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Just a false. This is jewish syndicate supremacy including A-bombings against the Japanese folk. RIP Hiroshima, RIP Nagasaki.
(AI colorized pics / left: Hiroshima's mushroom clouds right: Nagasaki's mushroom clouds) #WW2 #WeRemember #RealHolocaust
By the way... I dislike people who talk about the atomic bombs and 'Auschwitz' on the same stage. Whether no matter those are left or right or non-political. This is NOT because I'm a citizen of the country where the a-bombs were dropped.
Needless to say, the Japanese have no privilege to be dropped the a-bombs. Despite of 'Auschwitz' is including enormous falsehood, there are countries in the world that are punished for even discussing doubts about it. And 'Auschwitz' gave jews eternal privilege.
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#ChicagoProtest on 5/30 [@alyssa_taylor45]: A protester was taken down by multiple police officers and beaten. They seemingly knelt down on his neck.
#ChicagoProtest on 5/30 [@JCB_Journo]: Police pepper-spray reporter holding press pass and yelling press.
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Policemen throw a reporter into the fire for trying to take images of the scene.

@COAttnyGeneral @DenverPolice
#PoliceBrutality #BlackLivesMatter
Policemen turned off their body cams and started unnecessary firing of tear gas.

@COAttnyGeneral @DenverPolice
#PoliceBrutality #BlackLivesMatter
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31.05. 1992. Radio Prijedor broadcasts the following:

“Citizens of Serb nationality, join your army and police in the pursuit of extermism. Others; Muslims & Croat must place white flags on their homes and put on white armbands. Or you will suffer severe consequences”
Thus started the genocidal campaign of ethnic cleansing in Prijedor. As people were marked to identify themselves as “non-Serb” they were murdered or sent off to concentration camps where they suffered torture, starvation and constant beatings. #WhiteArmBandDay
Today we remember, the innocent civilians of Prijedor. Over 3,000 mainly Bosniak Muslims were murdered.

102 children were murdered.
Women were imprisoned and raped.
Over 50,000 Bosniak Muslims were forcibly displaced from their homes.

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During the Nigerian Civil War of 1967 to 1970, the Nigerian military blocked the entire Biafra Territory to prevent food and medical supplies from coming in. At this time, France was one of the only
major countries supportive of the Biafrans (the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union and the United States were supporting the Nigerian government), and the conditions within the blockade were unknown to the world.
A number of French doctors volunteered with the French Red Cross to
work in hospitals and feeding centres in besieged Biafra. One of those doctors was Bernard Kouchner.

After entering the country, these volunteer doctors in addition to Biafran health workers and hospitals, were subjected to attacks by the Nigerian army, and witnessed civilians
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recollecting memories of May 28, 2010. A thread:
Today marks 10 years of an incident we can barely speak of in our house without teary eyes and a heavy heart. An incident that would forever change our lives.
10 years ago, seems like yesterday, was the horrific day when 94 people were shot and killed because of their faith in Lahore, Pakistan. I remember being woken up by my mom whose voice was trembling as she was giving me the news of two of Ahmadi mosques being attacked in Lahore.
The first thought in my mind of course was if my husband @AzharBharwana (who was in the process of being sponsored to Canada) was ok. The first thing I did was call him. My heart skipped a beat with every bell that rang and went unanswered
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Today marks the 62nd anniversary of the 1958 Anti-Tamil Pogroms. Lasting from May 22nd-27th, Sinhalese mobs murdered an estimated 300 Tamils, injured another 1000, and raped at least 200 Tamil women.

