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(1/12) In light of the #FX / #Hulu documentary “Elon Musk’s Crash Course” I thought I’d share a short tidbit about my time on #Tesla #Autopilot team.

I originally joined under a narrative that #FSD was saving peoples lives on a daily basis. Every day I would preach to all my
2/ friends and family about Elon and all the great work Tesla was doing!

I eventually I bought my own Tesla so I could experience the “life saving technology” I was helping to train…. Or so I believed.

Once I got my hands on FSD I realized everything I helped build was on a
3/ web of lies with the hope members of the Autopilot team would silently pick up the slack before the public or others realized how bad it was.

Here’s a couple examples of safety concerns out of dozens I could choose:

The industry labels objects using Lidar, Radar & Camera
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Tesla Earning Call Day!
How late does $TSLA Q4 2021 Earnings Call get started?
Don't expect fireworks from a DOJ NEUTERED Musk. There's a reason Musk didn't post a video of him driving the latest Cybertruck prototype--that reason is NIKOLA/Trevor Milton federal indictment.
I mean, Musk'll still be indicted, he's just not adding to the list.
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$TSLA $TSLAQ likes to boast quarterly about how incredibly safe #Autopilot is in their Vehicle Safety Report. The numbers they claim are impressive, but let's look past the grand marketing claims typical of Elon Musk and dig into the numbers. 🧵
First of all, let me just state upfront that I have no doubt that driver assistance features like the dangerously misnamed "Autopilot" do improve safety. Most of those safety features are now widespread, e.g. on your average Toyota Corolla. (BTW, $TM Toyota marketing sucks)
Now where do $TSLA's numbers come from? Their own numbers are self reported and cannot be independently verified. The NHTSA number they quote, "an automobile crash every 484,000 miles", of comes from Overview of Motor Vehicle Crashes (page 3):…
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What I'd really like to know from @NHTSAgov's request for #Tesla's #Autopilot information:
- Disengagement & crash rates, because if the real data conflicts with what $TSLA has previously told NHTSA to generate the "40% safer" stat... felony! $TSLAQ 1/5…
- "Full Self Driving" data. The letter wants all Level 2 ADAS data, which includes "Full Self Driving" (#Tesla told CA's DMV FSD's at Level 2).
For starters: Why do influencers get "FSD" ahead of regular customers? What's the real disengagement rate? 2/5
- Marketing and public communications. This is HUGE. It's the cornerstone of #Tesla's #Autonowashing fraud. Internal cover-your-ass emails from a general counsel warning "calling it FSD is bad" will make Tesla ripe for Congressional investigation. $TSLA $TSLAQ 3/5
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Feeling Sorry for Elizabeth Holmes 🧵:
Elizabeth Holmes did everything that Musk has gotten away with. And she didn't kill anyone. In fact, she was just a few years shy of making it as Fraud Queen and gaining invincibility. Here's why:
cc: @eholmes2003 #Tesla $TSLA $TSLAQ 1/10
Holmes had a powerful, influential board, full of political heavyweights like Kissinger, Frist, Shultz, Perry and Mattis. She had big name investors and partners. She had the balls to push vaporware. She had the steel to stare into the camera and gaslight even experts. 2/10
She would never back down from challengers, and instead plowed ahead and doubled down. She recruited excellent talent and pushed them to their limits. She had money rolling in.

And she actually went to Stanford and was a bona fide Stanford dropout. cc: @elonmusk 3/10
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Near-Term Spin for $TSLA:
It's been a few very negative days, but it may be worth keeping in mind the following tailwinds that may help bouy the stonk narrative in Q2 ~ Q3:
- Expansion/addition to FIT EV credit
- Possible additional subsidies from Green New Deal
$TSLAQ 1/4
- Temporary pent-up demand for refreshed Model S/X (none made for >4 mos now)
- Beginning of fake "production" in Austin
- Additional pumps (fake FSD, 4860 "breakthroughs", additional product "hints/reveals" - e.g. "$25 K" model, more Semi orders, etc.)
Likely $TSLA headwinds include:
- China forces recall for brake failures/Autopilot, cuffs Grace Tao
- Musk bombs SNL appearance
- @NTSB prelim. TX crash report concludes #Autopilot involved, victims' families sue
- Additional regulatory scrutiny/regulation of Autopilot/FSD
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"The post resonated at a time when weary people across the world are experiencing #ennui, 3dread & more work-related #stress during the coronavirus pandemic."… #socrates #soul #zombies
1/ "Since he described his epiphany a week ago, his post has been liked over 200,000 times. It has received more than 10,000 comments from readrs describing how their own brushes w death had led them to step back from work & take stock of the way they had been livng their lives."
2/ "Even those who have been lucky enough to keep their jobs have questioned their #purpose in life as they spend long hours on #Zoom calls and answer #emails into the night."
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Friday the 9th will be day one of Around Australian journey across the top first via Longreach! #Tesla #roundaustralia #electricfuture Image
Just started a leisurely lap of Oz from Cairns. Lunch in Townsville at The Australian Hotel. Free charger across the road then onto Mackay #Tesla #RoundAustralia ImageImage
Mackay to Emerald today on the most boring road on the Bruce HWY. thanks #autopilot #Tesla Thanks Scanlon’s for a lovely stay 😀 ImageImageImage
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This is the $TSLA shareholder meeting at #BatteryDay.

