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Last #USMNT thought for the night. The MMA midfield is dangerous because the three complement each other.

- Adams is a defensive beast, and relieves some of the pressure and cleans up mistakes by M&M. His passing is simple, quick, and secure, which is all we need from him.
- Musah is crazy secure, able to hold, turn, and progress the ball. But he’s safe in the final 3rd, and isn’t great yet at turning that possession into chance creation. Nor is he particularly good at arriving late to finish plays.
- Enter McKennie, who is the least secure of the 3, but the most willing to make plays and create chances, and our best player since 2010-2014 Michael Bradley at arriving from the midfield to finish.
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🧵 Long BILD piece today on Wolfsburg & #USMNT defender John (Jay as he’s often referred to in Germany) Brooks.
The part in bold says Bild’s information is USA coach Gregg Berhalter was not happy with Brooks in his most recent appearances & that there was an attitude problem.
2/ It points out that Brooks has become the “problem child” at Wolfsburg, subbed off at HT in the 0:3 “horror performance” (Bild’s words) in Mainz & not picked at all for the crucial CL MD6 showdown with Lille.
3/ Earning an estimated 4 mil Euro a year, per Bild, Brooks is one of the highest earners but his form crisis this term means Wolfsburg are unlikely to pay that for him again. Contract up in 2022. Brooks also said not as cooperative as his teammates re media interviews.
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Great win for #USMNT. Another absolutely pathetic and embarrassing night for CONCACAF, which will never be taken seriously until this absolute nonsense stops happening in every game.
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1/ 🧵 ahead of Bayern-Hoffenheim (my Sat commentary game) for the world feed. Kicker quotes from #USMNT defender Chris Richards as he prepares to face his parent club. Richards says he wasn’t disappointed when Julian Nagelsmann decided not to build his squad with him. #FCBTSG
2/ Richards: “I wanted to return to Hoffenheim. In the summer it emerged that there would continue to be a lot of competition in Munich & I wouldn’t play every game for a long time. I’m not afraid of competition but it was better for me to go to Hoffenheim & play regularly.”
3/ Richards on consistency: “That’s the most important area where I have to improve, and that has a lot to do with experience. So for exactly that reason I’m in Hoffenheim to get a lot of match practice.”
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I fear we may have built up the CONCACAF road challenges narrative so much that it is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. It seems to now be a convenient crutch, or worse, an excuse to justify a poor performance.
Yes, the unique CONCACAF qualifying environment is still difficult…but not as difficult. The #USMNT flies charter, brings their chef, new/improved stadiums, fields are better, refereeing better, laws of the game have changed, etc. It’s challenging, but it can’t be a crutch.
If we’ve created a generation of #USMNT players that can only function when the circumstances are ideal, then we are in trouble. If we’re not careful, the advantages we provide from a young age can become disadvantages. ‘Twas ever thus.
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During his pre-match press conference, #USMNT head coach Gregg Berhalter confirms that forward Christian Pulisic (day-to-day) and goalkeeper Zack Steffen (back spasms) did not travel with the team to El Salvador.

Berhalter also confirms that goalkeeper Matt Turner will start for the #USMNT in Thursday’s #WCQ opener at El Salvador.

Berhalter on the USMNT's history on the road in Concacaf #WCQ:

"We know our record away from home [in WCQ] hasn't been great and it's something we want to improve upon."

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This is the best #USMNT XI I can make of guys who have played played professionally or internationally as both a right back (or right wingback) *and* the position I have them listed at.

Pretty good team! I really like Arriola as a pressing 10.
- I couldn't remember McKennie ever playing RB or RWB, but if he has, then that spot is obviously his

- I only remember McKenzie played RB for the US U-20s, but that was good enough to make the list

- Remember when multiple coaches played Gyasi out wide? WTF man
- only went with guys in the current player pool (thought that was obvious but I should've specified)
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Lots of talk in certain segments of the #USMNT fanbase about calling in young Ricardo Pepi for September qualifiers -- specifically whether it would be a predatory cap-tie because of El Tri's interest, or if he's a guy the US actually needs.
Personally, I think Pepi's the same tier of prospect as Yunus Musah (not quite Reyna-level), and is 6 weeks younger than those guys. And he's earned the call-up on merit IMO.

