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RED ALERT: Buyers, armed with AI Agents, disrupt Marketers, Search, & Ecommerce.

Here's my key slide from my speech:
"How Marketers Can Win when AI Leads Buyers"

As AI matures and guides human buying decisions, it's will disrupt search and e-commerce.

#AI #marketing Image
2/ Don't take my word from it, here's what Bill Gates said in spring 2023:

"Whoever wins the personal agent, that's the big thing, because you will never go to a search site again, you will never go to a productivity site, you'll never go to Amazon again" Image
3/ Awareness Stage: In the near future, people will ask their AI to understand their needs. Further down the line, AI could even take the initiative to educate users. For instance, an AI might propose a health-conscious meal plan based on your individual data.
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:: ROI - You're doing it Wrong! ::

Not aimed at anyone specific,
but just been reminded of it...

1) You don't include costs
2) You don't factor in time (to implement/effect)
3) People push the %, but don't provide the "actuals"


#SEO #Marketing

Relative figures (grown by X%, gain by N%, return of Y%)
don't mean squat unless there is a real figure provided alongside (ideally, the initial/base figure - failing that, the final, and people can do the number crunching).

Why is it important?


Perceptual skew.

Go from 10 to 100
Go from 100 to 500
Go from 5,000 to 6,000

Each of those is increasing at a lower %,
but the actual figure increases.

It's easy to have impressive relative figures (such as ROI), when you start with a low figure!

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Don't miss out on the tips and Tricks over on our Quora page. We'll be answering any questions from the music industry and try to be as helpful as possible.
Also reach out on our website at
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It's a Tuesday which means we've got a list of #artsjobs and #opportunities for you all!

Stuff for creatives up and down the #UK from a range of #theatre disciplines including technical managers, directors, writers and more!

Check out the thread below🧵👇
Ricochet are seeking #writing submissions for our #writers #showcase Bulletpoints

Deadline: Fri 23rd June✍️

Pieces should be under 15mins and need no more than 4 actors

All applications can get feedback from our dedicated literary team


@KingsTheatre in Portsmouth are looking for a new #Technical Manager to join their #theatre team

PAID full time salaried position

Deadline: midday Thurs 22nd June

More info and apply:|43rKfGt

#Portsmouth #artsjob
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Varias personas ganan más de 5000€/mes con su tienda de Ecommerce.

Pero el 99% de las personas que crean una tienda en línea lo de fondo sin un objetivo real.

Te explico parcialmente cómo crear tu tienda Ecom en 60 segundos.

🧵HILO🧵 Image
🌀 Para iniciar su tienda online, empiece por elegir su nicho. Identifique un segmento de mercado que suscite interés y responda a una demanda. Ya sea ropa, productos de belleza o aparatos electrónicos, ¡encuentra tu pasión y aprovecha-la! 🔍📦
#Niche #Passion
🌀 Una vez que haya elegido su nicho, cree su tienda online. Muchas plataformas le permiten construir su sitio web fácilmente, como Shopify, WooCommerce o BigCommerce. ¡Personaliza tu tienda para que sea atractiva y fácil de usar! 🛒💻 #TiendaEnLínea #Plataforma
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Hier in diesem Thread ein paar lustige, informative & erhellende Fakten zur KI und ChatGPT in der digitalen Marketingwelt präsentieren!

Seid gespannt! #DigitalMarketing #Thread
Fakt 1: KI & ChatGPT können die Erstellung von Inhalten enorm beschleunigen.

Vorbei sind die Zeiten, in denen Copywriter wie Detlef Schreibtisch stundenlang über einer Überschrift brüteten. 😅

Heute erstellt KI knackige Headlines in Sekundenschnelle! ⏱️ #Copywriting #KI
Pro: Schnellere und effizientere Erstellung von Inhalten.

Con: Potentielle Entmenschlichung der Kommunikation.

