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1. The #boogaloobois are a perfect scapegoat for left-wing apparatchiks in the press.

There is no coherent ideology, no partisan affiliation, and it can be easily integrated into the ongoing moral panic over nascent white supremacy and "far-right extremism."
2. Coincidentally, Garrett Foster- an armed #BLM activist shot by a motorist in Austin- was a self-proclaimed #boogaloo boy... as was Steven Carrillo, who ambushed police in Santa Cruz last month.

Both described themselves as "libertarian." Both attended #BLM rallies.
3. Those who probe beyond the headlines and shoddy reporting find that the #boogaloo phenomenon is nebulous and internet-centric. There's also scant evidence that it has any connection to white supremacy.

If any ideological thread exists- it's libertarianism.
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HAPPENING NOW: We’re waiting on RPD Chief Gerald Smith... He’s expected to address what happened in Richmond last night. We will be streaming it live on @8NEWS.
RPD spokesperson just said at least 12 people were arrested last night. @8NEWS
17 total people were arrested last night in Richmond. 15 adults and 2 juveniles. @8NEWS
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@realdonaldtrump’s lack of emotional growth has left him a #petulant, ill-mannered toddler, in the body of a 74-year old, desperately seeking the approval of his surrogate father in #Moscow. Defacing the Ashe monument is a perfect expression ...…
... of what #trumpism is after almost 3.5 yrs of his occupation of the Oval Office. Lacking any semblance of a coherent ideology or intellectual foundation, the movement offers its rank & file nothing more than #racism, #spite, & #insults instead of ideas.
W/ Confederate ...
... monuments being defaced & toppled across #Virginia, the #trumpist motivation & justification was no more complex than ‘they did it to our statues, we need to get one of theirs.’ That’s it! @potus* is a damaged human (see @gtconway3d & @TomJChicago, @duty2warn, et al) ...
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BREAKING: BC releases geographical-specific #COVID19 data, breaking down case counts beyond health authorities. This sources health service delivery areas - pink is overall, purple is recent. NOTE: #Richmond has had 0 cases since at least May 18th. @cbcnewsbc #cbc #bcpoli #bcleg
NEW: Fascinating first look at virus origin in BC, using genome sequencing to trace where #COVID19 was picked up. NOTE: first surge of European-like / Eastern Canada cases stemmed from Vancouver dental conference outbreak. @cbcnewsbc #cbc #bcpoli #bcleg #cdnpoli #coronavirus
NEW: Here is a map overlaying the breakdown of local regions vs. where #coronavirus was picked up. NOTE: bulk of Metro Vancouver's cases had Washington State-like lineage (which also envelops similar genomic cases from other parts of US). @cbcnewsbc #cbc #bcpoli #bcleg #COVID19
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@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. DO something! This is a symbol of fighting against the Cabal one of the FIRST times in this country. It has nothing to do with racism! Good vs Evil just like now! Our orig Constitution was changed then!
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This is not surprising to medics anywhere. Cops intentionally target protest medics (often before anyone else) because, in their minds, if a medic can treat 20 protestors, taking out one medic is like taking out 20 protestors. They deliberately target us so we can’t help people.
I’m hearing more reports from street medic friends that cops continue to target medics, & I continue to see video of proof of the same.

I am going to compile reports I find on Twitter in a thread. If you find a report, please DM it to me. #streetmedic #protest #BlackLivesMatter
#RaleighNC Flashbangs/less than lethal rounds fired
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Far-Right trolls + white nationalists are promoting an obviously fake "ANTIFA" troll account calling for violence in "white hoods" in order to both scare the public but also whip up potential violence against ongoing #GeorgeFloyd demonstrations from the far-Right. A thread.
Fake "ANTIFA" (for some reason, the far-Right loves all-caps) Twitter and social media accounts have long been a tool of the far-Right in both attacking antifascists and encourage violence.…
Example: when "Official Antifa," long-running fake account, promoted the lie that antifascists were going to vandalize graves of Confederate soldiers at Gettysburg (there are none). This false claim was then promoted by grifters like Jack Posobiec + Cassandra Fairbanks.
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The scene at the corner of East Main and 14th right now.
Colette McEachin, Richmond’s Commonwealth’s Attorney, is at the 17th Street Farmers Market, where hundreds are gathered for a demonstration. She praised people in attendance today for making their voices heard peacefully.
As for protests the last 48 hours, she said she hasn’t seen anything like them in 30-plus years here.“It’s been horrible. Absolutely horrible. Everyone is absolutely sickened and disgusted. Nobody who lives in Richmond is happy or proud about what has happened this past weekend.”
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1/Last night a Police station was taken over by protesters and demolished. The Police had to flee
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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Before I go to bed, some #Richmond #LobbyDay observations:

