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ICYMI: FTC looks to modernize its guidance on preventing digital deception. As companies wrongly invoke the guide to justify deception, agency seeks public input on possible revisions around #DarkPatterns & other deceptive tactics: #marketing #advertising
FTC staff is seeking comment on the following:
- use of sponsored and promoted advertising on social media;
- advertising embedded in games and virtual reality and microtargeted advertisements; /2
- ubiquitous use of dark patterns, manipulative user interface designs used on websites and mobile apps, and in digital advertising that pose unique risks to consumers;
- whether current guidance adequately addresses advertising on mobile devices; /3
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(1/5) I moved into the #Web3 #advertising industry a few months ago when I joined @PermissionIO 🚀

Coming from a #Facebook Ads background, I thought I'd share a few trends I'm observing that will change the #AdTech industry as a whole.

A thread 👇
(2/5) #DataOwnership. Users know their data is VALUABLE. With decentralized tech like #blockchain that support data autonomy, they will share in its value. This transfer of power's already happening, with progressive brands seeking ways to reward consumers for their data 🔥
(3/5) Consumer Data Platforms (#CDPs) We're moving away from 3rd-party data. With CDPs, marketers & advertisers can micro-focus on user experiences across the customer engagement cycle, utilizing 1st-party data, lowering reliance on #3rdparty brokers who've dominated the market.
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According to the state-run @BakhtarNA, the #Taliban's Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice will tomorrow (Saturday, May 7), make an important #decree, about #Hijab ruling, public.
While not released from the official addresses of the IEA yet, the #Taliban's new plan for the implementation of Sharia #Hijab in Afghanistan is a document prepared in two pages and signed by the seven senior officials of the Taliban, including the Minister for the Propagation...
...of Virtue&Prevention of Vice, Chief Justice, Minister of Hajj, Education Minister...
The key contents of the #guideline:
- #Hijab is compulsory on all Muslim women who have reached the age of puberty.
- Any clothing that covers body is Hijab but it should not be transparent...
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It deals with specific #machinelearning problem, namely how to classify a given website into specific categories, also called #taxonomy.
the most common #taxonomies are those of IAB and Google Products Taxonomy. But there others, e.g. one from Facebook for products.
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Why I like using the #ValueProposition Canvas in #branding sessions🧵
(1/7)"It is not your job to find product-market fits, it is your job to make people act when exposed to communication conveying that fit, through #advertising. Stay in your lane, let the founders and business strategists do what they do best."
(2/7) Cobbler, stick to your last! Basically. All of this holds truth, when looking at it chronologically. However including the value proposition canvas in branding sessions with #clients can be a powerful tool. Not to actually FIND the product-market fit...
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"Criticism/rejection become commonplace as competitive parents continue to push their children toward higher levels of accomplishment.
As a result,kids can’t find the time, literal/psychological,to linger in internal exploration; a precursor to a well-developed sense of self."
"Kids can present as models of competence and still lack a fundamental sense of who they are. Psychologists call this the “false self,” and it is highly correlated with a number of emotional problems, most notably depression."
"Working primarily to please others and to gain their approval takes time and energy away from children’s real job of figuring out their authentic talents, skills, and interests. The “false self” becomes particularly problematic in adolescence..."
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@TwitterBlue Love the #NewTwitter Seasonal Icons from @TwitterBlue. ImageImageImageImage
@TwitterBlue Are you ready for New Year's? @TwitterBlue is! 🥂

#NewTwitter ImageImage
And not just New Year's — there's a slate of custom icons for every season! Here's Spring and Summer. ImageImageImage
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because nothing appeals more to the majority comics buying audience, middle-income 50 year old straight white males, than Tennis 🤦
#comics #dccomics #tennis #directtvstream
this ad has been in my feed constantly since September,

I'm sorry, its ridiculous, this is done to make Williams & media people happy, not the comics buying audience
#comics #dccomics #marvel #mcu #tennis #manga #advertising #news #DCAboveAll #WonderWoman
Just think this ad through for half a second:

