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Land is the most important yet least transparent part of homebuilding. To help, here’s commentary from land brokers across the country per our July survey. Top themes: 1) Builders going further out for deals. 2) Bigger land deals are back. 3) Development delays & lot shortages.
#SaltLakeCity land broker: “You can't get all the lots you need even when you overpay.”
#SanAntonio land broker: “Getting a vaccine approved took less time than getting land entitled.”
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#MoonDay 2021: 52 years of 1969 #Lunar #moon landing; History & Significance:
Millions of people around watched live telecast #mission. Success of mission, #NASA @NASA @NASAMoon described landing "single greatest technological achievement of all time.”
#Thread #technology #tech Image
Day when man first walked on moon. #Apollo11 #spaceflight carried Commander #NeilArmstrong and lunar module #Pilot, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. National Moon Day proclaimed in 1971 by then #US #USA #President Richard Nixon to honor #Anniversary of man's first moon landing.
Not only celebrates #historical human landing on moon but also opened opportunities for #future #Missions.
“That one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” – Neil Armstrong’s first words from moon heard all over Earth on this day in 1969.
While Alridn and Armstrong made
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Analyzing June new home sales & pricing figures from our monthly builder survey. As one builder noted: “It’s not fun to be a builder anymore.” Lumber relief is nice but pick your poison on other issues. Market commentary from across the country to follow...
#Richmond builder: “It's not fun to be a builder anymore. Cost pressure is killing us. Not only will builders like myself who take 12-24 months to build a house lose margin from increases, but the affordability is becoming a major issue.”
#Atlanta builder: “Costs have driven up prices & we’re no longer preselling. We will not sell a home until frame stage, so our sales numbers are off for June while awaiting framing stage.”
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Here's May mid-month home builder channel check I hinted at earlier. Builders are pushing prices w/little pushback, though some starting. Some builders are using price escalators & highest/best offer. Many limiting pre-sales, shifting to spec, & pricing home later in build cycle.
#Dallas builder: “Not selling build jobs in May, starting specs only, and not selling until drywall. Costs are too out of control for us to take the inflation risk on build jobs. So sales are way down.”
#SanAntonio builder: “Only selling specs at Sheetrock stage. Last month, it was frame stage.”
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House takes up a quite a few onerous bills. Looking for my favorite SDEC Committee Woman @itsJenRamos

#DemCastTX #SD21 💃
Follow… Image
I see some volunteers of Moms Demand in the Gallery. Open carry and poll watcher bills at polling sites really has me concerned after all the voter intimidation last year across Texas.

Y'all rock #DemCastTX
#txlege #txpol
Rep @jamestalarico bill #HB2039 passes out with only one 'Nay'
#DemCastTX Image
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Today we'll begin posting #DisasterRecoveryTips for #IceStorm2021 Survivors:
1/x Every disaster causes unique damages to every person.
To start your recovery process, you need to 1st document all your damage BEFORE you begin cleaning up, whether you have insurance or not. #TX #LA
2/x It’s important you document your damage carefully with photos & videos first, then begin PLANNING your clean up process. Insurers and FEMA have their own requirements when filing for claims or assistance. See steps below:
#TX #PortAransas #CorpusChristi If using a screen reader visit: for a
3/x After documenting your damage, you should check your county/local emergency management to get information about debris sorting rules and pick-up schedules.
See below for general guidance.
#LA / #TX: #Austin #Amarillo #Brownsville #Laredo #Palacios
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JUDD Legum actually made a thread everyone will like.
Dangerous winter storm kills at least 11, leaves millions without power, mainly in Texas…
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Looking forward tonhearinh more about how local actions can be harnessed to deliver #InclusiveGrowth as part of our #Coronavirus economic recovery #GLOPRO
Mike Hawking, Head of Policy & Partnerships at @jrf_uk opens his talk by highlighting the stubborn nature of #Poverty in 🇬🇧. While Govt measures had targeted #ChildPoverty & #PensionerPoverty, headline poverty figures remained worryingly high #GloPro Image
Hawking also notes that the numbers of people experiencing in-work #Poverty before #Coronavirus had been rising. Suggests that jobs being created where not good enough to help people escape poverty #GloPro
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We caught this amazing piece in the #Austin-American @statesman about #HonestObits and were reminded that we have a story to share with you about an #HonestObit that was rejected by the #SanAntonio @ExpressNews...… Image
.@ExpressNews claimed that they could not run the #HonestObit bc it included opinions, criticized elected officials, and editorialized; they stated it would detract from the journalistic integrity of the paper and offered to run it as a paid advertisement instead.
In hopes of compromise, we removed some of the stronger language as well as an invitation to a vigil, which the paper claimed was not the same as a funeral -- though as you'll see below, the @statesman clearly disagrees with this distinction.
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It’s 6pm on the last Friday in July. Walking along the #SanAntonio #Riverwalk is heartbreaking. I’ve seen more people out on the street during the final 2 minutes of a @spurs Finals run, and more cars during @Siclovia. The carnage caused by Mayor @Ron_Nirenberg’s... 1/3 Image
...”hyper vigilance” is decimating our business community and will snowball for years. Claiming his mandates are “science based” (as if @SAMetroHealth’s experts are uniquely authoritative) is irresponsible and tyrannical. 2/3
Pointing the blame at others for initial cases (destined to occur) & taking credit for declines (also destined to occur) is the ultimate “heads I win, tails you lose”. Cynical & opportunistic—while ordinary San Antonians suffer. Shameful. Mayor @Ron_Nirenberg, open our city! 3/3
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How does a city's trauma system come together to both prepare for the expected surge of the #COVIDー19 #pandemic & manage the ongoing #epidemic of #gunviolence & other trauma?

