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Efforts being put in by @resqct and @MahaForest @MilishSharma #DhananjayWaybhase in Gadchiroli to monitor this incredible wild #Elephant herd in #Maharashtra to prevent human-elephant conflict @NehaPanchamia @ranjeetnature @DJIGlobal @SageEarth (1/4)
Using UAV Thermal Drone imaging to monitor elephants is safe for the #elephants and the humans involved, as it can be done from a distance. It is quite silent and observes the elephants post dark from a height of 100 ft without disturbing them. (2/4) Image
While sincere efforts are being put to prevent human-elephant conflict, the herd often ventures out of the forest patch post dark and causes a fair amount of damage to the crops of local farmers and homes of the villagers. (3/4) ImageImage
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During the early 1990s, John Blashford-Snell, Rula Lenska and other travelled to Nepal to find and photograph the giant #elephants Raja Gaj and Kansha. They succeeded, and got great images of both animals. They later wrote a book about their adventures... 1/n ImageImage
The twin-domed skulls and convex trunk bases of these animals - Raja Gaj in particular - led to suggestions (albeit only in talks and popular articles) that they were 'living mammoths' or 'living stegodonts'. I asked Blashford-Snell a few times where these ideas came from... 2/n
They were the result of confusion. The Nepalese giants had been compared by some elephant experts to Elephas hysudricus, an Asian #Pleistocene fossil #elephant with very prominent cranial doming. No deliberate reference to mammoths OR stegodonts! 3/n Image
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"The Evolution of Strangers and Foreigners"

🧵 Today's SFI Seminar by @DoctorBugs (@Smithsonian)…

cc @templeton_fdn
First, a loop back to his LAST (2020) SFI Seminar on 3D structure of living systems from biofilms to rainforest canopies:

And his #ComplexityPodcast episode on ideas from that talk and this one:…
"People often think of societies as cooperative, but some societies are NOT very cooperative. I prefer to put the focus on them as groups."

"Societies are just one aspect of belonging. There are groups *within* societies & that's what psychologists mostly focus on."

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1/ from our first story in last week's newsletter:

"Construction of the Issoudun Aerodrome in rural France began in July 1917, and although the air base was still under construction, the first American flight students and instructors arrived for flight training in November. Image
2/ Among them was Harry Wingate, the 22-yr-old son of a GA tobacco farmer and an expert pilot. He was assigned to Training Field #8, one of 11 separate airfields, where he would teach advanced combat flight tactics-what laymen would call stunt flying- in a French Nieuport biplane Image
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Supported by the #InternewsEarthJournalismNetwork, @tharushineethr1 did a brilliant job mapping the far-reaching, widespread environmental impact of the foreign-funded Moragahakanda-Kalu Ganga reservoir project. @earthjournalism…
She spent weeks researching it. The project has destroyed elephant corridors, exacerbating the human-elephant conflict in agricultural areas, especially Matale. Agitated elephants were ruining crops and property built across inter-generational migration routes.
Because Moragahakanda releases water earlier than usual into Minneriya tank, #elephants can't eat the lush grass that sprouts on the tank bed during dry season. The ‘Great Elephant Gathering of Minneriya’ has been decimated.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/22/2021…
The Corn of the Future Is Hundreds of Years Old and Makes Its Own Mucus…

#CornVarieties, #PlantBreeding, #bacteria, #NaturalFertilizer, #mucus
The Second Great Age of Political Correctness…

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 10/24/2021…
As China Stops Exports of Phosphate, what will be the impact on 11-52 Prices and Availability?…

#phosphate #china #export #agriculture #price #availability #logistics #NorthAmerica
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A new study indicates that ivory poaching in African #elephants are resulting in tusk-less elephants. Study is very important in the sense that it proves; humans are changing anatomy of wildlife. Humans effecting the evolution on a small time scale also.…
The study is done in Gorongosa national park in Mozambique.

To finance the conflict during 1977 to 1992, Ivory poaching resulted in slaughter of 90% of elephants.

As a result tusk-less were left to breed & pass on the trait. In effect genetically engineered by mass poaching.
The study found that before War 18.5% females were naturally tusk less. After war 33% r tusk-less born since 90.

How on small time scale also humans are impacting evolution. Alarming. Do read study.

Representative picture of African elephants taken by good friend @saroshlodhi.
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1. I love this one. It is so cute 🐘 😊

🧵 Thread

#animals #elephants #cute #video


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🧵 Thread

3. Not my kind of pet, but they all seem to be happy in this video. 🦎

🧵 Thread

#lizard #pets #animals #nature
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1. #Travel #Holidays #ClimateChange #Sustainability

Over the years I have tweeted about various aspects about how we travel and its affect on the #environment and the world around us. Through those years I've become more conscious of the travel decisions I make and it hasn't... Image
2. #Travel #Holidays #ClimateChange #Sustainability

...always been easy. In my small way I'd travel for business by train rather than car, using rail to travel to #Brussels #Paris, offsetting my #CarbonFootprint when travelling by air. Now I'm looking to #EV, 2replace my car... Image
3. #Travel #Holidays #ClimateChange #Sustainability

A couple of years ago whilst I was in #London, I decided to visit the #ExtinctionRebellion protest in #Whitehall where I managed to speak with one of its members, talking about the #Climate and Travel:
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In batch of pleas along with one by activist Rangarajan Narasimhan over the alleged inhumane treatment of elephants kept in temples across the state of Tamil Nadu, Madras High Court orders Forest Dept to prepare catalogue of all captive elephants in TN.…
The court has directed the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests to prepare the catalogue alongwith their video recordings.
The plea was being heard by a bench comprising Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justice PD Audikesavalu.
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#MadrasHighCourt: "... it is time to rethink whether elephants can be subjected to the ignominy of participating in Temple celebrations and temple rituals and whether such activities are any better than elephants being used for begging in the streets."
Religious sentiments must at times yield to reason and the animal’s point of view, if at all the same may be perceived, may also be taken into consideration upon obtaining scientific expert advice in such regard: #MadrasHighCourt

#MadrasHighCourt directs Principal Chief Conservator of Forests to prepare a catalog of all captive elephants in TN.