"I wasn't going to get another justice-league issue but i just had to have that one with @serenawilliams"…
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Given the #metaverse announcements today, I've published a timely article to share with you, from the new Stanford Journal of Online #Trust & #Safety: The Problems with #immersive #advertising : In #AR/#VR, Nobody Knows You Are an Ad.….
You've already experienced #AugmentedReality ads if you watch sports. The billboards behind the players in the stadium are different from the billboards that your family, watching from home in another state, will see. (2)
XR hardware pioneer @avibarzeev and I discuss what immersive advertising looks like, and trace its evolution through techniques used in film, sports, and gaming. My favorite is @CocaCola Cola's "Pepsi Invaders" -- like space invaders, but the enemy robots spelled out @pepsi. (3)
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۱- توضیح: پیش از این بارها اشاره کرده‌ام که #گرافیست نبوده و نیستم، اما به ضرورت زمانی برای انجام امور #جنگ_تبلیغاتی بر علیه #رژیم_منفور_جمهوری_اسلامی مجبور به یاد گرفتن مواردی شده‌ام که خلاصه و ترجمه نکات مهم آنها را با شما درمیان می گذارم.
بدیهی است که این مطالب کامل
۲- نبوده و احتمالا اشکالاتی در آن است. به همین دلیل از دوستانی که دانش آموخته و وارد به مسایل #تکنیکی هستند #دعوت می‌کنم در اصلاح این نوشتار کوشش نمایند.
با سپاس فراوان
۳- به باور من دلیل اصلی طراحی و استفاده #پوستر در شبکه‌های مجازی انتقال خبر و تاثیرگذاری و در نهایت ترغیب به مخاطب به #مشارکت در رویدادی می‌باشد.
در مورد تقسیم گونه‌های پوسترها شیوه‌ای متفاوتی وجود دارد، برای سهولت کار من با کمک دوستی در #دانشکده_هنر_برلین پوسترها را به
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To add Delhi under @AamAadmiParty is:
▪️3rd highest in per capita income
▪️Lowest in fiscal debt
▪️ONLY state running in profit
▪️ONLY state with no corruption convictions
▪️Giving Janta its rights & good govt services frm Janta's own money✌🏻13/n
#DelhiModel #KejriwalKiGuarantee
#Delhi State lowest in fiscal debt at the end of FY 2020-21. Source: RBI. 14/n
#DelhiModel #Economy #KejriwalKiGuarantee #Freebies Image
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Derivative work is the future of the NFT space - I don’t get what @dan_OpenSea doesn’t get about that.

He likely wasn’t raised by entrepreneurs.

“We don’t invent new things, we improve upon what we have - incremental change is the only change people accept”

/Threaded ⬇️⬇️
More, the right person hasn’t told him yet... DMCA has in it, provisional protections for service providers - specific exemptions that makes it where @opensea doesn’t fall under the protections afforded to DMCA rights holders.
A DMCA takedown request, is just a request.

I can send @PapaJohns a DMCA takedown request, because the pizza on their website looks too similar to the pizza I made last night in my microwave.

That doesn’t mean the request was valid or would have any standing in a court.
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‘…ask yourself if the authors are truly trying to inform their readers or if they are instead trying to advance a narrative that would be undermined if they fully enumerated how COVID-19 has harmed children.’
Is UK Paediatrics #SoMe governance dead? When will its leaders act against medics pushing misinformation narratives?

‘Doctors writing about COVID-19 and children have an obligation to inform their readers of essential facts.’ @jeremyphoward 👏👏

You know who, @dgurdasani1 💙
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How I write taglines in 3 simple steps:
Elaborate, Eliminate, and Play.
#Marketing #copywriting #Creative #Advertising
📜Step 1: Elaborate
After researching, I write a short essay with everything that comes to mind about the brand.
Its values, customers, products – everything.
✂️Step 2: Eliminate
I chose between 10-15 words that matter most and scratch out the rest.

🎲Step3: Play
I use these words to make different combinations until I get a slogan that I like.
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These 5 practice will help you make the most of every dollar you spend on ads.

Thread 👇

#advertising #marketing #branding #digitalmarketing #design #marketingdigital #copywriting #copywriter #creative #advertisingagency Image
1. Display  high-quality images: 

In any ads you're running You want people to pay attention to your image at first sight.
Remember that's the first advantage you have in grabbing attention, we call that the pattern interrupt @ our agency.
Use the correct image spec and
make sure you use bright and eye-catching images.
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Read the 40th issue of #BrandSutra, The Free Press Journal Newspaper's weekly page focused on life, leadership, and business lessons from the custodians of major brands, with experts from the realm of brands decoding the highly charged world of marketers.
Life is all about the choices you make, the chances you take: Ganesh Ram tells #BrandSutra @MFUtility @GR_2608…
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BREAKING: New report reveals that #Facebook is systematically spreading #climatedenial across its platform….

