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NDAA THREAD: We took a quick look at the defense authorization bill for 2023. Before we know it, U.S. taxpayers will be funding a $1 trillion defense budget and "woke" generals will still come to Congress asking for 3%-5% annual budget growth. @HouseGOP @HASCRepublicans #ampFW
⚠️ NDAA ALERT: You can now get a dishonorable discharge for not wanting to take the COVID-19 vaccine. #ampFW Image
⚠️ NDAA spends billions in Europe “to maintain credibility of the sacred obligation under Article 5 … to defend every inch of NATO territory.” #NATO #ampFW Image
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HASC markup of the #NDAA starting in 2!

Here we go... 🧵
Today is about to be a long haul, so I'm going to do my best to keep this thread *focused* and as short as possible.

See below for the issues I'm tracking for @POGOwatchdog 👇👇👇…
.@HASCDemocrats started off adopting an en bloc package of amendments to the Tactical Air and Land Forces mark. They quickly moved on to adopt an en bloc package to Intel/Special ops. Now considering the Seapower mark.
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THREAD: Thank you to the following 6 @SenateGOP Republicans who I am told voted NO to drafting daughters in the Senate Armed Services Committee today as part of the #NDAA.

Cramer – voted yes last year


Conversely, these Senators pathetically voted FOR drafting your daughter w/ no public debate.

@SenatorFischer (NE)
@SenJoniErnst (IA)
@ThomTillis (NC)
@SenDanSullivan (AK)
@SenRickScott (FL)
@MarshaBlackburn (TN)
@TTuberville (AL)

This is pathetic. Even volunteer women in the military cause the standards to be reduced. These Republicans are from bright red states & this is what we get… in the face of open borders, inflation, mandatory jabs, crime… these clowns draft women. #DontDraftOurDaughters (3/3)
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At 930AM, the @SenateGOP on the Armed Services Committee began debate (in private) on the #NDAA. There will likely be an amendment, again, to draft our daughters. Last year, several GOP Senators voted yes. That was asinine. They should not do it again… (1/5)
Those voting no last year:
James Inhofe
Wicker, Roger
Cotton, Tom
Hawley, Josh
Rounds, Mike

Voted YES (or Not Present) last year:
Fischer, Deb
Ernst, Joni
Tillis, Thom
Sullivan, Dan
Cramer, Kevin
Scott, Rick
Blackburn, Marsha
Tuberville, Tommy

… Absurd that @GOP is even considering advancing a bill that harms military readiness by ignoring biology - data shows on average among volunteers that males are more effective in combat. One study by Marines ($36 million) showed all male units outperformed mixed units… (3/5)
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The House of Representatives just voted to pass the #NDAA, 316 - 113

134 Republicans voted for it.

While many of them are going to focus on the uncontroversial parts of this “bipartisan” defense bill, there’s plenty in there that isn’t getting enough attention:

THREAD: (1/9)

First, this bill forces young women to register for the draft, which Rep. Roy has been against from the start.

"A vote for this #NDAA is a vote to draft your daughter, your sister, your mother & your wife" Image

Next up on the list, this #NDAA actually targets the Second Amendment rights of America’s military personnel with unconstitutional, gun-grabbing “red flag” laws.

Yes, that means violating the Constitutional rights of those defending the Constitution. Image
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1. @JamaalBowmanNY says these @HouseDemocrats support removing US forces from #Syria. IMO that will let #Turkey murder #Kurds, #Christians & #Yazidi & install al-Qaeda terror zone. @RepRoKhanna @RepPeterDeFazio @Janshakowsky @RashidaTlaib @RepAndyLevin @RepCohen @RepRitchie
2. These members may be misguided. Lied to by #Turkey's lobbyists. Let them know, their support for Bowman's misguided #NDAA amendment could end their careers. Support all secular, democratic and gender equal Syria. Reject the enslavement of women.
3. The Syrians have done the fighting. We are in a purely advise and assist role. There have been almost no US force combat casualties in Syria. This was the one war we fought smart with local support who died by the thousands while we lost almost zero combat casualties.
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HUGE NEWS: The end of the Plum Book is nigh. 🟣

(somehow made in order to the NDAA)
😢 Image
Now who could oppose that?

(already in the NDAA) Image
It seems every few months an enemy country will do a bad thing & so, "The WH said today it's imposing sanctions…" Then months later, "more sanctions." Then "more sanctions." Well, if you've ever wondered how we haven't run out of sanctions, fear not, as a new one's on the way… Image
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#READ: @HudsonInstitute releases bombshell report documenting that there are 55 interlinked Khalistan & Pakistan groups operating in the US.

