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to be a capitalist is to be always in #debt. #capitalism cannot function without it.

@elonmusk, @pmarca, @saylor—all of these people are massively in debt. the fact is hidden from us by propagandistic #business and #finance and #economics journalism.

it's in the interest of #capitalism, and the #conservative media machine that churns out #marketing materials and "research" (i.e. propaganda) on behalf of capitalism, to pretend that #debt is a *personal* thing—or maybe a #government thing.

people of #business, all those #entrepreneurs like @elonmusk and @AndrewYang who are praised (in all that business-journalism and right-wing propaganda) as "creators", are always taking out endless loans to fund some failed venture or other—piling loan upon loan.

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the #conservative coalition is starting to grasp that their favorite straw villain, "wokeism", is starting to look like the comical stereotype it always was.

into the breach step @ButchieGee and @robhaskins and others with "presentist", which means as little as "woke".

in a similar spirit the "gender critical" dullards, @Docstockk and @bindelj and @francesweetman and that crowd, have started to realize that "gender critical" (or "GC", which used to mean "gas chromatography" until the b!gots stole it) has become radioactive as a label.

the same thing happened with an earlier label that the @bindelj / @HJoyceGender crowd had tried for their particular brand of fasc!st sexology, "trans-exclusionary radical feminist", or "TERF". they thought that label sounded *serious*, until it was hurled back at them.

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okay, we are on a train. perfect thread writing time.

to recap: @elonmusk, like Donald Trump, is a habitual liar; the popular media, now dominated by "opinion" pieces from a club of sycophantic nabobs like @mtaibbi and @walterkirn, rewards Trump and #ElonMusk for lying.

this brings me to a larger point: #capitalism itself rewards deceit. the pressure-cooker culture of #business and #entrepreneur life values only a few simple things, and none of those things is honesty.

#money? yes. #confidence? yes. #success? yes.

honestly? not hardly.

any poor sap who's tried to get a job or a promotion knows the truth: the *expectation* is that winning job candidates are supposed to lie about themselves.

there's various euphemisms for this. it's "selling yourself", it's #marketing, it's "building your personal brand".

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it is the general belief of the Pnictogen Wing--whose Twitter presence comprises @KrisAtLarge and our account here--that no human being embraces any form of b!gotry, especially rac!sm, unless they believe deep down that they are a failure.

b!gotry is the *last resort*.

we believe that's true even when the b!got in question--@charlesmurray, say, or @mtaibbi--has achieved a measure of social success and fame.

I don't know anything about Charles Murray's past, but I am hazarding the guess that he once felt he'd be something *much bigger*.

at some point in the past of @charlesmurray, we surmise, he experienced a crucial *disappointment*--some shining hope or ambition killed by one mistake. and we think that this has continued to gnaw at him, and prompted his slide towards embracing rac!st pseudoscience.

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the American #conservative movement and its political instrument the @GOP is overflowing with sexual criminals and child molesters.

to give some glimpse of the scope of the problem, here's *part thirty* of a @dailykos series on GOP sex crimes;

there's links to news items for each of the Republicans who have been implicated in sex crimes. a sample:

#757 - Severance, CO, Mayor Donald Marceau McLeod, a Republican, resigned after being arrested for child prostitution.…

#758 - Kenneth Lewis Barrett, Republican Mayor of Winston, OR was caught in an undercover sting, thinking he was meeting with a 14-year-old girl.…

the @dailykos series keeps going, by the way. #conservative partisans will reject it, of course.

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5 secrets nobody tells you about #webinar #marketing 🤫

These secrets are more important to know, particularly when you are a #beginner in webinar marketing.

A thread...
1. It is ok if none of the registered participants turn up for your webinar.

Webinars are not only for the live audience but also prospects who might discover your video recording months or years later.

So, never cancel even when no one joins. Record it without fail.
2. It is ok if the participants ask zero questions at the end.

Questions at the end are not the only measure of engagement. It is very common for people to watch a webinar and then follow your social media.