Unsere charmante Detlef Schreibtisch muss seine Kreativität in anderen Bereichen entfalten. 🎨 #Inhalte #Kreativität
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Business owners,

There are 9 unique customer personas.

Communicating to them emotionally is the key to winning their business.

Check out this thread where I'll be going over their desires, pain points, and how to sell to them

#marketing #sales #entrepreneurs #ux
Type 1: The Reformer

Idealized self-image:
-Striving for perfection
-Being morally upright and responsible.

Pain points:
- Fear of making mistakes
- Desire for perfection
- Self-criticism

Type 1 doesn't like to experience anger or visible frustration.
How to sell to type 1:

- Emphasize quality, reliability, and attention to detail.

- Highlight how your product or service can help them maintain high standards and achieve their goals while easing their fear of imperfection.
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#Distort, #discredit, #dismiss - 6 additional tactics of media manipulators and why they work to sabotage public discourse


Details follow:
1/ 6 types of media manipulators
Anti-science activism never went away, it got a new ugly face in the #information age:

Quacks, gurus, contrarian doctors, fake experts, influencers, political commentators and similar media manipulators.

Previously we looked at "merchants of #doubt"

Today, we take a look at the "merchants of #ambiguity"

Their overarching goal is to create the perception that scientific issues are either eternally #unresolved or that #alternative interpretations are just as plausible or likely.

3/ Image
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#orchidpharma #stockstobuy #breaoutstocks Long term Invest - Catch me if u can kind of setup with sky as the limit... Its buy n forget #rsistudy #stockstudy #nifty50 #investing #sensex #trading #nse #stocks #stockstotrade #stockmarket #marketing #investing #zerodha
Wkly & Daily BB Blast, Daily EMA COnvergence, Daily Golden Crossover, RSI ND failure has validated PR & Price has closed abv Resistance wth a strong vol candle. There is no res in sight. Still it cud fail so manage position size according to SL.
Rise cud be as furious as the fall n it has potential to be a multibagger - 2650 is the ATH. Funda - ROCE is positive after 5 Yrs for 2 consecutive FY n current is higher then previous/ OPM is Good/ Low Float, Check PE & DE or talk to ur advisor
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#stockstobuy #breaoutstocks Long term Invest - Catch me if u can kind of setup with sky as the limit... Its buy n forget #rsistudy #stockstudy #nifty50 #investing #sensex #trading #nse #stocks #stockstotrade #stockmarket #marketing #investing #zerodha ImageImageImageImage
Wkly & Daily BB Blast, Daily EMA COnvergence, Daily Golden Crossover, RSI ND failure has validated PR & Price has closed abv Resistance wth a strong vol candle. There is no res in sight. Still it cud fail so manage position size according to SL.
Rise cud be as furious as the fall n it has potential to be a multibagger - 2650 is the ATH.

Funda - ROCE is positive after 5 Yrs for 2 consecutive FY n current is higher then previous/ OPM is Good/ Low Float, Check PE & DE or talk to ur advisor
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#eimcoeleco - PDH Break #justdial - PDH Break #carerating - PFH Break #GLS - PDH Break #jaibalaji - IB Break #hudco - PDH Break #akzoindia - PDH Break, #zensar - IB Break, #dynamatech - IB Break, #BLKashyap - PDH Break
#denora - CMP. #ATAM - CMP
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Der Einsatz von #ChatGPT und #KI in deutschen Unternehmen bringt viele Vorteile mit sich, die nicht nur auf nationaler, sondern auch auf globaler Ebene von Bedeutung sind.

In diesem "Mega-Thread" werden wir wichtige Vorteile von KI für deutsche Firmen betrachten. 🇩🇪🤖
1. 💡 Effizientere Entscheidungsfindung

Durch den Einsatz von KI können Unternehmen schneller und präziser Entscheidungen treffen, was ihnen hilft, ihre Wettbewerbsfähigkeit zu steigern und effektiver auf Veränderungen im Markt zu reagieren. #Innovation #KI
2. 📈 Datenanalyse

KI ermöglicht es, große Mengen an Daten schneller und genauer zu analysieren als je zuvor.

