28 murdered out of 1.4 million.…
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The Black feminist movement has been hijacked by imposters. These imposters center & prioritize immigrants & the #TransCult. Native Black American women are expected to be the main foot soldiers for other groups. #BLM and #MarchForBlackWomen are "fifth column" groups.
Some pro-black Afrocentric male lead groups are also "fifth column" groups.
A "fifth column" is any group of people who undermine a larger group from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine. Forces gathered in secret can mobilize openly to assist an external attack.
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THREAD: I didn’t have rapid-onset gender dysphoria, but for #ROGDWEEK2018 I want to share the reasons I thought I was not a woman and tried to transition.
Both parents came for traditional Welsh and Mancunian working class backgrounds. Insidious gender stereotypes were stamped all over the fabric of our family, whether they knew it or not. On the one hand I was unusually lucky to have a breadwinner mother (doctor)
On the other, I was unfortunate enough to have a bitter, entitled, lazy and narcissistic father who abused us both sexually and emotionally. He resented our drive and our intelligence (qualities he lacked) so did everything possible to undermine our confidence and independence.
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There is a huge overlap between (a) the transgender population and (b) the BDSM/fetish/"kink" scene. Only a fool could believe this is not significant. Also, how many transgender people have histories of childhood sexual trauma?
#Transcult: "If you don't validate their identities and support their transition, they'll kill themselves!"
Sane People: "Can we talk about their suicidal tendencies? Maybe the cause-and-effect correlation here isn't what you say it is?"
#Transcult: "HATER!"
#Transcult: "Do what I say or I'll kill myself!"
Sane people: "What is this, a hostage standoff? You're not a victim. You're a bully. Take your pronouns and your ideology and go jump off a bridge, for all I care."
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"It is for everyone who questions the medicalisation of childhood feelings, the invasive and life-changing treatment of minors and the aggressive tactics of transgender and LGBT organisations to promote and normalise this medical experiment"

"It is for lesbian and gay adults who fear for this generation of gay and lesbian children and adolescents encouraged to see themselves as ‘trans’ and straight."

trans people can be gay, lesbian, and bi. gender influences sexuality, it doesn't cancel it out.…

here, they dismiss surveys and studies relating to trans people and suicide.

did you notice they try debunking the numbers with "we believe" several times?

the only thing that's solid is that trans people need more statistical documentation, as in
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