They may ask questions when you post on socials later also.
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In conversation with @tejeshwi_sharma & #SaaS founders in BLR, Klaviyo’s former CMO, Kady S. talked about all things marketing for early stage cos. Highlights 👇
"When you get to the $5M mark, you want to think about product #marketing aggressively. A framework I use is ABCD." 🧵
Audience - Identifying who the core audience is

Benefit - Building features for them that convert to benefits in a language that they understand

Compelling Reasons to Believe (RTB) - social proof, case studies, etc.

Differentiation - your product’s dramatic differentiation 1/
Use this framework for ur msging. It’s imp bcos when u go outside ur core market, u have to be able to convince ur TG. U may be getting into a fragmented/competitive mkt & this is how u'll stand out. Ensure it's consistent on ur site, sales training etc. This is product mktg.2/
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#19novembre, riprendiamo da dove ci eravamo lasciati: le #crociere.
Molte cose si potrebbero raccontare su questo fenomeno #commerciale in continua espansione, sempre più grande e devastante, esattamente come le #navi che utilizza.
Ma partiamo dall'inizio.
[Prima puntata].
Chi ha più di quarant'anni ricorderà (forse anche con un po' di nostalgia) questa sigla qua sotto.🎼
Un Little Tony romantico che cantava tutto ispirato🎤
"Mare profumo di #mare
con l’#amore io voglio giocaaare...".🎹
La serie #Loveboat, avete presente?
Correva il giugno 1980 e #Canale5 (chi altri?) portava in Italia la serie iniziata tre anni prima negli States (e dove, sennò?).
Tanti sorrisi plastificati per lanciare in tutto il mondo un modello di #business turistico di massa insensato e nocivo, il c.d. "crocierismo".
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என்னோட இதுவரை எழுதப்பட்ட அனைத்து மார்க்கெட்டிங் திரட்டையும் இணைச்சு ஒரே திரட்டா இங்க Pin பண்றேன் வேணுங்கிறவங்க உபயோகப்படுத்திக்கவும். உங்களோட சந்தேகங்கள், கேள்விகளை தயவு செஞ்சு இந்த I'dல கேட்கவும். நான் பழைய உபயோகப்படுத்துறது கிடையாது. Image
இதெல்லாம் என் அறிவுக்கெட்டி எழுதுன விஷயம்தான் ஏதாவது தவறு இருந்தால் மன்னிக்கவும் 🙏.
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I think science marketing is broken: I don’t believe scientists care about company blogs, social media or the pile PDF posters everyone has. And it’s so hard to get scientists to try a new alternative because it’s too risky.
So what can we do? #marketing #sciencetwitter
1. Keep your existing customers up to date on new products and services. Show them ALL the supporting data, and not in the cherry-picked app note style. Show them the proper data - mess and all!
2. Make it easier for scientists to try new stuff. Budgets are always tight so ain’t no one throwing that away on an alternative products. Give them free samples. Let them try something. Maybe they have experiments on the side to compare without investing too much.
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there's a widespread issue—we suspect—in the @Twitter community of online #journalists. we suspect that this is, in fact, common practice among celebrity accounts (blue-checked or not):

professional @Twitter users, we suspect, routinely use deceitful burner accounts.

fake @Twitter accounts swirl about celebrities in great numbers; a substantial fraction of @elonmusk's @Twitter fandom consists of false accounts—doubles, throwaway accounts, "sock puppets", #cryptocurrency bots, and so forth.

hence it's sensible to guess that at least *some* of this @Twitter noise coming from obvious "burner" accounts, i.e. Twitter accounts set up to be thrown away after a bit of use, must be coming from the celebrities themselves. @elonmusk, @mattyglesias, etc. are egotists.

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#VLRM look to get final confirmation of the #GSX deal, morphing from basically a Spac into one of the world's first fully regulated exchanges crossing the digital divide, between #fiat & #crypto!
So for under 12 Million MCAP what's currently not priced in & what can we expect...
🔥The #GSX is a regulated exchange market (Tier 1 exchange) which also holds an Multi-Lateral Trading Facility ("MTF") licence for the listing of specific forms of security under MiFID.
#markets #StocksToBuy #stockstoinvest #Aquis #aim
🔥#Juno - 3 areas of licensed operations cover the formation & management of trusts & similar entities, the administration of funds, a broad range of activities, like fiat & crypto currencies & the formation & management of companies in #Gibraltar / jurisdictions worldwide.
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Rolex fait plus de $10 milliards/an.