(Not that I'm a journo or anything, I went to protest the gun laws myself, but I like sharing what I've seen at important events like this)
Crowd wasn't exclusively white, interestingly it seemed the Boog Bois were the more radical younger generation willing to wear tactical gear versus more conservative older gun folks, they also had a number of minority persons in their groups.
Saw two or three Oathkeepers, a little over a dozen Proud Boys, about a dozen John Brown Gun Club members.

PB and JBGC seemed to stick to themselves, JBGC seemed a bit nervous and cagey, didn't want to talk to anybody. PB probably had the benefit of being in frendlier territory
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I would never try to predict what is likely to happen in #richmond tomorrow, but let me just provide some context of why I am hopeful violence will be averted and why that is mixed news. 1/
The #richmondrally has the benefit of two key features that are always desirable in a high risk event: 1)notice, meaning resources can be deployed, plans made, public notified, etc. and 2/
2)lessons learned, meaning what happened in Charlottesville is now known to have been the result of poor planning, so everyone has adopted changes. The motto "Go big or stay home" describes the state of emergency to the FAA ban of small aircraft/drones to National Guard. 3/
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For journalists planning to report on the #VirginiaRally in #Richmond on #MLK Day this Monday:

- Bookmark and share #CPJEmergencies' safety advice on reporting on civil unrest

- Check out and RT the thread of safety advice below ⤵️…
Safety update from #CPJEmergencies for journalists planning to report on the #VirginiaRally:

A temporary state of emergency has been declared in #Richmond, VA, as officials fear out of state militias are planning on disrupting an anti-gun rally.
Journalists planning to report on the #VirginiaRally be aware:

-There is a temporary ban on weapons, including firearms, from the grounds of the State Capitol

-Some journalists have been advised to take Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as bullet proof vests and helmets
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THREAD: We're keeping track of the Democrats and progressives who have filed to be on the ballot for the 2020 primary! Here's our list so far ⬇️

#txlege #txsen #2020Election…
2/ TX has been trending Democratic for years, and it’s because of the work of organizers & advocates. Because of them, 2020 is a possible tipping point!

We can turn TX blue, but it won’t happen without even more work from even more progressives. #txlege #txsen #2020Election
3/ Up first, those who have filed for U.S. Congress:

TX-10 (#ATX): @MikeSiegelTX
TX-23 (#Helotes): Efrain V. Valdez
TX-31 (#RoundRock): @donnaimamTX

#txlege #txsen #2020Election
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1/ THREAD Some thoughts on the recent podcast from @CheatsMovement with @LevarStoney, specifically the mayor's comments related to #monuments and #warmemorials in #Richmond:
2/ Straight to late in the episode when Cheats mentions the recent meeting between the mayor and Mitch Landrieu @MayorLandrieu in #Richmond @VirginiaMuseum (on 3/19). "Did you learn anything talking to Mitch Landrieu about monuments?," Cheats asks (35:56 into the stream).
3/ Stoney's response at 36:35: "There are going to be some lonely, dark times when you do big things that change the fabric of any community..."
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Thread: 👀👀👀👀

“Wait, why are these meetings at the same time?”

Traditionally NAACP Richmond Chapter has held their meetings on the second Tuesday of the month. RCDC has always been on the 1st Thurs. Well it was announced that NAACP will now have town-halls on the first Thursdays. this surely appears intentional to block attendance at RCDC.
What changed? Well this is the first year that JJ Minor has not been in leadership of both organizations. In fact, there was forced reorganization of RCDC after it the election held was thrown out due to complaints associated with JJ Minor, the then chair.
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Get ready to change the world in 3 simple steps:

Below is a list of candidates that will be on the Nov. 6th ballot. Please follow their social media accounts, promote their tweets and say their names.
Some may not have been your primary favorite. But these candidates might be the only path to take back our democracy. Please support them by making sure everyone knows these names.

If you have more Dems candidates Nov 6 ballot, please post below.
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Feels like history now! but @thatginamiller inspired me, I returned from Vienna, joined @LibDems, fought #Richmond, helped @sarahjolney1 WIN
Answer? not in the past! @ProfBrianCox memorably stated "Time travels relentlessly in one direction, FORWARDS" We need ideas for the FUTURE!
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