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if shonen wasn't stigmatized no one would mentally categorize kill la kill in the same place as sailor moon
"magical girl" is a marketing term that doesn't say much about the genre a show is in except to people who say "trope" a lot and/or have annoying politics
"well this Toys for Bob game got reskinned into a "magical girls" game in the 90s & it crosses over stuff like Sally the Witch with Cutie Honey" yeah it's a corporate product loosely tying together Toei properties & says nothing about their actual content beyond the surface level Image
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I am delighted to share that I am officially the Guinness World Record holder for fastest half marathon dressed as a witch.

Inspired by @jk_rowling , I ran with a special message wrapped around my broomstick. #ThisWitchDoesntBurn
I ran in protest of witch hunts and in honor of those, past and present, who have been victims of them.

After all these centuries, "witch" is still the epithet hurled at women who have the audacity to stand up for themselves.
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This book is going to be cataclysmic for Gender Ideology, and the people that have been pushing it. As will the final #CassReport.

We must never forget who these bastards were, even as they desert the ship.

Thank you @hannahsbee.

It can't have been easy to write or get published, but it's already clear from the early excerpts that this is the book about the #Tavistock that we have been waiting for.

#WomensRightsAreHumanRights Image
97.5% of the children seeking 'sex changes' were either on the autistic spectrum, suffered with depression, or had other serious problems that were ignored at the Tavistock. Image
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A Jk Rowling é a mulher mais rica da Inglaterra. Com o dinheiro de filantropia dela, ela mantém uma ONG que está trabalhando para erradicar o abandono infantil. Ela também tem um fundo que distribui recursos para mulheres e crianças em vulnerabilidade social na Escócia. +
Outra coisa que ela criou foi um centro de acolhimento para mulheres vítimas de violência doméstica na Escócia. Além disso, ela faz doações constantes para a área da saúde em condições específicas: que vão de esclerose múltipla ao apoio de vítimas do Covid.
Na atual fogueira onde JK Rowling está sendo queimada, os transativistas sugerem que ela “usa seu dinheiro para destruir os direitos de minorias”. Como foi que apoiar mulheres, crianças e crises humanitárias virou ataque aos direitos de minorias?
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Now @Gillian_Philip is talking about TERFing in publiching #FVFWomensFestival
@Gillian_Philip Used to be a childrens author and now a truck driver, truck drivers much less sexist. They'll help if she struggles with a pallet, but they don't care that she's a woman. #FVFWomensFestival
@Gillian_Philip For 10 years was working for a publishing company, going on tour, making presentations, speaking in schools, writing etc. #FVFWomensFestival
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The entirety of trans ideology comes down to what the words boy/girl/man/woman actually mean.

I know society doesn't have a great track record for accepting people who differ from social norms, but I think consensus can be reached that if boys want to play with dolls and wear
dresses, then they shouldn't be demonised for doing so. Similarly, girls should not be forced to do those things. They shouldn't be encouraged to be "non-conforming" but they shouldn't be ostracized if they don't conform.

None of that, however, changes what the words boy/girl
mean. They refer to the biological characteristics the child is born with.

A boy who presents as feminine is still a boy, just as a girl who presents as masculine is still a girl - simply because the words boy/girl are used to refer to people's bodies. That's just how language
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The Scots have always been welcoming, we are easy to get on with, we have a dry sense of humour that only other Scots truly get, although we are good at poking fun at ourselves. We are realists and can spot a piss taker from a country mile, so it beggars belief 1/10
that so many folks have fallen for this gender guff, supposedly intelligent people rolling over and demanding men be called women, calling women bigots for saying NO, this is not the Scotland I know, these are not the people I know, since when did a Scottish person allow 2/10
themselves to be treated like and thought of as idiots who would lie when truth was staring them in the face, one thing about the Scots, we were never fake, we say it like it is and be damned with the response because we know when we are right because we never lie about 3/10
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In honour & celebration of @jk_rowling new much needed wonderful women-only space @beirasplace I've been inspired to illustrate Beira the Scottish goddess of winter. Feminism is not only what we stand against it is the creation of those things women need.
#designmarathon 1
Beira the Scottish goddess of winter ❄️
#designmarathon 2
Beira Scottish Goddess of winter initial sketch
#designmarathon 3
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So, people are assigned a sex at birth. Why are some people assigned male while others are assigned female? On what basis would a medical professional assume the sex of the child?