Just look at what he's done with Dallas this season.…
So while it's late in the game...
1) He's a high-caliber prospect who's consistently scored at every level
2) He plays a position where nobody's locked down the job
3) Berhalter's been aggressive about integrating the kids

So I hope we see Pepi on the US roster for WCQs.
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Potential problem area for the USMNT now and in 2nd half. Acosta paying attention to Alvarez and Williamson on Herrera. Tecatito takes Bello inside, meaning USA’s left side is open when Hoppe steps high. That means an almost-constant 2v1 of dos Santos and Chaka vs Lletget. -T
One example: Moreno finds Chaka wide as US high press. Hoppe bypassed and Lletget has to slide over to cover, meaning JdS now wiiiiide open, and #USMNT has to scramble to cover. -T
BTW, Lletget did REALLY well here. Instead of trying to pressure Chaka, he moved to get between him and the ball into space for dos Santos, and the move had to stop as a result. -T
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Cap-tying players is not a recruitment strategy. They need to feel the #USMNT 🇺🇸 is the best choice for them, the only choice they want to make. That’s only possible if you have systemic Latino inclusion through the program and the Federation.
Berhalter’s answers to questions on this seem to reflect he gets that.
Going forward systemic Latina inclusion will be equally important as this will begin to happen in the women’s game too. Don’t make the same mistakes over again. Learn the lessons. Do it right.
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A few days ago #LFGthemovie was released. This movie shows us the process of the #EqualPay lawsuit that the @USWNT encounter against @ussoccer
It explains how much it takes to do something like this.
Here s a #Thread to explain what happened
In March 2019 During the #USWNT camps the captains did do a secret meeting with the team and they proposed to make a lawsuit against their federation for Equalpay. That's how it started and on the 8th of March 2019 they released a statement.
They are asking for #EqualPay and also
Equal opportunities with better marketing,more training resources etc.
And the facts are surreal:
So the #USWNT get paid 0$ for advancing in the #WorldCup even if they make it to the Semi finals
They don't take any charters and the hostels are nothing compared to the men.
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Jim Curtin also praised midfielder Leon Flach in my conversation with him: “Leon has been in talks with Gregg [Berhalter] and his staff to represent the #USMNT in the Gold Cup this summer.” #DOOP
Curtin praised Flach’s “High Soccer IQ” and said “he is great at neutralizing one of the opposing team’s best players”.
Curtin on Flach’s possible USMNT inclusion: “I think they could always use more options to have outside of Tyler Adams. Leon has definitely shown great ability since his move here to MLS. He’s done a lot of good work for us.”
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Brenden Aaronson: “In MLS, a lot of teams will sit back a little bit, but in the Austrian league you have teams that even though you’re the top team in the league, you have guys that are flying at you [in] no time.” #USMNT
“I think the time that I’ve been here, my decision-making in the final third has just gotten quicker and faster … and I think it’s coming off really well, too.”
“It’s been a whirlwind of six months for me, and it’s been a crazy time. It’s not always easy to come over and get acclimated right away and get into the group, you’re meeting new friends and coming into a new system and all these kinds of things, and it was tough at first.”
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#Quakes74 Cowell “es bueno tener minutos, he trabajado duro y es bueno poder jugar” #MLS
#Quakes74 Cowell, “ser titular me da confianza, Matias confía en mi y es bueno poder aportar y tener minutos” #MLS
#Quakes74 Cowell, “honestamente lo más importante es haber ganado, yo tengo mucho que hacer para seguir creciendo. Así lo veo yo” #MLS
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All goals so far for Josh Sargent in the 2020-21 season..

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Tyler Adams has been a Jack of all trades for Leipzig, playing some as a pressing 8, a little as a true 6, a little as a RB and often (including today) as a wingback.

If this is his ceiling — utility man for a top 3 Bundesliga side — would you be stoked or disappointed?
Would you rather see him move down a rung to a less ambitious team in order to get a job as a full-time 6?
It has been, but I’m pretty sure GGG intends to primarily use him as a 6 going forward.
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🧵 THREAD: Charlie Kelman steps up!

The British-born #USMNT youth player has left Southend for QPR. Last season was tough for Southend, and Kelman didn't get on the end of many balls in the box. At 1.69m he can't do much in aerials, either. Second striker might work better.

Kelman's involvement in Southend's most dangerous moves was rather low for a central striker, though he did take decent chances on average. He was active in both channels, a bit more on the left, usually linking up the play but also dribbling on the corner of the box.

Here are Kelman's shot maps. He scored a couple of longer shots from open play. From dead balls it looks like he wasn't always around the six-yard box, which isn't surprising given his height. Again, second striker looks best for him.

