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@iltalehti_fi "-länsimaiset '#poliitikot' ”eivät aja omien maidensa etuja, vaan ovat #marionetteja globaalien #eliitti'en käsissä”:
#Zdokumentti eli #SateenkaariSanna…
@iltalehti_fi #Kusetus
cc: @ odefinn
Johan oli.. meidän onnemme että #Venäjä näkee läpi tuon Suomen valtiovallan kansan kusettamisen, ilman sitä olisimme todella #kusessa.
@iltalehti_fi @kokoomus @Demarit @vasemmisto @persut @keskusta @KDpuolue @sfprkp @vihreat #Zdokumentti eli #SateenkaariSanna
- "länsimaiset '#poliitikot' ”eivät aja omien maidensa etuja, vaan ovat #marionetteja globaalien #eliitti'en käsissä”: ImageImageImageImage
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Lenin, Nazım, Stalin, beni biraz dinleyin,
Mehmet Perinçek de var, gönlünüzü eğleyin.
Bir anekdot yanında, iki de şiir vardır,
Hepsine kulak verin, akılda kalan kârdır.
Yıl ikibin oniki, ikibin onüç idi,
TeVe’de tartışmalar gerçekten moda idi.
Saadettin Tantan ile Beyaz TeVe’de idik,
Bedrettin Habiboğlu davet etti, biz gittik.
Tartışma programı oldukça neşeliydi,
Program son bulunca, kulise geçilmişti.
Tantan bana usulca, şunları söylemişti,
Ondan duyduklarım da, beni sanki şok etti.
“Önder Hoca, sen bizim Perinçek’i tanısan,
Onun ülkemiz için yaptığını anlasan.
Doğu Bey tam anlamda, memleket sevdalısı,
Hepimizden çok güzel, iş yapma meraklısı.
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Even now, many pages in the history of the Soviet Union remain a mystery.

Documents released shortly before the dissolution of the #USSR confirmed that many of its statesmen, politicians, diplomats, as well as military and intelligence officers, had been born in #Ukraine. Image
In the very first years of the Soviet Union’s existence, Ukrainian Bolsheviks played an important role in building what became the world's largest ever state.

They engaged in the ‘Ukrainization’ that aimed to replace Russian language and culture there during the #Stalin years.
Soviet policy allowed the Ukrainian SSR to become a fairly independent entity. Moreover, many Party officials from Ukraine held key positions in the USSR right up until its collapse.

This thread seeks to explore what influence Ukrainians had on the Soviet Union’s development.
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If you need a reminder (or know someone who does) of why #Russia invaded #Ukraine in the first place, my friend @tjmac87 is live-streaming #Putin's Speech from Feb 21 2022 right now, with an accurate English translation!

Tune in here 👇🏽…
Here #Putin is tracing the roots of the current war, back to what he considers #Lenin’s fateful error:

Making concessions to the Ukrainian nationalists (who fought for an independent #Ukraine during the Civil War) when #Ukraine joined the #USSR in 1922.
From my own research into this period of history, Putin is absolutely correct.

Lenin should have known the types he was dealing with — evil monsters, out to destroy #Russia — after all he’d seen from them between 1917-21.

They’d be back 20 years later, w/ Germany’s backing!
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@Samuel_Gryning #Lahjus-#Kiristys. #BigPharma on jo maksanut kuolettavista #mRNA -promootioista. Jopa Suomen kouluissa on maksettu oppilaille kymppi per piikki.
- Ensi-Lahjuksien oton jälkeen ns. poliitikko on kiikissä.

@Samuel_Gryning #Darpa-#mRNA ja #Ukraina-#Maidan2014 ovat saman #siionisti -jengin tekosia ja tavoite on edelleen sama, ylivalta. #Depopulation kuten Neuvostoliitossa bolsevikkien (ns. juutalaisten) #gulagit (66 miljoonaa tapettua) ja se #NWO.
- Jacob #Rothschild lifts he #Veil ImageImageImage
@Samuel_Gryning #Jews Murdered #Czar Nicholas, Stole #Russian Assets and Conducted the #Bolshevik #Revolution
- Immediately after the Revolution, Jews were euphoric over their high representation in the new govt. #Lenin's first Politburo was dominated by Jewish origins… ImageImageImage
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‘Gandhism’ according to Roy was dangerous because “on the strength of one man’s personality, India was falsely construed as a pure cultural entity”.