Please read and share the report, but THREAD 🧵 of findings below (1/9)
(2/9) Our 40-page review summarises over 100 academic studies, empirical reports and journalistic investigations. It finds that Facebook has been failing on all fronts when it comes to preventing #climatemisinformation
(3/9) Total disclosure - this was initially an internal document that we were never planning on publishing. But once we put all the evidence together, it felt overwhelming, and that we had a duty to release it to the public.

So what are Facebook doing? Or not doing?
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YouTube is now a revenue powerhouse, with an annual revenue exceeding $7bn.

The company witnessed a 46% YoY growth in revenues in Q4FY2020, ending the losses stymied on account of the pandemic.

Ad revenue is certainly an interesting issue from a financial and policy standpoint. Read in detail about how national governments have toughened their stance on allowing Big Tech companies to continue in their unrestricted pursuit of ad revenues recently.

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And then this happens...literally like a @Deliveroo advert. However, it’s not, as its in a programme and therefore not covered by @ASA_UK (and wont be covered under future plans, if they go ahead, to ban #JunkFood adverts prior to 9pm watershed)
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Hari ini, saya akan berbagi sedikit tentang proses pembuatan strategi #DigitalMarketing, baik untuk #brand/corporate maupun untuk #politik. Semoga bermanfaat. Sila komen atau DM jika Anda tertarik.

A thread - part 1. Image
Kita mulai dengan memahami apa itu #DigitalMarketing?

Adalah metode #marketing (pemasaran) dengan memanfaatkan #internet dan teknologi digital berbasis online guna mempromosikan produk, layanan atau tokoh tertentu sebagai #brand.

A thread - part 2. Image
Lalu, mengapa perlu #DigitalMarketing?

Beberapa alasan:
* Biaya lebih ekonomis dibanding marketing tradisional.
* Akses ke audience lebih luas.
* Jangkauan lebih personal, e.g. via #mobile.
* Tracking jelas terkait hasil.
* Trend kontemporer & masa depan.

A thread - part 2. Image
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@Inferbro while legally & technically the entire #ContentID-Fuckup of @YouTube is to be blamed 75% on the #CopyrightMafia, that's even assuming someone get's 50k subscribers and can make a living from Videos.
@Inferbro As a personal example: @4ltYT was killed by the #AdPocalypse, and now I've a single-digit € balance of #Advertising #revenue on my @YouTube's @GoogleAds/#AdSense with no reasonable chance to ever reach 1st payout of €70 cuz in the meantime, I had to get another #Job.
@Inferbro this really puts on a huge damper on my plans to release content, and with <1k subscribers on @YouTube it's not worth opening up a @Patreon, @Flattr or @kachingle for the few cents per month - espechally when this would be taxable income to file.
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Recently my #podcast co-host and I broke ties mid-campaign with a #sponsor - the first time in 400+ episodes that we've done this. I'm sharing that story in this thread about #podcastads, with two goals in mind.
The first goal is to help #podcast listeners think more critically about the ads they're hearing, particularly in sensitive and high-stakes topic areas like #health and #wellness, #finance and #money, and #relationships .
My other goal is to empower #podcasters to advocate for themselves (and ultimately their listeners) in these sponsor-content creator relationships.
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The Charity Tax Group and @CFGtweets have submitted Budget representations to @hmtreasury calling for an improved tax system for #charities in the aftermath of Brexit and COVID #charitytax 1/…
Existing charity tax reliefs should be protected & tax compliance and administration simplified. Protecting existing business rates & VAT reliefs is crucial as is future-proofing tax systems and legislation #charitytax #budget2021 2/
COVID-related support measures, such as the #JobRetentionScheme, #ExpandedRetailDiscount & temporary #5percentVAT rate on hospitality, hotel & holiday accommodation and admissions have helped many charities * should continue where possible while lockdown restrictions continue 3/
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/07/2021…
COVID-19 lockdown induces disease-mitigating structural changes in mobility networks…

#COVID19 #lockdowns #PandemicResponse #effectiveness #research
Uncertain times: The pandemic is an unprecedented opportunity – seeing human society as a complex system opens a better future for us all…

#PandemicResponse #complexity #SocialSystems #FutureTrends
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