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If you missed this press conference, I encourage you to find it on the was something. Let’s discuss.
I think it is safe to say that @SharkeyCTU1 isn’t going to get invited to @chicagosmayor house anytime soon for her preferred craft beer. And honestly, you kind of expect a level of dislike and exhaustion in both individuals at this point.
Tonight though...whew. When asked by a reporter how students are going to catch up for the lost instructional time. The Mayor’s response was along the lines of harm was already done and she isn’t rescheduling days. Which is weird...and then you realize she is talking about kids
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If you were to tell me a year ago, I would be congratulating a billionaire Governor on his successes and protesting the mayor who replaced Rahm - I would have thought you were crazy. Yet here we are.
The difference? One set out to show his campaign promises were commitments the other set out to show hers were mere suggestions.
This (what appears now inevitable) strike boils down to a union fighting to put in writing a Mayor’s campaign promises from just 7 months ago.
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Another mass shooting in America, this time in Chicago. Police said the shooter is a 67-year-old man who had a history of issues with his neighbors in the building. #twill
The shooting in Chicago was at least the 245th mass shooting this year. And it was the second mass shooting Saturday, after a Brooklyn shooting left four dead and three wounded. Also Saturday, a shooting during a wedding at a church in Pelham, New Hampshire left two wounded.
Every day in the United States, over 100 Americans are killed with guns, and hundreds more are shot and wounded.

The Senate’s inaction comes with a body count. It is long past time that they pass background checks on all gun sales and a strong red flag law.

Text ACT to 644-33.
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When @politico_il gets it wrong - you have to hand it to them - they get it REALLY wrong. Unfortunately not fact checking the talking points from the Mayor’s office misleads the public too. (Sigh) let’s dive in: #Twill
For starters, no @politico_il CPS has not agreed to yet another 200 social workers as your post implies.
In fact if you read the new CPS website you can clearly see the words “earlier this summer” when describing the social work offer. Why would you say there is a new offer - offering 200 more @politico_il ?
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Why mislead the public @chicagosmayor ? Especially when there are receipts. #Twill #Thread @CTULocal1 #CTU
See, the number they are using to mislead parents is wrong - blatantly wrong. It comes from a grant request. To come to that number the agency took every student and social worker in schools. Except there is one huge problem with that strategy...
Some states don’t even have school social workers. Take Nevada - it isn’t even a licensed profession. That isn’t a national school average - that’s just lazy statistics.
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And let’s talk about this talking point from @chicagosmayor ‘s contract negotiator, because I keep seeing this come up. #Twill
Fact: there is a social worker with a PEL shortage. If you tried to hire all 800 more social workers this year it couldn’t be done...but that isn’t what is being proposed. Not even remotely.
Illinois is graduating 2000+ social workers a year. If they have advance standing their Master’s program takes a year to get their Master of Social Work (MSW) - if not it takes 2 years. Workforce ramp up is possible.
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Cook County Judge held hearing this morning on Chicago fire pension fund lawsuit against city of chicago in which fund has asked for (and received) intercept of city's grant funds to cover shortfalls over contributions in FY16,17, and 18. the dispute centers on method
for making contributions - Chicago is fighting with the fire fund over the language of the state pension code, and how to handle late property tax collections, which can lead to shortfalls in the pension contributions.
City says it can use property tax levy + deposits from other funds to make contribution. In other words, the fire fund should absorb any tax collection shortfall. City is asking for judge to issue summary judgement in their favor and credit already intercepted grants toward next
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Your must read today: Cook County’s Bail Debate — What You Need To Know —- (thread)… via @WBEZ #Twill
No seriously read it before posting your hot take on why our mayor is right to parrot Rahm’s crime deflection.
“The total number of people being held in jail while they await trial has significantly decreased since bond reform. Fifteen months after the bond reform order, the jail population was down by 16%.”
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I am a big fan of @politico_il, I read it just about every day, and you should too...but we should unpack today's lead story. #Twill
In it Politico reported the letter President @ToniPreckwinkle sent to @chicagosmayor objecting to the rhetoric being pushed by CPD and the Mayor's Superintendent Johnson.
"Superintendent Johnson must stop misleading the public about why gun violence remains a challenging problem in Chicago."
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It was an honor to moderate today’s panel at @the_wing in Chicago with gun violence survivors and @momsdemand volunteers who fight for stronger gun laws in the wake of their children’s deaths. Their activism is inspiring, and I’m grateful hundreds came to listen. #twill
Stories I heard: An Illinois woman got involved in @MomsDemand to teach #BeSMART after her boyfriend died by gun suicide. Another woman and mom of four left her abusive husband with the help and support of our volunteers. She now has a job in politics and plans to run for office.
Afterward, we wrote letters to Congress asking lawmakers to support Red Flag laws.