Read ‘Emergency ‘58’ by Tarzie Vitachi: ImageImage
The pogroms were sparked by the then-govt’s proposition to settle Tamil laborers in Sinhalese districts. Sinhalese mobs attacked Tamil politicians of the Federal Party travelling by train to Vavvuniya and committed widespread violence across farms in the North-Central province.
An estimated 70 people were killed the night of May 25th alone. The next day, instead of trying to ensure the cessation of violence, PM Banadaranaike spread false rumors about Tamils perpetrating crimes in order to incite Sinhalese people to commit further violence.
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In Bosnia, today is a Day of Remembrance on the Concentration Camps and Survivors. While the exact number of concentration camps functioning during the Bosnian war is unknown, it’s estimated there were at least 650 camps in which people were abused, tortured, and murdered.
Today we will be highlighting some of the worst and most notable concentration camps throughout the Bosnian genocide.

Omarska Camp was in operation from May 25-August 21, 1992. An estimated 6,000 civilians were imprisoned at Omarska, with at least 700 humans being murdered.
The Trnopolje Camp held between 4,000-7,000 Bosnian Muslim and Bosnian Croats. The Trnopolje camp, just like the Omarska camp, was shut down after an investigation by British journalists uncovered the crimes against civilians, torture, harassment, rapes were common in the camps.
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At 0902 on April 19, 1995, I had just convened a meeting in our building conference room when a tremor passed under me followed by a muffled boom a few moments later.
The event solicited a couple “What the heck was that?” comments while I started working through the agenda. Within ten minutes, we were upstairs watching my TV speculating a gas explosion occurred at the Murrah Federal Building, 13 miles away in downtown Oklahoma City.
A few minutes later, all military bases went on the then THREATCON DELTA, meaning an attack had occurred and expected attacks were imminent; a familiar procedure repeated six years later on 9/11. On both days, bases (for me Tinker AFB & Peterson AFB) were locked down and mission-
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Today, on the 25th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, the FBI remembers and honors the 168 lives lost, including 19 children, and the hundreds more who were injured. They are never forgotten. #WeRemember A photo of the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum taken at night.
Director Wray: The FBI’s OKBOMB investigation remains one of the largest and most complex cases the FBI has ever undertaken.
Wray: We remind ourselves every day that there’s nothing more important than the work we do, the people we do the work with, & the people we do the work for. We’ve shown that when an attack does happen, our agents & analysts will move heaven & earth to find those responsible.
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"Mathilde Friedlich, geboren Marcus, wurde am 30. Mai 1880 in Neustadt geboren.
Die Witwe lebte in #Bünde mit ihrem Sohn Ernst, bis die Schikanen der Nazis anfingen, ihr Leben sehr zu erschweren. 1938 fingen die ersten sogenannten Arisierungmaßnahmen an. 1/n
Einkaufen durften Juden erst kurz vor Geschäftsschluss. Im Alltag gab es Beschimpfungen und Beleidigungen jedoch schon lange vor 1938. Es gab in Bünde eine Ortsgruppe des „Centralvereins deutscher Staatsbürger jüdischen Glaubens e.V.“ 1/n
Ein Leserbrief (Februar 1933) von diesem Verein macht klar, wie verzweifelt die jüdische Bevölkerung war: “Noch einmal wie im Mittelalter stehen die alten Lügen und Verleumdungen gegen die Juden auf...... 3/n
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My great grandfather’s name was Zygmunt Modelski. He was deported to Auschwitz on August 8, 1941 where he died March 30, 1942. #Auschwitz75
My three great uncles Teofil, Zygmunt, and Jerzy were also deported to Auschwitz and survived. My grandfather was the only one to escape. Here you can see Teofil speaking about Auschwitz’s “Black Wall”…
Teofil was later transferred to Buchenwald, where he was liberated by American soldiers including my Jewish great uncle Norman Krasna, whose film of the camp is an invaluable historical source of the atrocity:…
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Ich war vor einigen Jahren in #Auschwitz . Hier ein kleiner Auszug dessen, was mich besonders beeindruckt hat.

