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Cuando no se puede cuestionar un sistema de pensamiento, este se vuelve dogma y quien sea lo puede aprovechar para cualquier propósito. Me recuerda al Don Juan de Moliere donde critica las libertades que tiene la iglesia para hacer el mal sin que nadie le detenga o cuestione.
En la obra, Don Juan encuentra en la religión la manera de continuar con sus malas costumbres. Y me encanta que si cambias palabras clave, queda perfecto con los misóginos que se aprovechan del transactivismo para seguir violentando a la mujer sin que se les cuestione.
Algo así:
La autodeterminación de género es un vicio de moda, y todos los vicios de moda se consideran virtudes. El personaje de "mujer" es el mejor de todos los personajes que pueden representarse.
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@LauraRdondo, feminista y psicóloga forense, me ha desbloqueado hoy tras pedirle disculpas hace unos meses por haberla llamado transfoba en TW. La acusé injustamente de ser transfoba por ser contraria a las 'Identidades de Género (IdG)'.

Abro hilo 👇💜
Con este hilo quiero compartir cómo hace poco abrí los ojos sobre la irracionalidad de las IdG. Espero que sirva para que otras/os también los abran.

Después de llamar transfoba a Laura, me puse a leer los artículos que me recomendó sobre el tema en un ejercicio de objetividad.
Hasta entonces solo había seguido el tema trans de la mano de personas trans que defienden las IdG (Elsa Ruiz, Carla Antonelli, Daniela de Perfect Drama, etc.) pero nunca de la mano de personas trans y no trans que rechazan las IdG como algo real e innato.
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1. UPDATE 2nd October
They say things come in threes....
We were very pleased, and somewhat vindicated, to hear the announcement from @trussliz confirming Self ID will not go ahead. But there remains work to be done.
2. The women of Women Uniting UK will continue to fight, quietly, tenaciously, to maintain and regain the sex-based rights of women and girls, that have been so damaged by the underhand activities of lobby groups.
3. It is clear, from the behaviour of certain MPs, that they thought Self ID was a 'done deal'. So many organisations have been encouraged to get 'ahead of the law', such that we have de facto Self ID in far too many spaces, services, and sports, where women and girls should
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“We stand with you, we hear you, we see you, we accept you, we love you. The world is better for having you in it,” they said.

How many of these people realise the ideas they’re actually supporting unjustly EXCLUDE many proud trans people as illegitimate cos we don’t deny sex?
How many of these people realise that believing in an innate, essential identity which supercedes sex in every instance is not at all the same as being trans and MANY trans people disagree with parts or all of these claims?
It’s good that they want to stand with vulnerable trans people against hatred. Quite how JKRowling’s brave assertion of female reality & unique needs is hate I do not know. Infact, if female existence & uniqueness is a problem for you, guess what? You’ve swallowed misogyny & >
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Trans rights in publishing? You may as well publish a letter supporting the cause of Islamic supremacy in Iran.
Rachel Rooney was labelled anti-trans and hounded for a children's book called My Body is Me…
JK Rowling has been the subject of an extended campaign of misogynistic abuse for supporting @mforstater in her employment tribunal claim and for speaking out about sex and gender…
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This is welcome (long overdue) high profile support for JK Rowling.

@VictoriaPeckham was right when she wrote that “Rowling [has been] subjected to the most sustained misogyny since social media began.”…
JKR was also right: we are living through the most misogynistic period in our lifetime.

Trans rights activists didn‘t invent misogyny but they have weaponised it as a political tool to breathtaking effect.

The silence has been shameful.…
JKR has always enjoyed tremendous support for her courage in speaking out against this new misogyny, that is masquerading as a rights movement. Others in public life have been too afraid, too lacking in courage. That’s changing.

I‘ll never tire of saying #IStandWithJKRowling
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i'm not an expert, obvs, but IMO referring to the possibility of male violence as "fantasy" multiple x in an argument seems a bit blind & demeaning. an est 6% of males are rapists, that's approx. 234mil worldwide. that's a lot of fantasies, & that's not including DV or common
assault or indeed the persistent occurrences of violent, degrading & sometimes life-threatening messages that women who don't conform to an ideology/dogma receive daily. & since rapists, abusers & misogynists usually don't have a note on their forehead claiming as such, it's
one of the female burdens to be wary of all male bodied people. if Judith Butler wants to term this fantasy, then surely it's a fantasy borne from reality & one that does its best to keep women alive & safe. to condescend that is not constructive or empathetic.
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A short thread explaining why none of these things is transphobic, in any way, shape, or form.