The readers will judge why I used these words once you finish reading
this thread/post.

In 1938, the hosts at Wadia House, Bombay were taken aback to see #Roy coming to the breakfast table in white Dhoti-Kurta in true Bengali Style who preferred to wear suits shirts & trousers.
Noticing the puzzled look he said, I'M GOING TO PAY MY RESPECTS TO

#ManabendranathRoy, the founder of #CommunistPartyofIndia added, I'm sure the Old Man will be pleased to see me dressed as a full fledged Indian rather than as Westernized Revolutionary.
Having said that MN Roy went to meet Veer Savarkar & BOWED TO HIS FEET.
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Welcome to another weekend, but in #Ukraine just another day of uncertainty. Hoping for the best but forgiven for fearing the worst.

It's Day 332 of #Russia's illegal war on its' peaceful neighbour. Here's the daily thread with all the important news and analysis.
First thanks to Simon S, who last night tipped me for my work (see profile for link).
Cheers, drinking coffee, enjoying a cake now!

So Friday was errr... eventful? Yes, that's the word! Catch up by scrolling through here:

#Russia has now lost over 120,000 soldiers from its' regular army. Another huge daily number of sacrificial lambs on the altar of Tsar Putin: 860, one of the highest ever.

Also decent equipment numbers hit by #Ukraine according to their estimates.

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Oder: Spätfolgen des Marxismus-Leninismus. Thread (x10)