Thanks to these amazing women, @MomsDemand has grown exponentially in the state of Illinois and in the city of Chicago.

Join us: text READY to 644-33 and get connected where you live. #twill
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We’re here at the Conrad Sulzer Library having a conversation about #StudentDataProtection .…
Meeting a great group of parents impacted and/or concerned about #StudentDataProtection.
We’re working on legislation at the state level. We need to talk about pushing for more awareness and guidelines at the district level -esp with new mayor and alderpeople this spring.
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THREAD: What insights can we glean from recent reports that federal prosecutors secretly recorded Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan? #twill
1/ Today @suntimes @SeidelContent @TinaSfon @fspielman reported that an affidavit indicated that federal prosecutors secretly recorded Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan as part of their corruption investigation, which has ensnared Alderman Ed Burke.…
@Suntimes @SeidelContent @TinaSfon @fspielman 2/ In a separate article (below) describing other details from the affidavit, they describe it as a search warrant affidavit. That is important context that helps us understand what the affidavit contains.…
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1/ The case outlined by federal prosecutors in the charges against Alderman Ed Burke is strong. The calls between Burke and the alleged victims, and other calls intercepted by the FBI via wiretap, really make the case. #twill…
2/ It is hard for prosecutors to prove corruption cases without wiretaps or recorded conversations because the conversations are often not explicit and there can later be a dispute about exactly what was said.
3/ The recordings also undercut potential defenses Burke might have had otherwise. Without recordings, Burke might have a strong argument that adverse actions taken against the alleged victims were legitimate. He still has the argument, but the tapes make them look retaliatory.
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The @ChicagoTribune owes my wife an apology. But I'm not holding my breath.

My wife, Helene Miller Walsh, is the current Republican State Representative in Illinois' 51st District. She's running against a Mike Madigan Democrat. #twill (1/)
This past week, the Chicago Tribune endorsed that Mike Madigan Democrat. That's fine. It's a free country. The Tribune can endorse whomever they choose.

But why did the newspaper endorse a Mike Madigan Democrat, and not Helene? (2/)
In their own words: "Helene Miller Walsh it turns out had posted, then deleted, crude and divisive remarks about Jews, Muslims, and blacks on her social media."

That's it? (3/)
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Some interesting #twill things from @UpshotNTY's #IL12 data collected last week:…
For reference, the overall results show a very close race in a swingy district that went Obama/Obama/Trump, and was originally drawn for a conservative Dem incumbent, but has been Republican since 2014.…
The candidates are two-term incumbent Mike Bost (R) and St. Clair County state's attorney Brendan Kelly (D). Bost won 54-40 in 2016, with the Green Party candidate taking 6%.
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Coming back from the holiday and catching up on the news? Here are some of the biggest stories you may have missed!
Republicans are standing by while Trump sabotages health care markets and raises premiums AGAIN! #ACA #ProtectOurCare…
GOP candidate says something racist? Say NO to racism by voting for @PaulDavisKS!

"While CNN has rated the race to replace Jenkins as leaning Republican, Democrats have lined up behind former Kansas House Minority Leader Paul Davis to flip the district."…
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Correct Care Solutions - the Rauner-linked health care company that services ICE facilities - also has contracts with the IL Dept. of Juvenile Justice worth $20M+

Here's a Correct Care posting for a job at IYC Warrenville, an IDJJ facility

#twill #ilgov…
The vendor listed on the state contracts is "Correctional Healthcare Companies", which merged with Correct Care in 2014…
In his "blind-trust commitments", Rauner promised he would donate "any proceeds from investment interests that I may hold that have any contract with the State of Illinois"

Has he donated his profits from Correct Care? Are there other investments like this?
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THREAD: What is the #JanusvAFSCME case, which the Supreme Court heard yesterday, about? What is the expected result and the aftermath?
1/ In #JanusvAFSCME, the Supreme Court is considering whether to overturn a prior case that allowed public sector unions to establish “agency shop” arrangements with their government employers, which require the union to represent the interests of all employees.
2/ The arrangement requires unions to represent non-union employees. It also requires non-union employees to pay a "fair share" fee so they don't free ride on the efforts of the union, which are primarily funded through member dues.
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THREAD: What is wage theft, why is it an epidemic in Illinois, and how will I stop it? #twill
1/ "Wage theft" is when an employer fails to pay an employee wages that they're owed. For example, if your employer doesn't pay you overtime that you worked, that's wage theft.
2/ It's also wage theft when an employer doesn't pay the minimum wage or doesn't give you vacation pay that you're entitled to. Wage theft also occurs when an employer calls you an "independent contractor" when you're not.
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