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Deep dive into world of ROLEX 

1/ Rolex is a luxury watch company that operates on a vertically integrated business model, controlling every aspect of the production and distribution of its products. #Rolex #BusinessModel #LuxuryWatch
2/ Rolex produces its own components, including movements, cases, and dials, in-house at its own manufacturing facilities. This allows the company to maintain strict control over the quality and craftsmanship of its watches. #Manufacturing #Quality #Craftsmanship
3/ Rolex also operates its own retail stores and distribution networks, allowing it to directly reach and sell to consumers. The company has a strong focus on customer service and the overall customer experience at its stores. #Retail #Distribution #CustomerService #ethos
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7 Life-Changing Lessons I need to implement, or continue implementing in 2023
1. Have a long-term perspective and set goals
2. Take calculated risks
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We at @weatherindia are celebrating 600% growth in monthly web traffic at the end of 50 months of editorial operations.

Along the way, we saw many ups & downs! We learnt critical lessons about digital media, science writing & weather forecasting in India.

Here's a compilation👇
Four years ago, @timesbridge joined hands with @IBM to make weather & science news popular in India with the theme #MausamIsAwesome! Initially, we assumed our audience was very niche & planned to grab their attention with detailed, expertly curated features.

Alas, we were wrong!
Appetite for #ScienceWriting was no longer limited to an ‘urban-elite India’, and instead of long commentaries, readers craved quick, actionable insights!
But mainstream media had limited space for sciency content, leaving a huge void. We were quick to recognise this gap!
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Forschung in Österreich - auch in Krisen tendenziell ein Randthema.

#Wissenschaftskommunikation hat das Potential, der breiteren Bevölkerung ein besseres VerstĂ€ndnis ĂŒber den Wert von fundierten Erkenntnissen zu bieten. Und damit auch der Politik. Aber wie? #Wisskomm 1/n
In Krisen wie der Pandemie gibt es viele hinlÀnglich bekannte doch weithin ungelöste Fragen (z.B. Datenintegration, reprÀsentative Kohorten, Long COVID, Impfstoffentwicklung, Stimmungsbildung in der Bevölkerung, besseres Miteinander, Kommunikation). 2/n
Auf Forschungsförderungsseite gab es -von einigen Positivbeispielen abgesehen- relativ wenig neue Impulse. Im Gegenteil, man hört von eingestellten Schulstudien oder der Beendigung des wertvollen soziologischen Austria Corona Panel Projekts aufgrund auslaufender Finanzierung. 3/n
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Pause? Yes, Pause

Life has always been a journey. As beautiful as the journey of life is, we become overwhelmed sometimes. And there is always the temptation to push ourselves beyond the edge at this point. However, the truth is,

Image credit:
to pause at some point. A tired traveler needs strength to continue the journey. We may think we need more time at this point of exhaustion, but what we need might just be a brief pause.

Starting my MSc program late last year, I had several plans to execute. At a point, my...
...mind was clouded. I knew it was going to affect my focus, so I decided to "pause". I took a walk to behold the beauty of nature and of course pray. Pausing helped me to restrategise, refuel, and enjoy clarity which have helped me thus far.

So, pausing revitalises one and ...
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How to get rich

What's the best business book ever written? Probably "How to get rich" by #FelixDennis, a billionaire who picked this cheesy title as a joke but dropped some real business wisdom. Here are 25 immensely valuable lessons from his book.
A thread 👇 đŸ§”
On #makingexcuses: Most of the so-called "reasons" for not pursuing wealth are not reasons at all they are excuses. Pitiful alibis you have erected to spare yourself from the quiet terror of taking your own financial destiny in your hands and making your dreams concrete reality.
On #gettingstarted: There is no point in sitting around thinking about getting started. Commit now, or leave your dreams behind. Begin now or turn away.
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I am learning to call a spade, a spade even when I run the risk of being told, "Your wahala is too much."
If I pay for service, I deserve service. If I begin a business relationship with kindness, respect and courtesy and you prove incompetent, I'm well within my rights to "change it for you".
I have never met a successful & legitimate business or manager who doesn't use checklists and reminders. "I forgot" is simply not in their lexicon as they review their checklists at least 2ce a day.
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En fait je ne crois pas que l'#enseignement @sup_recherche soit juste « profondément chamboulé », je crois que le service public d'enseignement supérieur est juste complÚtement mort et que @VidalFrederique est simplement en train de danser sur sa tombe à grand coup de communiqué
Quand on fait une circulaire de «préparation» de la rentrée une semaine aprÚs la #rentrée2020 en contredisant la circulaire de la semaine d'avant, déjà, c'est qu'il y a un problÚme sérieux.
Surtout que cette circulaire ne répond à rien & demande juste aux étudiants de se démerder
D'accord, il y avait beaucoup d'inconnues sur le virus, mais il n'y a pas besoin de connaßtre la #Covid pour savoir qu'appliquer la distanciation physique dans des salles de cours qui ne sont pas plus grandes, ça nécessite de faire plusieurs groupes, et donc d'avoir + de profs...
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Isidore Desjarlais is a homegrown hero. This past November, he saved the life of a young man named Wayne Herman who had fallen through the ice on a lake. (1/3) Image
When Isidore heard Wayne’s cries for help, he acted immediately, sliding a ladder out for Wayne to grab hold of & pulling him to safety.

