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You'll hear a lot about 2022 marketing trends over the next couple of weeks.

Most of it will be noise, but some good ideas will come to life.

Going on my fourth year where I note a set of trends publicly, so here we go.

The #marketing trends + what you can do about them 🧵👇
Trend 1. Founder-led marketing strategies will win their markets

You've seen this across players like @morningbrew, @tesla, @jackbutcher, @rchusker, @ritholtz, @Onrampinvest, etc. - but founder (or founding team) led marketing strategies are only going to become more dominant.
I don't think brand channels will be replaced, but with personal brands at a peak now, in many instances, you're going to see individual handles/channels/emails lead the way on the comms front for all types of company sizes, and you may not even see brand channels.
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En complément du superbe #Thread de @_Cryptique, voici le mien avec de nombreux comptes francophone #crypto à suivre.

J'ai réalisé ça sur le thème un peu #humoristique mais ces comptes restent néanmoins des personnes sérieuses.

J'espère que vous trouverez le format sympa !

Peintre #digital et sculpteur de l'ère du numérique personne ne sait s’il est réellement humain ou si c’est une IA avancée.

Un #artiste accompli autour de nombreux #NFTs, il partage également son expertise autour de l’art numérique de demain.

A commencer le défi #From0To10K pour finalement s’orienter vers l’éducation ainsi que la démocratisation de la #crypto et du #Bitcoin

Du simple terme crypto à la présentation de nouveaux projets, c’est une véritable mine d’information dans un but éducatif
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Competing in an industry crowded with leading global brands is tough!

But how did #Mankind carve out a market-leading position in d Pharma #OTCMarkets ? 💊

- here's an interesting thread👇 (1/8 ) 🧵

#mankindpharma #Pharmaceutical #OTC #investing #StockMarket #StockMarketindia
One of the fastest-growing pharma companies in India, #Mankind was actually born due to the rift in the family.

After splitting with one of his brothers, Ramesh Juneja started Mankind with a mere capital of Rs 50 lakh and generated 600% #ROI in the very first year! 💹

Being a relatively late entrant, #Mankind adopted an unconventional strategy to gain success in the business -

While most of the players targeted tier 1 cities and export opportunities, Ramesh decided to tap rural areas with affordable #medicine 💊

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#unrugged as a new trend 🔥 in #cryptocurrency market #LUNAtics

#smartcontracts on @terra_money are migratable means that at any time the owner can change the logic of its operation while keeping the same contract address
- indicating the admin address in the constructor (when instantiating the #smartcontract)
- implemented migrate function in the #smartcontract
sending #tokens (native, cw20 or LP) for a given contract without the possibility of confirming that it is not migratable does not mean anything and should not be considered as evidence
⁉️so watch out
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[#Thread] Après une semaine mouvementée pour les plus sensibles d'entre vous, parlons éducation et terme #crypto technique.

Abordons ensemble la notion de #vesting

Qu'est ce que c'est ? En quoi ça consiste ? Est-ce risqué ? Partons à la conquête de cet univers obscur ⬇️
La définition du #vesting

Le « vesting » est un terme anglais qui se traduit par "acquisition".

Dans les #crypto, c'est le processus de libération des tokens des investisseurs après la période de verrouillage (#lockup).

Un mix entre la durée et la quantité de tokens reçu.
Après la période de blocage, les #tokens pourront être réclamés par les #investisseurs.

La quantité de jetons récupérer va dépendre de la courbe d’acquisition adoptée :

- Linéaire
- Logarithmique
- Exponentielle

Chaque projet possède son propre modèle de #vesting.
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16 Ways To INSTANTLY Boost Conversion 🧵
#1. Install Google Analytics on your site! do it now!