Voici ce que j’ai appris + les leçons que tu peux appliquer à ton propre biz. 👇
1/ La SIMPLICITÉ avant tout

Rolex ne propose pas les montres les plus originales du marché.

Beaucoup trouvent qu’elles sont (trop) basiques.

Ceci étant dit, la simplicité bat souvent la complexité.
Sur ce marché, et bien d’autres...
2/ La RARETÉ vend

Rolex ne produit qu’une quantité limitée de modèles par an.

Résultat : la demande augmente encore et encore, ce qui permet à la boîte d’augmenter ses prix et entretenir son image de marque.
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#Marketing scholars! Marketing research priorities for 2022-2024 are out 👇 Simplified version with examples of research questions below:

#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #OpenScience #phdvoice #phdchat #phdforum #research #researchers
1⃣ Data challenges: new privacy regulations, no access to third-party cookies, and new post-covid advertising models
Some research questions to look at:

• What business models can help companies adapt to changing privacy policies?
• What available data (e.g., search data) should firms use to improve targeting?
• Can firms optimally combine pre and post covid advertising models?
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#17CongresoAbogaciaMLG, hablamos de #Marketing de la mano de @MutuaAbogacia

“Creamos contenidos que ayuden a la educación financiera, al talento y el emprendimiento así como a la innovación”, asegura @idoiarevuelta, directora de #comunicación @MutuaAbogacia
“Los podcasts nos sirven para mejorar nuestro posicionamiento y ascender, además es una herramienta de plena innovación”, dice @idoiarevuelta, de @MutuaAbogacia hablando sobre ‘Redefinir la marca desde la voz del cliente’, en nuestro #17CongresoAbogaciaMLG
“Los podcasts nos sirven para mejorar nuestro posicionamiento y ascender, además es una herramienta de plena innovación”, asegura @idoiarevuelta, de @MutuaAbogacia hablando sobre ‘Redefinir la marca desde la voz del cliente’, en nuestro #17CongresoAbogaciaMLG
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En #17CongresoAbogaciaMLG, en #SalaTasa, disfrutamos del taller de #DesarrolloProfesional de la mano se @lidiazommer, Socia Directora de @Mirada_360 y profesora de #MarketingJurídico en @IEB_Spain
@lidiazommer nos cuenta cómo diseñar la oferta de nuestros despachos para optimizar su rentabilidad y satisfacción de nuestros clientes, evitando la guerra de precios”

#SalaTasa #MarketingJurídico #Taller #DesarrolloProfesional #17CongresoAbogaciaMLG
@lidiazommer: “Se pueden hacer muchas cosas por un cliente más allá de exclusivamente lo técnico jurídico y eso también es diferenciación”

#SalaTasa #Taller #DesarrolloProfesional #17CongresoAbogaciaMLG
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@LisaMWatki That @ukfuturehealth somewhat 'buries the lede' on its intention to construct a giant £212 million 👇 #DNA / #genomic database in its patient literature is somewhat concerning...… II.1.4) Short description  The scope of the procurement is r
@LisaMWatki @ukfuturehealth ...not to mention the £62.5 million+ they'll be spending taking people's #bloods, etc.:… A service provider(s) will be responsible for elements of iniv. Responsible for legal and compliance issues related to p
@LisaMWatki @ukfuturehealth Of course, #OurFutureHealth had to get its money from somewhere.

I'll give you one guess as to where...… Our Future Health has announced £150 million funding from l
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Les 100 meilleurs #livres marketing de tous les temps. 📚

De la psychologie, copywriting, business, influence, story-telling, finances, au growth hacking, voici les livres à lire absolument pour toute personne intéressée à devenir meilleure en marketing. 🚀

📚100. Influence : Science & Practice est une examination de la psychologie de la conformité (c'est-à-dire la découverte des facteurs qui poussent une personne à dire "oui" à la demande d'une autre personne).

#influence #psychology #marketing Image
📚99. Le best-seller du New York Times qui explique pourquoi certains produits et idées deviennent populaires.