Video recording of elephants sought for, with complete profile of each elephant - including age, sex, lineage, how the elephant came to be captured, domesticated.
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In addition to conducting the #science underpinning evidence-based #conservation tools, Taronga also supports their roll out. For example, Taronga supports a #carnivore #coexistence officer, Tshepo Ditlhabang, on @BPCTrust’s “Re Mmôgô” project in #Botswana #ScienceWeek Image
This #coexistence officer provides the community with access to evidence-based #HWC mitigation tools, including eye-cow, and is working to provide protective livestock collars, and flashing lights (#lionlights) at overnight enclosures. Image
While deterring hungry #carnivores, flashing lights also deter #elephants, themselves a major cause of #HWC but also a vital part of the ecosystem. Research led by @TempeAdams at Elephants without borders showed lights deterred field incursions… Image
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Look carefully. #Elephants are not crossing the road. Road is crossing the #forest. #WorldElephantDay
Do you know #elephant family is all women group. Made of #mother, #aunts, #grandmother & all other #ladies. Most of the times Male leave herd early. Kids are looked by all female elephants in herd, all are mothers. Grandmother makes all decision for the family.
Males keep on joining & leaving herds. Well one of the accepted theory is. That males when they get young are pushed out from the herd/family by dominant female, also called as matriarch. To check the inbreeding. Which only shows elephants are highly intelligent.
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If anybody wants to see how elephants sleep. PC BBC.
These are the elephants from China about which I shared recently. They are 15 elephants which have walked 500 km. The herd was seen resting near a village in Xiyang township after heavy rain slowed down its travels.

Complete details here.…
Elephants have only two jobs; eat & sleep. They sleep heavily. They snore a lot.

Most of the time one among herd remains awake as a guard, mostly bull.

Now in India maize & monsoon is here. Elephants will stay on forest boundaries. In day they will sleep & in night will raid.
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Weeks after a group of 15 wild Asian elephants embarked on a mysterious journey in SW China's Yunnan province, there still isn't a thread giving their latest update. In light of this, allow me to fill in the blank using the hashtag #followtheelephants
2) #followtheelephants A quick recap. The journey actually began in March 2020, when 16 wild Asian elephants left the XiShuangBanNa National Reserve and began their journey north. In July, the pack was observed in Pu'er City and caused 1 death in Simao district.
3) #followtheelephants In Dec. 2020, the pack moved north to Mojiang Co., and here the pack added a baby elephant. On April 16, 2021, the 17 elephants moved to Yuanjiang Co. On the 24th, 2 elephants turned South toward Mojiang Co.
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Thread on why we have lodged an objection with Namibia's Environmental Commissioner regarding #ReconAfrica's planned 2D seismic surveys criss-crossing #elephant migration corridors across the Kavango regions of Namibia.…
Our objection is coupled with a plea to employ the #precautionary principle to protect the largest cross-border #elephant herd from the harmful actions linked not only to seismic surveying but also from the ongoing exploratory #oil and #gas #drilling in #Namibia.
Seismic surveys help locate oil and gas reservoirs. It takes place by laying receptors called geophones along either a line (2D) or in a grid (3D) and detonating an explosive device, then recording the various soundwaves that are picked up by the geophones. Image: RBS
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/27/2021…
Pianist Plays Classical Music to Comfort Rescued Blind Elephants…

#ClassicalMusic #elephants AbusedAnimals #ComfortCare
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First of all, in this old video, there are a few elephants seen running near Isha Yoga Center. This does not mean they were chased. Elephants are not like cows or goats which you can chase. They can even turn around and attack if some people chase them.

#Isha #ElephantCorridor
There is no denying that this area is near Isha Yoga Center.

It can also be clearly seen that there is nobody really chasing those elephants.

People are simply seen excited. That somebody even took this video on mobile shows how much local people are used to these citings.
Secondly, if one knows anything about elephants, one would know that #elephants are herd beings. They always move in a group.

Sightings of elephants near #Isha have not been like a big herd of elephants. These are just stray elephants which have moved away from a herd.
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#Elephants! 🐘 This is a video I took myself, years back. Young 'teenager' elephants, mock-fighting, with a couple of matriarch elephants in the deep background. Watch till the end. In the Tarangire, Tanzania.
cc. @twychy12, @exploreorg

Moah oliphaunt! Again my video. Have the volume turned up (mostly just different kinds of crickets & cicadas). Elephants don't really see you as you; they see each land-cruiser w/ passengers as a kind of moving rock. They have *full* legal right-of-way
More! Elephant! Big mock-battle, with a Big Sister 🐘 looking on.
cc. @twychy12, @exploreorg ::

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In this time of reaching out across the aisle, I would like for each of you to remember that Trump did this:

Lifted the ban on the importing of elephant trophies and endangered species

Knowing that elephants are sentient animals with families who mourn their dead
Took back Bears Ears/other sacred native lands for fracking & oil

Lifted restrictions for clean water & allowed chemicals from mining, fracking, & oil to pollute the earth & waterways

Approved bear baiting/killing of hibernating bears, cubs & wolves so his own kids could hunt
Lifted bans on #chlorpyrifos which eat our human babies' brains. Google it.

Lifted restrictions on safety at chicken and pork plants. Took away protections from the farmers and gave them back to the chicken and pork sellers. Made it ok for us to eat tumors/cancer in our chicken
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