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-People love variety
-People love to see creativity

These things engage them. And you want engagement on your advertisements!

I saw this photo on Behance and it attracted me.

What's in the photo? Image
The photo is Easter-inspired.

It has twelve plates and one plate has no food on it.

Creative advertising draws in engagement.

Writing your advert around an event, festive season, celebration, buzzing gist, trend, or news is a creative way of drawing attention!

Engage your audience with creativity around stories already familiar to them.

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Let Us Join Your Bandwagon

This is a strong psychological force you can use to attract customers to your worthy product/service.

First, you need them: No matter how outstanding your offer is, people have to know, people have to come.

...let them know.

That's the first.

Make them come.

This is where this psychological force comes in...

This force is what pulls people who know (or don't know) your offer to you.

It is the bandwagon effect.

Letting people know that people are already patronizing can create an attractive force for you.

This is why testimonials and case studies work tremendously.

When I see that there's a bandwagon of people who are patronizing you, the risk is much more reduced for me.

Use The Bandwagon effect and Pull In Customers.

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Your Family Members Can Help You Sell.

Doubt it? I don't mean that they advertise for you... they may, (if they believe in your stuff), but this is what I mean...

Because selling works by convincing your prospects to buy, your family...
...may help you here.


When you want to convince your mum about an idea, what do you do?

First off, you do not insinuate in any way that you know better than her.

You try to sound as "moral" as you can.

If you want to convince your teenage brother about a style...
What do you do?

You convince him that the girls in "his league" will find it cool on him

Also, that other boys and his "role model" will think him cool.

To convince your father or older brother to give you something?

You may want to run some "seemingly hard" errands...
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Why Sell When You Can Help...and still make more money?

_See this: Tweepa takes over every conversation.

People have to tolerate listening to her, but they don't like her._

Tweepa can't sell. But you? Help your prospect. Don't talk at him..
Ask questions to understand him/her better, ask questions to know how you can help.

Listen to him/her.

Everyone likes to feel understood.

Instead of "selling" your product or service to your prospect (talking about how awesome you are), help your prospect.

You know why?
When you HELP instead of SELL;

*You win your prospect over.

*You sell more, eventually.

*You make more money.

*Everyone is happy.

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Your customer is your priority. Make him comfortable and he will always come back.

You relieve them the "stress" of saving your number and coming to WhatsApp when you add a link that takes them straight to your inbox.

As the days roll by, we..
...detest "stress" and seek ease.

Take off all stress from us.

Offer delivery, (Maybe free, maybe subsidized rate). Offer to assemble the property. Offer free consultation.

Do everything to show you think of your customer's comfort.

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#DigitalMarketing #sales #copywriting #Advertising #Businesses #CustomerExperience #CustomerService

See thread. Follow for valuable content: April is explosive.
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You Can't Create Desire In Your Target Customer.

I saw an ad for skill acquisition last week, and it read, "Why not use the money you spend on clubbing and eating to get a skill that will help you."

Not quoting, but very similar.
This is a wrong move because it doesn't understand marketing. See this:

Your target customer may ordinarily like clubbing and eating.

You can't create a new desire for skills but you can stir up a desire already resident in them.

"The Desire To Have Fun"
If they make money..
from their skills, they will be able to have fun.

Another desire may be "The Desire To Feel Among"

If they imbibe skills, people will respect them and seek their approval.


You can't create desire in people; you can only channel already existing desires to your product.
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