#marketing #contentmarketing #newyorktimes #book #livre Image
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I would not hire you if you posses this traits…

For the past five years I have hired several contractors to work for my Ad agency.

Some good, some bad!

Here are a 4 turn-offs I've experienced lately hiring a few roles for our Ad Agency.

When someone shows you who they are during the interview process, believe them the first time…

In the past, during my less seasoned, less experienced, hiring days in business, I would only see the potential in candidates.
On the surface level, it sounds like a good quality to have.

As time goes on, you realize how strict you need to be on who you let into your team.

They can either drag you down, set you back 30, 60, 90 days, or take you to new heights (the goal).
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We relate to brands the way we relate to people. Learn this and your entire outlook on sales will change.


#branding #brand #marketing #business #sales Image
Brand loyalty is massively studied in human behavior and psychology. Numerous studies have shown a near identical product is perceived differently depending on the branding.
Influence of brands on our subconscious is HUGE. Without noticing, we identify with a brand, in a very tribal mindset.

A good marketing sells a product. A great marketing creates an army.
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The idea that "environmental groups" are shocked over #CocaCola as sponsor of #COP27 is vacuous. If anything, this validates the vast corporate dominance accelerated over past 2.5 yrs, in tandem w/ #NGO "together" project of citizenry/state/corporation over past decade+.

#NPIC Image
To the corporate world & global finance, this is a signal, a nod, to the triumph of nature as a new asset class. Those with money will own nature.

#NetZero is not about climate or protecting nature, it is about financial markets.

#NaturePositive… Image
"...we would like to see you prioritise policies [] as part of a robust #netzero strategy... Acting now [] could [] deliver huge economic benefits... corps signing the letter are [] #CocaCola [] #BNP ... Supporting the letter [include] We Mean Business...…
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#selfdevelopment #marketing

Apa sih rahasianya Kopi Tuku, dari cuma sebuah outlet kecil di Cipete sampai sekarang bisa punya puluhan outlet di Indonesia?

A Thread 🧵

(Sambil ngopi2 santai di Tuku Blok M pagi2 ☕️☕️☕️)
#1 Authentic Taste

Jujurly, gue gak pernah ketemu rasa taste kopi Tuku di tempat kopi manapun.

Manis + After taste nya itu khas banget. Dan rasanya ini KONSISTEN di setiap outlet.

Mau itu yg di Gading Serpong, Alam Sutera, BSD. Semuanya sama.
Ini susah banget menurut gue, karena kopi itu kan beans nya beda2, pengolahan nya juga beda2 di tangan tiap barista.

Tapi rasanya bisa konsisten banget. Tiap outlet ya beda2 tipis lah rasanya.

Ini yang menurut gue susah untuk dicapai. Produk utamanya oke banget.
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My top tips:
1. Educate yourself (eg. in #unitmasters)
2. Add “interested in #blockchain #crypto #web3 etc. to your LinkedIn profile
3. Start creating content in whatever form suits you. Create a public #proofofwork of your involvement in the space
4. Start using Web3 apps!
#1 - @theunitnetwork offers a FREE six-week blockchain literacy programme several times a year.
#2 While you believe #crypto & #Web3 is only for YouTube influencers or #blockchain developers, there are recruiters out there who can't find candidates for #HR, #Marketing, #BizDev, #CustomerSupport and other non-techy roles. Indicate your interest before you have the knowledge!
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In this week’s #InMarketing briefing, on the eve of #Sibos, I consider @swiftcommunity’s brand evolution and conclude that the first rule of rebranding should be ‘do no harm’.

Have a productive week.

Read here >…

#IMTW #Marketing
I also flag the cooperative's new #CBDC testing, @quant_network's guide to #Sibos, and Kim Kardashian's little contretemps with the @SECGov. The last word goes to @JanineJoyHirt of @InnFin on the need to support #fintech founders.

Read >…

#IMTW #Marketing
This week, you’ll learn why:

① The digital and social age has forced brands to evolve.

② Your brand’s appearance should be revered.

③ The hurdles to #CBDC adoption by traditional finance are not technical.

Read >…

#IMTW #Marketing
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