#ukraine #russland #putin #kherson #ddr #nato Image
#ukraine #russland #putin #kherson #afd #nazi Image
#ukraine #russland #putin #kherson #linke #lenin Image
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The Western Left is struggling to emphasize with #Ukraine. The rift between the socialist parties of Western and Eastern Europe has deep historical roots. So lets take a look at British #Labour and Polish "PPS" in 1920 - how was their perception of #Russia/#Ukraine? 🧵Thread/1
In 1920 #Labour send a delegation to revolutionary Russia to take a closer look on #Lenin/s politics. They recognized the "terror" of the Bolsheviks but justified it with the circumstances (civil war). Even so, they were concerned by the complete lack of civil rights in Russia/2
They also recognized the "danger of militarism" in Russia but blamed it entirely on their own government. In their perception it was "western policy" that forced revolutionary Russia to expand. #Lenin did "great service to diplomacy" and "has shown a genuine will to peace"/3
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#Engel suunnitteli tämän rakennuksen #Senaatintori'n ladalle, mutta #venäläiset rakensivat sen.
- Kuten #siionisti'en määräämät #Lenin- ja #RauhanPatsas poistot, tämä häpeällinen 'valtioneuvoston linna', olisi enempien miljardi -tuhojen estämiseksi poistettava #WTC911 tapaan. Image
Niinsanotun 'Valtioneuvoston', linna
- Eugen #Schauman ampui kenraalikuvernööri Nikolai #Bobrikovin kuoliaaksi linnan toisen kerroksen tasanteella vuonna 1904. Surmapaikalle on myöhemmin kiinnitetty muistolaatta.… ImageImage
The #Davos controlled #FifthColumn, selected by rigged #elections in 2019 in the #HappiestCountry.
- The only target is to destroy #Finnish #economy by crushing the resistance using famine, to pave a way to a archipelago of #NATO #NuclearWeapons. Image
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The #communist Far Left is poised to take over the reins of power in #Russia. If you thought #RussiaUkraineWar would lead to a Russian coup by the "liberal" forces, i.e. by the likes of @navalny or Khodorkovsky, you're wrong - and I will try to explain why in this 🧵... [1]
The moment that really started the #RussiaUkraineWar happened as early as 19 January, when the Communist Party of #Russia (@kprf) sent a request to recognize the breakaway #Donbass republics (LDPRs). This move was only reported in Russian language. [2]…
It wasn't Putin's "United Russia" party that kicked-off the military intervention in #Ukraine, it was the Russian communists - a political descendant of the all-powerful CPSU in the Soviet Union. This was largely ignored by the Western media... [3]
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Fein. @GregorGysi wurde 1948 geboren.
Bis zu seinem 10. Lebensjahr wurde die UdSSR von Stalin, einem Georgier, regiert.
Von 1958-1964 von Nikita Chruschtschow, einem in Donezk aufgewachsenen russischen Ukrainer mit einer lemkischen Ukrainerin als Frau.
1964-1982 regierte Leonid Breschnew, ein Ukrainer aus dem heutigen Dnipro.
Der nächste langjährige Regierungschef war der Halbukrainer Michail Gorbatschow von 1985-91.
2/5 @GregorGysi
Außer Malenkov, Andropov & Chernenko, zusammen(!) drei Jahre(!!) im Amt, hat @GregorGysi keinen einzigen wirklich russischen Regierungschef der UdSSR erlebt. Es gab nämlich nur einen - #Lenin.
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#Russland/s Krieg in der #Ukraine ist auch ein Kampf um Erinnerung. Wer hat das Recht auf das Erbe der #Sowjetunion und wie geht man mit der komplexen Geschichte der untergegangenen Weltmacht um? Am #TagderBefreiung spitzt sich dieser Konflikt der Symbole zu - ein Thread 🧵/1
Staatenbund, Bundesstaat oder (groß-)russisches Imperium? Die #Sowjetunion war alles davon. In der westl. Wahrnehmung verschwimmt diese Differenzierung. Im Englischen wird #Russia/#SovietUnion meist synonym verwendet, auch in Deutschland findet oft keine Unterscheidung statt /2
Die #Sowjetunion ging 1922 aus Sowjetrussland hervor als #Lenin seine Hoffnungen auf die Weltrevolution aufgeben musste. Er war nicht nur Ideologe sondern auch Pragmatiker der Macht: Nur knapp 50% der Bevölkerung waren Russen, andere Nationalitäten erhielten zunächst Freiräume/3
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#Turku @AboAkademi #Lenin #Stalin #communism #China #marxism #antisemitism #demarit #kokoomus #vasemmisto @SaaraMalila
Turun viestintäjohtaja.
- Kunnioitetun juutalaisen, V. I. Lenin -patsaan peittäminen ja poistaminen halveksii kansalaissodan veteraaneja. ImageImage
@AboAkademi @SaaraMalila #Juutalaisen #Leninin patsaan raiskaamisen sijasta, kannattaa opetella #venäjää ennen toukokuuta 2022.
- Saat leipää kun puhut kieltä, kuten #Mykkänen.
In 1837 and the building was moved to the official residence of the #Tsar or #Russia.
@AboAkademi @SaaraMalila Miten sanotaan venäjäksi:
1. 'Anna vähän leipää.'
2. 'Onko teillä bensaa?'
3. 'Meillä ei ole sähköä.'
4. 'Asuntojamme ei lämmitetä.'
5. 'Katso, pihassamme on upea patsas.'
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#Lenin no basta con autodenominarse vanguardia
“Pues no basta con titularse vanguardia, destacamento avanzado: es preciso, además, actuar de tal modo que todos los otros destacamentos vean y estén obligados a reconocer que marchamos a la cabeza.+
Y preguntamos al lector: ¿es que los componentes de los demás destacamentos son tan estúpidos que van a creernos como artículo de fe cuando hablamos de la vanguardia? [...]