Idk why i even have this on the list but you really need to gather data before we can improve conversion. Extra points if you are doing A/B testings and adding heatmaps etc
#2. Build website for scanning

It's fine to include paragraphs but make sure you let people scan thru what they actually want to read. Most people decide if they want to continue being on your site or not in the first 5 seconds.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/16/2021…
Horse meat and blowfish chips for sale? Company makes chips with flavors of ‘banned’ foods…

#foods #flavors #production #marketing
Measuring progress in megawatt: Colonialism, development, and the “unseeing” electricity grid in East Africa…

#electrification #EastAfrica #colonialism #EconomicDevelopment #PostIndependence #NationalEconomies
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8 UNIQUE Ways To Generate Leads That You Probably haven't tried & you must. 🧵

#Marketing #leadgeneration #StartupSpace #sidehustle
#1. Quora

Quora is a goldmine for those who know how to use it. If your customers are searching " What, How, Which and Why" questions, I can bet that quora is on the first page of google with an answer. Respond with an interesting image and example & of-course lead them.
#2. Email Signature

I actually have 5 different email signatures on Gmail that i use based on who I am communicating with. I add a "p.s." and lead them to consulting calls or my high end ticket products. We do this on our ticketing platform too!
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Thread + #Giveaways / #Concours

Pour fêter la pré-vente #NFT du projet @solbotsfamily, 100$ sont en jeu pour vos plus grand plaisir !

🍀 Retweet & Like
🍀 Follow @From0To10k & @solbotsfamily
🍀 Commente : Merci qui ? Merci @solbotsfamily !

📅 : 20/11/2021

+ d'info ⬇️ Image
Demain à 19h00 précisément aura lieu la pré-vente de la @solbotsfamily avec le #SolFather pour 1 $SOL.

Cette pré-vente publique a pour objectif de vous faire bénéficier d’une réduc par rapport au prix du #mint lors de la future vente officielle. Image
Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas le projet @solbotsfamily, j'avais réalisé un #thread sur celui-ci que vous trouverez juste en dessous.

De plus, un article est aussi disponible sur @AucoinDubloc dans la partie, présentation de projets.

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The wife of #Pfizer’s CEO DIES from complications from the #vaccine | Nov 10, 2021
- She passed away in the emergency room at New York-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital after being brought in by paramedics.…
Pfizer CEO Got the COVID-19 Vaccine | Aug 6
- The CEO of #Pfizer posted a photo of himself getting the #second shot of the #COVID19vaccine on March 10.
- But an Aug. 5 tweet from Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson misleadingly suggested he isn’t vaccinated…
#Pfizer CEO's Israel visit canceled because he is not #FullyVaccinated | MARCH 7, 2021
- #Bourla said in December that he has not yet received the vaccine yet because he does not want to "cut in line."…
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¿Que herramientas usas más en tus páginas web?

Estas son las que yo uso, seguro que se pueden ampliar.

#seo #WordPress #Marketing

Dentro 🧵

Continúa 👇
GSC o Google Search Console

Me parece la más completa de todas respecto a palabras clave.
Claro que o usas los datos para ampliar un proyecto o para "clonar" una sección.... O t tok "joderte" y tirar de primeras de herramientas que arrojan datos igual pero no tan reales.
GA o Google Analytics

La uso sobretodo para mis anotaciones en las gráficas de cambios, para señales como flujo, tiempo, páginas vistas, enlazada con AdSense, etc...

Por cierto... Odio Analytics 4

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Are you an @Upwork freelancer?

Are you sending proposals one after another without a response?
Feeling like you are exhausting all your connects?

I have a whole FREE playlist with info to help you out.… ImageImageImage
How to pitch for
and other freelance writing gigs.

- Should I write a long or short proposal?
- How should I package my skills?
- I never get any jobs. What am I doing wrong?
- How do I stand out from competition?

#marketing #freelancework

Also, if you still feel like you need an hour of my time, let's work together to optimize your profile and perfect that proposal.
I will show you how.

Enrol here.
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::: Attribution - is it really BS ? :::

I've seen a steady rise in tweets and discussions around #Attribution;
and many state/suggest that it's a load of crap.

🧵 Read More >>>

#MarketingTwitter #Marketing #DigitalMarketing Image : Chart : Amusing chart, with rises, plateaus and fall

The majority (but not all!) come from "marketing",
rather than "digital marketing".
And, in many cases, it seems more aimed at things like DigitalAds or SMM, often looking at Last Click etc.

But, why are people saying it;
esp. if they are from "real" marketing?


Now, for most of us - the statement is actually true (-ish).
Few of us get to work with hard-attribution (physical tickets etc.).

That means most of us deal with incomplete data,
often with inaccuracies.

But that in no way makes attribution BS or useless!

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5 Stratergies For Better Email Marketing Campaigns


Personalization means that you use customer data to create a personalized message.

This means that by personalizing your emails, you stand out against the competition.

