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2020 goes both ways.
Monolithic ruthless conspiracy.
Rest in peace Mr. @JohnFKennedy.
Rest in peace Jr.
Rest in Peace #SethRich.
Rest in Peace #RobertTrump.
Elections have consequences.
Nobody walks...
Hello Traitors.
You are witnessing...#TakeTheOath.
Signed affidavits.
Public hearings.
First name(s) verify events.
Take Vaccine on live air.
Gain public trust.
Take Lethal Injection on live air...
Hello clowns...#EnemyOfThePeople.
#America is no longer for sale.
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(1/5) As a truth-seeker, it is vital to reserve a healthy dose of skepticism before jumping down any rabbit hole. .@AustinSteinbart happened to be geographically accessible to me, so in early April 2020, I started attending his court hearings in search of the truth. That’s how
(2/5) my journey began. I felt that the messenger is inconsequential as long as the information presented is factual. As outlandish as he initially appeared, the fact that his wife was standing by him through all the hostility bolstered his claim; for me, she was the keystone.
(3/5) When prompted, he assured me that she was on board behind the scenes, even as recently as July 13th. I found out the following week that this was not the case and hasn’t been for quite some time. That's when I stepped away from .@AustinSteinbart and .@QuantumNewsNet.
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Our first lady is standing in front of the Sphinx. She is standing in front of its underground ceremonial chamber. I keep telling you guys to follow @2ndfor1st #QAnon
What were they looking for in Indiana Jones movie? What's in the Ark?
1.) Golden jar of manna
2,) Aaron's staff that had budded
3.) The stone tablets of the covenant.
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Let’s talk about #pedowood and the claims @IsaacKappy made a few days ago. (Watch video)

I believe Isaac and anyone who has done even just a small bit of research knows #hollywood is infested with #pedos and satanic ritual abusers.

#qanon #TheGreatAwakeing #woke
#maga #truth
After @IsaacKappy posted his live video’s, talk made it’s way to the chans

Anon posts pic of Seth Green, Tim Gunn and others we’ll talk about, then suggests Haiti connection... provides links

#qanon #pedowood #pizzagate #GreatAwakenening #itsallconnected
#4chan #8chan #Truth
So as you can see there is a connection to Seth Green and this organization “aid still required”

I’m not commenting on the validity of this organization, I’m just making connections...

Continuing on...

#qanon #pizzagate #TheGreatAwakening
#Haiti #ChildTrafficking
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Hillary Comey McCabe Strok Page Yates Boente referred by 12 members of Congress to the DOJ for prosecution.
Obstruction of Agency & Congress
Illegal Foreign Donations to Campaign
Failure to Disclose Donations
Deprivation of rights
Comey's Charges
Hillary's Charges
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You think these rare occurrences are a coincidence?
2018 will be the year that pedophiles are exposed!
The unrepentant knee will bend!
Eyes will be open!
If the knee doesn't bend then this will likely be the result for more exposed pedophiles to come.
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