Not only is Isidore a hero, he’s also a village councillor in Buffalo Narrows who is dedicated to serving the people of his community. (2/3)
I’m proud to know him, and we’re nominating him for a Governor General’s Award for his bravery and service in building stronger communities. #skpoli #bravery #excellence
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IMAGE THREAD — Hello friends! I'm so happy to share #PeteForAmerica’s #RulesOfTheRoad in social media graphics for #TeamPete to share & retweet! Thank you for all you do to support #Pete2020. (These graphics can be reformatted for other purposes if you want, just DM me!) 💙
As you may know, I’m a volunteer graphic #Designer4Pete & #TeamPete. If you appreciate this Pete project, will you please consider donating $3 to #Pete2020 at this link? This allows me to do a little bit of fundraising for #PeteForAmerica with my graphics.

#PeteForAmerica #RulesOfTheRoad #Respect —

In our thoughts, words, and actions we cultivate a sense of respect. We should respect every individual we encounter. Join #TeamPete and #Pete2020. Share/Retweet!

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Let’s talk about #lectures in HigherEducation
.@LangOnCourse alerts us to: When should we lecture in class? Excellent examples and analysis of the (positive) role of the lecture from @dgooblar
 #teaching #learning #lecture
.@mariosbham comments on "#Lectures: a much-maligned format which can be truly inspirational" #HigherEducation

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Mi hermano @Donvix y un servidor hemos sido claros sobre los objetivos que busca @lopezobrador_ y su #TransformacionDe4a , pero haré un paréntesis para tratar de entender sobre beneficiados con la crisis por desabasto de combustibles. Va el hilo...
La situaciĂłn de desabasto de combustibles en 9 Estados, segĂșn dice, y presume, el "gobierno", estĂĄ relacionado con cortar el suministro al delito del "huachicol"
Por donde se vea se nota una absoluta y total falta de planeaciĂłn para que no ocurriera un desabasto de tal magnitud, en cualquier empresa ya estuvieran de patitas en la calle los responsables..., aquĂ­ Oropeza y Nalhe tal vez hasta reciban un premio.
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Today on the #FirstSundayOfTheYear At about 4 am(I would Say Pre-Dawn) I heard someone speaking to me “Wake up,You cannot be Sleeping & Making This Wonderful Day Short" by Sleeping till late
I Woke up immediately looking for Where the Voice came from? I found that This Voice was from Within me. By now my Slumber had Vanished and I was fully awake . I left the bed, made a cup of tea and sat out in the balcony, enjoying the cool breeze and sipping my morning Tea
Various Thoughts started to Swim within me and then the below happened.

My Heart asked me a question. "Where is Success."

My Mind immediately Replied to My Heart, you, My Friend always Run to the World of Fantasy.
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It’s a red letter day in @EdinGeography: the last undergraduate lecture of Professor Charles W.J. Withers FBA, FRSE, Geographer Royal for Scotland etc.

Charlie’s giving it dressed as Darth Vader. Can’t explain, but brace for tweets.
For those unfamiliar with Charlie, he is a distinguished historical geographer and historian of science who until retirement holds the Ogilvie Chair of Geography at @GeosciencesEd.
Ok, so the students had no prior warning and they are 
 mostly confused. It’s the recap lecture for their course The Nature of Geographical Knowledge.
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Good evening family, welcome to another #Audacious broadcast today. It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon here and we just thank God for it.
I believe our week was fantastic, and I trust that this New Week will birth is more fulfilment.
Today is our 102nd broadcast on #Audacious.
We will be sharing today from a pleasant journey over the course of the weekend. The morale and point in the description is up to you.
I was in a city where I had my very first taste of higher education in Nigeria over the weekend. It was a sweet experience going to such a place again several years after.
This time, I didn't go for academics, I went for a friend's event.
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