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Gillian Philip added #IStandWithJKRowling to her Twitter account in 2020 resulting in HarperCollins & book creators WorkingPartners terminating her contract.

If the judge permits, we'll be reporting from the preliminary hearing in her employment tribunal.…
Gillian Philip’s claim against HarperCollins and book creators WorkingPartners alleges she was discriminated against because of her age and for holding and expressing gender critical views.

#WORIADS #BookTwitter
Both publisher HarperCollins and book creators WorkingPartners were aware of her gender critical views. Her support of @jk_rowling generated a Twitter storm and a coordinated attempt to get Gillian Philip fired.

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Can we talk about the McCarthyite censors who this week tried to tighten their hold on the publishing industry? The climate of fear and intimidation has been there so long that it seems like a fact of life, but it's a shocking state of affairs and it needs publicising more widely
As many of us have long reported, a significant number of highly motivated gender ideologues work for the biggest publishers and retailers. They wield power like little generals in Mao's Cultural Revolution. This has a big effect on the books their employers publish and sell.
Young editors and agents who don't agree with the ideologues, or want to champion work that may offend the new Guardians of Culture, have learned to keep their heads down in order not to scupper their own careers.
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The other day, I was asking my grandmother about her childhood. That got me thinking - what will MY future grandchildren say when I tell them about my childhood? Thread about how I imagine this will go:

#SexMatters #SexNotGender #LetWomenSpeak #RespectMySex

Future Grandchild (FG): What was life like when you were young?

Me: Well… misogyny was celebrated, stereotypes encouraged & healthy kids embarked on lifelong medical nightmares.

FG: What? Did that actually happen?

Me: Oh, believe me, it did.

#WomenWontWheest #misogyny

FG: How?

Me: There were these men who wore dresses, liked pink and did other stereotypical feminine things. They decided they were ACTUALLY women.

FG: You’re joking!

Me: I’m not!

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1/6 My school is fully captured by the #TransCult. As I’m able to differentiate fact from fiction, I often find myself standing alone against the madness.

#GenderWoo #GenderWooWoo #SexMatters #SexNotGender #WomenWontWheest #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #WomensRights #WeWillBeHeard
2/6 My classmates AND the teachers try to intimidate me but I refuse to be silenced. I take every chance I can to stand against the gender insanity. Case in point? A recent reading survey.

#IStandWithJKRowling #IStandWithAllisonBailey #RespectMySex
3/6 I was given a form to fill out about books & authors.

First question: “Who is your favourite author?”

Of course I put @jk_rowling not just because of her books (outstanding as they are!) but because of her amazing work standing up for the rights of women & girls.
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1/10 Recently a teacher told my class that a baby can be “assigned” the wrong sex at birth… and that is how a man can “actually” be a woman. I rolled my eyes so much it’s a wonder they didn’t roll right out of my head! #SexIsObserved #SexMatters #SexIsReal #SexNotGender
2/10 I said, “No. Sex is observed and recorded, not assigned. If you have a penis you are a male.” It was at this point that a fellow student chipped in. #BiologyIsNotBigotry #Biology #WomenWontWheest #WeWillBeHeard #SexMatters #SexNotGender #SexIsImmutable
3/10 “Being trans is like being told you're right-handed all your life then realising you're actually left-handed,” she said. #NoThankYou #WhatIsAWoman #AdultHumanFemale #KPSS #BiologyIsNotBigotry
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what do "TERFs" really think?

a thread for those wondering what #IStandWithJKRowling, the backlash against lia thomas competing on the women's NCAA swim team, or the effort to safeguard children from unnecessary medicalization is all about
myth: TERFs think womanhood is a universal experience
fact: TERFs know that women's experiences are unique and individual
myth: TERFs reduce women to their genitals
fact: TERFs define women by the intersection between our age, sex, and humanity. women are adult human females. not a feeling, not a stereotype
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@teacake90s "Putin saw it and weaponised the madness."

Good for him. Regardless of what else he has done in life, and I'm sure a lot of it would give me nightmares, he and his administration are not wrong about the "woke dictatorship" in the West, as I believe one of his people put it.
@teacake90s If Putin is able to "weaponize" the truth and get the West held up to scorn in the process, then the West deserves that scorn and should welcome it, for the same reason that the Russians in the Soviet era had cause to welcome the scorn they got.
@teacake90s Because as good as getting praise can feel in the short run, praise isn't always good for us. Without those moments in which we don't feel so good about ourselves, how do we overcome our vices?
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A thread on why #IStandWithJKRowling

Because women and girls deserve their own sports without people like this, who have huge strength and speed advantages over female athletes due to their anatomy, taking team spots, wins and opportunities from them: (1/5)
And #IStandWithJKRowling bc trans activists nailed dead rats & painted threats to kill women on this Rape Crisis Shelter when it didn't let sexually-intact biological males sleep beside traumatized female rape victims.