Dies hilft Unternehmen, ihre Geschäftsstrategien zu optimieren und Wachstumschancen zu identifizieren. #BigData #Analytics
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1. A/B testing can significantly improve your copywriting results. By testing different variations of your copy, you can determine what works best for your audience and optimize your content accordingly. #copywriting #ABtesting
2. A/B testing allows you to make data-driven decisions about your copy. Instead of relying on guesswork, you can use actual user data to determine which copy resonates with your audience and drives more conversions. #data #copywriting
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🚀1/7 🤖 Say goodbye to hundreds of "AI Ad Generator" tools! #Google is developing an AI that will create sophisticated ad campaigns tailored to your needs. If you're in #marketing, you need to know about this game-changing technology.👇 #Advertising #AIAds
2/4 The AI MIGHT be a one-stop solution for all your ad campaign needs. Just supply an image, video, or text, and let the AI handle the rest. Designed to reach specific audiences & sales targets, this is truly the future of #advertising. 🎬📸✍️
3/4 Imagine the possibilities! Small businesses can now compete with big players, thanks to this revolutionary technology. From personalized ads to better targeting, the future of advertising is here. 😍⬇️
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#Value proposition. I would like to disclose how we #support our #portfolio companies, because I do believe that neither #investments nor market making are enough, if there is nothing else provided. Our #vision is to be a #partner and friend for our portfolio companies and…… Image
Market making (#MM)- it has three main parts: Market #depth - we add more #liquidity on bid and ask side across exchanges where a token is listed on. Spread - we reduce the spread between the best bid and ask offers by adding more quotes around the middle price in the order book.……
#PR and #marketing - the most powerful tool to boost projects on the #crypto market. We support projects with everything from #media to KOLs, and we can act as an outsourcing marketing agency (spoiler - we will extract our marketing department to an independent company very……
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I wrote some threads recently about #fear, and I'd like to return to that topic. one could fill entire bookshelves with treatises on fear.

Western society, however, has not encouraged an understanding of fear. it's easy to see why: understanding fear would lessen it.

and Western politics and leadership and most especially Western *religion*, i.e. Christianity (for the West is hostile to all other religions but Christianity), rely heavily upon fear as their chief tool. the practical psychology of #marketing is largely about fear.

fear furnishes a ready means for *manipulating* people: put a *scare* into people and they panic. they act on fearful impulses, clutching to things for security, behaving in predictable and even ritualized manners that they've learned—coping mechanisms for their fears.

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when is it *acceptable* not to read something that's pushed in front of you? most of us (myself included) are mortal beings, bound by time and entropy like everyone; we've got a thousand daily concerns to balance, and we can't read everything that's recommended to us.

now, if you're a propagandist like @mtaibbi or @charlesmurray, it's never acceptable not to read their junk—and that attitude, right there, is a key hint that their work *is* in fact junk. it's not _proof_ but it's a strong indication that they're pushing propaganda.

for the point of propaganda is not to be persuasive in terms of logic and rational inference and sensible deductions from evidence. propaganda's appeal is *emotional* appeal; @mtaibbi's work, and other right-wing propaganda, is designed to be _maximally memetic_.