Personalization can generate $20 in ROI for every $1 invested.
Email subject lines with personalized clients first name can increase open rates by 16% higher.

Tips to help you get started with personalization

•Ask for the right info upfront

•Use a real reply-to email address

•Use your real email signature

@blackhatwizardd any extra? Image
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A couple years ago @miketrap and I had this exchange about #B2B #brand and #marketing. Since then in my work as a fractional CMO, mentor @mitvms, and in my reading/research, I've looked into this. And now I’ve decided that he is right. 1/95 (in-depth thread)
But not all B2B marketing should be brand, of course. So what’s the right balance for optimal growth? That’s what this thread is about, and fortunately we have a lot of data to use to sort this out. But first, how did we get here? 2/
Over the past decade-plus marketing has gone off the rails. In part this is because of the explosion of martech that @chiefmartec has documented with his annual martech landscape supergraphic. 3/
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Here's a confession.

I had little to no knowledge of this thing called product marketing until about three years ago 😳!

Turns out, it's one of the most important teams behind successful startups.
If you’ve ever seen a company with well-choreographed events, great customer stories, well-informed sales and marketing teams, and just great pitches, they’ve probably got a great product marketing team working behind the scenes.
They aren’t often seen from the outside, but product marketing teams form the bedrock of many successful companies today. If you’re a startup, you need to build a product marketing team.
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In 2010, I developed the 1st version of the Message Placemat. It allowed me to turn #SocialMedia over to interns and know they'd be on message for my org. I thought I'd share it here with a bit of background. The goal is for #content to be relevant. #marketing🧵1/
First, you need to know the basic flow of consumer psychology: Awareness, Preference, Engagement, Referral/Retention. The goal is to take your audience on this journey and these can be both micro (daily) and macro (quarterly) themes. 2/
Awareness is the most difficult: Do they know you even exist? They can't like you, if they don't know you, right. These can be fun facts, or bits of knowledge, or basic info. I tend to default to a "Did you know" type of message. 3/
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Before investing a big budget in Digital Marketing.
You can do this.

Try reverse marketing audit -

1- Go to end result you want from your user (Buy your product / Service) using website.

2- Now go backwards to the first action user need to do (Select or add to cart, payment, place order)
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Apart from spending some years creating content, social media is the main reason why I sell books regularly, get reviews and have made so many connections with awesome creatives.

Below you shall find a thread of resources to how I got there
Let's start with the basics of Twitter.

Stuff I do everyday…
Following on from the basics this is my most popular and useful guide to building your own algorithm of trust on here…
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We launched our Kickstarter campaign for #mixtape1986 to help determine how much inventory to secure at release. I am glad we did. So far, we have 53 people in the US alone, which maybe doesn't sound like a lot, but it's a lot more than I was expecting, considering we're new.
Thank you to everyone who supports this campaign! We have 22 entire days left to hit our goal, but I feel great about what we've accomplished so far. Our first order will contain 100+ copies. As always, data gives me great comfort, lol.
I suck at marketing things. If you want to become a backer and get our #80s #horror #anthology at a discount, here's the link:
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💡Organizaré algunos #tuits en un único #HILO, lo he visto en varios perfiles y es una excelente forma de tener a mano el contenido que consideramos importante.

🤝En este perfil se #ApoyaAlEmprendedorCubano
Herramientas para diseño de #póster, banco de #vídeos e imágenes gratis, consejos de #marketing...
¿Por qué usar palabras en #inglés en la publicidad de idioma #español?
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Let's talk about asymmetrical bets in the current #crypto market.
$DOT standing at $37 B market cap
$SOL almost $50 B market cap
Great technology by these 2 coins nothing to say about thus. But we need to find something that is undervalued. Something that if we win we win big, and if we don't we don't lose much
$ATOM is right now standing at $10 B market cap. Almost 4 times less than $DOT and 5 times less than $SOL
For now $ATOM is the only token which has enabled true #interoperability Image
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What are recent topics for PhD in management or other affiliated subjects?

The latest topics of interest are =>
1.#Behavioural models of #Marketing using experimental economics

2.Role of #Data #Sciences in modelling time-motion studies to measure human efficiency and output on the shop floor.
3.#Reliability Management Process Improvement Controls used in the Value-Added Industries
(Industrial/#engineering management).
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