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Did I ever tell my Barron Trump story? I'm going to tell my Barron Trump #DCU-related story. It's a good one.
Last summer, the #USMNT played Cuba at Audi Field. I was covering the game. I left the press box briefly pre-game because I needed a quiet spot to have a private conversation with a colleague. We walked out of the press box and stepped into an empty suite right next door.
We chatted for a good 10 minutes, and as I turned to leave I was confronted by a very large man. "What the f**k are you doing in here," he said. I was shook, and I looked up and saw, much to my dismay, a Secret Service badge.
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🧵 THREAD: What's happened to Gyasi Zardes?

Zardes has scored 10 goals in just over 1,000' this year in MLS. Yet all of his overall ratings are basically the same as last season... and fairly mediocre... except for his finishing:

1/4 #Crew96 #MLS #Zardes #USMNT Image
Zardes's shot quality is the same, on average, as last season, but his conversion rate is through the roof. We think some of it is sustainable, though probably not all, since these numbers are just wacky (in a Zardes kind of way):

2/4 Image
So what happened? Well, take a look at Zardes's shot maps from open play in 2019 and 2020. We've switched off the headers. It seems like he's taking a higher proportion of his shots from the left side. Could it be as simple as that?

3/4 ImageImage
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THREAD: Chris Richards 🇺🇸

Today the future #USMNT star is on the bench for @FCBayern. We have 3. Bundesliga data for private clients, so we know a little about him.

Actually, a lot. He's a smarterscout young prospect with great overall numbers at a Bundesliga standard: 🙇‍♂️

1/4 Image
Richards has played mainly LCB this season with Bayern II, with some RB and RCB. He's mediocre in the air by a Bundesliga standard but an okay tackler!

At LCB he gets pretty far forward with a mix of passing, shorter when he's across midfield. He can even pop up for a shot.

2/4 Image
Speaking of shots, Richards has scored three times from LCB, but his attempts have been a little bit wild when making contact from dead balls. Here's one of our new shot maps, just because... it's new:

3/4 Image
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11:41 p.m. ET, and away we go.

First up, #USWNT players opposition to U.S. Soccer's motion for summary judgement.
First section has six points of rebuttal — including ones against the equal work concept, and also FIFA prize money determining #equalpay. #USWNT
It's a lot of the same arguments we've already seen before — especially in the February filings asking for summary judgments, just tweaked as a response, which makes sense.

Pushing back here against the concept that the #USWNT and #USMNT are "operationally distinct."
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According to @SkyKaveh, West Ham have made an offer for #RBNY and #USMNT CB Aaron Long.

The offer was $500k for a loan until the end of the season, with a $4.5m purchase option at the end of the season. Image
No where close to good enough for someone like Long.

If I were #RBNY, the minimum I’d take is $8 million clean.
The problem a lot of #RBNY fans have with selling players is not believing that that money will be poured back into the club. It all goes into the Red Bull pile and we’ve seen RBNY doesn’t get a big slice of that.
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Armchair Analyst: Lots of folks are rightly going *in* on the #USMNT, Berhalter & the USSF as a whole.

On a more granular level I'm taking a look at what went wrong with this team last night – and what will keep going wrong until/unless it gets fixed…
The number of times the US were out-manned 4-v-2 in central midfield last night was mind-boggling. It is the root of everything that's going wrong for the US right now, and – no matter who the coach is – it has to change.
The truly awful thing is that this wasn't even one of the 5 worst losses of the decade:
5. USA 1-2 JAM (2015 Gold Cup)
4. JAM 2-1 USA (2014 WCQ)
3. GUA 2-0 USA (2018 WCQ)
2. CRC 4-0 USA (2018 WCQ)
1. T&T 2-1 USA (2018 WCQ)
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I finished my #USMNT rewatch:

• Team selection is the core issue right now. Trapp, Zardes & maybe Boyd (still want to see more) aren't up to the level that's needed in these games
• Could see immediate improvement re: attacking combo play when Sargent replaced Gyasi
• Zimmerman has been poor since Gold Cup. Not sure what happened b/c he was so good before that.
• None of the CBs was able to dip their shoulder and carry past the pressing Mexican front line. Didn't happen a single time all game long.
• I am legit concerned about Weston McKennie, who's gifted but still so scattershot & naive re: how he brings those gifts to bear. Need Wagner to spend a lot of time molding him
• Pulisic played hard but was selfish & slow of thought (37th min non-breakaway, late overlap)
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