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Ottimo @Francescorocca che dopo l'articolo di @repubblica
ha convocato i sindaci della costa della @RegioneLazio per pianificare il rilancio del litorale. @gualtierieurope si è riunito con @emontino e il sindaco di #Pomezia presentando il piano di per il #mare di #Roma .Segue ->
@Francescorocca @repubblica @RegioneLazio @gualtierieurope @emontino @canaledieci @diarioromano @Roma_M_Azione @romafaschifo @battaglia_persa @poveropesce @DomaniGiornale @tocciw @RiprendRoma @romatoday Grande focus sul trasporto pubblico che vede il potenziamento del @iltrenoromalido e delle altre linee che collegano #Roma e l'entroterra al #mare.Le aree non servite dai treni avranno #bus adhoc per l'#estate riducendo così il #traffico e aumentando il potenziale turistico ->
Proprio al rilancio del #Turismo è dedicato un ambizioso piano di #Marketing . Partendo da @AeroportidiRoma , così come nelle stazioni di #Roma i turisti troveranno padiglioni informativi multilingua con guide chiare e complete sulle destinazioni del #Lazio .Ma non finisce qui ->
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I am looking around this upstairs room where our desktop computer sits, and I note how almost all the plastic devices in the room are *black*. a few are white. but the dual monitors' plastics are black. both the computer itself and the attached speakers are black.

the plastic on the lizard tank is black. the plastic housing of this spinny LED light fixture is black. there's a fan—no, *two* fans with a black housing. there's a black Kindle, a black smart phone, a black digital camera.

there's a good reason for this: it's *cheap*!

carbon black is one of the cheapest pigments in industry, and it confers good physical properties when used as a filler for polymers. why *not* make everything out of black plastic?

"Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants, as long as it is black."

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He escrito en Linkedin una reflexión sobre la #IA y el #marketing digital al hilo del experimento de Ethan Mollick.

Muy resumido:

Ethan Mollick, profesor de tecnología en la Universidad de Pensilvania, explica en un artículo* lo que ha sido capaz de hacer solo con aplicaciones de inteligencia artificial... en 30 minutos.
El experimento: crear un proyecto para comercializar el lanzamiento de un nuevo juego educativo.
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The First-Time #Marketing Playbook (5 Lessons)

Read this if you want to expand your audience, grow your online community, and future-proof your ability to grow.
Lesson 1: Always prioritize your target audience's needs and preferences.

Make your marketing efforts more effective by considering the problems people are facing right now, and how you can solve it for them

#digitalmarketing #targetaudience
Lesson 2: Data-driven decision making is crucial for successful campaigns.

Collect and analyze data to make informed choices at the outset of any new campaign #digitalmarketing #datadriven
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we aren't used to strict Christian upbringing; it's tough for us to watch. we have to remind ourselves that things aren't what they first seem.

Mrs. Nixon is a strict Quaker; she addresses young @dick_nixon with "thee"—this may sound merely *upsetting* to modern ears.

"thee" and "thou" and "thy", however, are pronouns used to refer to human beings in a general way, i.e. not an excessively *familiar* and specific way. Spanish, for example, has a similar distinction between the general-purpose _usted_ and the familiar _tú_.

in addressing her son with "thee", Mrs. Nixon is reminding her son that she speaks to him as one Christian to another—as one person to another. it's slightly distancing, yes, but it's not meant to be hurtful or punitive, even if it seems that way.

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Ollie Stone's "Nixon" begins with Howard Hunt's CREeP boys prepping for the Watergate breakin and for some reason they're watching a short film on sales technique—for all I know, this is historical, but for now we take this as a reminder of a common *theme* about Nixon.

the theme was most famously explored in Joe McGinnis's book "The Selling of the President, 1968"—Nixon, the book asserts, was a triumph of slick *marketing*. young Richard Nixon was not an appealing man, but he was able to rebrand himself as an older, wiser statesman.

there's a direct line to be drawn between Mr. @dick_nixon's 1968 marketing machine, and the current-day attempts of the @GOP—an extremist Christian fascist party—to rebrand itself, with the help of frauds like @elonmusk and @mtaibbi, as somehow the rebellious outsiders.

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Want a unique way to open companies' eyes to #DataScience?

This #Marketing Analytics project will blow their minds. 🧵

Start with a Problem Statement:

Every company has customers.

But the problem is most companies can’t figure out which customers to market to and when.
What mistake are they making?

They don't know who to target and when...

So they just blast everyone and the unsubscribes pile up.
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