Trans ideology is erasing women, because it is teaching that men can be women, by way of “feminine feeling”, with absolutely zero lived experience of female socialisation.

Lesbians don’t have penises, because they are same SEX attracted biological FEMALES.

If you have a penis, if you produce small gametes, you are MALE, the opposite sex. Lesbians are not attracted to the opposite sex, case in point: MALES.

A lesbian who is, is actually bi.

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San Francisco loves JK Rowling!

JK, thank you for standing up for women and children. You are an inspiration. ❤️ Image
Thank you to our anonymous Silicon Valley exec for your generous contribution.

Thank you also to the dozens of Canadians who helped out with small contributions.
Yes, we live in a time where Americans now turn to Canada in secret, in order to declare love for the world’s greatest children’s author, on their home soil.

To do so openly would mean certain job termination.

Freedom of Speech is dead.
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1. We still await the long overdue announcement from @trussliz but don't imagine nothing was going on behind the scenes over the last few months. The women of Women Uniting UK were still quietly, tenaciously, fighting to maintain the sex-based rights of women and girls,
2. and continuing to raise awareness of the gender ideology that is damaging our children, particularly our daughters.

More and more MPs are listening, more and more teachers are pushing back on unsuitable political and ideological lobby groups having access to children in
3. schools, more and more medics are speaking out about their concerns around the medicalisation of what are quite often normal childhood feelings, more and more women from all walks of life are speaking out, despite the threats to their jobs and the physical threats
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Dear @jk_rowling,
I am writing this letter to say a big thank you. You may not find that strange given my propensity to fight your corner, but given the below I find that I have to say something, let me explain. 1/?
I most certainly thank you for your lengthy essay, in which you bare your soul of the pain you endured and how you experiences have shaped who you are today. The essay where you state quite plainly you do not hate me, and you do not hate my trans brothers and sisters. 2/?
The essay where you express your concern, which is held by many both trans and not, of ROGD and the repercussions that we may very well soon face. Sadly the mis information peddled by churches of gender ideology has left the younger generation and some of the 3/?
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I fail to see how a minor character in a 900-page book, based on real murderers, should be a justification for sending JK Rowling death threats, but here we are. I’d like to point out that no one is boycotting Harvey Weinstein films.

#IStandWithJKRowling #LongLiveJKRowling
Luc Besson married a 15 year-old girl, and this inspired a character in his film Leon, acclaimed by the Criterion Collection. Odd how men can do actual harm and their careers mostly remain intact, almost as though we all magically know who to lionize, and who to demonize.
"Separate the art from the artist" is a statement made to protect predatory men, men who actually abuse women and girls; no such allowances are afforded to women in the arts.

Male violence is not offensive in itself, but women speaking of it is tantamount to murder, apparently.
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Harris committed two sexual assaults while wearing women's clothing and was given a suspended sentence because "it would be unfair to lock you up."…
A Labour Councillor who got his jollies off roleplaying a female child rape victim in an underground internet community has recently walked free after admitting to possessing images depicting sexual abuse of children and animals.…
"A Cambodian transgender woman was arrested when officers raided a resort where a 'swingers' party was set to start with trafficked underage girls."…
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Loving @jk_rowling has always felt a little illicit.

When her Harry Potter series was first released in the 1990s, it was relentlessly attacked by religious zealots convinced that her fiction would convert a generation of young readers to the Occult.
Tucking into it for the first time as an elementary school student, I felt like I was taking a purposefully defiant stance against her naysayers. As a Christian school student, I had to hide her books away to avoid getting in trouble, but I consumed them hungrily regardless.
Fast forward twenty years and she's successfully pissed off an equally evangelical movement: the woke-scolds intent on doing away with the concept of biological sex and replacing it with the ineffable concept of gender identity.
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"We’re living through the most misogynistic period I’ve experienced. Between the backlash against feminism and a porn-saturated online culture... Never have I seen women denigrated and dehumanised to the extent they are now."

—J.K. Rowling

#ILoveJKRowling Image
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To stand for women’s rights (particularly as a female) = hostility, verbal abuse, as well as death/rape threats.

But go off about how you’re not just misogynists, masquerading as #woke “progressives”.

Y’all are sick.

Trans rights are not women’s rights.

Women = Adult Human Female.

Women’s rights are solely for the protection of the female sex.

Trans women are male.

Therefore, they have no right to appropriate the hard earned, fought for rights, of women.
To clarify:

I stated “as a female” in the initial Tweet, to signify the minuscule fraction of abuse, I would personally receive, as a male expressing the very same views as said women.