#women #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #whatisawoman #WomanFace #transman #transwoman Image
The reason is that certain biological characteristics are given the name male, while certain other biological characteristics are given the name female. A person who objectively has the given characteristics is called either male or female.

Males and females go through a
process of aging and development. Young females are referred to using the word "girl" while adult female persons are referred to using the word "woman".

People "assigned female at birth" have the biological characteristics of a female and are girls who will grow up to be women. ImageImageImageImage
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This is a JKR defamation website that is being spread by TRAs across various social media platforms…

@jk_rowling i know there are loads but i really would tell your lawyers about this one , it is especially being spread around parenting groups by TRAs >>>
<<< these aren't TQIA+ or even LGB groups , just unsuspecting general parenting groups but i have found it on many other sorts of places

For my followers etc : i would advise trying to use a private browser as it tries to collect your data

PS. This was a particularly vicious >>
<< additional comment from a different TRA in the parenting group 😤

"earlier this year she attended a celebratory meal known as the 'gender wars lunch' where she was joined by other transphobes and homophobes. There she declared >
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Yesterday I Tweeted #IStandWithJKRowling and for whatever reason it got more of a response than my Tweets usually do. These were some of the replies and DM’s I got as a result.

Anyway, once again #IStandWithJKRowling
I can’t believe I forgot to include the worst one. It cut me to the quick.
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Au-delà de la réalité biologique, c’est quoi être une femme ? Et pourquoi ça ne veut rien dire de « se sentir femme » ? A thread. 🧵 👇
Être une femme, c’est découvrir toute petite à l’école que « le masculin l’emporte toujours sur le féminin ». Ressentir dès lors une profonde injustice.
Être une femme, c’est intégrer très tôt qu’on attend de nous d’être douces, calmes, attentionnées et soucieuses des besoins d’autrui. Surtout si autrui est masculin.
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When people told me JK Rowling was transphobic, I went to check out what she had said, finding she was instead lucidly speaking truth to power, trying to safeguard women and girl's hard won sex based rights. #IStandWithJKRowling
This is what speaking out about women's biological sex rights gets you on the internet. I mean if some in the Trans community weren't this hateful and illogical perhaps the tide wouldn't be turning so harshly against them
I also just want to say thank you to @jk_rowling for standing up for us. Even though you stood alone for a while getting absolutely hammered with everyone misunderstanding you, you didn't cower. You make me feel proud to be a female
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Ah, JK Rowlingin kuuluisa “metamorfoosi” filantroopista ihmishirviöksi (?)

Katsotaanpa, mitä HIRVEITÄ asioita hän on tehnyt! Mokoma radikalisoitunut vanha epämies! Hyi sentään. /s
Hän puolustaa naisten oikeuksia ja asemaa. HÄVYTÖNTÄ VIHAPUHETTA. Naiseus on fiilis, eikä kukaan oikeasti tunnista sukupuolia missään, koskaan. Kehtaakin.
Hän lahjoitti niin paljon hyväntekeväisyyteen, että ei ollutkaan enää miljardööriklubissa. SIETÄMÄTÖNTÄ. Kuka tällaista henkilöä voisi tukea! Loi oman järjestönsäkin parantamaan naisten ja lasten asemaa. YÖK.
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Gillian Philip added #IStandWithJKRowling to her Twitter account in 2020 resulting in HarperCollins & book creators WorkingPartners terminating her contract.

If the judge permits, we'll be reporting from the preliminary hearing in her employment tribunal.…
Gillian Philip’s claim against HarperCollins and book creators WorkingPartners alleges she was discriminated against because of her age and for holding and expressing gender critical views.

#WORIADS #BookTwitter
Both publisher HarperCollins and book creators WorkingPartners were aware of her gender critical views. Her support of @jk_rowling generated a Twitter storm and a coordinated attempt to get Gillian Philip fired.