#Thread #WeRemember

(Wem das Leid in allen Facetten persönlich nah geht, sollte den Thread nicht lesen)
"Arbeit macht frei" - es ist ein Unterschied, den Spruch über dem Tor auf Bildern zu sehen oder selbst durchzugehen. Wissend, dass durch dieses Tor Tausende und Abertausende von Gefangenen gingen.
Wissend, dass ich frei rein und heraus kann.
Die langen Länge der "Blöcke" aus Stein. Die Wände lang und länger voll von Opfern.
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This short thread brings home the importance of #HolocaustMemorialDay .

If something happened once, it can happen again, and, despite denialists’ claims, the Holocaust happened. It wasn’t even that long ago. #NeverAgain

I stand with my friend @nadinevdVelde, and #WeRemember.
Testimony by @DrJudyStone, who had more than 80 family members perish in the Holocaust.

Scroll up and down.
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The 2020 #WeRemember Campaign for International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Yom HaShoah commemorates the 6 million Jews who died during the #Holocaust…
Levels of knowledge about the Holocaust are on the decline. For instance, 66% of American adults don't know what Auschwitz was, and 45% of adults cannot name one concentration camp or ghetto. This represents a shocking lack of knowledge.
This problem is only likely to become worse. With each passing year, the number of Holocaust survivors left to bear witness diminishes. Within a few decades no survivors will remain. It's up to all of us to help preserve their memory and honor those who perished.
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A quarter of a million people with psychosocial disabilities were killed, nearly half a million sterilised - the majority among them those diagnosed with schizophrenia, a label that automatically devalued worth based on eugenics propaganda.
#NeverAgain #HolocaustMemorialDay
Studies indicate that between 1939 to 1955, an estimate of 220 000 - 269 000 people (equalling 73% to 100% of individuals with schizophrenia in Germany) were marked as "untermenschen, or subhuman", categorized as expendable and exterminated.
Meticulously documented post - war records estimated savings "gained" from the killing of mentally ill patients of state funded metal institutions.
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Thread: Der Antisemitismus des Rudolf Steiner #Anthroposophie

“Das Judentum als solches hat sich längst ausgelebt, hat keine Berechtigung innerhalb des modernen Völkerlebens, und dass es sich dennoch erhalten hat, ist ein Fehler der Weltgeschichte..." (R. Steiner)
...dessen Folgen nicht ausbleiben konnten.

Wir meinen hier nicht die Formen der jüdischen Religion allein, wir meinen vorzüglich den Geist des Judentums, die jüdische Denkweise. ” (Rudolf Steiner, Gesamtausgabe Band 032, Seite 156)
“Ich halte Antisemiten für ungefährliche Leute. Die Besten unter ihnen sind wie die Kinder. Sie wollen etwas haben, dem sie die Schuld zuschreiben können am Übel, an dem sie leiden. (..) Viel schlimmer als die Antisemiten sind die herzlosen Führer der europamüden Juden" (Steiner)
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1. In memory of my father Rene Salomon van der Velde and those in my family who suffered, were tormented, tortured and murdered, and who were forever silenced I vow to #NeverForget and to never be silent in the face of hate. 🕊#HolocaustRemembranceDay
2 in memory of great Opa Salomon van der Kaars. My father adored him. He said Salomon would take the train to visit the family on weekends and would always bring him balloon and a cake from the bakery near the station. He was murdered April 04, 1943 . #HolocaustRemembranceDay
3. In memory of my Opa and Oma Betje Akker and Emmanuel van der Velde. He was a butcher and cantor. They were transported in a cattle car and murdered in Sobibor extermination camp July 2 1943. #HolocaustRemembranceDay
#WeRemember #NeverAgain
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Thread: O brasileiro que sobreviveu ao horror de Auschwitz | #HolocaustMemorialDay #Auschwitz75

Andor Stern, 90 anos, deu seu depoimento sobre o genocídio que matou 6 milhões de judeus e outras minorias durante a Segunda Guerra.

"Sou casado há 65 anos. Minha mulher diz que eu
eu não consegui sair de lá, que eu ainda vivo lá. Não sei se é verdade, mas não dá para esquecer".