Through a great collaborative effort, we published the #Philadelphia experience in @JTraumAcuteSurg

The full paper is published ahead of print here:…

It represents the importance of #teamwork in ensuring a robust, rapid, coordinated effort to manage an evolving threat

Our publication timing coincides with a brutal #July4th weekend where #Philadelphia saw over 30 people shot including several children

But how did the #pandemic and #socialdistancing mandate affect trauma volume in our centers?
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THREAD: I’m home, cuddled up with my dogs after a chaotic evening covering #BlackLivesMatter protests in #SanAntonio. But before I go to bed, I wanted to upload this video and give a full account of what happened this evening.
The demonstrations began around 5 p.m. at the courthouse. The woman who originally tweeted about the protests cancelled it at the last minute, with around 15 minutes to spare, citing the potential for violence.
Hundreds still showed up. But without a leader, the protests seemed rather aimless. The demonstrators would walk to SAPD headquarters, back to the courthouse, then back to headquarters again. There was no clear end to the evening, no person in charge.
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SPECIAL REPORT: 10,000 cars line up in #SanAntonio, full of hungry, increasingly desperate people. Thousands already arrived the night before just to get a chance to eat. “We just can’t feed this many,” said the local food bank CEO.
By: @AlanRMacLeod…
The food lines are a glimpse into what a future American #socialist state would look like. However, this is not a hypothetical society but a very real present. It is Breadline 2020, today’s #America. Existing food banks are struggling to cope.
#Covid_19 #TrumpPressConf # Image
#MintPress News spoke to a number of people on the front lines attempting to keep #America fed during the worst pandemic in a century. “Needs have skyrocketed not just here but around the country,” said @ActivistEleanor, a creative activist, and journalist.
#COVID19 #lockdown Image
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Toda Venezuela se une en una exigencia para ir juntos en una sola dirección este #10Mar unidos en el #PliegoNacionalDeConflicto

Hoy nos reunimos con el sector agropecuario para hacer una las exigencias de todos, orientados a la solución. ImageImageImage
También reafirmamos en la @AsambleaVE que vamos a seguir acompañando a los venezolanos en sus reclamos, rebelándonos a esta tragedia las veces que sean necesarias hasta lograr la Libertad. Normalizar esta situación propia de un Estado fallido es algo que no podemos permitir.
Desde #SanAntonio reiteramos nuestro llamado de unión y movilización. El 5 de enero vimos que uno solo no es suficiente, pero el 7 vimos que cuando somos todos, presionando en la misma dirección, podemos lograr el objetivo.