Raped & battered women need female-only spaces to heal.(2/5)
Also, #IStandWithJKRowling bc I don't think women in prison should be locked in cells with inmates like these.

US Bureau of Prisons says 49% of trans-identifying males in federal prison are doing time for sex offenses. Only 11% of overall male inmates are sex offenders. (3/5)
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Could progressives who say JK doesn’t speak for them tell me why they’re ok with rapists being put in female prison and gay/autistic children being chemically castrated like Alan Turing was? My brother died of AIDS so I get to claim the rainbow for my family too, /1
my mother buried her oldest boy. And that oldest boy’s dad was a violent man who tried to kill her twice and took everything from her. Idk I’m gonna be wildly radical and say #istandwithjkrowling and #sexnotgender and being same sex attracted isn’t an identity—all of this. /2
So @jk_rowling you do absolutely speak for me, my 90 year old mother, her dead gay son who died of AIDS after a lengthy battle and who was beaten severely by his demented abusive father (not my dad btw) who destroyed our mother. /3
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1/9 Recently I got pulled out of class for a “little chat”. I was told I had been reported for making “offensive comments”. Without ascertaining my version of events or even asking if the “reports” were true, it was clear my teacher had already decided I was guilty. #SexMatters
2/9 The only thing I’m guilty of is expressing perfectly sensible and legitimate views! Plus, since when is offending someone a big deal? People take offence at all kinds of things. Such is life and we all just have to deal with it. #BiologyIsNotBigotry #SexNotGender #SexMatters
3/9 I suspect, although I still don’t know for certain, that these “offensive comments” were actually facts that I discussed with a few classmates when they asked for my opinion. #WomenWontWheesht #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #IStandWithJKRowling #WeWillBeHeard #IStandWithMaya
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THREAD: Laurie Penny v Julie Bindel and JK Rowling. Or to put it another way: Laurie Penny against the world.

The usual disclaimer applies before I start. I'm a man. This isn't my fight or my struggle. I'm just a bloke commenting on the internet.
I'm also not here to make Penny's suffering worse or something. I wish them well. I wish all fully paid-up members of the human race well.

Laurie says they're taking time off Twitter in any case. I do appeal for no pile-ons against anyone resulting from this thread.
I also have no doubt whatsoever about the very real trauma Penny has been through during her life. I'm not here to minimise that in any way either.

But that trauma is not some get-out clause for writing an objectively awful book.
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Roll up, roll up, it's Shaun's End of Year Awards time!

First, thanks to each and every one of you for keeping me (cyber)company over the last year. You are all AMAZING. 🙏

In 2022, I'll keep pissing you off and you'll keep putting me right. The natural order of things. 😳
There's a lot of new followers I've only (cyber)met this year. I've learnt an awful lot from all of you... and I still have a huge amount to learn too.

It says something for all of you that I've been so brutally honest about myself over the last week or so.
I'd never have done that on here if I didn't feel comfortable enough to do so.

But for once, this thread isn't about me. Let's crack on with the awards:

Best journalist: @MarinaHyde, by a very long way. A national treasure, force of nature and an absolute genius.
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I've asked this question once or twice before. I make no apology for doing so again now.

How in the world are there so many men on this platform who think of themselves as progressives or socialists, yet try and dictate to women what being a woman means and involves?
How in the world are there so many so-called 'progressive' men on this platform who:

- Denounce and demonise rape survivors like JK Rowling

- Fail to see that when male-boded athletes compete in women's sports, that is an absolutely appalling injustice and total nonsense
- Think describing rapists with penises as 'women' if they happen to self-identify as such is normal, and that anyone who objects is a danger

- Honestly appear to believe they know everything there is to know about being a woman... when in practice, they know literally nothing?
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Ok, so here is a thread about what happened last day with @jk_rowling because well its something that is pissing me off so I must say a few things:
In june 2020, @jk_rowling decided to openly state her opinion in regards to sex and gender and the reason she thought was important to get involved.
However, in expressing her opinion, she was met with abuse that didn't stop at her only, since her haters didn't spare the thread that was supposed to allow children to send their drawings to her about her new child's book "The Ickabog".
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There is a small but perfectly formed, UK-wide Women’s GC Network across the country - inspired wholly by @shirleysascot.
It follows in the footsteps of her coordination of women attending a Glasgow rally on 20 July 2021 in support of Marion Millar, facing charges under the Communications Act.