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Can we talk about the McCarthyite censors who this week tried to tighten their hold on the publishing industry? The climate of fear and intimidation has been there so long that it seems like a fact of life, but it's a shocking state of affairs and it needs publicising more widely
As many of us have long reported, a significant number of highly motivated gender ideologues work for the biggest publishers and retailers. They wield power like little generals in Mao's Cultural Revolution. This has a big effect on the books their employers publish and sell.
Young editors and agents who don't agree with the ideologues, or want to champion work that may offend the new Guardians of Culture, have learned to keep their heads down in order not to scupper their own careers.
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The other day, I was asking my grandmother about her childhood. That got me thinking - what will MY future grandchildren say when I tell them about my childhood? Thread about how I imagine this will go:

#SexMatters #SexNotGender #LetWomenSpeak #RespectMySex

Future Grandchild (FG): What was life like when you were young?

Me: Well… misogyny was celebrated, stereotypes encouraged & healthy kids embarked on lifelong medical nightmares.

FG: What? Did that actually happen?

Me: Oh, believe me, it did.

#WomenWontWheest #misogyny

FG: How?

Me: There were these men who wore dresses, liked pink and did other stereotypical feminine things. They decided they were ACTUALLY women.

FG: You’re joking!

Me: I’m not!

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1/6 My school is fully captured by the #TransCult. As I’m able to differentiate fact from fiction, I often find myself standing alone against the madness.

#GenderWoo #GenderWooWoo #SexMatters #SexNotGender #WomenWontWheest #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #WomensRights #WeWillBeHeard
2/6 My classmates AND the teachers try to intimidate me but I refuse to be silenced. I take every chance I can to stand against the gender insanity. Case in point? A recent reading survey.

#IStandWithJKRowling #IStandWithAllisonBailey #RespectMySex
3/6 I was given a form to fill out about books & authors.

First question: “Who is your favourite author?”

Of course I put @jk_rowling not just because of her books (outstanding as they are!) but because of her amazing work standing up for the rights of women & girls.
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1/10 Recently a teacher told my class that a baby can be “assigned” the wrong sex at birth… and that is how a man can “actually” be a woman. I rolled my eyes so much it’s a wonder they didn’t roll right out of my head! #SexIsObserved #SexMatters #SexIsReal #SexNotGender
2/10 I said, “No. Sex is observed and recorded, not assigned. If you have a penis you are a male.” It was at this point that a fellow student chipped in. #BiologyIsNotBigotry #Biology #WomenWontWheest #WeWillBeHeard #SexMatters #SexNotGender #SexIsImmutable
3/10 “Being trans is like being told you're right-handed all your life then realising you're actually left-handed,” she said. #NoThankYou #WhatIsAWoman #AdultHumanFemale #KPSS #BiologyIsNotBigotry
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what do "TERFs" really think?

a thread for those wondering what #IStandWithJKRowling, the backlash against lia thomas competing on the women's NCAA swim team, or the effort to safeguard children from unnecessary medicalization is all about
myth: TERFs think womanhood is a universal experience
fact: TERFs know that women's experiences are unique and individual
myth: TERFs reduce women to their genitals
fact: TERFs define women by the intersection between our age, sex, and humanity. women are adult human females. not a feeling, not a stereotype
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@teacake90s "Putin saw it and weaponised the madness."

Good for him. Regardless of what else he has done in life, and I'm sure a lot of it would give me nightmares, he and his administration are not wrong about the "woke dictatorship" in the West, as I believe one of his people put it.
@teacake90s If Putin is able to "weaponize" the truth and get the West held up to scorn in the process, then the West deserves that scorn and should welcome it, for the same reason that the Russians in the Soviet era had cause to welcome the scorn they got.
@teacake90s Because as good as getting praise can feel in the short run, praise isn't always good for us. Without those moments in which we don't feel so good about ourselves, how do we overcome our vices?
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Could progressives who say JK doesn’t speak for them tell me why they’re ok with rapists being put in female prison and gay/autistic children being chemically castrated like Alan Turing was? My brother died of AIDS so I get to claim the rainbow for my family too, /1
my mother buried her oldest boy. And that oldest boy’s dad was a violent man who tried to kill her twice and took everything from her. Idk I’m gonna be wildly radical and say #istandwithjkrowling and #sexnotgender and being same sex attracted isn’t an identity—all of this. /2
So @jk_rowling you do absolutely speak for me, my 90 year old mother, her dead gay son who died of AIDS after a lengthy battle and who was beaten severely by his demented abusive father (not my dad btw) who destroyed our mother. /3
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