Hey @elonmusk can the cameraman shake the camera more?

Love that dramatic effect.
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2/ Risk of harm is unacceptable! Image
3/ It had known about the risks and they had been brought to their attention via claims and lawsuits ImageImage
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With apologies to @elonmusk and the @tesla #autopilot team, we believe that Skydio 2 is the most advanced autonomous device of any kind that has ever been commercialized. Take a look under the hood and let us know if you agree.
To keep a cinematic framing of the biker while dodging obstacles at high speeds, Skydio 2 has to estimate its own motion, build an obstacle map, estimate the biker’s path, and handle the aerodynamics of fast flight, all in real time onboard the drone.
Each of Skydio’s six 4K navigation cameras has a super-fisheye lens with 200° field-of-view, so the autonomy engine can confidently guide Skydio 2 in any direction.
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最近给 Model 3 升级 2019.36 版本后,小试了一下 #Autopilot,没想到第一次测试就来了个完美的路口左转。

当然,目前 Tesla 尚未上线自主左转的能力,所以前导车辆仍是必要条件。虽然以前偶尔也能在小路上左转成功,但在有四车道的主干道路口肯定没戏。


看了最近大量涌现的 Tesla #FSDbeta 视频,一个直观感受是 FSD 在城市道路的驾驶风格朝着人类老司机迈进一大步。

Autopilot 基本只认道路线,遇到挡道的东西,不是减速刹停就是直接撂挑子。要是道路线不清晰或紊乱,简直就六神无主了。FSD 已经具备相当的机动意识,为避开单车,压双实线也是常事儿。
目前看起来 #FSDbeta 处理右转弯是没有技术障碍的,只是有点像新手司机,转弯前过于踌躇,一遇到直行的来车就龟缩不前。


至于狭窄的小巷、道路施工啥的,对 FSD 来说简直就不是个事儿。
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Números de acidentes, divulgados pela #Tesla:

1 acidente à cada N milhões de km rodadas (N = número abaixo):

Trimestre Em AP Sem AP
#2019T2 2,27 5,26
#2019T1 2,83 4,62
#2018T4 2,54 4,68
#2018T3 3,09 5,38
Para o #2019T2 a #Tesla tbm liberou números dados de acidentes para carros sem #autopilot, mas com as opções de segurança.
Esses dados são de 1 acidente à cada N milhões de km:

#2019T2: 3,38

Cabeçalho trocado no Tweet 1/2.
Fica a correção:

Trimestre Sem AP Em AP
#2019T2 2,27 5,26
#2019T1 2,83 4,62
#2018T4 2,54 4,68
#2018T3 3,09 5,38
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Thanks to @turo I'm renting a #TeslaModel3 during my visit to Silicon Valley - certainly a different experience than traditional #carrental agencies #future #zeroemission #electriccars
Gone to Tesla's HQ in Fremont, California to try the supercharging there. It's supposed to be much faster than before.
I had hoped the Model 3 would charge at the new rate but it didn't happen
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First road trip in the @Tesla Model 3 Performance:

Zurich🇨🇭- Geneva🇨🇭- Les Houches 🇫🇷 - Nice 🇫🇷 - Zurich🇨🇭 (1400km)

Good opportunity to test #supercharger, #destinationcharger and compare consumption to forecast from @RouteBetter

Will share my experience from the road 🤓
Start in ZRH:
SoC: 38% (11°)

First SC (Kriegstetten):
Arrived with: 15% (14°)
95.6km / 1:17h / 182Wh/km
Charged to: 41% with constant 116kW
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So as requested, here's a thread on some AP internals. I lost it twice already trying to paste some pics, so refer to a more expanded version on reddit at:…

#Tesla #Autopilot @annerajb 1/
Software is based on Linux Buildroot ][ 2016.05:
they use runit as their init replacement:

Of the two nodes the one does absolutely nothing.

here's a pstree: 2/
People on prod cars miss a bunch of funcitonality. They miss on real dashcam that lets them annotatte the records and record any camera or combination to a much faster ssd you can just plug into a USB-C on the side instead of slow usb2 in console: 3/
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