That set the ball rolling.
In just over 2 weeks, over 60 groups, encompassing not far short of one thousand women, have been established. We are talking. We are meeting. We are planning. And we are growing - daily.
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Cuando no se puede cuestionar un sistema de pensamiento, este se vuelve dogma y quien sea lo puede aprovechar para cualquier propósito. Me recuerda al Don Juan de Moliere donde critica las libertades que tiene la iglesia para hacer el mal sin que nadie le detenga o cuestione. ImageImageImage
En la obra, Don Juan encuentra en la religión la manera de continuar con sus malas costumbres. Y me encanta que si cambias palabras clave, queda perfecto con los misóginos que se aprovechan del transactivismo para seguir violentando a la mujer sin que se les cuestione.
Algo así: ImageImageImage
La autodeterminación de género es un vicio de moda, y todos los vicios de moda se consideran virtudes. El personaje de "mujer" es el mejor de todos los personajes que pueden representarse. ImageImage
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“We stand with you, we hear you, we see you, we accept you, we love you. The world is better for having you in it,” they said.

How many of these people realise the ideas they’re actually supporting unjustly EXCLUDE many proud trans people as illegitimate cos we don’t deny sex?
How many of these people realise that believing in an innate, essential identity which supercedes sex in every instance is not at all the same as being trans and MANY trans people disagree with parts or all of these claims?
It’s good that they want to stand with vulnerable trans people against hatred. Quite how JKRowling’s brave assertion of female reality & unique needs is hate I do not know. Infact, if female existence & uniqueness is a problem for you, guess what? You’ve swallowed misogyny & >
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This is welcome (long overdue) high profile support for JK Rowling.

@VictoriaPeckham was right when she wrote that “Rowling [has been] subjected to the most sustained misogyny since social media began.”…
JKR was also right: we are living through the most misogynistic period in our lifetime.

Trans rights activists didn‘t invent misogyny but they have weaponised it as a political tool to breathtaking effect.

The silence has been shameful.…
JKR has always enjoyed tremendous support for her courage in speaking out against this new misogyny, that is masquerading as a rights movement. Others in public life have been too afraid, too lacking in courage. That’s changing.

I‘ll never tire of saying #IStandWithJKRowling
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i'm not an expert, obvs, but IMO referring to the possibility of male violence as "fantasy" multiple x in an argument seems a bit blind & demeaning. an est 6% of males are rapists, that's approx. 234mil worldwide. that's a lot of fantasies, & that's not including DV or common
assault or indeed the persistent occurrences of violent, degrading & sometimes life-threatening messages that women who don't conform to an ideology/dogma receive daily. & since rapists, abusers & misogynists usually don't have a note on their forehead claiming as such, it's
one of the female burdens to be wary of all male bodied people. if Judith Butler wants to term this fantasy, then surely it's a fantasy borne from reality & one that does its best to keep women alive & safe. to condescend that is not constructive or empathetic.
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San Francisco loves JK Rowling!

JK, thank you for standing up for women and children. You are an inspiration. ❤️ Image
Thank you to our anonymous Silicon Valley exec for your generous contribution.

Thank you also to the dozens of Canadians who helped out with small contributions.
Yes, we live in a time where Americans now turn to Canada in secret, in order to declare love for the world’s greatest children’s author, on their home soil.

To do so openly would mean certain job termination.

Freedom of Speech is dead.
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Dear @jk_rowling,
I am writing this letter to say a big thank you. You may not find that strange given my propensity to fight your corner, but given the below I find that I have to say something, let me explain. 1/?
I most certainly thank you for your lengthy essay, in which you bare your soul of the pain you endured and how you experiences have shaped who you are today. The essay where you state quite plainly you do not hate me, and you do not hate my trans brothers and sisters. 2/?
The essay where you express your concern, which is held by many both trans and not, of ROGD and the repercussions that we may very well soon face. Sadly the mis information peddled by churches of gender ideology has left the younger generation and some of the 3/?
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Twitter #Censorship just removed my thread on rugby & allowing males to play against women, so let’s try again: On the subject of women’s sports. I started playing rugby at 4. Touch rugby for the little uns. I’m Welsh. Boys (in particular) are raised on it. I played all 1/
through school & then for the British Army. For two years I wore a tracksuit & travelled the Commonwealth playing my favourite game with the best of the regiment against the best of other military regiments. Rule Britannia! And all that. We had a blast. But make no mistake 2/
when men play rugby we play to win. We play to dominate our opponents on the pitch. Every one of us is competitive. Rugby is an aggressive & often violent sport. It’s not called a contact sport because we pat each other on the back & peck kisses on each other “cheek to cheek” 3/
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My little sis @Sal_Robins got suspended from Twitter for 7 days yesterday for daring to call someone who IDs as transgender a “trans identified male” & pointing out the danger of appointing this male in a woman’s managerial position on a women’s locked psych ward. Twitter 1/
thinks she’s guilty of hateful conduct. I think she’s guilty of caring too much about the lives of vulnerable women she’s never met & will likely never meet. I think she’s guilty of being a feminist, even though she doesn’t like the label. I think she’s guilty of feeling the 2/
the need to speak out when she sees injustice. I think she’s guilty of being educating in human biology (she didn’t spend 25 years working as an RN without learning a fair bit about the human body, warts & all, & human behaviour.) I think she’s guilty of being wise beyond her 3/
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