Nosotros debemos hacer de los militantes socialdemócratas dedicados a la labor práctica+
Líderes políticos que sepan dirigir todas las manifestaciones de esta lucha múltiple, que sepan, en el momento necesario, dictar un programa positivo de acción a los estudiantes en efervescencia, a los descontentos de los zemstvos,+
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#Zelensky hopes Ukraine can join EU soon amid Russian onslaught | Feb 28
- Ursula; 'They are one of 'US' (zionists) and we want them in,' she told Euronews in an interview on Sunday, after emphasising existing EU-Ukraine cooperation.
Volodymyr #Zelensky was a Jewish #comedian. Now the world’s eyes are on him | Feb 27
- Over the course of a few years, Zelensky — who is the first-ever Jewish president of Ukraine, a country with a long and complicated Jewish history…
(#Ukraine. Oligarchs and #NATO funded #Azov-#Nazi battalions neutralized?)
Russian army: "All civilians in the city can freely leave" | Feb 28
- "All civilians in the city can freely leave.. along the Kyiv-Vasylkiv highway. This direction is open and safe"…
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Mini thread dall'aeroporto, dedicato ai colleghi che stanno blaterando di cose che evidentemente non sanno, anche se continuano a parlarne
1) Ieri #Putin ha fatto un discorso profondamente anti sovietico, citando #Lenin più volte criticando i #bolscevichi 1/
per le condizioni che accettarono dopo la Prima Guerra Mondiale. Quindi parlare di discorso vetero sovietico è la stupidata più grossa che si possa dire, anche se devo dire che se ne stanno dicendo tante 2/
Casomai, rientra in un contesto nazionalista e neoimperiale, puntato sull'identità russa, che però rischia di essere applicato anche ad altri territori (Dio non voglia). 3/
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1. Perché #Putin cita #Stalin in chiave positiva, mentre attacca #Lenin, nel suo discorso alla nazione di riconoscimento del #Donbass (dicendo addirittura "L'#Ucraina dovrebbe chiamarsi 'repubblica di Lenin'"?).
2. L'era #Putin ha significato per la #Russia una profonda trasformazione culturale e la rifondazione dello Stato dopo il decennio di disgregazione e crisi seguito al crollo dell'#URSS. Uno dei pilastri è stata anche la politica memoriale e la didattica della Storia.
3. #Putin ha ripreso il sentimento nazionalista da sempre presente nel popolo russo e che lo stesso #PCUS, fin da #Stalin, ha utilizzato nel corso del tempo per costruire consenso verso il regime sovietico - tranne, appunto, sotto #Lenin.
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1/n Thread
#Antisemitism of #USSR
Remember, once Nehru & his followers celebrated #USSR & followed it. Same followers are today throwing mud on #Netaji for alliance with Axis Powers.

Let's begin with 1919, when #Lenin brought rules of #Ukraine
2/n Two sources tell us that #Lenin said as below:

"#Jews and city dwellers on the Ukraine must be taken by hedgehog-skin gauntlets (ruled by iron fist) sent to fight on front lines and should never be allowed on any administrative positions."
3/n The sources for it are as below:
1)Time of Darkness - lit. "Dusk" by A. N. Yakovlev
2)The Unknown Lenin: From the Secret Archive, Edited by Richard Pipes

Although in public speeches, #Lenin always spoke against #Antisemitism
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18/12/1878: nace #Stalin.
El "hombre de acero" que venció al Tercer Reich durante la «Gran Guerra Patria» y convirtió a la URSS en un país moderno, industrializado y en toda una superpotencia mundial, gracias a una represión sin precedentes que dejó más de 20 millones de muertos Image
Iósif Vissariónovich Dzhugas más conocido como Iósif Stalin nació el 18/12/1878 en Gori en el seno de una familia humilde. Su padre, Vissarión Dzhugashvili, zapatero, y su madre,
Yekaterina Gueladze, era sirvienta. Siendo ambos de familias de siervos
georgianos ImageImage
Tuvo una infancia relativamente complicada debido a las constantes enfermedades que le afectaban y al violento carácter de un padre alcohólico que culpaba a él y a su madre de los rumores sobre adulterio de ésta.
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Libertad para Cuba 🇨🇺🔓💪
Castro no es un HÉROE, Cuba no es un PARAÍSO Y la revolución fue un FRACASO Y un colosal ERROR y el Socialismo no FUNCIONA.
#SosCuba #CubaLibre
(Abro hilo)
Cuba está en los últimos puestos de libertad económica según rankings mundiales.
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Very few characters have left quite as large a crater in the story of humanity as Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. The revolution that he spearheaded in early 1900s would set the whole world onto a different course after his death, the reverberations of which are still being felt today.
Opinions surrounding the man couldn't be more divided.

A popular opinion amongst those with more left-wing inclinations is that Lenin was a great idealist whose dream of a communist utopia became corrupted only after he died, under the hands of Joseph Stalin.
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Debunking Old Myth:Thread.
At independence, traditional elders & religious leaders were excluded from the process of state formation. The power struggle was between what What Qasim described as "colonial offspring,' the Italian & British educated Somalis.
These colonial offspring are framed as "modernists," & they adopted the colonial laws & institutions without single modification. However, the dream for greater Somalia generated enthusiastic public support & but the state was insufficiently democratic. The same modernists..
who had access to state resources become corrupt to the core. In fact, Sharmarke & Egal deliberately conspired to steal the election in 1969. The traditionalists, on the other hand, had no access to state resources & authority & were not a threat to it at all...
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