"A única coisa que sinto é que, na minha vida de 90 anos, aconteceram coisas que dá para viver 200 anos".

Lembranças do campo de extermínio:

"Garoto bom, forte, fui escolhido...
para trabalhar numa fábrica de gasolina artificial e material explosivo. Fiquei alguns dias".

"O ser humano tem uma resistência incrível (...). Eu pesava 28 kg. Como conseguia levantar um saco de cimento?".

"Eu jantava virtualmente. Deitava no chão e imaginava armários de pães,
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Hashtag #WeRemember When you subtract graphically the organ in the eastern part of the abbey in Guxhagen-Breitenau (near Kassel, Germany) a wall remains. Behind this wall there was a KZ from 1933 to 1934 and a labour camp from 1940-1945. Before that period, from 1874
and up to to the year of 1946 a workhouse was here. From 1952 to 1973 there was a house of correction for girls. Since 1984 the Memorial Breitenau is located here. (
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Today I remember that my grandfather was arrested and deported to French camps by French authorities then deported to Auschwitz by the Nazis.
He didn't return.
Today I remember that my mum was smuggled into Switzerland. That her mum paid smugglers to take her through the border.
I remember what the Nazis did. The people they murdered, the terrible wars they fought.
And now I see tweets claiming the Holocaust didn't happen. That Jews invented it all either to give a bad reputation to the Nazis or as a pretext to steal Palestine.
Now I hear a politician claiming the EU is like the Nazis, winning a referendum and an election thanks to this awful and disgusting lie.
And I read tweets pretending the EU is the fourth Reich and was always the Nazi plan.
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Ich gedenke heute:
Meinen Urgroßeltern Rosenthal, die unbekann verschollen sind, nachdem sie 1944 deportiert wurden. Ziel der Deportation war Auschwitz. Sie werden zu denen gehört haben, die nicht registriert direkt ins Gas gingen.
Meine Großtante Rebekka, deren Namen meine >
Tochter trägt zusammen mit dem Namen von Rebekkas bester Freundin Channah, die mir die Geschichte meiner Familie erzählen konnte, weil sie im Gegensatz zu Rebekka überlebt hat.
Rebekka war in Terezin, Ravensbrück und Auschwitz, wo sie infolge der Experimente von Mengele >
umgekommen ist.
Meine Großtante Chawa, deren Name auch eine meiner Töchter trägt. Das Schicksal von Chawa ist nicht bekannt.
Mein Großonkel Jonathan, dessen Name mein Ältester trägt. Jonathan ist aus dem Krieg zurückgekehrt, auf seinem Schoß sitzend habe ich das "Shema Jisrael" >
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On January 27, #HolocaustMemorialDay commemorates genocide that resulted in deaths of 6 million Jews who had been gathered from all over Europe and sent to gas chambers in the German and Polish extermination camps.

The #Holocaust, is known as one of the most outrageous crimes ever committed in history.
Today, on #HolocaustRemembranceDay , we also remember thousands massacred in #Iran in the greatest Crime Against Humanity After World War II…
In greatest crime of the century after WW II, at least 30,000 political prisoners were massacred in mullahs’ medieval prisons in #Iran. As part of this massacre, women & men were found guilty by “Death Committee” & subsequently hanged – simply for defying Khomeini & his doctrine.
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Its intresting and sad to see how the memorial culture of the Holocaust changed so massivily since the AfD reached power in 2015. In Saxony they are actual strongest parti but not in goverment. Was it @BjoernHoecke who described the Holocaust memorial as " Monument to Shame"
Alexander Gauland the Nazi time and its crime as" bird shit in thousend years of sucesfully German history". And also Gauland sayed:
"If the French are rightly proud of their emperor, and the British of Nelson and Churchill, we have the right to be proud of the achievements of German soldiers in two world wars."
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