While the #Khalistan project is known to be supported by #Pakistan, this is the first to expose ties in the US.
This report by @Aparna_Pande @husainhaqqani exposes ties including those mediated by convicted ISI spy Ghulam Nabi Fai with D.C. based Khalistan groups.

This section highlighting a network of Khalistan activism tied to @standwkashmir, @IAMCouncil and OFMI is a must read.
Worth noting that @HinduAmerican previously exposed ties of OFMI's Bhajan Singh Bhinder, subject of a federal investigation for allegedly attempting to smuggle missiles to "free Khalistan," with a California @TheDemocrats leader and Pieter Friedrich.…
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#Iran is clearly a threat to not only the Middle East, but the entire world.

That's why I introduced the following 3 amendments and I am thankful they just passed during the #NDAA markup.
The first amendment requires the Secretary of Defense to issue a report regarding #Iran's support for the #Taliban and what, if any role, it played in the loss of American lives in #Afghanistan.
The second requires the Secretary of Defense to issue a report regarding #Iran's support of militant groups that commit human rights violations.
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Thobela bana ba Moya 👏👏👏

This is my calling & without it, I am nothing. 

I & my calling are one & no one can separate me from my calling.✊

Poverty have tried to steal my calling but failed. Witches have tried to scam me out of my calling, yet today I'm still standing 💪
I fell a thousand times, but in the thousand & one time, i stood up & claimed my calling. 

In all the callings of this world, this is the only one I know & can call mine. 

This calling chose me, it chose me for a reason, because there's no any person like me.
This calling chose me, it chose me for a reason, because there's not any other person like me.🤗

My calling found warmth in me & i found refuge in my calling. 

When everything else doesn't make sense, I still have my calling to talk to.
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Is #FINCEN coming for #NFT #Art markets? A thread about the #NDAA, Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020 (AMLA), its expansion of BSA coverage to include “dealers in antiquities,” & what it might mean for the #crypto art world: (link to notice here:… ) /1
Why regulate transactions of antiquities (&maybe art)? The concern is that art & antiquities can be used for money laundering, to violate sanctions, & “have been linked to ...criminal networks, ...terrorism, & the persecution of individuals or groups on cultural grounds.” /2
On Jan. 1, 2021, Congress passed the NDAA, which expands existing anti-money laundering (AML) requirements on a variety of fronts, including the addition of “dealers in antiquities” to the definition of “financial institution.” /3
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The U.S. surpassed 350,000 reported deaths from #COVID19 last night.…

And Trump, Pence & Alex Azar are doing what about it today?

Where is the accountability for these deaths?

As of yesterday #CDC says 13,071,925 doses of #COVID19 #vaccines distributed but only 4,225,756 administered.…

Recall, Alex Azar pushed back against any additional funds for states to administer vaccines. #HHS was also slow to distribute #CARESAct funds.
Fauci on #ThisWeek: "There's no running away from the numbers."
"The deaths are real deaths."

Meanwhile, Trump remains in denial & continues to undermine #CDC's #publichealth experts.

#COVID19 #pandemic #vaccines
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Valt het u ook op dat de Amerika-correspondenten niets meer melden over het debat over de NDAA en stimuleringswet in de Senaat, de hoorzittingen over verkiezingsfraude, de scenario's in aanloop naar 6 januari, de scenario's voor 6 januari zelf. #journaal #nieuwsuur #1V
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The #2000StimulusChecks is not dead yet in the Senate. It's a difficult path but not impossible. Please keep calling your senators. McConnell blocked an up amd down vote, a voice vote today.
Negotiations are still ongoing.
McConnell expects to bring the #NDAA bill & Democrats 1️⃣
will object. Then McConnell will bring up S.5085 (still being written) which includes the $2k stimulus checks. Bill also includes a repeal of section 230 of the communications act and set up a commission to investigate the 2020 elections.
Democrats have a few options with 2️⃣
this bill.
1. Reject it. Most Republicans do not want a repeal of section 230. Some like Cruz, Loefler, Perdue, Scott and Paul want a commission to investigate the elections.
2. Pass it repeal section 230 which will be challenged in court. Set up a commission where Trump 3️⃣
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House members are returning to D.C. now and the stage is set in Congress for an override of Trump's veto of the $740B defense spending bill.
Background on Trump's veto here:…
House Leader McCarthy has said that he would not go against Trump to override the veto of NDAA. But other high ranking GOPers in the House, like Liz Cheney, have been calling for it.
With today's vote, if the House successfully overrides, then it must go to the Senate next. There, it would take just one senator to delay the process with a series of procedural maneuvers -- ultimately, however, the votes seem to be there in the Senate to shut Trump's veto down.
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FLASH: Georgia To Conduct Statewide ‘Signature Match Review’ Of Absentee Ballots after weeks of pressure from @realDonaldTrump and his campaign