Further cementing my belief in this being nothing more than a misogynistic front.
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Twitter #Censorship just removed my thread on rugby & allowing males to play against women, so let’s try again: On the subject of women’s sports. I started playing rugby at 4. Touch rugby for the little uns. I’m Welsh. Boys (in particular) are raised on it. I played all 1/
through school & then for the British Army. For two years I wore a tracksuit & travelled the Commonwealth playing my favourite game with the best of the regiment against the best of other military regiments. Rule Britannia! And all that. We had a blast. But make no mistake 2/
when men play rugby we play to win. We play to dominate our opponents on the pitch. Every one of us is competitive. Rugby is an aggressive & often violent sport. It’s not called a contact sport because we pat each other on the back & peck kisses on each other “cheek to cheek” 3/
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My little sis @Sal_Robins got suspended from Twitter for 7 days yesterday for daring to call someone who IDs as transgender a “trans identified male” & pointing out the danger of appointing this male in a woman’s managerial position on a women’s locked psych ward. Twitter 1/
thinks she’s guilty of hateful conduct. I think she’s guilty of caring too much about the lives of vulnerable women she’s never met & will likely never meet. I think she’s guilty of being a feminist, even though she doesn’t like the label. I think she’s guilty of feeling the 2/
the need to speak out when she sees injustice. I think she’s guilty of being educating in human biology (she didn’t spend 25 years working as an RN without learning a fair bit about the human body, warts & all, & human behaviour.) I think she’s guilty of being wise beyond her 3/
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1. This was a very popular thread last week and we make no apologies for repeating it for those who may have missed it first time around.
Parliament returns today. We are waiting @trussliz ....
2. We were in the doldrums of August, and awaiting the well overdue announcement from Liz Truss, but don't imagine nothing was going on behind the scenes. The women of Women Uniting UK were still quietly, tenaciously, fighting to maintain the sex-based rights of women and girls,
3. and continuing to raise awareness of the gender ideology that is damaging our children, particularly our daughters.

More and more MPs are listening, more and more teachers are pushing back on unsuitable political and ideological lobby groups having access to children in
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Many thanks to all who have helped get us beyond our initial target. We are so grateful, including for your comments which have humbled and heartened in equal measure. 1
We’re into our stretch target, so I’m taking this opportunity to flesh out why this case is important.

This isn’t a case about a woman who has undergone bullying and discrimination with whom we can identify and sympathise, who tugs our heart strings and opens our purses. 2
It’s a dry and technical case. It’s about rectifying unlawful application and wrongful interpretation of the law. It appeals to our sense of justice, our intellect rather than our capacity for empathy.

But it is also a case with many human faces and many facets. 3
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I watched this interview last night. J’s story is a truly horrifying tale of sexual & emotional abuse at the hands of a porn addicted AGP partner, followed by all the gaslighting you would expect when she questioned whether her partner was really a woman inside. (101 thread 🧵)
I’ve seen stories like this time & time again from women who can only air their feelings in the radfem community because it’s verboten to tell their stories anywhere else. Having been sexually harassed by a similar individual then accused of bigotry, I can relate.
(Disclaimer: I am not a radfem but I sympathise deeply with their discussions around abuse and their completely reasonable desire to protect vulnerable women and children.)
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I read the Mermaids letter.

It seems to want us to conclude that if @jk_rowling continues to talk on these issues she will be responsible for the suicides of young people and that she is already responsible for some of them self harming.
I don’t know if young people have self harmed as a result of these conversations (&I hope none have).I do know it isn’t women talking about our rights,or those raising sincere concerns,who have created an environment of hysteria so toxic that young people may feel vulnerable
This whole conversation is bound up in tactics of abuse. Whether it is the rape and death threats women field every day, or the myriad attempts to silence and stifle everyone who won’t agree wholesale with a specific set of ideas. Coercive control is a consistent tool being used.
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With #IStandWithJKRowling trending as she returns an award she didn't deserve, it's important to point out a few things.

1. Her whole premise is based on the faulty logic that allowing trans people to pee and poop in the bathroom that matches their gender somehow erases sex. 1/
2. She, like those who say #IStandWithJKRowling, reference 1950's science in their argument, while ignoring 70 years of deeper investigation that has discovered many of the realities of gender vs body sex characteristics. 2/
3. Nothing in her rhetoric, or that of the #IStandWithJKRowling crowd who claim not to be transphobic, ever once seeks to open a dialogue focused on solutions. Instead it's always focused on telling others what they can and can't do with their own bodies. 3/
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