¡Nos vemos el #10Mar en las calles! #10MUnidosXVzla ImageImage
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@UnlivableATX @chrisharris101 END OF POLICING CONSULTANT/LOBBYIST @chrisharris101 of JUST LIBERTY has been very busy w/ his heavy lobbying activities for the goal of THE END OF POLICING movement for #Texas repping #Austin . He's already been reporting to the NY SCHOOL OF LAW POLICING PROJECT leaders. #txlege
@UnlivableATX @chrisharris101 @GregAbbott_TX @KenPaxtonTX @TXAG @PoliceOne @NewsRadioKLBJ @OANN @BreibartNews @ToddJeffries @ToddandDon @FoxNews What's the POLICING PROJECT of the NYU SCHOOL OF LAW? They tasked the NGO activists/consultants/lobbyists w/ using "President Obama's 21st Century Principles of Policing" & the Police Executive Research Forum's "Guiding Principles on the Use of Force."
@UnlivableATX @chrisharris101 @GregAbbott_TX @KenPaxtonTX @TXAG @PoliceOne @NewsRadioKLBJ @OANN @BreibartNews @ToddJeffries @ToddandDon @FoxNews @BreitbartNews Furthermore, THE NYU SCHOOL OF LAW POLICING PROJECT vetted x ACLU NJ has d goal of getting (8) key metrics met x 25 of the largest CITY POLICE DEPARTMENTS in d U.S. The only 2 CITY PDs that have met all 8 metrics are Camden NJ & San Francisco PDs. #txlege…
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Increíble lo que estoy escuchando. ¿Los manifestantes gritan: “¡¡¡ARDE, ARDE, ARDE!!!? ¿Eso es lo que se alcanza a escuchar? #Osorno #kauak
La democracia se fue al carajo.
Cc @sebastianpinera @jschaulsohn @gblumel @tere_marinovic @Ejercito_Chile
Ya que captaron mi atención. Pregunto ¿Es válido que manifestantes quemen edificios, patrimonios de la cultura, iglesias, etc para “presionar al gobierno @sebastianpinera? ¿Es válido? Porque si ustedes avalan todo eso, entonces están avalando la QUEMA de este edificio.
Es sólo una PREGUNTA queridos “tolerantes”. Que bueno que sean obedientes y contesten. Porque a veces escucho mal. 😘 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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As the administration continues forcibly separating migrant children from their families, the administration is looking to build a new facility to detain 450 unaccompanied children in San Antonio, Texas. #CloseTheCamps #NeverAgainIsNow…

When I sounded the alarm about a similar attempt to build another #ConcentrationCamp for kids in CA's Inland Empire, the mobilization effort & huge push back prompted a public statement from a state rep & forced the gov't to ABANDON ITS PLAN.
If you know people in the area, start tagging! A couple people is all it takes to kickstart a pushback from the #resistance
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[HILO] Ayer @MariaCorinaYA @caramos61 @DignoraHernandz y Humberto Villalobos visitaron los Altos Mirandinos. Fue un honor como coordinador de @Vente_LosSalias haber sido su anfitrión junto a @VenteCarrizal

A continuación les muestro parte de nuestra gira: Image
Nuestra gira comenzó con un desayuno de trabajo en conjunto con coordinadores ejecutivos de algunos equipos de @VenteMiranda. Gracias a @Vente_Sucre @VenteChacao @BarutaVente @vente_zamora @Vente_Guaica @VenteCarrizal y @Vente_LosSalias por este grato y productivo encuentro. ImageImageImageImage
Seguidamente fuimos a visitar a mis queridas Hermanas Agustina Recoletas y su bella obra: la de alimentar a más de 1000 personas al día y atender a niños y niñas que son abandonados por sus padres.
Son ellas otra muestra de los venezolanos de bien que no se rinden ni claudican. ImageImageImageImage
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¿De verdad?


1-En dictadura los únicos espacios son para la sumisión.

2-No hay mejor defensa que desobedeciendo=ni entregando ni jugando su juego.

3-No son elecciones,son selecciones.Y el criminal que selecciona es quien convoca. Image
Los Salias se defenderá no yendo a elecciones sino demostrando, cómo se ha hecho más de una vez, que nuestro municipio no lo tocan. Tenemos un espíritu ciudadano como pocos y unidos hemos visto lo fuerte que podemos ser.
Acá no vale el “doblarse para no partirse”.
Sin duda los tiempos son extremadamente complejos y adversos pero en el momento en que más nos claman firmeza y coraje, no podemos bajar la cara y darles el gusto de caer en su juego de sumisión.
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#BIN Y esto es así, porque en nuestro ADN venezolano hay un componente donde reside el segundo principio heredado de la época colonial: "Dios está en el cielo, el rey está lejos y YO MANDO AQUÍ". No es nueva nuestra tragedia, es que la lucha entre civilización y barbarie continúa
111. #Derecho es un conjunto de normas, escritas o no, de carácter general, útiles para dirigir a la sociedad, a fin de solventar conflictos y evitar la autoinjusticia y la imposición de la "ley del más fuerte". Es decir, para evitar la barbarie...
112. Es decir, donde no existe el #Derecho, existe la barbarie. El Derecho es el camino establecido para tratar de encontrar esa quimera, más valiosa que #ElDorado, llamada #Justicia. Cuando se tuerce el derecho, se actúa enloquecido como #Aguirre...
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