#BidenWillNeverBePresident #MAGA #SteveBannon #StopTheSteaI2020 #WarRoomPandemic #Trump2020 #HunterBiden #CCP…
GEORGIA:The @GaSecofState said in the press release announcing the signature match audit that they’re working to “secure the vote in the Peach State”

#BidenCheatedAndGotCaught #HunterBiden #Trump2020 #MAGA #SteveBannon #WarRoomPandemic #StopTheSteaI2020… ImageImageImage
Justice Caught Admitting Why He Really Refused Election Fraud Case

#SCOTUS scared of riots

"Truth is God and God is Truth - #Bhagavadgita".

Can anybody defeat God

#BidenWillNeverBePresident #MAGA #SteveBannon #StopTheSteaI2020 #WarRoomPandemic #Trump2020 #HunterBiden #CCP
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#NOW: @SenSherrodBrown holding a weekly availability with Ohio reporters.
Brown promoting his legislative language as part of the #NDAA (which passed the House) to make it easier to root out the source of money — shell companies — that fund drug operations nationwide.
Brown warning against a presidential veto. @realDonaldTrump has threatened to do so because the #NDAA contains no language to repeal section 230 regarding protections for big social media companies.
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Tonight, we passed the #NDAA which delivers for our service members and strengthens our national defense. As we look to the future, I believe that @JoeBiden's pick of Gen. Austin for SecDef is the right one for America's security (thread)
This is a decision I've thought very carefully about, and is informed by watching Gen. Austin up close when he served as CENTCOM commander and I served at the White House.
He was always extraordinarily thoughtful and unbelievably prepared whenever he spoke in the Situation Room and showed a level of professionalism and respect to our troops at every rank that I always admired in a leader.
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The outgoing president locks it in this morning again - saying he will veto the hugely bipartisan defense authorization bill.
Also, troupes are groups of dancers. Troops are groups of soldiers.
Just a smattering of what is inside this bill that President Trump would veto:
Notable is funding for the Defense Health program. During a global pandemic, the president would veto funding that helps pay for military members' medical and dental.
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Today: Congress votes on the defense authorization bill. Among its many provisions, when passed, it ensures that members of the US mil. receive special pay, i.e. bonuses. Pres. Trump has threatened to veto if passed prompting many lawmakers to say they'll override.
Why would he threaten to veto a bipartisan bill that has routinely passed for years? As Trump tells it: it includes a line renaming Army facilities named after Confed. ofcrs & because it *doesn't* include a repeal of a law holding tech/social media liable for whats posted online
If Trump vetoes, the wheels are put in motion for an override before Christmas. I will break down more of what is in the bill - and what isn't - later today for @CourthouseNews. Stay tuned.
#NDAA #Section230
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Proud to announce the completion of the 60th Annual National Defense Authorization Act — a bill that champions our troops, supports our military families, and strengthens our national defense. #FY21NDAA
There’s nothing else on Capitol Hill that has gotten done for 60 years straight. That’s because this bill is the most important thing we’ll do all year. Here's what the #FY21NDAA does to secure our nation today and defend tomorrow:…
I extend my gratitude to @SenJackReed, @RepAdamSmith, and @MacTXPress for working with me to complete this conference agreement. While we have not agreed on everything, the’re’s one thing we have agreed on: We need to get this done.
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NOW: @PressSec has opened her briefing by gloating about a SCOTUS opinion prohibiting churches from hosting large gatherings during a pandemic, and because she's a petty, unprofessional hack, is playing video of Democratic politicians and Chris Cuomo for...reasons. Image
.@PressSec, a taxpayer-funded spokesperson for the executive branch, is attacking the Governor of New York for commenting on the above-mentioned SCOTUS case.
Q: Does the President still think he has a path to win?

A: [incoherence about "legal votes"] and refers question to campaign she has been serving as a paid spokesperson for part-time.
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#OurFavoriteTurkishTroll is back to show off his lousy Twitter game. He must have forgotten that the Chairs and Ranking Members of the Senate Armed Services and Foreign Relations Committees started the #SanctionTurkey chorus:
He must have also missed it when the US Congress passed the NDAA last year with a provision calling for the US to #SanctionTurkey Image
It must really burn him up when a Congressman in his former jurisdiction (and member of the Congressional Turkey caucus) introduced legislation this summer to #SanctionTurkey…
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